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Found 4 results

  1. So you’ve read about the “security-related” CRA(s) that lurk in the data-collection bushes, one of which can thwart our efforts with select lenders and undermine our hard work on the B* Battlefield. If you’re not familiar with ARS, it has been mentioned in a couple of threads recently, but both of those recent threads offer links to older ones with more details to chew: From 2009 -- http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=405187 From 2007 -- http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=239752 I received my ARS report in today’s mail. While it isn’t a total disaster, I did notice something interesting…it lists the apps I submitted in December that never even resulted in a HP, because I had 2 of 3 CRAs on ice. Yep. It’s the Un-B*-Anti-Freeze CRA. It’s like Superman’s x-ray vision for your underwriter. In case that detail hadn't been mentioned before, I wanted to add to the available info on this near-stealth operation.
  2. Maybe there is nothing that can be done about it, an maybe it does not really matter anyway, but figured I would ask: Last year, we purchased a house. We had hard pull on all three files on March 13, 2013 in order to get pre-approved. It took so long to find the right house, we ended up with a second round of hard pulls on July 29, 2013, when it came time to make an offer, as our original pre-approval was more than 90 days old an no longer considered valid. Then, as this was an FHA 203K loan which took nearly 3 months to close, we had a third round of hard pulls on October 15, 2013 just prior to closing. Obviously, I am not that worried about TU and EQ. So there are 7 hards on EX, one of which will be 2 years old in July. Three are from the mortgage process. Does it matter that much that the wide spacing of the pulls resulted in them being counted as three pulls instead of one? In other words, does 6 or 7 hards on EX really matter that much on score or approval consideration when they are spaced over 2 years? And if it really does matter, is there any way to ask the mortgage company to retroactively change the latter two hards to softs?
  3. First, I know that Chase is INQ happy in regard to customer initiated requests so I expect a hard INQ. They pulled both EQ and EX when I got the card last July but only SP EX for AR (last one 05/01/14). I've received tons of ITA for Slate since January but have ignored them. At this time, all reports are frozen. So, I have the following questions: Would contacting EO improve my chances of CLI and is the process similar to CapOne? Email and wait for phone call? Does Chase determine the amount of CLI automatically? Want to ask for $7.5k but hope to get $5k...currently have TLs over 5k (8k, 6.3k, and 11k) that are over a year old. Does Chase ask for PIN to EX if frozen? Are they INQ sensitive? Currently EX has 9, EQ has 17, and TU has 10 (just started using CCMP for EQ *B ) Is it wise to ask now or wait until it reaches one year old in July? Stats: 27k salary, 53k avail credit, AAOA: 5 yrs., 7-8% util, FICO: EX - 735, TU - 765, EQ -??? TIA for the feedback. BI
  4. Question for the pros: I pulled EX from myFICO, and I was surprised by something I saw in the “Why You Have Jacked-Up Digits” section. In raw numbers, I have 7 HPs, 4 of which are technically in the past 12 months. But since EX likes to treat those like milk that it wants to squeeze an extra 2 weeks from the “Best If Used By” date, I was expecting it to say that 5 are hurting me. I was surprised to see it only mention 3. The one that was conspicuously missing from the list…? The 4-month-old Amex HP for a corporate AU card. Now I may be late to the party, but I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere that FICO ignores these inquiries. Are these HPs entered with FICO-neutral coding…??
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