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Found 5 results

  1. Updated: 04/16/2013   This is what worked for me. Use it only as a guide. I think it can really help people that want to know the general process of how things work in the ''new age'' of establishing business credit. Ok if you want to get some business credit it's NOT going to be instant. If you look in my signature where it lists my trades you can see exactly how much I have and who has extended me credit. Starting from the top. Left to right. Is the order they were obtained. So you can look at it as ''Easiest'' to Hardest'' if your just starting out. The first thing you need to do i
  2. Hi everyone, Newbie here. I've been posting in the Credit Forum, but I am also a small business owner with a question. So I disputed LPs on a negative TL (Advanta Business CC) with all 3 CRAs and had the TL successfully removed. This CC is also listed on my DNB. I disputed it a few days after I disputed it on my CRAs. How long does DNB have to handle disputes? Is it 30 days like CRAs? Thx
  3. In your experience, what is the best trimerge business credit report (w/ or w/o scores) provider? Are there any "specials", such as what Microsoft used to have for Experian Business reports - so that a business would be able to pull its reports with scores cheaper than buying them through the bureau's themselves?
  4. Ok.. so i searched around and if there is a thread for this purpose i didnt see it so mods feel free to guide.. but i was thinking that when it comes to trying to figure out who is who on the DnB report.. you know.. since most of us do orders with several companies simultaneously and they also dont list them under company name. I figured that if we combine as many similarities as we can on accounts that we know are among those that we see with several titles then maybe we can arrive at least what categories are placed on certain vendors. This thread even has a place for those just starting to
  5. I have followed the instructions on the sticky message about Dun & Bradstreet reports. I found the report on the eupdate account, and it has two trade lines, but I can not find the paydex number, as suggested in the prior post I mentioned. I have also searched through here to find an updated post regarding DNB paydex since that post is old, but I can't find one that tells me exactly where it is. So does anyone know exactly where I look for the paydex number? Thanks in Advance.
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