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Found 14 results

  1. 1. I had a Midland (ugh) account that I dispute with Midland, they agreed to tell the CRA's to delete it. TU and EX did so promptly, it has been 5 weeks and it is still on EQ. 2. Verizon Wireless, after 2 years just mysteriously disappeared from TU, then a day later from EX. 1 week later it is still on EQ. Does EQ just not delete if they are told to by the creditors? And a side note wondering why Verizon deleted after only 2 years anyway?
  2. Thanks if anyone can sort me out. I know that EDIT-MPM soft pulls show as TRUECREDIT/VERTRUE USAA-CCMP soft pulls show as CREDITEXPERT1-866-673-0140 Quizzle Pro shows as Quizzle, LLC WITH NO PERIOD However, AMEX Credit Smart could be any of the following... CIC/EXPERIAN ALRTS ??? dates are ok but incomplete on pull records CIC/EXPERIAN RPTS ??? same CONSUMERINFO>COM ??? this must be another service because the dates are from way before C$ but do they count? and is Equifax INFO SVCS =Equifax Complete which instigates C*- which does NOT B* I know th
  3. I started B* on July 15th. My EQ hards started falling off on Aug 1. I was able to B* 38 of my 40 inq in 18 days! I had just two more but was C* sometime today...oh well I did extraordinarily well. On a brighter note, I was able to B* TU clean at the end of last week. My objective was not to gain points (although I did gain 23 pts. on EQ; haven't checked Myfico TU) but to rid myself of pointless inq and get a fresh start. I learned my lesson and will app more judiciously moving forward. For those interested, this is what I used: EQ = MPM (EIDT), Quizzle, and USAA TU = Smartcredit, TUP (fre
  4. I got an alert this morning that there was a change to an existing account. When I went to see what it was, apparently Target had taken it upon themselves to start reporting a $257 balance on an account that was IIB in 2007. It had previously been reporting as N/A or $0. How do I go about disputing it? I'm currently in the middle of B* on EQ and have 10 INQ left and I don't want to disturb the process.
  5. I got onto Equifax's gold credit watch... simply because I was supposed to get deletions on three items (already removed on TU) on June 1 and July 1. Well, fellow CBers, all three are off as of today, JUNE 1, as promised. Experian is another matter because 6 accounts that were settled or sold off (original creditors) are all still on for another two years because they have not yet gotten a spanking from the AG (Yes, bravegirl and reader65, we are working on it!). But to have what for me is an accurate report excepting an old mortgage that is supposed to be corrected per Bank of America, a d
  6. I filed a complaint against EQ with the FTC for their defective “online service” and/or false advertising. I am planning a CFPB complaint against them for a whole different list of reasons, so I wanted to spread the luv and throw one at the FTC that fully falls under their authority. I’m one of those who has never made it to the C* List, and my softs accumulate until my file jams up and I can’t access my report. EQ Consumer Services tells me EQ Information Services has to fix it; EQ Info Svcs tells me EQ Consumer Svcs has to fix it…BOTH tell me it’s my own fault for pulling my report too o
  7. I need some serious guidance from the pros, so I listed Bob Wang in my tags, and this is a plea to all BIs out there! I'm facing some of those Unintended Consequences. I'm losing closed, positive TLs -- they're dropping like flies. I use EQ's monitoring service, and I've read a ton about B* and C*, and I've got a pretty good grasp on the how and why. I am one of those who has not (for some unknown reason) ended up on the C* block, but I really wish they'd PUT me on it! I actually used that service, alone, to B* 13 INQs off of EQ last year. That's wonderful...right? Except that later in 201
  8. I've tried a few times over the past couple of months to dispute some info on my EQ report. I've tried it by going into my EQ account where I pull my reports from and it opens a new window and then says it can't get to that page. I've tried it by NOT logging into my EQ account and the same thing happens. I've tried it on Chrome, IE and Safari and it always gives me the error that it can't connect to or find that page. Anyone else had issues with that?
  9. hello everyone , I'm new here , after reading on this forum as a guest I want to join and to introduce my self and my report my question is how long do you think I will start get b* on my EQ base on this report form today? I pull daily with MPM , SCP , TUP , ECP. and I have also pulls form CK. I don't how to find my TU soft , after reading here still can't find. :-/ Inquiries that may impact your credit rating: AMERICAN EXPRESS TRS CO, INC 03/08/14, 09/24/13, 09/16/13, 08/21/13 CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA 09/16/13 Comenity Bank/ANNTYLR 09/11/13 DISCOVER FINANCIAL SER
  10. Discover just reported a new TL on my EQ today. The extra TL boosted my score 6 points; I'm in process of B*; at Master TU EQ B* thread.. Date Opened: 12/20/2013 Balance: $0 Date Reported: 12/27/2013 EquifaxAs of 12/29/2013 707 GOOD
  11. I've been tackling an account on my wife's credit for years now. It was an old joint 2nd mortgage. Long story short: I filed BK, she didn't, it wasn't reaffirmed, we stayed and paid for a few years. Originally it was reported as IIB on her credit. I disputed with all three an it fell off TU and EX. EQ updated it to the current balance/payment and as open, which was correct at the time. Fast forward a year and I ended up settling the account with the mortgage company in exchange for releasing the lien and marking the account paid/closed. We sold the property 8 months later and moved on with our
  12. Looks like you can join if you live/work/worship in Washington or Oregon. You're also eligible to join if you have "an immediate family member that lives in Oregon." https://www.unitusccu.com/ Also looks like just having the checking account provides eligibility for the EQ FICO. I'm going to guess that since they give a free EQ FICO, they use EQ to join. I checked the pulls DB and didn't see any entries.
  13. I'm wondering if there is any way to avoid multiple pulls when applying for a credit card and membership with DCU?
  14. This was asked in the BK forum by someone but it is kinda credit related..some of you international/seasoned folks may know: I know TU has international offices, but do they supply reports to overseas creditors? Does EQ and EX have international offices? The original question was if a BK'er moved overseas, would the BK come up on for an international creditor? I know they have their own bureaus in alot of countries, but do they reference back to our US reports if they know we are from the US? Does TU, EX or EQ supply reports for overseas citizens to overseas creditors in the
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