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  1. Well, we got the word from our loan processor that we were approved through the automated system! She said the only thing it requested further was a letter of explanation of the derogatory items on his credit, so we are working on that now. The only other issue she brought up, was that we have two of his collection accounts that have a dispute notation. I was aware of that, and was hoping it wouldn't cause as issue... She advised that we go ahead and try to get those removed, just in case they do cause a problem. I had been researching on this site before-hand and have seen that people have had success with getting the credit bureaus to remove those notations... however my loan processor said that the credit bureaus have nothing to do with it, and we have to go to the creditors themselves, and get a letter saying that they are removing the notation... ? I am a little thrown by that, as we didn't ever dispute these accounts with the CA's, we disputed with the CRA's only. Anyone have this issue? If the CRA's DO agree to remove the notations, would the LO have to run our credit again, to reflect those updates?
  2. Has anyone used the TAKE ACTION button on Smart Credit? Is it any better than doing an online dispute on the TU website, which is WAY below the effectiveness of a written letter? Thanks!
  3. OK, I know FAKOs are not entirely accurate, and that the changes we sometimes see are not representative of chances to the FICO score, but still... My FAKO dropped 42 points last month when a collection from JDB was added to Experian. It is not anyone I ever heard of, not anyone I had an account with, so I disputed it with Experian. Yes, I know now the right way to handle this, but did not a month ago before I joined this forum. I have since sent a DV letter. Today, I received notification that the collection account was verified. Experian also noted that if I still disagree, I should contact the JDB. Of course, they did not call them THAT. What was odd was that my Experian FAKO dropped ANOTHER 34 points today. None of the information or dates changed, actually nothing in my file changed. So is this just some odd quirk of FAKOs? Is it because it was previously disputed and now it is not? It is all very disheartening, really. One account, not even mine and for less than $400, and down goes the score by 76 points? I basically go from good credit to bad credit in a month, over nothing? And now I can spend the next weeks or months fighting to regain the good credit I earned? And face it, there really is no recourse. No one is going to pay me for the time I spent sitting here unable to get a loan or credit card. No one is held accountable. And what if I finally get it removed after the recent DV? They sell it off to some other JDB and the process repeats? Truly sick of pulling weeds and having more spout up to take their place. Very tired and frustrated.
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to posting on the credit boards, so I hope this isn't a redundant post. I've looked around in the forums, and a lot of what I see on this particular topic is from several years back. So forgive me if I have overlooked something relevant. After opting out and now waiting for old addresses to be removed from my reports, I am approaching the next phase of writing my first dispute letters to the big 3 CRA's for removal of some collections accounts. I see that the "Jack Attack" still seems to work very well. But other than that, I was wondering what the best current method is to dispute outside of that. Is it the more general you are (i.e. Collection Account xyz is inaccurate and should be removed) or do I need to go into more detail? Like I said, I may be missing something huge on the forums about this and I have also looked in the section where sample letters are. While I see a lot of DV letters to collection agencies, I can't seem to find a current letter or method on starting directly with the CRA's. I'm looking for something current, as I don't want to try something that the CRA's are on to, and no longer works. I don't even necessarily need a sample letter, as I know it needs to be original from each person. Just some tips and/or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!! Kristen
  5. I have a question about former addresses and opting-out, more as it relates to my GF's credit than mine. She has no ongoing disputes, and nothing derogatory in the last few years, so nothing to challenge in her file. And no old charge-offs or debts someone would come after her for. Is there a reason having old addresses removed is a smart thing to do overall, or does it in only apply in the context of trying to clean up a file? Sort of same question about opting-out? With one major and one store card, plus access an AU on another, she needs to add trade-lines to get her score up, even if includes store cards from Comenity or something similar. Simply paying mortgage and student loans every month is not budging the scores. Is opting-out solely designed to keep people from going crazy and accepting every crappy deal that comes online or in the mail, or is there more to it? As always, thanks for the help!
  6. Five years ago, I fell into some credit trouble, but came out of it. I got 60 days late on several credit cards. All were paid off in full, then closed. Two of the credit bureaus show these accounts as having hit 90 days, while the other correctly shows 60. My question is, after nearly 5 years, I am sure I could dispute based on the accounts never having been 90 days late, and they would likely be removed altogether. As they are closed accounts, are they helping me at all just by being there? Is the status (90 days late) even hurting my score anymore as it was 5 years ago and the accounts are closed? In other words, is it better to leave them alone, to try to have them removed, or does it make no difference at all given how much time has passed? Dave
  7. Hi, been a while since I've posted here but got my credit fixed after a long 3 year fight. Big props to everyone who's helped me out over the years (I'm in the mid 700's now). Lately, I've been saving up for a while, trying to take the next step and look into buying my first house. My credit report and FICO scores look good, but the one thing that has me worried is that I have 8 Hard inquiries already this year. Most of them were from closing/consolidating my retail cards while opening/consolidating new credit cards with matching spending limits. Most of the inquiries are dual-entry or simply not something I authorized at the time. I sent out 8 generic but nice letters asking the creditors to remove the hard inquires. So far, only one (Chase Bank) has responded and has taken 1 down due to their own error. I'm already getting letters back, 3 so far, telling me that I have to take up my dispute with the credit reporting agency. After reading Equifax's criteria to dispute an inquiry, it only tells me that I'm allowed to dispute the inquiry if it was initiated fraudulently. I'm confident that no one is trying to steal my credit info, even have an Active Duty Alert on it to thwart off just about any con artist out there I just want these double hits and random pulls done away with. Anyone have experience successfully doing so?
  8. i am looking for suggestions on how to dispute a BofA CC. The CC was IIB but still shows the prior negative history, and a CO the same month BK was filed. This is my GF's account and I would appreciate it if anyone can share their experience and successful methods of dispute. Hopefully someone has some ideas that will also work in my situation? So far we have tried the not mine with EX, twice the second time they said previously investigated...What a memory EX has. Tommy
  9. Hi, I am helping my boyfriend clean up his credit while I do the same to mine. We are in Mass and the SOL is 6 years. I have been doing a lot of research and understand that the FCRA states that there is a 7 year reporting period that begins on the "date of the commencement of the delinquency which immediately preceded the collection activity." After taking all the prelim. action like disputing addresses, opting out, etc. I am ready to start attacking his TL, it seems I should do the obsolete ones first. I want to make sure that I do not accidently dispute something that is within the SOL. These are the TL that are supposedly going to drop off soon... DSNB/Macys: Status: Charge off Balance: $252 Date Closed: 7/22/07 Beginning of delinquency b4 CO: 2/2007 Estimated month and year to drop off: 11/2013 Capital One: Status: Charged Off Balance: 1,682 Date Closed: 11/04/07 Beginning of delinquency b4 CO: 5/2007 Est. month and year to drop off: 3/2014 (says Feb 2014 on TU) HSBC: Status: Charged off Balance: $0 (purchased by LVNV) Date Closed: 4/11/2007 Beginning of delinquency b4 CO: 2/2007 Est. month and year: 12/2013 LVNV Funding: Status: In collection Balance: $656 OC: HSBC Date Opened: 1/30/2009 Est. month and year: 12/2013 After doing some research I have seen that EQ and TU will remove early and EX wont....What should I dispute as obsolete or otherwise and with which CRA? Thanks!
  10. Hello, I'm in the process of closing on a house (closing date is april 29th). Genworth recently ran my credit (due to adding some reno costs to the mortgage amount) and noticed that my trans union report had a mortgage and line of credit on it (mortgage for 200,000 and line of credit 35,000). Neither of these are mine - i've never owned a home before, nor did I have a line of credit. Both products are from a major bank. The line of credit started report last month, and therefore, this is the reason why it didn't show up on prior credit checks. So far, it appears as if it is only showing on trans union and not the other credit reports. I've called trans union and began the process of disputing it. They said they would rush it as my current mortgage application is dependent upon clearing up this information. However, I was never told a date as to how long it may take. Also, I've found their representatives to be difficult. I went to the bank that owns the mortgage and line of credit. They confirmed that there was a mix up and that someone with my same name, owns this mortgage and line of credit and it somehow got associated with my name. I asked them for a letter stating that I have no accounts with their institution, they gave me the run around and said that their headquaters would have to deal with this situation. They will not provide any info about the property - so a title search is out of the question. My lender is questioning me regarding this other mortgage that isn't mine. I want to show them that it's not, however, i'm fearful that the process to correct this mistake will take far too long for my April 29th closing. Any suggestions or advice as to my rights/what I can do to expedite this process.
  11. Hello, I pulled my Experian report today... I know i know, experian is the lesser of the 3 right, well it was free with my membership and i just wanted an update. This is what i expected ( and to protect the innocent i am rounding off numbers here) Had a car loan Origional limit was 23,000 > recently i had it paid to 16000 > I made a large payment of 13000 So my current balance is about 3000 So this is the major beef im encountering: my credit report prior to this displayed my credit to debt ratio as 56% I had assumed that after a large payment it would drop my percentage quite a bit because it was the bulk of my debt. well when i pulled my new report is showed me my credit to debt as 54%. I do have other accounts a few credit cards and 1 installment loan but i feel the credit to debt ratio should be far lower... here is why... I added every account limit to show my full credit = about $40000 then i added all of my balances together (where a card was maxed i added the full limit) ... the total of this was 10000 as 10000/40000 is 25% shouldnt my credit to debt ratio be 25% not the 54% i see on te report. With this i believe my credit score would get better because i am less in debt correct? Please assist me if you can. All of this magical system algorithm of credit is killing me inside. I called experian and they had no idea what i was getting at
  12. Right when I could see the light at the end of the tunnel... I'm almost completely done with my cleaning up my credit, but Experian is a killing me. 2 weeks ago I sent "delete as obsolete" letters to TU and EX for the last of my baddies as it was within 2-3 mos. of DoFD . EQ was done successfully online. A week later the account had been deleted from my TU, and today 3/18/13 I received the official response letter from TU indicating the account had been deleted. I just did my daily monitoring pull to see if by some miracle it dropped from EX, but it hadn't which I expected, and I planned on calling anyway. Business Name PLATINUM PARTNERS & AS Inquiry Date 3/18/2013 Business Type Other Collection Agencies I have never received any letters or phone calls from this agency, nor have I even heard of this agency, let alone had any correspondance with them. How should I approach this? Should I dispute with EX asap online, over phone, or in letter? Should I send a letter requesting removal directly to the CA citing Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 1681b©? I've read the horror stories about disputing a unauthorized inquiry only to have it re-verify or lead to bigger headaches. Up until now my clean up and reestablish has been relatively headache free, so I definitely do not want to approach this wrong and set myself back a couple more months, or worse years, but I'm definitely itchin to bring the pain to whomever I must Thanks in advance for any input or advice.
  13. I have one dirty mark left on EFX and EXP, where it is scheduled to drop in June 2013 and May 2013, respectively. I just successfully disputed the same stain as obsolete on TUC and it dropped (originally scheduled to drop May 2013). When are my best chances for success with the other two? Also in February with EXP, and then March with EFX? Three months early seems to be safe, according to the conventional wisdom I have been able to dig up. I probably only have one chance on each, so I don't want to try this too early. Your experience with EXP and/or EFX?
  14. Hello, I ran my Equifax report yesterday (in preparation for a per-approval for my first home loan). To my dismay I have one negative mark due to a late payment 30 days past due from my CapOne/ Best Buy CC. 1) I called Best Buy but they said they can't correct it on their end. I should just dispute with the Credit agencies. 2) I use credit Karma regularly and I was shocked at how much lower my score was on Experian (credit Karma 726, Experian with Negative Mark 628)! What can I do to ensure CapOne corrects its mistake? Should I wait on getting my pre-approval until the dispute is resolved? Why is there such a huge difference in my scores? Thanks! I appreciate all the insight.
  15. I am unsure where to start with everything, as I am just now taking baby step 1 to clean up my credit report and raise my score. Please bear with me as I ask what are considered elementary level questions. I have several collections from medical bills that I would like to attempt to have removed - Where do I start in terms of letters, settlement options etc. These are all small collections of under $200. Do I start with a pay for delete option? Most of these are from 2010. I have an old Best buy card that was at one point 120 late but was paid in full and then closed by me. It still shows on my report and is from 2005. Should I request that this be removed in an effort to get the negative portion off? Should I dispute every negative item in my CR? This is somewhat overwhelming Would you recommend the use of credit repair software as a tool to make this process easier? Any other software? Thank you so much in advance!
  16. Okay, so I have been doing fairly well on my repair journey. I am still waiting on my Equifax report in the mail after sending them my updated identification, but I looked on Citi and figured I could start with that. I have 3 things that I have questions about. 1 - Collection (TU). This was post BK and was for a gym membership that stupid me decided to sign up for a year for, and only used for a couple of months. This was about $90 a month and I just stopped paying. I eventually did PIF (8/2010), but I was not aware of this PFD stuff until recently. It is through Affiliated Acceptance Corporation (http://www.profinserv.com/). How do I go about removing this from my report? Simply call and ask? 2 - Addresses. Equifax reports my former as my current, my current as my second former, and also a former from 2007. All show as reported 12/2012. Experian has my current correct and also my 2 formers, and TU the same. I would like for only the current to be reported. 3 - Employment. Equifax does not report any, and Experian and TU both show my current and one former each. Both formers are different. How important is it for a CRA to have a current employer? Is it advisable to remove formers? Thanks! Other than that I have to let a bunch of hards fall off over the next year or so, and other than Navy I don't foresee myself pursuing any other cards (maybe an auto loan refi..). This should clear up my report and make it all accurate and current. In the meantime, I will be increasing utilization by decreasing balances. I love this board!
  17. As it turns out, I still have a CC charge-off on my EX. The DOFD is now 6 years and 9 months ago. I had previously disputed it by mail as "no knowledge of this account" (technically correct, because the account number is unfamiliar to me). However, the TL remained. a. Should this go away automatically in 3 months? b. If I dispute it now (online this time), what would be a good "reason": "no knowlege" or "balance incorrect" (balance = $0)
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