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Found 7 results

  1. I have been pulling MPM for the last two days and I noticed there is no data for Experian. First, I thought it was a fluke for the 1st day but then it happened again today. I pull 24 hours + 2 minutes as usual and never had this issue until now. Has anyone experienced this issue?
  2. ...before anyone says "read the 300 page thread" I ALREADY HAVE and I get the process. I just need a straightforward answer to my question -- "yes" or "no." Thanks.
  3. I'm trying to sign up for mpm and I get an error when I go to sign up for Eliminate identity theft. Looks like their sign ups may be down but I'd like to know if anyone else is having the same issue.
  4. This is the first time I have posted about this, so bear with me. I recently signed up for EQ Complete for the 4.95 first month. For the first few days, I could see softs from MPM and C$ (I read through posts about EQ Complete not counting towards B*), and this is what shows up: PRM-21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 02/21/13 PRM-AAA AUTO CLUB GROUP 01/08/14, 07/03/13, 03/01/13, 02/20/13 AR-AMEXDSNB 12/27/13 AR-AMICA MUTUAL INSURANCE CO 06/05/13 ND-AMICA MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY 02/19/13 ND-AMICA MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY 02/19/13 PRM-AT&T WIRELESS 04/29/13, 03/27/13 AR-AT&
  5. In my pursuit of CRA counter-intelligence my suspicion is triggered by MPM's EliminateIDtheft. From my contacts, I know for a fact that there are CRA agents that will attempt to jack-ur-credit-file-up(within percieved legal limitations) if they think you're taking advantage of the system without permission, (There are so who have permission to manipulate system). With that being said...Why does MPM have to request logins?...If you got your report locked after you used MPM do you think it was a coincidence?
  6. Just in the last week I've had all kinds of weirdness happen with my credit monitoring/ daily puller accounts. MyPrivacyMatters through EliminateIDTheft has locked me out of my account because they can't figure out how to charge certain credit cards. I called customer service and was told, very nonchalantly, that their system has problems processing MasterCard, AMEX, and/or anyone with Hotmail accounts. So, I gave them a VISA card, they said thanks, hung up and I'm still locked out. And they don't seem to answer ANY emails. Worst customer service ever. Call 'em and see. USAA errored ou
  7. So for the last couple of days doing b*, I've noticed that all of sudden each day I'm seeing a different number of inquiries for TU. As of tonight, it is showing 4 inquiries on MPM and 2 inquiries on USAA. Anyone have any idea why?
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