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Found 14 results

  1. Today I received a credit monitoring alert for an enhanced inquiry. What exactly constitutes an enhanced inquiry? My place of employment was placed on my credit report due to this particular inquiry. Anyone know?
  2. I have a few soft inquiries from three CA's. I can not think of any reason for them pulling my credit. I get no correspondence from any of them. I do have a list of phone numbers that call me (I do not answer and they don't leave a message) and two of them are on the list ( Ol' Ed and First Nat'l). They are: Law Offices of Ed Overcash Account Discovery Sys First NTL Coll Bureau None of these show up as collections or anything on ANY of my CR's. There's only two things they can be calling about, one is for $127 for an insurance premium that I will probably never pay and the other is for, yes again, insurance for around $85. That's another story in itself for another time I was just wondering if I should call them and ask WTF are you pulling my credit for? And maybe cause them to hang themselves (my state allows me to record as long as one person >>>ME<<< gives permission to record the phone call). I don't think they would actually sue for $127 or $85 so I'd send them a limited C&D letter. It's just puzzling because there are no baddy's on my CR's related to them. Or should I just let sleeping dogs lie as the saying goes. Any advice?
  3. Sept23-10InquiryTransUnion A new inquiry was added to your credit reportBased on TransUnion data FICO® SCORE CHANGE -10 points 687 677 View score history INQUIRY DETAILS 687 to 677 BARCLAYS BANK DELAWARE Although I am glad that they B* pretty easily, I am a bit aghast to see the above notice from MyFico This is the only inquiry (hard) that I have on TU...Wow, that stinks
  4. I was approved last week for the Rate Advantage card and was going to try for the AMEX but didn't want another inquiry on EQ since it took so long for me to B* the 28 I had on there off. So, I called them this morning to ask and the guy said any new app would result in another hard inquiry and they couldn't use the pull from last week. Has anyone been able to get them to use a recent pull for a new app instead of pulling EQ again?
  5. I have made many changes to my report but inquiries is the hardest thing to remove. Can anyone HELP? At this moment I have some negative information but they are not hurting me as much but I still need to have them remove. Is a credit repair company worth the $300.00?
  6. Maybe there is nothing that can be done about it, an maybe it does not really matter anyway, but figured I would ask: Last year, we purchased a house. We had hard pull on all three files on March 13, 2013 in order to get pre-approved. It took so long to find the right house, we ended up with a second round of hard pulls on July 29, 2013, when it came time to make an offer, as our original pre-approval was more than 90 days old an no longer considered valid. Then, as this was an FHA 203K loan which took nearly 3 months to close, we had a third round of hard pulls on October 15, 2013 just prior to closing. Obviously, I am not that worried about TU and EQ. So there are 7 hards on EX, one of which will be 2 years old in July. Three are from the mortgage process. Does it matter that much that the wide spacing of the pulls resulted in them being counted as three pulls instead of one? In other words, does 6 or 7 hards on EX really matter that much on score or approval consideration when they are spaced over 2 years? And if it really does matter, is there any way to ask the mortgage company to retroactively change the latter two hards to softs?
  7. hello everyone , I'm new here , after reading on this forum as a guest I want to join and to introduce my self and my report my question is how long do you think I will start get b* on my EQ base on this report form today? I pull daily with MPM , SCP , TUP , ECP. and I have also pulls form CK. I don't how to find my TU soft , after reading here still can't find. :-/ Inquiries that may impact your credit rating: AMERICAN EXPRESS TRS CO, INC 03/08/14, 09/24/13, 09/16/13, 08/21/13 CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA 09/16/13 Comenity Bank/ANNTYLR 09/11/13 DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICE 03/12/14 DSRM NATIONAL BANK 08/27/13 FINGERHUT/WEBBANK 03/13/14 STERLING 03/21/14 TD/BANKUSA/TARGET CREDIT 07/25/13 WELLS FARGO BANK 05/23/13, 05/21/13 Inquiries that do not impact your credit rating: AR-CAPITAL ONE 03/17/14 CONSUMERINFO 05/24/13 CONSUMERINFO.COM 03/07/14 PRM ONL-Comenity Bank/BRYLNHME 03/22/14 PRM ONL-Comenity Bank/BUCKLE 03/22/14 PRM ONL-COMENITYBANK/COLDWATER CREEK 03/22/14 PRM ONL-Comenity Bank/EXPRESS 03/21/14 PRM ONL-COMENITY BANK/JCREWINC 03/21/14 PRM ONL-COMENITY BANK/JSSCLNDN 03/22/14 PRM ONL-Comenity Bank/KINGSIZE 03/22/14 PRM ONL-COMENITY BANK/LOFT 03/22/14 PRM ONL-Comenity Bank/ONESTPLS 03/21/14 PRM ONL-COMENITY BANK/ROAMANS 03/22/14 PRM ONL-Comenity Bank/WOMNWTHN 03/22/14 PRM ONL-COMENITY CAPITAL/BLAIR 03/22/14 PRM ONL-COMENITYCAPITAL/GOLDVIOLIN 03/28/14 PRM ONL-COMENITYCAPITAL/SOLUTIONS 03/28/14 AR-CONSUMERINFO.COM 08/20/13 EQUIFAX 02/12/14, 01/20/14, 09/22/13 Equifax Consumer Services 04/05/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 04/09/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 04/08/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 04/05/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 04/05/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 04/05/14 EXPERIAN RPTS 05/23/13 FINGERHUT 03/13/14 QUIZZLE, LLC 04/04/14 QUIZZLE, LLC. 04/04/14 TRUECREDIT/COVERDELL MY 03/28/14 TRUECREDIT/VERTRUE 04/08/14, 04/07/14, 04/06/14, 04/05/14, 04/04/14, 04/02/14, 04/01/14, 03/30/14, 03/29/14, 03/27/14 AR-WELLS FARGO BANK NA 05/21/13 THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP
  8. HI Everyone, I have a freeze on my credit reports with all 3 agencies. When I recetnly looked at my reports, one of them had an inquiry from Internal Revenue Services dated July 2013. Is this a scam ( I thought it was spelled Internal Revenue Service ( singular). If not a scam, why would they look? I have super scores and credit and no tax problems Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Hi, guys, I was just looking over my TU report and noticed in the soft pulls section that Equifax softed my TU for this: "Permissible Purpose: Colorado Health Care/Investigate Fraud." What in the world? Anybody have a clue as to what this could be? There are no additional details there, other than that the pull was made by EQ back in December and I really don't want to call them up on this and trigger some kind of alert. Could someone have stolen my identity for health purposes? I have been sick a lot so I'm pretty on top of my medical/insurance bills and related correspondence and I haven't noticed anything hinky (outside of the ridiculously high charges and when the insurance companies decide they just won't pay for something). I'd appreciate any feedback you can give. Thanks!
  10. Good Evening All, I have a quick question. I just got an alert to a change on my credit report.Lease Finance Group (LFG) just added an inquiry to my file. They are the OC on this account. I am wondering if its a soft or hard inquiry.How can i tell the difference? I opted out about a week ago and wondering if that can prevent them from inquiries. Please help. I am trying to fix my credit and can't afford any hard inquiries. I also don't want to alert them that I am trying to fix my credit report. now.
  11. I have an odd (although I am sure not uncommon) issue. I have had much better success getting negative items removed from Trans Union than Equifax or Experian. Making it worse, some zombie debt collectors keep putting an old account that was not mine in collections. It is like a weed. As soon as I think I killed it, it comes back with a different agency. But it only ever hits Equifax and Experian. That said, my FICO from Trans Union is 765. The other two are in the 640's. I have looked in the 'pulls database' seeking good card opportunities that pull Trans Union, but there seem to be some that often pull others instead, or in addition. If they pull Trans Union, I am golden. Either of the other, and it will be an immediate denial, especially with active collections listed. So two questions: Does anyone know of a credit card which will absolutely ONLY pull Trans Union? And is there any way to block pulls from the other bureaus? I would rather be declined because they could not do a pull than add an inquiry when I know I will be declined? Dave
  12. I have a CA that hit me with an inquiry in 2012 and I am writing them a nasty letter right now to tell them to delete it. Now I also have EX frozen. Will that impact them being able to delete the inquiry, assuming they even try? I froze so I could apply for a Chase card so they wouldn't pull EX but I got denied anyways. Just wondering if I should unfreeze before sending off my letter here. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!
  13. Working on fixing my credit. Currently my three Fako's range from 598 to 636. Want to refinance my current mortgage but need at minimum of 620 or better on all three bureau scores. I have about 8 deragatories at present including late pays and charge offs. I am reading through all the information on this site and I am starting to dispute, validate and possibly negotiate settlements based on the particular situation. At present I have only one open trade line an Orchard Bank MasterCard with a three hundred dollar limit. Would it help my score to add another positive trade line increasing my amount of available credit or would the hard inquiry that came with applying for a new account have greater negative effect on my credits score.
  14. Ok, I am really happy my friend referred me to this forum board. So far you guys are answering my questions quick and accuratly So heres my next question I read through a topic refferring to EXPEIRAN as the devil. lol. I think i agree In that board it was made known that inquiries were a sort of... larger issue with experian because it takes them longer? to drop off, i suppose a few weeks afer the 25 month time frame. Assuming this is a bigger deal than what i see it to be, does anyone know just how much an inquiry is worth to your credit score. I ask also because i have 2 inquiries on my report. 1 of them should be gone by april as it is approaching its time. My credit score is a 640 up 13 points as of today. I have a dispute or 2 in which should levitate me to a 680; just some BS where i have been in afghanistan, paid off a credit card and was charged intrest which i didnt pay because i never recieved the bill lol. (me thinking it was paid off right) I already pleaded my case on that and they said they would drop the late ticks in a month or 2. Any who, im wondering when the inquiry drops off my credit report, should i see a definit point value increase and if so, how much?
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