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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have a charge off from HSBC/Saks that was purchased by Calvary Portfolio Services. I have sent a DV, and most recently a PFD. They would not accept the settlement and stated that they do not delete. The current balance is 1821. The lowest they will go is 1350. I don't have enough to pay the entire 1350, so I offered 600. They rejected the offer and said they couldn't help me. Is there another way I can try to get them to settle?
  2. Sorry if this is a repost, but I didn't see it here. Debt Collectors’ Jobs Just Got Harder I guess, for example, old statements are fine, but the CA or JDB can't just give you a number for the amount owed.
  3. Someone called my husband's work yesterday (He works in a restaurant, which I thought they weren't supposed to call) supposedly from a debt collector or process servers office. They left a phone number and case number for him to call with his boss. The number is an 855 number belonging to a Collection Company called Convergent Outsourcing. Ok- my husband called them back- where the guy, "Joe", proceeded to tell him that he owes a debt with HSBC for $1200 (An even number? Really?) and that he is in the process of being served, and if he is served then there will be a judgement for $2000, so it's better if he pay all at once the $1200 "A significant portion TODAY so that I can stop the process server from serving you, and the balance next week". My husband told him he needed to talk to me, and to family to see if we could borrow money, etc to make a payment in full happen. Husband gave the guy authorization to speak to me. I tried calling and it just went to a phone tree. He called ME this morning, identifying himself as "Joe from the attorney's office." (I repeated this back to him twice "Attorney's office?", and he kept confirming, yes.) telling me I was supposed to call him yesterday to make a payment. Ummm, no. I tried calling you to discuss our account. He then proceeded to tell me my husband made a commitment to pay. He did not. I told him I wanted paperwork confirming the original debt. He kept side stepping and telling me we had to make this payment today or we were being served, and that he had mailed paperwork weeks ago. I told him we would gladly make PAYMENTS on a legitimate debt of $100 a month, but as we are 5 people on one income and government assistance, that is a huge stretch for us. He said that would work (Suddenly ok with not $1200 in full) but I had to make a payment TODAY. I told him I would gladly make one, if he told me where I could go to either walk in a payment, or contact info to Western Union one to them. HE said NO, that the first payment HAS TO be made by DEBIT card. We went around this for a few minutes, me telling him I was in no way giving him access to my bank account, that I would happily give them money and make payments, but no access. He kept saying they couldnt accept it, and good luck to us because they were going ahead with serving papers. That is when I brought up them calling my husband at work, telling them not to contact him there anymore, that it was a restaurant which is an inconvenience AND they don't allow personal phone calls- his response was that THEY don't call work places, it was "The process server" getting the address so he can be served. If it WAS the process server, just looking for an address, WHY did he give this schmuck's phone number and a case number?? None of this seems on the up and up to me. AND, in the hour since he hung up, I have received 6 no one there/hang up calls from various weird numbers.
  4. I thought that I'd never see the day, at least not until 2016 and 2017. I almost gave up, but stayed on it and the two toughest collections agencies are now off my CRAs. I'm down to 6 baddies, started with 18 when I joined CB the begining of February. I know longer have to put a deposit on every I need, i.e. utilities. Thanks CB!
  5. Hello , About 7-1/2 years ago I had a medical emergency with our child and my usuall excellent credit went downhill . Not really caring about anything credit wise for a few years because of prioritys I am now trying to get my things in order . I ran up an aspire card for close to $9000 for meds and other expenses until I couldn't pay on it anymore . My last payment was almost 5 years ago . I found out the debt was sold to Jefferson Capital and the have erroneously reported a payment in 2010 but I never paid them a thing . I have debt validated ( after talking to a lawyer)Jefferson Capital twice with no answer . They sold the account to another law firm last year who I also sent debt validation to and again never heard a response . Well another law firm is now trying to collect and I have debt validated them also . Jefferson Capital continues to report on one of the CRA's . We are just getting on our feet after a few very bad years with our child's illness and are afraid of being sued . Any advice will be appreciated . I live in Pa. I have about $3000 of other smaller medical debts left also
  6. I need some help please. I have several credit accounts in collection; they're around three years old. I've recently changed my name and the judge sealed the record to protect me from violence. Here's the questions: 1. If someone like a process server knocks on the door and tries to serve me for a court appearance to get a judgment against me: do I have to acknowledge my old name? 2. Same scenario as question one, but it's a cop trying to serve me: do I have to acknowledge my old name? My understanding is the purpose of sealing my record was that I don't have to tell anyone my old name. Plus the serving papers are going to have my old name most likely, so I'm fairly sure they can't make me sign my old name. And of course why would I sign a paper that doesn't have my correct name. 3. If a debt collector sends me a letter with my old name, I will need to send a cease and desist letter challenging the debt, how do I handle this without acknowledging my new name? I can't legally sign my old name anymore, nor do I think it would be smart to give them my new name. 4. If they sue me under my old name, how would I handle this? Can I just ask for a dismissal because of the wrong name and make them suit me again under the correct name? If any of you can think of anything else that would apply, or other helpful information, then feel free to add it in your response. Also, my name change had nothing to do with trying to avoid these debts. Please don't respond that I should just pay these bottom-feeders that bought these debts for pennies on the dollar. I'm a disabled person and it's illegal to garnish my disability pension, so they can't collect from me. In fact that's the reason I think they keep quickly selling the account to other collectors when I tell them that in a response/cease and desist letter. Thanks for any responses.
  7. From an article on Inside ARM: New York State Courts Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman Wednesday announced a set of reforms aimed at increasing requirements for collection agencies and debt buyers who file suits to recover debts from consumers in the state. Although open for public comment, the new rules are expected take effect in June. The reforms, detailed at the link below, are being issued for a 30-day public comment period, to expire on May 30, with implementation expected by mid-June 2014. http://www.nycourts.gov/rules/comments/PDF/ConsumeCreditPC-Package.pdf Requirements that creditors submit affidavits containing detailed proof in support of default judgment applications ensuring that the substantive and evidentiary standards for default judgments required under New York law are met. Statewide rules and policies to stop the practice of suing on debt when the statute of limitations has expired as well as to prevent “sewer service” in consumer debt cases. Procedures and user-friendly forms ensuring that unrepresented consumers who appear in court have access to comprehensible information and resources so that they can understand the claims against them and formulate appropriate defenses. Partnerships with bar associations and law schools to increase pro bono representation of defendants in consumer credit cases in the hardest hit areas.
  8. Hi all This is a great forum and I'm hoping someone can help. About 3 years ago I lost a case in small claims court (unfair case, but was out of state and couldn't travel to make the case for defense) for about $1000 plus court costs and interest I recently received a lawyer's letter about this, asking for payment. I'd like to negotiate to try and settle for half the full amount or pay in installments. I'm afraid that if I don't pay in full, but agree to a partial settlement, the lawyer may put this on my credit report. So my question is-- under what circumstances can this lawyer put my non-payment in full on my credit report? How do I reach an agreement that prohibits him from being able to do so? Thank you all!
  9. I need some experts advice on my credit situation. I am staying in US fro 2005. Till 2009 my credit history was good, I cleared two auto loans, no delinquencies or late payments or no black marks on my file. In 2009 I went to vacation to my home country. When I am there my employer told due to peak recession and bad company situation, he said there is no job for me any more and I need not come back to US, and my visa has been cancelled. By the time I have a Line of Credit upto 10K $ and other credit cards etc, a total of approx 25K debt. Since I have no job, source to pay them back in US, I didn't pay most of them. All accounts went to delinquencies, collection agencies, charge off etc., After couple of years, with some other employer I came back to US in 2011.Now I am getting letter from some debt collection agencies. The questions I have: 1) How to make sure the Original Credit Issued company hand over to the Debt Collection Company is accurate or not? Or is it a fake debt collection company? 2) Its almost 4yrs i was delinquent,, so do I need to pay all this or after how long these will go off from my credit file/history? 3) In Future say after 2016 (after 7yrs from Initial delinquency) If I apply for mortgage, will these delinquencies/debt collections show on my credit report? Experts please help me with answers/suggestions. Any info/links will help me a lot. Thanks in advance.
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