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Found 8 results

  1. decided to check into LC for a check on my TU score before a considered app... scores on fako have been moving up, only Fico I have is from DCU which went way up LC, without me entering an amount, instantly declined me- they recognized my email They gave an EX score as the basis(it is not yet frozen, had to wait until monday when fraud alert comes off) Didn't know that they EVER pulled EX, always pulled TU to my knowlege (one prior application) Of course the basis of the turndown was my very worst score but I was shocked at the turndown before the application. I am assu
  2. I just Got off the phone with EX and actually feel good for once. I have been disputing 4 ECMC student loan collections w Original creditor being Wells Fargo, because of incorrect DOFD basically a year off. I received letter from OC and included in my disputes with EQ, EX, and TU. EQ deleted right away. TU changed DOFD and as soon as they did I called in and disputed obsolete. Came off within an hour. EX as always was a thorn in my side. They confirmed receipt of letter but claimed they couldn't do anything because wasn't from ECMC except open a new dispute with ECMC. Well they did ECMC just u
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/04/your-money/credit-scores/vantagescore-ignores-paid-collections-in-setting-a-credit-score.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1& I hardly believe it - but then, it's a FAKO score think FICO will take this up?
  4. I've been looking through this forum for about 3 weeks. I have started my credit repair process by opting out and deleting my addresses with TU and EQ (extremely easy!). EX is another story! They would not budge! I read success stories but they are pretty outdated. I was wondering if anyone has any recent techniques/ methods that can help me get addresses deleted? Thanks.
  5. I've been waiting for this moment for eons...and it's here! I have one SPOTLESS report -- EX shook free of the paid CO from 2007 (TXU Energy) and I just lifted my freeze for 7 days. My EX FICO (myFICO.com) 5 minutes ago was 772, up from 671 on 3/31/2014. That's 101 points in about 35 days...? Not too shabby, eh...? AAOA is 6 years. I need some help...I could do A-WHOLE-LOTTA-DAMAGE in 7 days, so I need a plan. You folks are far more likely to be thinking more clearly than I am at the moment, so let's hear your ideas. I have NO personal Amex, yet -- I'm *D with an AU card (2
  6. EX deleted all of my addresses that were tied to negative TL's ! Yeeeee Hawwwww !!! Just a little FYI....I told them I was worried about identity theft since I havent lived there for over 20 years. (Which is true)
  7. Yup, it’s true. About two weeks ago I disputed a paid civil judgment online with EX and TU (it wasn't reporting on EQ). The judgment was due to be removed late next year. TU came back a few days ago with a deletion, but I wasn’t holding out much hope for EX. I get an email from them last night and they, too, have deleted!! This is wonderful. The only other negative on my three CRs now is a paid federal tax lien from 2012. It’s really affecting my scores and I’ve asked the IRS to withdraw but it doesn’t look likely. Anyway, I’m happy about this victory. I want to add that before I came to C
  8. This was asked in the BK forum by someone but it is kinda credit related..some of you international/seasoned folks may know: I know TU has international offices, but do they supply reports to overseas creditors? Does EQ and EX have international offices? The original question was if a BK'er moved overseas, would the BK come up on for an international creditor? I know they have their own bureaus in alot of countries, but do they reference back to our US reports if they know we are from the US? Does TU, EX or EQ supply reports for overseas citizens to overseas creditors in the
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