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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All - Apparently I ended up getting the cart before the horse...I applied for an auto refinance with JFCU a few days ago (they have a promotion underway) and clearly selected on the online application I was not a member - I went through the application and got an automated response that provided the requested amount, and they also provided an interest rate specific to my credit score with a status of "PENDING". I call today to check the status since I haven't heard a thing - the lady I spoke with seemed surprised I was able to submit an application without a membership and had to check with a few folks. They couldn't provide me any details including status since I was not a member...it was suggested that I establish membership first. I signed up with the NSA to become eligible and received an e-mail immediately after providing a donation and a NSA member number. I then completed the online JFCU membership application and selected a savings share and checking account - I was presented with some automated identify check questions (I assume I answered them correctly) and then was asked to fund the new accounts which I did. I received an automated e-mail "Welcome to Justice Federal Credit Union" that states they are reviewing my application for membership and to allow 5-7 days. Is this normal? Normally from dealing with other CUs, once you fund you are in the clear and passed Chex, etc. Also, not sure what becomes of my pending auto refinance loan - will they automatically know I'm trying to establish membership now? I've applied at probably half a dozen places for rate shopping purposes in the last week so I'm sure i have several inquires. Is it normal for a loan app to go into "Pending" or if it was going to be denied would it just come back denied and not provide an APR? Thanks!
  2. So, I was looking for another credit union to bromance; hoping for some cool pre-approval on sign up as well I've heard mixed reviews about Justice JFCU. Some bad, some good, and some really really bad. Thought I would give it shot... I went to the NAS website and signed up for their basic membership, like $37.00 (National Association of Sheriffs) Then I waited 24 hours and completed my membership application online with Justice. Got the, "don't call us we'll call you" message. SEVEN days later, I just got a letter in the mail. The letter stated my membership request was DENIED due to "Too many Inquires" on my Chex report!!! This is insane! I just requested a copy of my Chex report last month, and I only have 4 Inquiries in the past 5 years & only 1 from 2013! This is balls crazy. Who do these people think they are fooling. So, apparently I wasted - $37 for nadda! I currently belong to 12 Credit Unions, and I've never flat out been turned down for basic membership. Please share your thoughts and think twice before joining JFCU! They just S%ck!
  3. I joined JFCU last week and immediately applied for JLOC. They approved me for $34,000. How do I use it? When I checked on their website, the only option I could do is request a check to be mailed to me for the amount I want. Can I just transfer to my checking and withdraw from there?
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