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  1. Hello all, haven't posted here in a good, long while. I'm back to seek some advice. I'm helping my wife repair her credit. There's an account on her Exp report that she needs to deal with - a small medical bill of $298 from 2009 that went into collection in 2010. We were going to use Why Chat's HIPAA letter program to try to deal with this, but there's a notation on her report that the account is in dispute. Just wondering if this "Acct in dispute" notation should be dealt with first (try to get it removed), or does she just proceed with the HIPAA letter process? Thanks!
  2. PRA Reinserted a TL on TU that was deleted and I have a letter from them stating they were deleting and have submitted a Universal Data form online! What should I do? I am trying to B* so I am unsure if I should call TU, dispute online, or wait until I have inquires off so that I won't interfere with anything?
  3. I found that my auto loan trade lines for me and my DW were showing a high balance below the current balance and I believe this was negatively impacting our FICO scores due to high utilization on an installment loan. As a rule of thumb, you want your installment loans to be below 90% utilization for better FICO scores where utilization is the current balance divided by the original loan amount. With PenFed, we added on extended warrantee protection and the loans were reporting a high balance of the original car's principal balance, but the current balance was higher than this due to the addition to the loan principal of the cost of the extended warrantee. This was giving us a term loan utilization higher than 100% which is detrimental to your FICO score. Therefore, I contacted PenFed by phone to correct the issue by phone and got no where, so I sent a dispute in writing documenting that the loan document I signed showed an amount borrowed that did not match what they were reporting as the high balance. They responded in writing that they were reporting correctly. I called up and said I wanted to escalate and was told they would have to refer the matter to their legal department for further review. Now a few months later they have changed their position and agreed there is an error writing to me: I also spoke with them by phone and they indicated that the issue affect all auto loans at PenFed, so I'm writing here to alert every one in case they added any products like GAP protection or extended warrantee that increased their loan amount beyond the car purchase price so that they can make sure the correction applies to them as well.
  4. I have a public record on my Transunion report which I'd like to have removed. I have tried disputing it in the past as being erroneous, but it always has come back as "verified" or "updated". The Transunion report lists the following information: TUC - ARIZONA - Docket #: [redacted] 415 TIJERAS ST NW ALBUGUERGUE, NM 87102 (505) 841-7437 Date Filed: 08/23/2011 Date Updated: 07/24/2013 Type: CIVIL JUDGMENT IN BANKRUPTCY Responsibility: Individual Debt Plaintiff: CAPITAL ONE BANK Amount: $7,103 Court Type: Circuit Court Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 07/2018 Although I do have a legitimate judgment against me (default judgment that was discharged in a later Chapter 7), the information being reported is full of errors. Here is the information as listed on a certified copy of the Default Judgment: Court: State of New Mexico, County of Bernalillo, Second Judicial District Court Court Address: 400 Lomas Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87103 Date Filed: 08/24/2011 Plaintiff: CAPITAL ONE AUTO FINANCE, INC. Amount: $8,226.04 So, Transunion is reporting the wrong name of the court, as this took place in New Mexico not Arizona, the address for the court is wrong, the spelling of the city name is wrong, the date filed is wrong, the plaintiff is wrong (it was Capital One Auto Finance, Inc. not Capital One Bank), and the amount is wrong. I often hear that the next line of defense when disputing credit report baddies is to dispute the accuracy of the information. So for this case, and for other cases in which I find information being reported which is inaccurate when compared to my official records and documents, how do I make an attempt to get the information deleted as being inaccurate? Thanks for the explanation and assistance.
  5. Had to share: Sent dv's on a medical collection (pre-HIPAA) to all 3 CRA's a couple weeks ago - TU just responded with "Deleted". Didn't even take all 30 days! I know I still need to see if I get the same response from the other 2, but it's an encouraging start at least. I DID notice something a bit odd, though - creditkarma indicated a "new collection" ADDED (to TU), the date was the day after the date on the letter from TU. But I rechecked my report and it's definitely gone. Not sure what to make of that - but I figure the actual report is the best indicator anyways.
  6. Yup, it’s true. About two weeks ago I disputed a paid civil judgment online with EX and TU (it wasn't reporting on EQ). The judgment was due to be removed late next year. TU came back a few days ago with a deletion, but I wasn’t holding out much hope for EX. I get an email from them last night and they, too, have deleted!! This is wonderful. The only other negative on my three CRs now is a paid federal tax lien from 2012. It’s really affecting my scores and I’ve asked the IRS to withdraw but it doesn’t look likely. Anyway, I’m happy about this victory. I want to add that before I came to CB in November, I really didn't realize it was possible to fight the bureaus and CAs. I find that I quite enjoy it and I've gotten rid of medical collections and that judgement and now am hoping the IRS will be responsive regarding the lien. I have an unsecured credit card for the first time in about 10 years -- and it's got nice limit -- and a 2.49 percent auto loan, when my other car loan was at 17 percent! (Thanks DCU. I love you.) It's all happened so fast. You guys should know how much your advice helps others. I don't go a day without reading this board. Thank you so very much.
  7. So 32 days ago I disputed online via "smartcredit.com" a student loan that may or may not be a duplicate on my CR.... I have not heard anything back from anyone regarding this dispute. Of course I plan on waiting a few more days for any update via snail mail. I have not seen anything on my credit reports and I pull daily. I will be asking for total deletion of this account since it was not done in a timly manner. BUT what proof do I have that I disputed? I can't get anything to print on SC.com that shows proof of dispute. Since this dispute I've done everything else by mail. Next step?
  8. I have a bill that was posted on my credit 7/13, I would love to get this removed. Do I a) pay the bill and afterwords dispute it to try to get it removed. try to do something like correct all of my address and say this bill isn't mine. c) try too settle it and only pay 650.00. I am about to move and will be trying to rent a new place to live in CA, I live in OK now. My scores are EXP: 630 EQ: 640 TRA:675. This just recently hit without this I would be pretty close to 700's. Any advice?
  9. I was reading my EX cr and I see the following information under the 'Contact Us' section: "Be advised that written information or documents you provide with respect to your disputes may be shared with any and all creditors with which you are disputing." Sooooooooooo does this mean that if you submit documentation in an address dispute indicating your current address, you are possibly giving a creditor help when it comes to validation time? (e.g. could they possibly be given new address info while you're disputing with them, thus increasing the chances of debt validation if they had an old address?) I'm really like,
  10. I have a few entries on EWS that I want to remove. I am very new to this. Does anyone see any possible entries with causes I could use for delation? Thank you all for your help. I have been without a checking account way too long and am paying way too much in unnecessary fees because of it. http://www.scribd.com/doc/192194019/ConsumerReport-130626-0938
  11. I screwed up big time. This dispute was my first time ever to dispute. I didn't even know I could do one until told by Paypal rep. Story: I bought an expensive electronic item online a while back using Paypal as payment. It was shipped to me a lot later than promised initially. There were multiple payments involved as well. I got the item 2 months ago and the item failed soon after arrival. I called the merchant to ask for a refund but they wouldn't let me. I also sent the merchant an email asking for one but they still won't let me returned the item. I didn't contact the merchant at all afterward. I called in to Paypal to see what they can do but they wouldn't help me because I was out of the time period. Instead they told me to go through my CC provider, which is Chase. I called Chase to dispute the charges created from that item. I recieved their letter to submit information. I felt overwhelmed with the whole situation and so I pushed it from my mind and forgot all about the letter (I'm working on alleviating this serious personal flaw). I went on vacation Dec 14, 2013 and got back Dec 31, 2013. I picked up all my mail then and I am pretty sure I see any mail from Chase. I got my mail Saturday, 01/04/14, and put it on my table where I usually put mail. I then looked at the mail on the table and I saw a letter from Chase and immediately opened it. It told me I lost my dispute. After a period of berating myself about this whole situation (I'm still pissed at myself; I'm such an salamander), I did some research to see what my options are at this point. It seems I have 10 days from the day I receive the letter to appeal. The envelope has a red Pitney Bowes ink stamp dated December 24, 2013. Letter was dated December 23, 2013. I'm pretty certain the letter is from the mail I brought in on Saturday. I want to appeal the decision, however the letter didn't say anything about that process. I assume that I can still appeal? Assuming I can appeal, based on the envelope date, I am afraid that I somehow missed the 10 day window for the appeal. However, I recall that the previous letter from Chase also had a huge lag time between letter date and when it got to me. Do I have 10 days from Saturday? I plan to send in my appeal by certified mail ASAP after compiling the information. What should I do to maximize my chance of success in this appeal process? Should I send pictures to help in the appeal? Should I also find someone to write a letter to certify that the product is broken? Thank you for your help.
  12. Morning CB... I have a small issue for an account that is inaccurately reporting to Experian. They are reporting the incorrect birthdate. They have correct month and day, but the year is, get this---5 years off!!! This is my first and only collection account EVER, and I am worried that they may try to verify this debt if I dispute it. I'm in the process of purchasing a home, so I don't have this kind of time to go back and fourth with them. If anyone has had experience with this then please fill me in on this process!!! it would be ENORMOUSLY appreciated.
  13. I'm trying to get a little clarity on this 15 extra days for investigation CRA's can get that I keep reading about. Specifically, what I'm reading is that if you order your report online, then if you dispute something, they have an extra 15 days - making it 45 instead of 30 for them to respond. I'm unclear on a few things, though - so I'm hoping someone can help me understand better. First, a bit of background (in case I'm overlooking something) I'm 4 months out from being able to get my free report again, otherwise I would just use the form at http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/pdf-0093-annual-report-request-form.pdf to request them. I want legit reports, not third-party, and I expect I may be disputing at least one item on them. I've read that myfico is NOT the best bet since it's a third-party report and may not be as accurate. So that said, I'm looking at the websites for the CRAs' and they all have online ordering. But I'm unsure if I should do this or if I should get a copy mailed instead. My main question is: Does this 15-day extra time only apply with annualcreditreport.com or does it apply to ANY online order? Or is it only if you dispute online? A second question is: where is this extra time allowed? Granted, I'm not great at reading legalese but I can't seem to find it in the text of the FCRA. Specifically, all I can find about an extension is this: (15 USC § 1681i (a)(1)() - so what authorizes that extra time?
  14. Probably a fine time to be asking after I have already submitted the dispute, but for those that were granted obsolete disputes, what selection did you make on the dispute. I have a couple of things where the DOFD was 10/2006 and the first time i disputed as obsolete, I selected "Please Verify DOFD, blah blah blah" option. In the notes part i typed "Please Delete As This Account Is Obsolete" ... it came back verified. I basically just attempted again, this time i selected "I AM NO LONGER LIABLE FOR THIS ACCOUNT" and typed the same thing in the comments section. Your feedback?
  15. Hello CB!! This is my very first post here on CB and looking for help! I started my journey by going through Sky Blue Credit Repair and to be completely honest They were great, but now after looking through this forums for many months I feel it is now my turn to finish the Job. 05/2013- exp- 560 5 derogs eq- 535 5 derogs tu-590 5 derogs 12/ 2013- exp- 675 2 derogs eq-643 3 derogs tu-708 1 derog The main derogs were collections which I paid and had deleted, but the one aspect of my credit report I cannot seem to get handled is my CO from wells fargo when I was 18 and didnt realize that their supposed "over draft protection" was BS. That $ 300 credit line turned into me paying 857 3 years later So now its time to really boost my credit and heres my plan: 1. Get my previous address deleted 2. Jack attack the infractions, one that I will attack is the fact that the CRA did not follow the 30-60-90-120-150 progression with wells fargo In the mean time credit app spree Goal is 3 new cards! Currently I have: Premiere- 300 CL 2 years perfect payments Credit One- 500 CL 5 months perfect payment HFCU 20,000 @4.5% 2 years perfect payment Current UTIL 4% Please I need additional advice, comments and concerns. The only drawback is I do leave for the NAVY 2/5/2014 Goals! Exp 725 Eq 700 Tu 750
  16. I really need some direction here on this case. I have a CO from Capital One, in July of this year I wrote them a GW letter and they took it as a dispute (the TL was reporting accurately AFAIK). After the dispute out of nowhere the entire TL changes. Late payments moved from month to month, the CO date changed, an insane high balance and payment was reported, all false. I can prove on the new TL all payments stated late were made on time. However when I contacted Capital One with both credit reportes they claim thier reporting to EX is correct and the errors in with EX's side and if I had issues with the reporting to contact EX. What should I do, I can point out 10 discrepicies! Photo 1: Original CR from July Photo 2: New Credit report from October
  17. I fired off a certified letter to EX on 11/05/13 and it was received on 11/08/13. I supplied proof of the original documentation to prove my case and I have backed up copies of past reports (but I didn't feel the need to send them at this point). EQ and TU have deleted this TL earlier this year but EX wouldn't budge. I had been monitoring the activity through the backdoor and noted that this weekend it was marked "under investigation". Well, I checked today and my last baddie that they have reaged for years is suddenly gone. A total of 10 days since receipt of my dispute and it's gone...is it too soon to celebrate? Sorry if this is out of order...I'm just excited to see something happen to this final baddie on my reports.
  18. Greetings All, I recently and for the first time had to dispute a credit card transaction through Navy Federal. Initially, it was for non-delivery, but then after a continued long time the seller made a poor attempt at delivery and instead the dispute became product not as described. The seller is fighting the dispute and Navy Federal recently had me send them additional documentation to support my position. I then received a response from them which seemed a bit odd in it's wording. ----------------- As part of our effort to assist you with your dispute, we are attempting to recover the funds through Pre-Arbitration on your behalf. However, since we are unable to guarantee a favorable outcome, please keep in mind the credit or a portion thereof could potentially be reversed. A decision should be made in approximately 60 days, at which time you will be notified of the outcome by mail. In addition to our efforts to help you recoup the funds, you may wish to seek legal assistance and/or resolution of this matter through the Better Business Bureau. Please be assured we pursue all disputed transactions within the guidelines and regulations under which we operate. The goals and priorities that are unique to Navy Federal as a credit union must be balanced with Visa's regulations by which we are governed. If you have any questions, call us at 1-888-842-6328, extension *XXXXX, or XXX-XXX-XXXX. ----------------- I was always under the impression that the merchant bank more or less had the final word when it came to dispute resolution. I have never heard of the bank using Pre-Arbitration in an attempt to recover the consumers money, nor recommending they contact the BBB or legal assistance as part of the credit card dispute process. Does this all seem off to anyone else? Any thoughts on the topic, or even a better explanation of what I am reading would be greatly appreciated.
  19. This past July my boat was towed without my prior approval, then locked by the tow company. To retrieve it I had to provide my ccard info. I subsequently disputed the charge ($675) with a letter sent Aug. 23'rd, certified ret'n receipt. Subsequently: 1. Received a call from Chase which turned into a conference call with the vendor, was told I'd hear back from Chase, never did. 2. Received another call from Chase, who had no record of my paperwork, gave her ret'n receipt number. She said she'd get back to me, never did. 3. Got letter recently from Chase saying "as you mentioned, you are disputing the charge because you were charged the wrong amount". WTF????? It's appearing nobody is reading anything, and these clowns just pull reponses out of their hats (or elsewhere). Is there a way to resolve this without going to court? Thanks in advance Tanksalot
  20. Hello, Just got an Email from Equifax after my Dispute Letter. They have sent me two links for my investigation results. One to Opt In and one to Opt out. Should I use the Opt out Link or should I just ignore the email? Thanks.
  21. With the fraudulent charges from Capital One days, in June. I log into my account and I see no changes. Called them two weeks ago, they said "just wait" (basically.) Capital One sent me new card, Citi re-issued me a new account number (again).... What is happening there???????? Are they maybe just waiting the full one month, or three months like it was in 2008 with Rushcard and then on Day 91 all the charges get reversed and I receive the credits, and I am "back on track" on my credit repair??? Should I call them again?? Again.. WHAT are they doing??
  22. I'm posting this because I'm tired of people syphoning my information and thinking it's okay to collect my personal private information just because they want to go into the business of selling records. The government really needs to limit who can open up a business and start collecting this type of data. There should be FBI clearances to even start a business such as this. Seems like everybody and their mama has access to this kind of stuff and it's rather disturbing the kind of data floating around about a person in places we've never even heard. I've been reading the boards and want to venture in cleaning up LexisNexis. It appears these hounds think they are above the law because they "are not a credit reporting agency" and can do whatever they want with your personal information. I have a few notes listed because I can't figure out what request forms give you what. Please help me make this list accurate and pointers on how a person can clear their name with this company. LexisNexis SUMMARY current as of November 3, 2013 LexisNexis Risk Solutions aka ACCURINT - This is your private information contained within credit reports, insurance reports, ssn, adresses etc http://www.lexisnexis.com/risk/factact/ https://personalreports.lexisnexis.com/ 1 Free Report of each every 12 months governed by FACT Act Insurance aka C.L.U.E. report for auto & property records, insurance claims https://personalreports.lexisnexis.com/fact_act_claims_bundle/landing.jsp Employment History and Resident History - see First Advantage http://www.fadv.com/Screening-And-Assessment/Compliance-Resources/Free-Report-for-Consumers/ NOTE: I do not know if the First Advantage report contains criminal history or not Disputing Reports - For Risk Solutions https://personalreports.lexisnexis.com/dispute.jsp Requesting Risk Solutions Report - DETAILS http://www.lexisnexis.com/privacy/for-consumers/request-personal-information.aspx PDF ACCURINT REQUEST FORM: http://www.lexisnexis.com/privacy/for-consumers/CD307_Accurint_Person_Report_Info_Form.pdf NOTE: Through this link, the request for Risk Solutions report says ACCURINT and may contain everything as oppose to the above reports which seem to cater to a specific portion of Risk Solutions. Please verify this. THE ACCURINT REPORT SEEMS TO DIFFER FROM THE FULL FILE DISCLOSURE NOT SURE WHAT THE DIFFERENCE IS IF AT ALL. PLEASE VERIFY PDF FULL DISCLOSURE FORM: https://personalreports.lexisnexis.com/access_your_personal_information.jsp LexisNexis Direct Marketing Services Opt-Out http://www.lexisnexis.com/privacy/directmarketingopt-out.aspx Removing Information About Yourself (PEOPLE LOCATOR SERVICES) http://www.lexis-nexis.com/clients/iip/removinginfo.htm "LexisNexis offers individuals the opportunity to exclude information about them from the people locator information products and services made available through the LexisNexis services. A different process is required to opt out of P-FIND than to opt out of the other LexisNexis people locator information products and services." "Each month, LexisNexis reloads updated P-TRAK and P-SRCH records. The name removal process is repeated for those individuals who have requested removal. However, even after a record is removed, a person's name could reappear after a file update if the individual has applied for credit using a name, address or other information which differs from the information provided in the opt-out request. To insure continued removal, an individual should submit a new removal request any time they change their address or apply for credit using a different name (or spelling)." LexisNexis KnowX - This is your information available to the general public Opt-Out policies for Accurint and KnowX http://www.lexisnexis.com/privacy/for-consumers/opt-out-of-lexisnexis.aspx Online Request Form https://www.lexisnexis.com/opt-out-public-facing-products/Default.aspx Does the Full Disclosure request form contains everything in LexisNexis? Is there a separate request form for KnowX. Could not find any info on obtaining this.
  23. Hello CB... Just had the weirdest thing happen. I'm a victim of Identity theft and am just about near the finish line of clearing up this big mess made by the thief. I had 5 accounts that were deleted from EQ, then immediately re-inserted on to my TU (where they were never reporting to begin with.) Has anyone experienced this before? What are the next steps to take? I'm starting to think that the CRA's are having a little fun playing ping-pong with my disputed accounts!!
  24. Hello all, My first post. Recently found myself in what could be a pretty big pickle, still not sure yet which end is up! My parents filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy back in 2007. I found out at the time because I started getting notices from my own credit card issuers stating that they were reducing my credit limits due to the number of delinquent accounts appearing on my credit reports. While I was carrying some debt and not doing a good job of lowering my balances I always paid on time and without fail. Before then I had never even bothered to check my credit report. When I checked there were 2 suspicious accounts, one Chase credit card and one Bank of America credit card, both listed as "included in bankruptcy." I had never opened an account with either nor had I ever even considered filing for bankruptcy. I mentioned this to my parents at the time who confided that they had recently filed. I assumed that they had my father and I mixed (same first and last names, different middle initials) and made a few feeble attempts to dispute the items on my credit report but the replies I got were so completely irrational that I basically gave up and let things sit until recently. Fast forward to today, I'm now now married and hoping to buy a home in the next year or two. Realizing that I had already allowed the credit report issues to go on for way too long I gathered all my paperwork (SS Card, drivers license, credit report, copy of my father's SS Card, drivers license and the bankruptcy court discharge) and filed a dispute stating that I believed my father's credit information was being reported as mine. Its been just over 30 days since I mailed my dispute, certified return receipt, I have not received anything from the credit bureau(s) but a letter was sent from Chase to my parents address with my name on it stating that "We are writing to confirm that we recently submitted an update to your credit bureau report for the above-noted account. The update will reverse the charge off status on this account." Then the following day my wife contacted me at work to let me know that she picked up our house phone and someone asked for me by name and when my wife said I was at work the woman said she was from Chase and that I owed $4000 immediately and how did we plan to pay for it? My wife asked for her name and where she was calling from but she hung up. We are now getting 2 - 3 phone calls a day on my home phone, it comes up as JP Morgan on the caller ID. I have not actually been home when they've called. I did call the number on the letter I received from Chase about "reversing the charge off status" to ask what that meant exactly but no one would give me any information unless I shared my SSN. I resisted and even called back a couple times and finally gave out the last 4 digits of my SSN and the woman said that it matched the SSN in their database for the account. She claimed there was no record of it being part of a bankruptcy but did have the name of my parents bankruptcy attorney in their system as having contacted them with a cease and desist letter. I followed up with my parents about the matter but they had shredded most of the detailed documentation regarding their bankruptcy when the terms of their repayment plan ended around 6 months ago. They only have the court discharge document. I have many questions, don't even know where to start: 1. If Chase actually sees me as the debtor in their system why would they not have disputed the bankruptcy or pursued me back in 2007 when the account first became delinquent ? 2. If the account balance is over $13,000 why did the woman on the phone try to collect $4000 ? Its still on my credit reports as owned by Chase, the Bank of America was sold to someone else but I have not been contacted by BOA, yet... 3. I still have not received any sort of collection notice in the mail, should I expect to receive one? 4. Chase claims that they have been sending statements and notices to my parents address (for 7 years). My parents state they never received anything from Chase after filing bankruptcy. 5. Is there anything I can do to proactively resolve this issue? Do I ignore the calls until and wait to receive something in writing? I know if I do get a collection notice that my first step is to request debt verification in writing. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance
  25. Just curious if now would be the perfect time to dispute any late payments one might have on a Federal student loan. With the government shutdown, they are more then likely not responding to anything, and even when they start back up, they may be too inundated with requests to be able to respond in time. Just a thought.
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