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Found 10 results

  1. 1. I had a Midland (ugh) account that I dispute with Midland, they agreed to tell the CRA's to delete it. TU and EX did so promptly, it has been 5 weeks and it is still on EQ. 2. Verizon Wireless, after 2 years just mysteriously disappeared from TU, then a day later from EX. 1 week later it is still on EQ. Does EQ just not delete if they are told to by the creditors? And a side note wondering why Verizon deleted after only 2 years anyway?
  2. Just a note: I've already opted out, I've requested old addresses to be removed, I've ordered paper reports - I do have a TU from online as a 'summary' for now. Today I received a letter from Midland/MCM that they are the new owner of my Credit One credit card with a balance of $648.17. I'm about 120 days behind and I guess they sold it. I do owe the money. That said....the letter states they are the new owner and considering forwarding this account for possible litigation. If they don't hear from me by 12/15 they'll proceed. To stop from continuing I need to mail $300 or ca
  3. I have 5 baddies remaining on my credit report. All 5 are PIF, and all are going to fall off within the next 10-15 months. 2 of these are from OC's and from what I can tell are VERY unlikely to be removed early (Amex and BOA). The other 3 accounts are all Midland Credit Management. They are all CO's that were PIF before I discovered that you can negotiate for a pay for delete with the collection agencies (boo...). I have done some research online and it seems that MCM is one of the worst CA's that can hold your account. I have called MCM 4-5 different times and spoken with 3 levels of supe
  4. I received a letter from Midland Credit Mgmt stating they are "the new owner" of xxx account and that MCM, "a debt collection company, is now the servicer of this obligation." It lists OC, original acct. #, MCM acct # and current balance. It is mine. I've read quite a bit and not sure if they technically have to send my anything else under the FDCPA, but will this work as a validation letter? Is there anything else I can/should do? To whom it may concern: In regard to the above referenced account, please be advised I dispute your claims and request full and complete validatio
  5. We sent a dispute to MCM for a time barred acct on DH's CR. Our dispute letter cited state law about time barred debt, told them to stop contacting us and to delete from CR. They responded with a bunch of old cc statements and a letter requesting payment. They also indicated they would no longer contact us as we requested unless it was to further respond to our dispute. Nowhere in the letter did they indicate the debt was time barred and that they would not sue. Is this a violation of the FDCPA? We live in FL. Thanks.
  6. After calling a few times a month for nearly a year, Midland finally sent me a dunning letter. As far as I can tell, still not reporting. Time to warm up the printer!
  7. Happy to say that after DVing Midland for the fiance with the basic DV from WhyChat's Page, Midland has responded to an out of SOL T-Mobile debt saying ... "Based on the information provided to use, we have instructed the three major credit reporting agencies to delete the above referenced MCM account from your credit file. Blah Blah Blah Blah" Thanks CB... Thanks WhyChat.. Pressing Forward!
  8. So fired off some disputer letters to all three bureaus for the fiancee at the end of May and already received the results of the dispute from Transunion.... Talk about service with a !! Anyhow, so out of 4 disputed accounts, 3 were deleted, and among the included MIDLAND CREDIT MANAGEMENT for an old T-Mobile account!!! ... So right before we got to celebrating the victory as I was very worried if this was going to be daunting.. i also opened a collection letter that didnt look like any of the usual suspects. It read as follows... Dear Fiancee, The purpose of this letter ir to request
  9. I received a letter today from MCM stating that they have instructed the three major CRAs to delete the account from my credit file...yippee!!! But wait...then it said it does not affect any credit reporting of this account by the OC. So I'm guessing the OC will still report this in my credit file?? Has anyone else ever received a letter similar to this?
  10. I received a letter that is from Midland today. It is in SPANISH! Mind you I speak English and do not speak any Spanish. This account is on my credit report and is listed like this Account Name Account Number Date Opened Balance Date Reported Past Due Status Credit Limit MIDLAND FUNDING LLC 07/13/2012 $495 03/20/2013 $495 COLLECTION ACCOUNT MIDLAND CREDIT MGMT INC 8875 Aero Dr Ste 200 San Diego, CA-921232255 (800) 825-8131 Account Number: Status: COLLECTION ACCOUNT Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $495 Type of Account : Open Credit Limit: Term Durati
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