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Found 5 results

  1. So, I logged into my Walmart account today to check my balance as my statement cuts soon. I saw a late payment fee. I'd let $2 report and was completely sure that I'd paid it the day after, but I apparently did not. I just got done setting alerts in my calendar for all payment due dates (should have done that already.) Lesson learned. I just received an auto cli from $400->$1000, so I was going to click the luv button in March. How bad have I shot myself in the foot here? Might I be better calling the UW when the time comes, and explaining myself? Feel kind of ill about it. But on the other hand, of all my cards, that would be the one I'd pick to have learned that lesson on, so there's a silver lining at least. Please feel free to berate me, I need the negative reinforcement
  2. Hi all, new here. I was approved for a conventional mortgage in May, with a credit score of 690. The seller backed out and that same week, I ended up needing to take care of an aging parent in another state; this was really stressful, and while I was gone, I made the unfortunate mistake of missing a payment with Carecredit. and now I have a 30 day late showing on my credit. It was a really bad oversight. Anyway, I am back in the market for a house again. I looked at CreditKarma and it says my score is between 639 and 665, which is a significant hit for one late payment. However, I checked a free Vantage score and it's terrible -- 587! My mortgage lender said he can work with the late payment, but I'm really worried that the loan will fall through because of this. Two questions: am I likely to get approved (I have 20% down), and what can I do to bring up my score quickly?
  3. Hello everyone! I am so happy I found this forum. After reading success stories I hope to improve my credit situation as well. Little background: I am married with kids and taking classes in school but right now we live off 1 income, so times have been pretty hard for us, there were days when we didn't have any money at all and all the credit cards have been maxed out...we were living paycheck to paycheck. It's a little better now and I wanna get my credit fixed. I have 1 charged off account from IBC bank, i withdrew money during hurricane Ike and never paid pack so they reported it in 2009. I've heard that it's better not to pay and it will fall off in 2016? And secondly I have my Macy's account reporting 30 days late one time last year when it was just a neglect on my part, I bought a $12 Christmas tree ornament, forgot about it, didn't pay, they added late fees, then waived them but it's still showing as late. I tried to dispute it but the report came back as it was late I guess, it didn't get erased, so should I call and ask them for forgivness? Do I just call customer service? And it's been about a year or more since the incident and I had corrected it and never made any more late payments since then. Thank you all so much in advance for great advice, I truly appreciate it.
  4. My dilema: I have an auto loan with US Bank originated in 2010, refinanced with them in 2011, have been current with all payments. I always make my payment on 21st of every month, due date 22nd; but I suffered some tramatic events in 2013 and some how got behind a payment but not technically 30 days let, since I make my payments one day before the due date, The 22nd. I made a payment on 12/21/2013 via my ipad. There was a data entry problem, US Bank tried to process the payment and was rejected for invalid account number. I was notified by US Bank and I immediately made the payment. A week later I received a letter from US Bank stating I owed two months of payments. I called into the customer resolutions specialist, and made another payment was current at this point (jan 2014) and requested a removal of the 30 day late. I was repeatedly told no, since the payment was late in their view, the payment wasn't able to be processed and this is consituted as a late payment. I have proof that the payment was made before the 30 day mark. Furthermore, I am now longer behind a payment. I am fully caught up. I have sent in a Goodwill letter with no response. Does anyone have any guidance? Dispute with CRA by supplying a copy of the payment conforimation. I am trying to purchase a home this summer and I have a feeling this is going to hold me back.
  5. I will try to make this as to the point as possible: A number of years ago, a lot of stuff happened and I ended up getting screwed over by family which caused me to run up a lot of debt. Then a couple of years ago, I had a high amount of debt on one of my American Express accounts. The catch with this account is that it has to be paid in full every month. So I was paying $1,000 a month to pay this card off, but because that wasn't the full amount, I was getting hit with a late payment to my credit score every month for 6+ months. I called and talked to them when this first happened and at first they told me, "Don't worry we'll have those removed in 3 months." Then after 3 months they told me, "I'm sorry someone told you that, we'll actually remove them when the card is paid off." Then I was told once it was paid off, "Those should be removed within the next 6 months." And then I was finally told, " I'm sorry you were told that, but we cannot do that." Or something a long those lines. Long story short, my credit, which had previously been very good, has been crushed by a card requiring payment in full every month, even though I was paying $1,000 every month. Is there anything that I can do about this? Thanks
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