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Found 4 results

  1. I started the wychat credit steps-Opted Out-Ordered credit report I have a few questions. Now Im ordering Lexis report and address corrections. 1.Experian credit reports have 15 accounts that fall off in 2015 Transunion have 13 accounts that fall off in 2015 (should I dispute for validation these accounts in the initial dispute letter or wait and let them fall off) 2.Experian and Transunion Have same account but fall off in 2015 on one and 2016 on another(what should I do)? 3.Got a eviction collection that violated the laws in Louisiana I have all the paperwork to dispute it should I dispute it with the CA first before I send initial dispute with CRA?
  2. my fico EQ score as of 01/22/14 is 651 AAOA is 15 years No new accounts in last 5 years, no inquiries, only a few positive - closed tl's see chart below... 1) Amex falls off 12/14 (past SOL) disputing as obsolete 2) Pay verizon $157? they continue to report each month 3) Portfolio (BOA) $1,300 - waiting on CFPB results 4) GOC has a judgement of $12k, falls off CR's 08/15 - leave alone and not dispute, right? 5) Cap 1 owned by Midland, but mid not on my report. leave alone & let fall off on 08/16?...worried about suit being filed... 6) BOA - disputing again, they failed to verify in 30 day window Hope to get to 700 with Amex & Portfolio removal and being added as an AU. Will I be denied new cc's because GOC, Cap One are showing as collections? Amex 12/1992 $14,301 Bad debt/collection Portfolio 9/2011 $1,300 120+ days past due Verizon 12/2010 $157 120+ days past due Bk Of Amer 8/2007 $0 Bad debt/collection Cap One 9/2003 $0 Bad debt/collection GOC 7/1996 $0 Bad debt/collection
  3. I fired off a certified letter to EX on 11/05/13 and it was received on 11/08/13. I supplied proof of the original documentation to prove my case and I have backed up copies of past reports (but I didn't feel the need to send them at this point). EQ and TU have deleted this TL earlier this year but EX wouldn't budge. I had been monitoring the activity through the backdoor and noted that this weekend it was marked "under investigation". Well, I checked today and my last baddie that they have reaged for years is suddenly gone. A total of 10 days since receipt of my dispute and it's gone...is it too soon to celebrate? Sorry if this is out of order...I'm just excited to see something happen to this final baddie on my reports.
  4. So after months of reading through the forums and disputing the accounts on my credit reports I am seeing things fall off and my score rising. Once I break 600 on each on I am thinking about applying for a secured credit card. The only revolving account I currently have is my auto loan which is in good standing. I have managed to stay away from opening an new accounts so that I am not hit with a load of inquires, nor do I have an public records (i.e. bankruptcies, tax liens, and court judgments) on my credit report. I have 3-4 accounts on each that I working to completely pay off so that each is clean and I can start rebuilding a clean line of credit. This forum has been extremely helpful!!!! Scores over the past 6 weeks!!! Equifax 10/1/2013 565 Equifax 11/19/2013 576 Experian 10/1/2013 578 Experian 11/19/2013 597 Transunion 10/1/2013 565 Transunion 11/19/2013 586
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