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  1. It is my extreme pleasure to have met you CBdians! What a wealth of information I have been privy to. I have been reviewing the board for quite some time now, (often as if cramming for an exam) and am happy to say that I am now officially a member. I truly don’t know how I stumbled upon you, but I was devouring the internet in an effort to get back on track and somewhere there was a mention so I started to read, and read, and read! Death, BK7-2011, and some other stuff have been thrown my way, but I am climbing back up slowly and with the knowledge gained here, I am confident. Encouraged
  2. I had a judgment vacated and the negative trade line associated with the judgment across all 3 credit bureaus deleted. But OH NO! NOT EQUIFAX!! Even after sending them the court stamped dismissal. And wait! That's not the kicker. The Equifax representative calls me and tells me that just because the court dismissed the judgment (vacated) that Equifax is not obliged to delete from my credit profile. And then she told me that she spoke with the attorney of the original creditor and was told that they had no intentions of deleting the tradelines or vacating the judgment EVEN THOUGH it was already
  3. Hi all, I have a traffic violation in TN (tags expired) from about 6 years ago. I just received a letter from a law office and the letter starts like this..... "A judgment for the above referenced amount has been taken against you for an unpaid citation. The judgment has been referred to this office for enforcement..... If we do not receive payment in full or an arrangement for payment, we are directed to follow the necessary and appropriate procedures to collect this judgment including garnishment or your wages and sale of your non exempt assets." Then the letter goes into your usual 30 d
  4. So after 26 months of war, I awoke today and ran my reports to find US Bank decided they did not want to be sued, did not want to deal with me anymore, and removed the account. I beat them through persistence. I beat them by knowing the rules of the game better than their CSR's did. Hell, I beat them by knowing the rules better than the people in their credit reporting department did. I beat them by catching them in lies and in violations I never would have caught if not for this board and all the people here who take so much time to help others. As an added bonus, an old paid judgmen
  5. I'm a long time lurker and reader of CB for many years and I have finally decided to take the plunge and tackle this credit monster finally. I have been reading reading reading and implementing the preliminary steps to begin this process. Here's where I am so far and I am a bit stuck as to what my next move should be. 1. Ordered all 3 hard copy reports (all 3 in hand and ready to go) 2. Opted out 3. Removed all old addresses from TU & EQ.........Experian is giving me a heck of a time and I need to know if I should move forward or continue to try to get the addresses removed?
  6. A female friend has a paid judgment. She plans to file a motion to vacate. The judgment is in her married name. She is divorced and legally changed her name back to her maiden name. The Motion to Vacate reads: Comes now____________, Defendant, who respectfully requests this court to vacate the judgment against Defendant ____________, filed 08/2009... Would she put her current/maiden name in the first line (as that is the legal name of the person making the motion), and her married name in the second line (as that is the name on the judgment)? Thanks!
  7. I signed on a lease for my ex wife while we were going through our divorce (she could not get into a place without me signing on the lease). After a year or so I was notified by her landlord that she had not paid her rent for about four months! I was shocked and also surprised that the landlord did not notify either her or myself earlier? To make a long story short she moved out and the landlord ending up filing suit (against both of us) and got a judgment. I tried negotiating with the landlord throughout the process. I did not find out about the lawsuit until right before we were schedul
  8. I need some help please. I have several credit accounts in collection; they're around three years old. I've recently changed my name and the judge sealed the record to protect me from violence. Here's the questions: 1. If someone like a process server knocks on the door and tries to serve me for a court appearance to get a judgment against me: do I have to acknowledge my old name? 2. Same scenario as question one, but it's a cop trying to serve me: do I have to acknowledge my old name? My understanding is the purpose of sealing my record was that I don't have to tell anyone
  9. Hi, guys, So I got some wonderful news yesterday. I happened to call Experian to cancel their free trial credit monitoring and they talked me into another free month. I said okay, and just out of curiosity checked my report again. It was about five weeks since the last time I checked it and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was free of baddies. I’d had been working hard since November on five medical collections (same CA), one paid tax lien and one paid civil judgment. I tried to GW the OC on the judgment but after trying to reach out to them twice with no reply, I decided to take a break and fi
  10. I have a judgment from Bank of America on my credit report from an old checking account. They sent me a 1099-C cancellation of debt form. I called them and they said I no longer owe the debt and they will not try to collect on it anymore. I've tried to get it off my reports using techniques I read on hear but no success so far. Do you think I can mail the bureaus a copy of the 1099-C to get it deleted? Has anybody had any success with a 1099-C form?
  11. Here is a scenario: Home foreclosed. BofA sues homeowners, awarded judgement for $215K ($190K loan balance plus fees). Fannie Mae takes ownership of home for $1000. Fannie Mae sells home for $175K. Court still shows judgment due to BofA unchanged at $215K. What am I missing? I would think BofA was made whole (except for maybe the fees) by Fannie Mae, as it was an FHA mortgage? So how is it that BofA got paid $190K by Fannie Mae to make them whole AND BofA still has a judgment showing they are owed $215K from homeowners? Should not the judgment now reflect o
  12. I have a public record on my Transunion report which I'd like to have removed. I have tried disputing it in the past as being erroneous, but it always has come back as "verified" or "updated". The Transunion report lists the following information: TUC - ARIZONA - Docket #: [redacted] 415 TIJERAS ST NW ALBUGUERGUE, NM 87102 (505) 841-7437 Date Filed: 08/23/2011 Date Updated: 07/24/2013 Type: CIVIL JUDGMENT IN BANKRUPTCY Responsibility: Individual Debt Plaintiff: CAPITAL ONE BANK Amount: $7,103 Court Type: Circuit Court Estimated month and year that this item will be remove
  13. Yup, it’s true. About two weeks ago I disputed a paid civil judgment online with EX and TU (it wasn't reporting on EQ). The judgment was due to be removed late next year. TU came back a few days ago with a deletion, but I wasn’t holding out much hope for EX. I get an email from them last night and they, too, have deleted!! This is wonderful. The only other negative on my three CRs now is a paid federal tax lien from 2012. It’s really affecting my scores and I’ve asked the IRS to withdraw but it doesn’t look likely. Anyway, I’m happy about this victory. I want to add that before I came to C
  14. OMG. I had a paid civil judgment that I was trying to get rid of. I disputed it on TU and EX (EQ wasn't reporting it), and had no response from GW attempts with the OC. I tried WhyChat's method. Bingo! TU wrote today to say it was *deleted.* Wow! I'm still waiting to hear back from EX (I'm not holding out much hope for that one, though). Now I have to work on a paid fed tax lien. I've asked the IRS to withdraw it but it seems unlikely. We'll see. Thanks so much for your help, CB!! Oh, and I also had a medical collection on there that was due to be removed from the report in two months so I
  15. So I'm starting to feel brave to consider attempting WhyChat's Delete Judgments guide. I have done the legwork - opted out, deleted old addresses, etc., went to the courthouse, got the recorded document and had it certified. Ok, so what appears on the credit report is: Date filed Docket number Amt and so forth But what is indicated on the recorded document is: My name (totally misspelled) And other stuff - but the only glaring discrepancy is it is stamped 'filed for record' on a date one day after what is being reported on the credit report. However, it is signed by a judg
  16. Okay guys. I’m a bit dejected right now. I have a thin credit file – one 2.5-year-old auto loan, paid on time, and a two-month old Cap 1 secured card with a limit of $350. My negatives are a paid IRS tax lien that was satisfied in 2012 ($21K) and a civil judgment that was satisfied in 2010. I applied to have the tax lien withdrawn under the Fresh Start program, and the IRS initially said yes, and now they’re saying no because they accepted a settlement and so don't qualify for the withdrawal. I’m so frustrated. EQ is my cleanest report, showing the positive TLs but also the lien. EX and TU sho
  17. I have a judgment that has been confirmed that is on my credit report. Background info: 8 years ago I had an Amex CC with a limit of $300 and it went to collections and was sold multiple times. In 2010, I was sued but I didnt show up and a defualt judgment was issued for over $2k, and it is now on my credit report for almost $4k. Earlier this year they tried to put a lien on my bank account but they forgot to attach it and so no money was taken out. I was wondering if I should write them and try to settle the debt doing monthly payments or save the money up then settle. I dont want them to try
  18. I'm hoping Whychat can help me. I sent the delete judgment letter to all 3 CRAs and got Eq's letter back first saying they verified the data. I'm surprised given that I was successful in removing the address attached to the judgment. They did NOT indicate who furnished them with the data but listed the court address and to contact the court with any questions. What is my next step? FYI...I have a printout from the court online recorded judgment search that shows that my docket # and even name to turn up any results for a recorded judgment. (Although when I called the court at one p
  19. Hi, guys, I've been lurking on this board for about a week and this is my first question: I have a default judgment on my CRA from two years ago. It was for some master level college courses that I never finished. Anyway, I moved and got really sick and didn't realize I was being sued by the school until after the default judgment. The school's attorney really pressed me to pay quickly with the threat of wage garnishment. I was scared so I paid off the $6,600 in eight months. It's one of three dings on my CRA (other is a medical collection for under $1,500 and a federal tax lien that has been
  20. Whychat, I've taken some time off from credit repair but still need to delete a false judgment. All but EX have deleted the address that correlates to the judgment. Should I send to all three including EX? Also, am I correct to send it with handwritten addie, teal/purple stationary and ink, and NOT RR? Just want to make sure.
  21. I guess no suprise that it was coming. My score went to (insert bad word here) a couple of years ago. Since then I've managed to get it back up into the mid 600's, but now the judgment lawsuits are starting apparently. I suspect they're filing them before the stuff hits the three year statue of limitations in my state. So how will those judgments affect my score for items that are already on the report and have been charged off a couple of years ago? Will this send my score back to 500 again? Thanks for any insight and responses about what to expect.
  22. Finch v. LVNV FUNDING LLC, Md: Court of Special Appeals 2013 Default judgments were entered against each appellant. Appellants thereafter filed a class action in the circuit court, alleging that LVNV was not licensed as a collection agency, as required by Maryland law, when it obtained the underlying district court judgments. Appellants sought to represent a class comprised of all persons against whom LVNV had obtained a judgment for an alleged debt in Maryland state courts during the period of time in which LVNV was unlicensed. The class action complaint asserted five claims. Appell
  23. I have been reading for a while, still confused. I made a screen name so I can ask questions. Geez, I don't even know where to start, dispute or validate, opt out, etc. I want to do a 1-2 punch but I feel like I would mess it up. There is an address on my EX and EQ that NEVER belonged to me! I can't get my free report from TU, i don't know why. I feel overwhelmed! If I dispute the prior and false address on my report would they have 45 days (because) to fix as opposed to 30? Also, a collection from midland is being disputed (as said on both reports) and IDK why, i didn't initiate it on EX but
  24. So my husband has a ton of student loan debt all incurred before we were married. He has 200,000 in federal loans, 25,000 in private and a 20,000 judgment for a bar study loan which doesn't count as a student loan (yikes! I know!!). We are currently paying off the federal and private student loans but haven't touched the 20,000 judgment. He was underemployed for a long time making around $12,000/yr so he just couldn't pay. He recently got a better job (yay!) but now I'm worried they are going to try to garnish his wages. My question is, should we try to negotiate to pay off the judgment
  25. Had a judgment entered in 2009 for a medical bill, around $2500. Paid it in full in July 2012. Shows in my files with CRAs as paid. Is this hurting my score at all? If so, any advice on how to get this removed?
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