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  1. I disputed a Credit One paid charge off a while back, and just noticed that it was updated as a "charge off" with a zero balance instead of "paid, was a charge off" like the two others I had with other credit cards. So on EX, it's showing as a KD this year, when it was charged off in '12. Anyone have an idea why that one would be reporting differently?
  2. What should I do next? Progress detail below....... OC has been reporting CO and a remaining balace of $22 every month since 2007. This acct was settled for less than payoff on 2/2009. I called them explaning that this is wrong and that they should not be continuously reporting this every month because this was a settled CO. This acct is so old, they could not find proof of settlement nor do I have a copy either. So, the rep saw where the acct had been sold to a CA and directed me to pay the $22 remaining or call the CA and take it up with them. I politley requested to escalate the call for further help and she did. (Background Info: In Sept 2012, I online disputed both TL's listed for this acct with EQ. OC(as not mine) the CA(as duplicate acct). They were both reporting each month on EQ. Only the OC TL was showing on TU, no disputes filed with them. Resulted in EQ deleting the CA TL only. Comenity (OC) stayed and continued to report.) Back to the present....... Call sent to a supervisor, explained this to her. She said that the CA did not file the Settlement Letter like they were supposed to. She typed one up and email it to me. She said that it would remove all the mthly postings back to 2/2009, and change the DOLA to to 2/2009 as well. The letter does not imply all of this thou...... How should I move forward with this? It is due to fall off 5/2014 according to TU.......
  3. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, I did a cursory search with the title and didn't see it, so if it has, my apologies. The gist of it; The e-OSCAR system now allows CRAs for the first time to forward to furnishers documentation provided to the CRAs by consumers as part of their dispute. Which means theoretically, the data furnishers now are required (who knows if they will actually do it) to review documentation provided from consumers to CRAs that has been forwarded to DF from consumers. So hopefully no more easy "click a button" auto respond as verified. So if a consumer sends some relevant info to CRA as to why a TL is disputed, they are obligated to forward that info to the DF and the DF is obligated to review. Previously this wasn't possible through e-Oscar. Outbound link removed. The bulletin from the CFPB is included as a hyperlink near the top.
  4. Hi there! I've been reading these forums for a bit now and finally decided to make a post - hopefully I can get some solid advice here. =] So my dad received a collection notice from ACSI (Automated Collection Services) regarding a debt from a private club he is a member of. (Short story: He retired and his balance went past due 31 days. Promised to pay as soon as his federal retirement kicked in within 2 weeks, but crazy club administrator who has a personal vendetta against him sent it to collections anyway). The amount they say he owed was relatively close to what was expected, but we wanted to be extra sure that everything was precise -- there's another member at said club with the same name and they accidentally charge HIS purchases to my dad's account from time to time. All of that being said, I sent a short, sweet DV letter to ACSI asking for an itemized list of the charges. They have a solid rep from what I've read so I figured they'd comply, and sure enough they did. Not only did they send an itemized list of charges from the club, but also the original signed application to join. Here's where the fun (read: questions) starts: 1. The itemized statement says $385 in monthly membership dues, but the application they sent with his signature specifically says $235. Disputable based on documentation THEY provided? 2. About a week and a half after the dunning notice was received, the OC (club) sent another invoice requesting payment. I could be wrong, but if the account it placed with a collection agency, isn't the OC supposed to stop dealing with the customer and refer them to the CA for questions and payment? It confused him because he now has 2 companies requesting payment for the same debt and doesn't know who to pay. 3. The debt needs to be (and is going to be) paid, mainly just waiting to see WHO actually gets the check. If the original creditor is paid, and we send a letter to the CA letting them know the OC kept sending statements after they had the account placed with them so we paid the club instead, the CA has to go away anyway, yes? And in that particular case, since we paid the OC by their request, can the CA still report it to the credit bureaus? Thanks in advance for any advice! =]
  5. Thanks to this forum, and after numerous disputes, I have been successful in cleaning my credit reports, but now Equifax and only Equifax has removed all of my AU, not only have they removed all Authorized User accounts, but they are blocking new ones. I spoke to Equifax disputes department and they told me I would have to tell the Creditors to report new account numbers because the old ones are blocked permanently. All of the AU accounts belong to my wife, so I had called the creditors and had new account numbers issued; the new AU accounts show up on Experian and Transunion but not Equifax, thats how I know they are blocking the new info. Are the bureaus required by law to report AU accounts if they are your spouse? How do I get them to stop blocking my Authorized user accounts? Thanks in Advance.
  6. Had some negative accounts that were not mine showing up on transunion report. Disputed them online and had success with 2 of them. The other 2 I was able to have removed instantly by calling transunion directly. Spoke with an awesome rep. He actually deleted the accounts while I was on the phone with him. I suggest speaking with and addressing disputes with this person. I do not know if I allowed to post his name in the forum????
  7. The lone collection I am fighting is with Cavalry, for an old GECRB/Old Navy account. I sent a goodwill letter to GECRB in June, explaining the terrible financial hardship I experienced in 2009, and begging that they simply delete the trade-line. Of course, as they charged-off the $200 or so dollars, I did not expect them to be too generous with their goodwill, but at the cost of a stamp, worth a shot. Especially since I had paid a GECRB/HHGregg from the same time in full. So while they were not made whole, they got most of the money they were owed, maybe 90%. Today, I received a letter that they were unable to locate my account based on the information I provided (name, address, partial acct# from credit report). They are asking for: Name on account, phone, current and previous addresses, DOB, last 4 of SS#, details on what I would like amended. I would love to provide this and maybe get some goodwill. But at the same time, Cavalry has failed to verify, and I do not know if the OC and the CA share info. Do you think this is a legitimate attempt to locate my account information to be able to at least consider some goodwill, meaning I am just being very paranoid, or would providing all this information be providing written documentation of what I owe and what Cavalry has been unable to verify?
  8. This may be a simple question but I am kinda confused. I have 9 negatives on my account and there are a lot of posts stating how dispute got rid of there negatives. How do I even start disputing. What do I do? Does it work even if you really were late?
  9. I have several different accounts, including a foreclosed mortgage loan and couple charge-offs set to fall off in December of this year. I am anxious to dispute them now as they are having a tremendous weight on the score. I have deleted all addresses off EQ and Trans and of couse not Experian for OBVIOUS reasons. Nonetheless, would it be better for me to dispute saying NOT FAMILIAR WITH THESE ACCOUNTS or should i dispute as obsolete since many say they get much luck in the months (sometimes year) leading up to date of deletion. ps... SOme of these accounts have a notation that they were dismissed in a Chapter 13 plan that i never completed. Does this offer any leverage especially on the one report where i got the bankruptcy notation deleted?
  10. I've currently one Derogatory remark on my Credit Bureau for unpaid Medical Collection for $1200.00 from one year back which is causing my credit score to drop and negative remarks while apply for new credit. Actually i had set up make monthly payments with Collection agency for $50 a month and made 2 months of payments but still the CA went a head and remarked on my credit bureau. When i asked why it was reported even though i made payments they mentioned that it'll be removed once it completely paid off. I did not trust them they will remove it and stopped making payments. Now what are my options? Shall i trust CA and make payment for removing it or look at other option. I've read through some of the whychat'threads here and looks like i can dispute them but not sure of some details. I'm reading this http://www.whychat.5u.com/GUIDEBOOK.html but looks like lot of info there. 1st step is to Opt Out. Does it mean Send letters to the 3 credit bureaus (Experian, EQuifax & Transunion) asking them not to disclose my info? Am i missing anything here? Shall i Wait for 30 days after Opt Out? Get your credit reports directly from each Credit Reporting Agency, you need reports with an individual ID#. What is an Individual ID? I can get these reports without waiting 30 days from the above step...right Get your MIB report. What is this report? Do i need to get this? I did not move since the date of delinquency. So i don't need to delete Old address...right I'm not sure what i need to do after? Please advise and thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, I had an account that with Capital One that was charged off in May 2012. I ended up settling with them for less than the full balance in November 2012, and my credit reports updated to reflect that. Fast forward to March 2013, when all of a sudden the account was reporting again as a Charge-Off with a balance of $1,397. I disputed with the Credit Agencies and all 3 came back as "updated" with information from the credit furnisher verifying it was accurate! Even though I sent in the reciepts showing the payments to Capital One. About a month ago, I filed a complaint with the CFPB, and now all 3 CA's show the status as "Settled for less than full balance," as they should. And all report a $0 balance. The problem is that when I pull my reports all 3 show like this: 90 days+ Late: 11 times (Mar 2013, Feb 2013, Jan 2013, Dec 2012, Nov 2012, Oct 2012, Sep 2012, Aug 2012, Jul 2012, Jun 2012, May 2012) And according to myFico it says: Your most recent late payment happened 4 Months ago I am sick of Capital One constantly screwing over my credit!!!! This is like the only baddie I have left on my reports and its becoming ridiculous I have to suffer even more than I already have with them. What recourse do I have now? I have already submitted more disputes, but I feel that nothing may come of it.
  12. Hello all... I have sent a dispute letter to Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. This letter went un-awnsered for 50 days. I followed up with a second dispute letter sent CMRR. I have received a response from all three, two of which state that the information will be removed. I do not trust that it will be, as I have been fighting with them for years over the same problems (my father and I have the same name, and our reports get mixed up). I have read that after changes have been made due to a dispute, that I can request a free paper copy of the updated reports. Is this true? And if so, does anyone have a sample letter of what I can send, requesting the updated reports? Thank you in advance!
  13. Background: All debts are out of SOL. All should fall off within the next year. I have around 15-20 negative trade lines, most are From major credit issuers (OC) plus corresponding JDBS ( the nasty ones). I've never disputed anything. My understanding is that I should start with a basic letter to the CRAs asking for verification? The JDBs list accounts that I'm really not familiar with but I guess that since they are so old, the company names have changed? I don't want to say "not mine" because I have no idea and I don't want a fraud alert. Can I say I don't recognize them which is true? Or is that problematic? I saw Whychats basic dispute and Breeze's sample CRA letters. I guess I'm a bit confused. I think I've read too much at this point and it gets a bit overwhelming. I think I need to send basic letters to the CRAs, Certified mail, stating: I'm not familiar with this creditor, can you please investigate and verify that it is really my account? Then, if it comes back verified (all JDBs update every month) then send letters to the JDBs? Then a follow-up to the CRAs? Am I correct that Whychat's SOL letters are different than the 1 - 2 punch? I don't think I can use the 1-2 punch because I haven't received any recent dunning letters with the 30 day notice. Is that right? I'm hoping to pick off a few baddies and then, hopefully by that time, the 7 year period will be up. Please help me out here. I'm feeling so frustrated at this point. I'm not sure what to do.
  14. Hey everyone, I am down to just one baddie on EX and two on EQ, and both are set to fall off later this year. I want to write an obsolete dispute (I've tried it once already-- didn't work with EX and EQ although TU had it off within 24 hours--gotta love them!) but I'd like to quote the section of the FCRA (I think it's the FCRA, anyway?) that delineates the reporting period. I've scanned through but there is so much and I must keep missing it. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  15. Anyone have advice on the best way to dispute the following: Person #1 had a Chase Flex Spending card as part of their health insurance at work. Person #2 was a dependent, and was added as AU on this account. Due to the way funds are added throughout the year, it is possible to spend more in a given month than is on the card. Person #1 gets fired, and Chase charges off the small negative balance. Person #2 now has this charge-off on their credit report. How does Person # 2, the AU, get this account OFF their credit report? Is it best to dispute via snail mail, so it is easier to explain, or will a simple online dispute where you say it is 'not your account but belongs to a family member' get it done? Or, is the best solution to dispute over the phone (I hear heads exploding now...) to get the speed and ease of an online dispute without missing out on the chance to explain that Person #2 was only an AU and has no obligation to pay and wants this entire trade-line removed from file? In other words, is a detailed explanation necessary, and worth the longer wait, or will it likely just fall off if disputed?
  16. I turned a friend onto CB to start the rebuild process, scores around 500, and as is advised, he wants to opt out and remove old addresses. The issue is: His credit went bad in 2008/2009. Since then, he has moved several times, but sort of stayed off the grid living with family, friends, girlfriend. Drivers license which expires later this year still has 2009 address, but otherwise he has not had so much as a utility bill in his name in 4-5 years. The address listed as current with the CRAs was his home 4-5 years ago, which has long-since been foreclosed. The other addresses are far more than a decade old. He likely cannot remove all the old addresses without providing a new current address, right? Will the CRAs just take his word for it, as he has nothing with his current address on it? Or, does he need some sort of ID, utility bill, tradeline, etc. which he can provide to the CRAs as current in order to get old ones removed? Also, as the SOL in PA is 4 years, any of these old credit cards would be outside SOL for suit. But will putting a new address on file, and working to repair credit, suddenly bring every collector and JDB out of the woodwork?
  17. Hey! I have a couple of questions. My journey to credit repair is almost done and I've started repairing DH's. He has several accounts for Capital One, all have been charged off. I'm DV'ing them. Should I send one letter listing ALL the accounts, or one letter for each account? I want to send out the letters today so if anyone can offer some guidance quick, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  18. Im in texas and i cant figure a way to get this removed, can i get opinions...... Date Opened: 04/2005 Date of Status: 11/2007 Reported Since: 04/2005 Last Reported Date: 11/2007 Type: Charge Card Terms: N/A Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: N/A High Balance: $2,417 Recent Balance: N/A Recent Payment: N/A Account History: 180 days past due as of Jul 2007 to Sep 2007 150 days past due as of Jun 2007 120 days past due as of May 2007 90 days past due as of Oct 2007, Apr 2007 60 days past due as of Mar 2007, Dec 2006 30 days past due as of Feb 2007, Nov 2006 Creditor's Statement: Purchased by another lender.
  19. Is there any difference between an OPEN COLLECTION and a CLOSED COLLECTION? As noted in other posts, have been fighting Cavalry over a collection. On Equifax, the status changed from open to closed, but all the other same information remains. No apparent change in FICO, so wondering if changing it to closed helps them from a dispute standpoint, or why they would have changed it. Any ideas?
  20. Back in mid-January, my DW did a NFCU balance transfer at 0% to pay down her three student PLUS loans at MOHELA. In the payments, the account number and sequence number for the three loans were given. MOHELA returned two of the payments because they want just the account number, not account number plus loan sequence number. The third payment was not returned and not credited to the account either. We notified NFCU of our dispute through their online message system in mid-February. NFCU says the payment went through and that they contacted MOHELA to investigate. MOHELA states it can take 60 business days to answer such an inquiry. However, calling MOHELA myself, they state that there is no money to return because they never received any and they would have attached it to our account since the account number is at the beginning. Do rules regarding credit card purchases apply to balance transfers? How can I dispute this charge to protect ourselves here? NFCU refused to provide a provisional credit and said MOHELA must return the money before they will do anything. How can I track where the money has gone? I just asked NFCU to provide copies of any cancelled checks, hopefully it was not electronic.
  21. Some of you may have read my prior posts about US Bank. Was informed today they will NOT change the reporting to CRAs as they feel it is correct. It is not. As there has been some success with CLIs when contacting execs directly, or exec customer service, is it worth making one final attempt that way (CEO, Chief Risk Officer, Director of Accounts, etc) or has enough effort been made to resolve this and the best option remaining is to contact an attorney and sue them? Thanks!
  22. So as discussed in a previous post, a mysterious collection account with Cavalry Portfolio Services popped up on credit report a few weeks ago. I sent a DV, CMRRR this week. I was online checking the status on the USPS website, and it says this: Your item was returned to the sender at 8:25 am on June 19, 2013 in HAWTHORNE, NY 10532 because the forwarding order for this address is no longer valid. So now what do I do? This is the address which shows on the credit reports from Equifax and Experian. The collection is not on Trans Union. How do I contact them to try to get this resolved or removed? I am certainly NOT contacting them by phone. Do they not have to have some sort of legal mailing address on file with the credit bureaus where I can contact them?
  23. I have two items which I disputed online via Experian and Equifax. Yes, I know now doing it that way was far from the best choice. It has been 30 days and no resolution from Experian. Both show as 'pending' with a resolution date of today, June 20th. Am I correct in assuming that if no verification happens today, these should be gone when I run my Experian report tomorrow? If not, what do I do? Do I call Experian? On a related note, does anyone know why there would be differences in the verification process? As noted, I disputed both items with Equifax and Experian the same day. On Equifax, the Old Navy card I closed in 2009 with two 60-day lates showing was verified within 5 days, with no changes made other than the most recent reporting date updated. The Collection to Calvary was responded to and sort of verified (as I noted in another thread) within 10 days, albeit only with a note to contact creditor, not a real verification or update. Yet after 30 days, neither has responded to Experian? Is this normal?
  24. I had a foreclosure take place in 2009, with the date of first deliquency in 12/2008 (EQ). My TU shows that the account closed in 02/2010 and it will fall off 03/2016. EXP shows it hasn't been updated since 2009 and that foreclosure proceedings have started with a drop off date of 01/2014. When I look closer at my EXP report, this is still shown as an open account. My question is, should I try to dispute the mortgage account, since it is NOT an open account, or will this hurt me worse? Also, I don't understand how it is scheduled to fall off on different years between each of the 3 CRAs. I would like to purchase a home in the next few years, but I thought I should wait until all the baddies are off my report, which should be by mid-2016. (Maybe less if this account is changed). Any help would be appreciated!
  25. Is it a hard and fast rule that CA's must be disputed with CRA's all the first time? I read in Psych Doc's transcripts that that was so, but I don't want to appear frivolous by listing most of them in the initial letter. Is there a recommended waiting period in between letters if it can be done on two different occasions? Sorry, while doing a lot of reading before posting, new and still a little lost. I have opted out and deleted addresses. Now to the rough stuff... Thanks
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