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  1. I have a experian 578. I have a equifax 588. I have a transunion 586. Are there any credit cards I can get approved for?
  2. I'm helping a friend with getting IRS tax liens withdrawn and removed from their credit report. Thus far, Experian and TransUnion were cleared fairly easily, however, Equifax is proving tricky. There are three records reporting on Equifax, two of them we should eventually prevail on because the IRS has withdrawn them and we have proof of that and these were the two recently removed from Experian and TransUnion, however, Equifax has a third entry that the IRS says they did not report and thus cannot withdraw. It is for an adjacent county and matches the amount of one of the other two valid ones in the correct county of residence. The IRS says they cannot withdraw a lien they did not file. My friend has not moved in over ten years and has never lived in this other county. What should we do about this lien on the report that the IRS says they never placed since it is the wrong county court? Should we go into the court and request some kind of report that there are no liens for that name or amount? I imagine there is some kind of computer glitch here, but not sure how to proceed. Could this lien be on his Lexis-Nexis report and we need to dispute there first so that it does not appear confirmed when Equifax looks into it?
  3. Ok, so i have a question. Equifax is my lowest score. Eq has not updated my credit limit increases or the fact that I have paid off my VS and my Cap1 all of this since Oct. No Update.... The other two show the correct amounts. Should I dispute the balances/limits? If so, can (should) I do it online? Thanks a bunch for your help!
  4. Last months thread Mine is up from 744 to 787!
  5. Okay. So, in a rush, to my credit building started. I apped for a few cards, that I shouldn't have (Chase Freedom, Amex Everyday).. before I realized, I had to start from the bottom (Capital One & Discover). I applied for Discover "It" for Students & Capital One Journey (both unsecured cards) and got approved. However.. upon looking over my credit reports, my idiocy in applying, and striking out over & over dinged my equifax quite a bit (in hard inquires). So, when I heard of the word "bumping" I practically did 10 cartwheels, and spent an hour jumping up & down. Currently My Hard Pulls consist of this - Transunion - 4 Experian - 3 Equifax - 6. I'm a lot luckier than others, I understand that. But.. I still want to burn off a few of these Equifax hard pulls. I'd be happy with just one less, but, two would be amazing. I just don't completely understand the process. Is there anyone here, who would consider showing me the right direction, or, helping me understand the process itself? Seeing that Equifax Number, just, kills me. And, I just wanna make it go away. If it's possible.
  6. I have a dispute with EQ that I filed electronically (before I found this board). I submitted the documents they requested at the time of the dispute: Driver's License Social Security Card Current Utility Bill I also sent a copy of my Birth Certificate I then received a request for the same info using the same Confirmation #. I sent it to them by fax. A few days later I received a request for the same info using the same Confirmation #. I sent it to them by fax. A few days later I received a request for the same info using the same Confirmation #. I sent it to them by fax. I have again a request for the same info using the same Confirmation #. This will be the 5th time I will be sending this info and on each of the prior times I wrote on the fax transmission report, "2nd, 3rd, etc time this info is being sent." Each time they request this info when I check the status of the dispute the date is changed to reflect the date of the most recent request and the Confirmation # stays the same. Question: When resubmitting this same info again should I threaten a CFPB complaint? Should I just go ahead and submit a claim anyway? Should I demand that the date be changed back to the original date? Any suggestions? (And yes, I know now that the dispute should have been done in writing so there is no need to re-enforce or bring up that issue) Thanks in advance.
  7. New to the forum, i see alot of trans union company pulls, could we get a thread going on Equifax going
  8. I just had an alert from myfico, my EQ score jumped 75 points from where it was. Now at a 730! I think this is the highest it's every been since i've had credit. Before i started working on my credit over the summer, I was upper 500's low 600's. Thank you creditboards and Whychat!
  9. My DW seems to have been dropped from the Equifax Choppage block. She was not chopped in September, and now again not chopped in October. Presently, she is pulling both EIDT and Alert Plus and just B* today an inquiry dated 9/23/14 on her second pull of the day which makes sense being around 42.5 days ago. Has anyone else had the experience of getting off the choppage list? Should she stop pulling twice a day and go down to just one puller, EIDT? She did back door twice in September to confirm no choppage, but has not since.
  10. A friend disputed two medical CAs on their Equifax report using the WhyChat HIPPA method and both came back deleted by Equifax: Stanislaus Credit Control — This item has been deleted from the credit file. California Service Bureau — This item has been deleted from the credit file. Should the OC now be paid by money order to preserve the deletion or are we done? They are for ~$25 and ~$350.
  11. Just got a denial for my DW to CLI her NFCU CC from $22K with total exposure $72K. Letter with denial says her score is 700 and lists the reasons it is not higher as: Serious Delinquency And Public Record Or Collection Filed Number Of Accounts With Delinquency Too Many Consumer Finance Company Accounts Length Of Time Accounts Have Been Established I'd like to identify the Consumer Finance Company Account(s) on her report. Looking at her report, my best guess would be that there is only one: Capital BankWhich was a secured credit card she had back in 2010 right after BK discharge, but I've got one too, but I've not seen that reason listed on my Equifax report as of yet. I have a July Equifax denial letter from Capital One that lists reasons my score is only 725: Serious delinquency, and derogatory public record or collection filed Number of accounts with delinquency Proportion of balances to credit limits is too high on bank revolving or other revolving accounts Length of time since derogatory public record or collection is too short Do my reasons have higher priority than Consumer Finance Accounts? Can anyone confirm that Capital Bank is considered a Consumer Finance Company? Is the the too many Consumer Finance Accounts only an Equifax FICO thing? Does the the too many Consumer Finance Accounts only apply to a particular revision of FICO (e.g. FICO-08)? Anyone know what version NFCU and Capital One use of FICO? How hard is Capital Bank to dispute off the report, it was closed in 2012 with the change of terms on annual fees?
  12. Today, NFCU just started reporting my NavCheck LOC (opened 2011) on my DW's Equifax and TransUnion reports (no sign yet on Experian) in addition to her own NavCheck LOC (also opened 2011). Each NavCheck is a personal LOC, although she is added on my checking account (back in 2010), and thus she does have AU like access to my LOC, and it has always shown in her online access, but I've never seen it report before, until today. On TransUnion it is annotated as an AU account, don't know about Equifax annotations since I've only got it on a CCT like report that omits those details, but I expect it is showing as AU there too.
  13. woowoo


    I disputed 2accounts on equifax for obsolete. And since day 1 they have been changing the status (backdoor monitoring). They have been changing balance from $0 to NA to NA to NA to 0 to 0 then back to $0 They have been doing this on my 2nd account also. I don't get it. There time is up next week. Should I be concerned or need to forego another dispute when times up.
  14. Checked my EQ score at MyFico last Thursday and it was a 682. Joined DCU the next day since I may be in the market for a new vehicle in the coming months. Checked my messages online at DCU yesterday and my EQ score was 657. Nothing has changed on my reports except a $500+ payment to my Amex Gold, which reported yesterday. The DCU score comes directly from EQ, right? Are they using different scoring models?
  15. The first time it happened I thought "That's odd". But it ended in my favor and I was busy at work when I noticed then I completely forgot about it. Now it has happened again with a second dispute. I disputed an account. Right under the 30 day period, I receive a letter that says the account has been verified, blanket B.S. At a much later date, the account actually updates and changes. As I stated, this has now happened twice. Coincidence? I think not.
  16. finally got dell/DFS/ Webbank off account by submitting police report re fraud in jan/2009 at old address... now I have an unasked for fraud alert on my account for 7 years... this is absurd. makes everything, even a myfico score, require multiple phone calls... is there anyway to get this resolved? would like the ADDRESS, which is very old,off my reports but this is making applying for credit very difficult and even checking credit and scores... any advise? Felt ridiculous filing it for something so long ago but it was the only way to resolve. Now it seems that it has brought my TU score DOWN.. how can that be? the avg age on that is 23 years... I am quite confused... Also, my Equifax has a split file with 99% lost in cyberspace... has anyone had any luck getting old history re-inserted? hate to lose history and bad current mortgage collection should be gone shortly anyway, when they find the deed to trade for full payment... any ideas?
  17. Length of Credit History 14 Years, 3 Months Average Account Age 2 Years, 12 Months Oldest Account XXXX Opened 03/07/2000) Most Recent Account xxx (Opened 03/10/2014)
  18. I got an alert this morning that there was a change to an existing account. When I went to see what it was, apparently Target had taken it upon themselves to start reporting a $257 balance on an account that was IIB in 2007. It had previously been reporting as N/A or $0. How do I go about disputing it? I'm currently in the middle of B* on EQ and have 10 INQ left and I don't want to disturb the process.
  19. Applied for a Cabela's card about a week and a half ago - got a "can't make a decision now" online due to a fraud alert.... called them when I got a letter in the mail last Saturday. Answered some info questions and got approved. Was pretty shocked. They pulled my best one (did this intentionally) - have a repo that's about 16 months out along with one charge off from Verizon... Still fighting to get those off, but anyway. Got the letter in the mail welcoming me yesterday - according to it my score was 630. Just checked USAA credit puller today and it's reporting on Experian with a $1,000.00 limit. Hopefully I'll get the card this week. Plan on using it to pay my bills with and just immediately paying the card to rack up Cabela's gift cards. Plan to start picking up some rifles/ammo/camping gear. Hopefully I can clean the reports a little more by tax time next year so I can trade my SUV in for something cheaper with a decent down payment. Interest is killing me (10.4%). Maybe this second revolving line being positive for almost a year will help!
  20. System Temporarily Unavailable We are currently unable to process your request. Please try again later or click here to submit your request via our secure Web Email dispute form. We apologize for the inconvenience. looks like im locked out of the back door to equifax, here is the message i keep getting now for 9 days in a row now, and when I call in i get to the part where they ask me for my confirmation number and then when i enter in my confirmation number a message comes on and just says Unavailable, not only that but I can no longer even log on to my equifax product, i called that number and they transferred me to a person in the dispute dept and they just said that I had 195 soft inquiries and that could be the problem but they will not erase any of them, i guess i cant log in because logging in creates another soft inquiry and there is no more room on my credit report for any more soft inquiries, so what do I do now? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  21. I went there to again put in a dispute on my only former address, and it is giving me the "Information does not match" message (now) and I am still waiting for the address to fall off.. I hope it will, as I made it the only item in my "dispute summary." has this happened to anyone else?
  22. Just read about this. Buried deep (and I mean DEEP...scroll all the way to the bottom) in the financial report EQ filed for 2014-Q1 is the following notice: CFPB Investigation. In February 2014, we received a Civil Investigative Demand (a “CID”) from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (the “CFPB”) as part of its investigation to determine whether nationwide consumer reporting agencies have been or are engaging in unlawful acts or practices relating to the advertising, marketing, sale or provision of consumer reports, credit scores or credit monitoring products in violation of the Dodd Frank Act or the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The CID requests the production of documents and answers to written questions. We are cooperating with the CFPB in its investigation and are in discussions with the CFPB regarding our response to the CID. At this time, we are unable to predict the outcome of this CFPB investigation, including whether the investigation will result in any action or proceeding against us. http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/33185/000114420414024604/v374519_10q.htm
  23. Hi I'm new to this forum and wonder which bank or financial institution is using Equifax for used car loan. Im asking because my EQ is perfect not like Experian where i have 2 charge offs and score of 630 low limit util; 3% EQ 738 util: 3% low card limit clean record one installment from 2007 paid on time
  24. Equifax deleted 15 positive credit lines that show up currently Experian and Transunion. The Equifax Supervisor said she would have to see the credit lines being reported on Equifax perviously for her to research and update my account. FICO score is 50 points less because of the 15 positive closed tradelines. I know these were reported 6 months ago, but I did not keep any copies.
  25. Dec 2006 Equifax added a fraud alert to my account, I have been trying to get it removed since I found out about it. This thing has caused me no end of trouble, including screwing up registration for the ACA of all things. Today received the reason for denial to refinance our car, states they could not reach me regarding the consumer alert. I did not miss any phone calls, so not sure how they tried to contact me. Anyhow searched for a number to talk to a human at Equifax, 1-888-202-4025 took me right to a person. Verified my identity, and credit card accounts/limits and they said it would be removed in the next 48hrs. Funny thing was after this they tried to convience me to signup for their credit monitering, had to tell her no thanks 3 times before she stopped trying to sell it lol. Heres to hoping this stupid fraud alert is finally gone.
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