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  1. So when I was 18, I had a bank account with Wells Fargo for school, that my Grant went into. I was young and careless, and I spent beyond my means. Overdrafting several times. When I stopped going to school I never made another payment and now I'm stuck. I have this Wells fargo account in collections, it's been that way for 4 years, I have a Victoria's secret account that I've made a payment on in the past but can't find the information for seeing as I've moved since that's been there for 4 years as well, and as of 2013 I've got a 12k medical bill from being sent to the hospital and held there to see how I reacted. They didn't do anything at all for me or to me so I don't know why it was so much, but I didn't have insurance then, so it ended up being high. However, I just signed up for insurance, is there anyway to use that to cover the past expense? Helppp I really want to buy the house I'm currently renting but I need the credit to do so, and I'd like the opportunity to go back to school as well...I'm 21 years old now, what do I do?
  2. Hello All, As is said by many, this site is truly a godsend. I cannot commend you all enough for taking the time out of your schedules to assist people with rebuilding and understanding their credit. Thank you so much. I've been reading for awhile now and thought i'd take a stab at my first post in hopes of reaffirming the direction I think i should head. I get a bit overwhelmed when trying to figure out where to start. 1.) I've opted out 2.) I've sent letters to all CRA to remove old address. Below i've put on an excel spreadsheet the baddies on my account. I'm really hoping its possible to get some of these removed as certain searches on this site have given me less hope. I am currently in the middle of a streamline refinance of my home so I assume thats why the mortgage is listed twice below. My question is where is the smartest place to begin after the address situation is taken care of. I was assuming i would begin by calling the collection account for Express and demand a PTD, but I'm not sure if thats the best place to start. Theres also the credit one issue, i assume its in collections with them but I haven't received any calls. I also have the mortgage late issue which I'm not sure how to approach. I am current now but in 2012 had a few 30 and 60 days. Anyway, any help or direction would be great. I hope I've read up enough to post this, if not feel free to direct on something i should follow back up on. Thanks again everyone! EQ TU EX OC PORTFOLIO RECOVERY PORTFOLIO RECOVERY PORTFOLIO RECOVERY OL WORLD FINANCIAL/ EXPRESS WORLD FINANCIAL/ EXPRESS WORLD FINANCIAL/ EXPRESS BALANCE 340 340 340 ASSIGNED 6/2014 3/2014 3/2014 STATUS COLLECTION COLLECTION COLLECTION REMARKS Not piad, but willing. EQ TU EX OC - - Eastern Acct Systems OL - - COMCAST BALANCE - - - ASSIGNED - - 12/2012 STATUS - - PAID EQ TU EX OC CARE CREDIT/ SYNCB CARE CREDIT/ SYNCB CARE CREDIT/ SYNCB OPENED 12/2013 12/2013 12/2013 BALANCE $335 $355 $355 LIMIT $500 $500 $500 STATUS OPEN (1 LATE 12/2013) OPEN (1 LATE 12/2013) OPEN (1 LATE 12/2013) REMARKS Made a mistake and missed by a few days last month. Up to date now. EQ TU EX OC CREDIT ONE CREDIT ONE CREDIT ONE OPENED 4/2012 4/2012 4/2012 BALANCE $400 $400 $400 LA 6/2012 NA NA STATUS CHARGE OFF PURCHSD BY OTHER LENDER PURCHSD BY OTHER LENDER REMARKS High balance of $709 only reported by TU. Others is $0. Have not paid yet but wiling to. EQ TU EX OC COMENITY BANK/EXPRESS COMENITY BANK/EXPRESS COMENITY BANK/EXPRESS OPENED 12/2011 12/2011 12/2011 BALANCE 0 $340 0 LA 3/2012 3/2012 NA STATUS CHARGE OFF CHARGE OFF BAD DEBT PURCHSD BY OTHER LENDER REMARKS High balance of $340 only reported by EQ &TU. EX is $0. Have not paid yet but wiling to. EQ TU EX OC MACYS MACYS MACYS OPENED 11/2009 11/2009 11/2009 BALANCE $0 $0 $0 LA 8/2010 3/2012 NA STATUS PAID IN FULL FOR LESS PAID IN FULL FOR LESS PAID IN FULL FOR LESS REMARKS Paid for less than balance years ago. EQ TU EX OC MACYS MACYS MACYS OPENED 11/2009 11/2009 11/2009 BALANCE $0 $0 $0 LA 8/2010 3/2012 NA STATUS PAID IN FULL FOR LESS PAID IN FULL FOR LESS PAID IN FULL FOR LESS REMARKS Paid for less than balance years ago. EQ TU EX OC OCWEN LOAN OCWEN LOAN OCWEN LOAN OPENED 2/2009 - - BALANCE $132,274 - - LA 9/2014 - - STATUS Pays as agreed - - REMARKS 6 times past 60 days late EQ TU EX OC OCWEN LOAN OCWEN LOAN OCWEN LOAN OPENED 2/2009 2/2009 2/2009 BALANCE $120,381 0 - LA 11/2014 11/2014 11/2014 STATUS - TRANSFERED TRANSFERED REMARKS 6 times past 60 days late
  3. Good morning I have decided the time is now to begin the long and tedious process I have begun reading about. I have acquired my credit report in paper form and I am now reading through the beginners section. I am currently reading through "PsychDoc's Credit Repair for Beginners" and will begin writing all over copies of my credit reports as it is directing me to do. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for any help you can offer. I do have a question though. Is it better to attack all of my bad listings at once or one at a time? Is it a personal preference or is there a reason to do one or the other? Thanks
  4. I'm a long time lurker and reader of CB for many years and I have finally decided to take the plunge and tackle this credit monster finally. I have been reading reading reading and implementing the preliminary steps to begin this process. Here's where I am so far and I am a bit stuck as to what my next move should be. 1. Ordered all 3 hard copy reports (all 3 in hand and ready to go) 2. Opted out 3. Removed all old addresses from TU & EQ.........Experian is giving me a heck of a time and I need to know if I should move forward or continue to try to get the addresses removed? Experian is currently showing 8 old addresses plus my current address, 3 of the addresses are duplicates of 3 old addresses in different variations. 1 of the addresses is not my address at all, as a matter of fact this 1 address being reported as mine is actually the address of the company/plaintiff that filed a "judgment" against me in 2012 and there is also a Verizon TL attached to this same address opened 1/2012, reporting since 11/2012 & last reported 6/2014. It's a utility bill for $341 and is reporting on EX & EQ and Verizon is the OC. My 1st order of business was the Paid Civil Judgment reporting on all 3 CR's that I looked into public records to see if it was on file and it is not. I was gonna tackle this first using WhyChat's method. Should I still move forward with this even though the address is not cleared from EX? Based on WhyChat's judgment method I strongly believe that if I get this judgment removed then I will be able to get the address removed and dispute the Verizon TL there after. 2nd order of business is my 7 Medical TL's using WhyChats Hippa method. 3rd is to DV 13 baddies and last but not least I'm currently rehabbing my student loans and then there is a Repo I don't know where to even begin with but I'm choosing to work on that last. Any suggestions? Thoughts? Opinions? or Advice? If you need anymore info please let me know and I will be glad to provide. TIA
  5. I have two hard pulls on my credit report from the SAME company, on two consecutive days! I did not approve of this? How do I get it removed? Thanks
  6. So I need assistance dealing with Capital One, opened an account in 2011 to help rebuild my credit score after post-college debt. I was approved for $300 and always paid it on time. After returning to the country in 2012 from deployment abroad, I started using the card and paying it with a joint account I held with my grandmother. Capital One flagged for account verification and potential fraud. After several attempts to verify my account and identity through email, fax, and telephone. I gave up with a $0 balance on the account and I didn't recieve anything for 2 years from them, hoping they had closed the account because they would not allow me to do anything with it, including close it. Then in April 2014 they began sending me emails that I had an annual fee that was 30 days in the rears and so I called attempting to pay and close the account again only to be told once again that it was flagged for fraud and there is nothing I can do until they get proper paperwork. Of course I attempted multiple times over the past 4 months to correct this error and close the account. I have sent in PDFs and JPEGs of my statements, copies of my DL, SS card, and Checks only to be told they needed something else or the they did not recieve the items. I have even went as far as to do a three way call with my grandmother and a supervisor. My bank has also faxed the information to them. Also note that I have sent each docs multiple times through the email link that they give to upload docs or have faxed them in. Now after spending 3 hrs on the phone today they have told me I have to physically walk into my bank with my grandmother (who lives 600miles away from me) and verify my account that way. After directing expletives with a case manager I hung up.... I am at the end of my rope with this company. Any help in dealing with this? i have disputed with experian, but should I take legal action since they are causing stress and dinging my credit score by charging money to an account they will not let me access and now saying it is 150 days late. Knocked my credit score down 100 pts.
  7. Hi all, I'm 24 years old with student loan debt. I've got $20,000 worth of loans consolidated and another $17,000 of private loans from Sallie Mae that have gone into default as of July 31st. The debt collector has offered me a settlement of $9,600 but at the moment I cannot pay this. I have finally landed my first professional job where I'll be making $48,000 annually. However, I cannot pay the $9,600 at the moment and by the time I can save up that amount working it will be too late. My credit score is so bad from missing all of my payments that obtaining a line of credit to pay off the defaulted loan is next to impossible. I am trying to gather all of my options and have considered filling chapter 13 bankruptcy. If anyone could give me some advice on the situation I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Kyle
  8. Hello! Credit Card Question! I currently have 3 open credit cards. 2 of the cards have a balance of $0 and a limit ranging from $100-$300.The last card I have happens to be the oldest card on my credit history with a limit or around $3000, however has an 89% utilization. I was added to this card to help build my credit while in college, however, was never the primary user of this card. Needless to say the 89% usage has not been a result of any charges I have made to the account. I was advised previously not to remove myself from this account because it was the oldest on my account, however, I'm not sure how beneficial that is being that the balance is so high and after a year has a remained high. Thanks! Please Advise!
  9. Hi I just applied for the bank Simple.com online and was declined. The Reasons from chexsystems were as followed: Credit Score: 0532 Score Date: 7/30/2014 5:25:52 PM The key factors that adversely affected your score are as follows: ASSET OWNERSHIP HISTORY CURRENT ADDRESS CHANGE HISTORY DDA CLOSURE PAYMENT HISTORY DDA CLOSURE(S) 1 previous inquiries by 1 Fl(s) My credit score has never been this low before and I just had a credit report done 2 years ago and it didn't say any of these things. So i'm curious what these mean. I know I have a bad bank account with a Small bank in another state that I had but Im working on paying that off. we recently moved but at the end of our lease so im confused on the current address change history. Any help on what all of these mean would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  10. I have a hospital bill of $3500. Collection has been disputed and verified. I have been paying off and on, when I have the money, for two years (to the hospital ONLY). My husband and I both acquired second jobs and we are now ready to tackle this collection and get it off my CR. We will have all of the money by April of next year at the latest. My Questions: Should I just save up the money and make one payment to the OC with the HIPAA letter? OR Should I start paying what I gather monthly to the OC and make the last payment using the HIPAA letter? My fear is the hospital suing me for the money before I get all of it together. I will have over $1000 by August to put towards this bill. I have already tried to talk to the hospital about retracting the bill from the CA once it's paid off, but they refuse. This is my last doctor bill from my hospital stay and of course my biggest. Thank you in advance!
  11. Good Afternoon! I am new to this whole credit process...in terms of cleaning it up. I have a very low credit score with no open credit cards. I need too know how to obtain a credit report with all three scores listed....for free if possible. Then how do I begin deciphering through where to start? Someone help, please. Thanks!
  12. aye Board good afternoon, im looking for any advice any what so ever! i have an account from verizon fios that was open from my brother, at time i didnt know about it. but he had eventually told me.... long story short he cancelled acct got in his spouses name but i was charged a early termination fee..... but this just showed on my credit !! but he didnt have my social! anyway to dispute? agree to pay if they delete ? anything ??
  13. I was declined for a discover it card, reasons being: % of balance to credit limit too high on revolving accounts Length of time accounts have been established Proportion of loan balances to loan amounts is too high What is the best course of action to get an approval? What are discovers requirements?
  14. I need help. I am trying to do the right thing and get things, financially, back in order and under control. I seem to be having some success resolving some issues, but I need guidance. I need your help. I was young. I was dumb. I am paying for it now. I have recently decided that I can overcome my mistakes, and finally picked up the phone and set up some payment arrangements. It wasn't easy (for me), but I did it. I think what had stopped me from doing it sooner was really my pride and my embarrassment rolled into one. I bit the bullet, and the parties were willing to work with me, to my surprise. So, according to my credit report, I now have one thing holding me back from accomplishing things that I want to do, and that is student loans. I defaulted on three student loans through Sallie Mae, and one through the Dept. of Education. I put the one through the DOE into rehab, and have successfully pulled it out of default, and it will be paid off in full within the next 4-5 months. The Sallie Mae loans I took out were in the amounts of $8,392, $16,000, and $17,500. A total of $41,892. Honestly, don't know exactly when the loans "defaulted" but on my credit report it shows that each were "open" in 08/05, 05/06, and 08/06. I know that my debt from Sallie Mae was sold/charged off/handed off to a collection agency. The balances on my credit report shows I now owe a total of $88,641, and that is also what the collection agency told me I owed. It also shows that the "past due" amounts on the loans are $12,291, $12,273, and $6,161. I'll come back to these loans. Several months ago I decided I needed to get my life together (from past mistakes, foolishness), and start thinking about the big picture, instead of today and today only. In addition to the student loans, I had a judgement that was filed against me in 2008, from an old credit card when I was about 20, and an account from T-Mobile in collections. The student loans, a judgement, and an account in collections were what was showing negatively on my credit report. I bit the bullet, and it hurt, went to the bank and pulled cash out. I went to the courthouse and paid the judgement off in full. I then turned around and contacted the collection agency that had the T-Mobile account and paid it off. My credit report still shows the judgement that was filed against me in 08/08, and now the T-Mobile account shows it has been paid. I applied for a mortgage in April 2014, and like I assumed, I was denied. I honestly just wanted to see where i stood, and if I could get any information on what I could do to get myself qualified to purchase a home. To my surprise, the lender that run my info told me that my score was a 654. Then the lender told me that was my score was not what disqualified for me loan, it was that judgement against me that threw up the biggest "red flag" (this was the week before I paid the judgement off in full). As a matter of fact, I was told that they have people with scores lower than that do get approved, but I needed to take care of the judgement ASAP and could reapply with them in 90 days. I was told that a lot of people with absurd amounts of student loans get approved. I knew I wasn't the only person in the world who defaulted on student loans, but didn't know how it would affect me. Like I said, I was told from the bank the biggest thing against me in their eyes was the judgement. So, I went and took care of the judgement the next week, and also paid off the T-Mobile account as I mentioned earlier. So I'm thinking to myself, that's two down, time to tackle the big student loan(s). Like it was an omen, or something of the like, a couple days after I had paid off the judgement and T-Mobile account, I got a letter from the company that now holds my Sallie Mae student loan debt. So I called them that day, as I really didn't even honestly know who even held the debt. I figured since I was getting old things squared away, just keep rolling with it. I called and they told me they wanted the loan paid in full, I told them unfortunately I had just went grocery shopping and wouldn't be able to stroke the nearly $90k check. I was then informed that I could settle the debt for $25k, and I informed them that I also could not stroke that check at the moment. So, then they say well, "What can you pay?" I told them I'd pay them $100 a month and they said that was fine. I set it up on auto draft and have made the first two payments, and figure at least making and showing an attempt to pay on it should reflect on my credit report in the future. So, in my mind I was fairly pleased by myself for at least "trying" to get things back on track. So, in the matter of a week or so, I had paid off a judgement in full, paid off the only negative collection account showing on my credit report, and at least started making a monthly payment on the student loans. So I figured, now that I'd done that, I'll go try again to get pre approved to buy a house (mid May, 2014). So, in I went and explained my situation, and was told well lets run your credit and see what we can do. I was told my three scores were (I believe these are right, but I'm trying to remember from memory) 654, 629, and 597 (I don't remember what the names of the reports were, but I know they weren't the typical Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). I don't remember which was what score but those were the three scores. I was told they'd have to go by the 629, and needed it to be a 640 before continuing. After quickly scanning my credit report, I was told more than likely just paying my three credit cards to around 20% of their limits would probably be enough to boost that score over the 640 mark. Then the student loans were noticed on the credit report. It then quickly turned to, I see where you just started paying these back as it had updated to a "1" instead of a "9" showing on my credit report. I was then informed that regardless of my score, I could hang up getting a loan for a home until I had 24 consecutive "1's" for my student loans. I was told that it is possible if your loans are set up on auto draft, which mine are, that sometimes the underwriters will pre approve someone for a house with twelve consecutive "1's". I was told though that even if I were not paying the loans and they had slipped by the initial credit report, right before the closing of the house they re-check credit and it would have definitely caught old student loans, and then right before closing, they'd shut down the process. So, at least I didn't get that far and get crushed by that blow. Speaking of credit scores, and I already know that these are not the gospel, but I have accounts on www.creditkarma.com (TransUnion) and www.creditsesame.com (Experian). I am currently showing a 673 on Credit Sesame, and a 636 on Credit Karma. I'm not exactly sure what a "Vantage Score" is but mine on Credit Karma is a 723. I am adamant now, that I am little older and wiser, that all my bills are 100% on time. I have actually been that way for at least a few years, problem I suppose is I just recently started trying to "fix" what I'd screwed up years ago. I work hard, and make pretty decent money, and I want to have something to show for it. I know I cannot possibly be the only person that is dealing with something like this at the moment. Here are some questions that I have, and any advice, guidance, information would be most beneficial. I appreciate you taking time to read my situation. It is much appreciated, thanks in advance. 1. Would going to/hiring a credit advisor/ credit repair agency help me in any way? 2. Should I send all the bureaus a copy of the receipt showing that the judgement was indeed paid in full? If so, will this help my score by the bureaus knowing it has been paid? 3. Would it do me any good to contact the collection agency that holds the debt and tell them I'm wanting to buy a house? I doubt they care, but... 4. Do I need to take out any other loans that I know I can repay on time or early to show different types of payments on my credit report? i.e. auto loan, personal loan, etc? All I have now, are credit cards. * Also a quick note, on my credit report it shows the the three Sallie Mae loans separately, and when I receive the letter from the collection agency that they are about to auto draft my account for payment, they have the sum all lumped together. Does this matter? Could it be adjusted to show one lump sum on my credit report with one row of "9's" instead of three individual loans with rows of "9's"? 5. Are there any lenders that specialize in situations like mine? If so, who? 6. Should I re-apply (in 90 days) with the bank that I initially tried with in April 2014, who seemed more worried about the judgement than the student loans? Thanks again. If I need to move this post to another thread, please let me know.
  15. I have been reading Credit Boards for a while now and it has helped me so much! I have an account that Portfolio Recovery Associates purchased from Capital One. Now they are listing it on all of my credit reports and so is Capital One. Capital One's does say sold charged off. Can they do this. I found on here that Portfolio Recovery Associates is easy to remove because they dont verify. They did verify so I filed a BBB complaint saying that they are listing this and so is the original creditor. They responded saying they want to see my credit reports. I want to respond with as much information as possible. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!
  16. So here is where i am at. I was pre approved. I found the house that I want. Real estate agent says Now I need to talk to my lender about the FHA loan and how much seller concession is allowed. What other things do I need to put into the contract? Will I need to put down a deposit?? When will they require me to put down a deposit if one is required? What do I need to know?! Im so scared and excited.......we will draw up the contract tomorrow. Thanks!!
  17. Hi All, I've been cleaning up my credit in preparation for a mortgage app next year. I thought it might be a good idea to get versed in the mortgage lingo and figure out a strategy. I've been reading random threads, but it would be nice to have an overview. Is there a newbie section or a place to get up to speed? Thanks, Tanika
  18. Hi all, I've searched and I can't find a general consensus on the boards. I disputed 4 TLs with each of the 3 CRAs. I was very specific in my disputes, "Monthly amount not provided", "Open date of jan 23, 2009 incorrect, please change or delete". Of the disputes, only 1 came back as deleted and that was because the CA didn't respond in time. Major failure. I'm wondering what should be my next step? All are outside of the SOL for Cali. Most are parking tickets, cc's, and a couple cable/cell accounts. I've offered to PFD for most of these, only to hear that they 'don't do that". Would the 623 method be recommended? if not, what? THANKS SO MUCH. I'M STRANDED but I am motivated to continue, just stuck a little right now...
  19. When the statue of limitation is up do I still have to pay off the bill in order for my credit score to improve. And I have things removed from my credit report will my score improve. What should I do?
  20. I am starting my TU B* journey. I've read many, many threads and feel like I'm ready to get started. There is only 1 inquiry on here, but I figure I'd start with TU get the skills down and then move on to EQ, which has a whopping 7 inquiries. Here is what I have. Last hard was on 2/14/14 Pulling softs since 2/20 using * MPM (daily) * SCP (daily) Random Softs * Credit Karma (2/12, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14) * Walmart Fico (3/5) I *believe* I’ll hit 65 on 3/31/14 (Based on a spreadsheet and some hope) Does that sound right? Any other daily pullers I could use. Wasn’t sure if it made sense to add TrueCredit.com (or myscore.com) for that matter. Although since you can see softs on TC...I'm not sure that is a good idea. I have read conflicting posts about C* on TU. If there really is no C* on TU, I'll cadd TC. If there is ...another puller seems prudent. Planning to start B* on EQ once the March C* is confirmed. It is believed to be the 16-21. Although BobWangs chart SEEMS to indicate it happens on Saturday for NYC, so that would either be the 22nd, I think. Any insight greatly appreciated!!
  21. I am trying to buy a house. I have spent the last year working on my credit getting it up to this point to where I can buy a house. all I had left to do was get a few dispute verbiage off I have since completed that. now I all of a sudden have an old tmobile account from 2007-2008 that just went and posted a collections on my credit report, with on knowledge to me it may be my debt but I don't remember this what should I do I am just about to start my house hunt will this affect me. should I pay it please someone help
  22. Hi CB, I have been lurking for about 3 or 4 months reading everything that I could find on here. I have been attempting to plan my attack on my bad credit. Most of my bad debt is less than one year old so I want to make sure I don't accidentally end up in a courtroom. I pulled together my statements and letters from the ca. I have a fico 3 bureau report and time. Here are the damages: CA: CRS AMT: $100 LEND: MHC STATUS :Collection Acct Date Assigned: March, 2013 Acct holder: Individual Medical CA: CACH, llc Capital One/Best Buy AMT: $6542.00 $6541.90 LEND: HSBC/Cap1 Open August 2009, c/o 7/13 STATUS :Collection Acct account transferred or sold Date Assigned: 7/14/13 Acct Holder: Individual CA: Cach, llc BOA AMT: $5572 $5572 Lend: BOA Opened May 2008 c/o 12/2012 STATUS: Collection Acct unpaid debt reported as loss by grantor, charged off Date Assigned: 1/2013 Chase Regions $2543 $2268 Open Jan 2004, c/o 12/13 Open 2/09 180 days past due Acct closed by consumer/ Acct closed by grantor Charge off account CFNA $984 Open 6/07 Closed 2/13 unpaid debt reported as loss by grantor, charged off Amex, up to date with two 30 days and one 60 days late 8 months ago I am thinking I need to verify/validate debts first. I have opted out, my addresses are correct per my report and my current address is the only one attached to said debts. As I get ready to write letters, should I start with the medical or the cc debt first? This board has given me more peace about a process I have yet to even fully start and a wealth of knowledge. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much! Karla
  24. So a little background. I had a repo in 2010 when I was recovering from job loss from citifinancial which was bought out later by Santander. Enter earlier this year I decided to attempt to clean my credit. First thing I did was opt out and delete as many old addresses as I could. In mid-July I disputed the repo with the CRA's. All 3 came back verified. In August I sent Why Chat's repo letter to Santander, they did not and have not ever responded. They did however sign for it, I sent it CMRRR. At the very end of September I sent Why Chat's followup dispute to the CRA's. I received responses from all 3. Equifax - Deleted TransUnion - Remains. No other information than that. Just investigation completed, entry remains. Experian - Remains. Told me that the OC requested that I contact them. I did, they never responded hence why I sent the dispute. My question is what is my next step? Is it time for CFPB and AG complaints? Thanks for your help!
  25. Hi Guys! A little background on me: I was incredibly dumb when I was 18 up til I was 20. I didn't pay bills and took out a couple payday loans. The payday loans went into default around the same time I moved from Texas to another state. Once I had moved I had received a call from some debt collection agency saying I was going to jail if I didn't pay because I committed a federal offense of going across state lines or something. So I started to pay them monthly. I never asked for verification(once again I was stupid) but thought I had paid them off. I never double check. I figure anyone after was a scam. I moved back to Texas a couple of years later. I do have some medical bills that went into default and I am currently rehabbing my last student loan. About two weeks ago, I pulled my official credit report from Experian so I can start seeing the damage and repairing my credit. This evening, I received a call from a Terry Anderson of Legal Outsourcing. He left a message on my phone saying: After he called my brother's phone and my brother passed the phone to me. I did not verify my identity only asked who he was. He stated his name was Terry Anderson from Legal Outsourcing. I clammed up and hung up.(like I have been doing for all these years. I am trying to correct this and get my credit back on track.) He left a message saying I was to call him back. I called him back but he has not answered the 5 attempts I have called. It goes straight to voice-mail with his name and saying I am to leave my case number and name/phone number. There is nothing on my report from Legal Outsourcing. I can not find anything about this company or from the phone number except 2 comments on 1800 notes.I have no idea what he is talking about when he said I committed check fraud. I looked on the Texas State Attorney Office but nothing about this topic showed up. I am trying to call him so I can an address to send a validation letter but he won't answer. He also did not provide a case number or any other information but he does have my Social Security number or at least the last 4 numbers. What should I do now?
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