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Found 2 results

  1. I am currently trying to improve my credit score. I have made some mistakes in the past and am paying for it now. My credit score is currently 550, up from 510 in July. I currently have 3 accounts in collections, none of which will do pay for delete. 2 of them are hospital bills, one for 1330.00 and one for 470.00. I am currently disputing them, hoping that they will not reply back to transunion. The 3rd is a bill to Sprint that is also in collections. I owe 1200.00 and have negotiated them to do a settled in full amount of 517.00.... Is this a good amount and idea. I have other negative marks on my credit, but all of them are closed. I currently have one active Credit Card with up to date payments. My horrible credit score is the result of being careless when I was younger and I really want to fix it. Any advise on how to handle this would be great.
  2. Hi all, so I recently checked my credit score and was reminded that I have an open collections account from 3 years back. The original account is from the Justice Court over a parking ticket and got sent to collection agency NCO. I recently read that simply paying off the collections account does not improve your credit score and that I need to send a 'demand to validate' letter to NCO before I pay. I also read that you can negotiate a 'pay to delete' agreement. Is this accurate? If so, can anyone elaborate on the process and what needs to be included in the letter? Also, can the negotiation to delete the information from my credit report be done over the phone? Does anyone have experience dealing with NCO? Thank you for the replies.
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