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  1. A few weeks ago I started the initial dispute process for 3 medical collections that I discovered on my CBR from 2009 and 2013. Although I have not received an official response via mail from TU, I just logged in to my Credit Karma account and saw that one collection (reported by Central Financial Control) was updated on 12-26-14 as CLOSED. At this point, should I patiently wait for the mailed response to my dispute from TU or should I proceed with the next step and send the dispute letter to Central Financial Control now? I know for a fact the account reported by CFC is invalid because a totally different CA is reporting the same account on both EQ and EX. Any advice will be appreciated!!
  2. I was looking at my credit reports today, and I noticed something odd on my EQ report. My date of birth has the wrong month. I was born in October (10) and EQ has my birth month as January (01). It is clear what happened, whoever input my data simply transposed the digits, turning a 10 into a 01. That being said, it might also not be that simple of an error. Perhaps there is a tradeline that has January (wrong month) in my DOB and EQ updated my information on that tradeline's reported DOB. Either way, this seems like an opportunity. Correct me if I am wrong, but if tradelines are disputed based on a "not mine" approach, could a mismatch in DOB be significant?
  3. Hi all, I have an account open with Portfolio Recovery Associates from 2012 that I have been disputing and I just noticed it's reporting as a revolving account but says it's collection in the comments with Equifax- is this allowed? The report says I have 0 accounts in collection so I know it's not registering as a collection but I didn't think CA could identify as a revolving account? It's a small amount from Capital One that quite honestly, I don't remember being associated with. They offered me a settlement but I turned it down. I was going to attempt for a PFD but wanted to check if this is grounds for a dispute first. PORTFOLIO RECOVERY A Company/Account Name: PORTFOLIO RECOVERY A Company Address/Phone: Riverside Commerce Center 120 Corporate Blvd Ste 100 Norfolk, VA 235024962 Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Date Opened: 06/20/2014 Last Activity: N/A First Delinquency: 09/2012 Type: Revolving Rate/Status: High Credit: $581 Terms: N/A Balance: $581 Past Due: $581 Most Recent Date Reported: 11/06/2014 Comments on Account: Consumer disputes after resolution, Collection account Thanks all!
  4. A while back, I waged quite a battle with US Bank over how my account history was being reported. This progressed all the way to the executive office. In the end, they basically told me NO. Despite my providing documentation to prove they were reporting incorrectly. By then, I had been approved for a mortgage on the new house I was purchasing, and I was weary from the fight. I should not have let it go, but I moved on. Fast forward 16 months, and I am again relocating and shopping for mortgages. One of the things the loan office had questions about, of course, was the US Bank mortgage. Annoyed that I would even still have to answer for these late payments, I disputed with credit bureaus. I thought maybe since more time had passed, and the mortgage was paid off, the results might be different. Boy, were they. The disputed late payments from 2011 were changed from being between 30-60-90 days late to 120-150-180 days late. After battling them for over a year the first time, I am through playing nice with them. So where do I turn? Do I contact CFPB? Do I notify them of FCRA violations and demand correction AND compensation? Do I get an attorney? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I sent in a dispute to Experian in late October, they responded quickly that they had "re-investigated" and verified the two items in my dispute letter. Ummmm...ok, but there were several more items that I disputed in that same letter that they don't even mention. My 30 days is up. Should I send in another letter to Experian stating that they did not properly process my dispute and to remove all disputed line items? Do I stand a chance? LOL that would be way too sweet ;-)
  6. I am currently working to have false or negative things removed from my credit. So far, Transunion has been very helpful and easy to work with. I am not having the same luck with experian and equifax. Is there a customer service number for them? I have gotten several things removed from my transunion, but am pretty sure they remain on the other two reports. What is the best way to file disputes and have it updated to all three, or is this even possible?
  7. A friend disputed two medical CAs on their Equifax report using the WhyChat HIPPA method and both came back deleted by Equifax: Stanislaus Credit Control — This item has been deleted from the credit file. California Service Bureau — This item has been deleted from the credit file. Should the OC now be paid by money order to preserve the deletion or are we done? They are for ~$25 and ~$350.
  8. I will be disputing with a few Original Creditors some derogatories they are reporting to the CRA's using the 623 dispute method as these came back from the CRA's as verified. My credit report only lists partial account numbers. Will these partial account numbers along with a copy of my credit report listing the item they are reporting be enough information for them to respond to my dispute as I do not want them to deny the request based on incomplete information.
  9. I have a question about Transunion online credit report dispute system. On August 11th, I disputed an item on my credit report through the online system. On September 4th the results came back and I was able to view the successful update of the information. At that point, I could only view the updated results and could not enter another dispute. I know the system only lets you dispute online every 30 days after a dispute has completed online. The weird thing is that I logged in on September 11th there was a note at the top of the page saying "you currently have multiple disputes processing in various states of completion" and saw that another report box had been generated (below my completed one), but all of the info was grey and it said N/A in every box. (For example: dispute date N/A and dispute completion date N/A). Underneath that is says click here to update or dispute a new item. I called and spoke to a customer service agent in India who could barely understand me and they said they only see one dispute on file, which is my August 11th completed one. So what gives?!?!....is this normal or should I be concerned. I'm worried I may just be not understanding their site. P.s I know a lot of people discourage the online dispute process, but it worked for me and what I needed.
  10. Hello: Bad times lead to Mortgage problems. Our Mortgage fell into arrears, and we requested a modification. Instead my Mortgage co. Assigned the Note to one of the 'distressed loan' type of lenders, but we were modified and have recovered. Almost 2 years have elapsed since I landed the decent job and we're still working diligently to recover. On my credit report, my old Mortgage co. (Saxon) shows $0.00 balance; last reported 12/10 as "120+ Days past due." But when they assigned, they were paid (something) by the new lender, and they closed my account... right? My NEW Mortgage company (RCS) is showing active, paid as agreed, and all is well there. My question is this: Can I-- or HOW can I-- get this old mortgage entry to show the real status, which is "assigned" or at least "paid off"? Can I get this removed based on the fact that it's no longer active? Finally, if this is a "Closed" account, then will it read like this forever (I think closed accounts don't leave your report) or will it instead fall off in the 7 year time frame?) Thank you for all your help. -- I know that's a lot of questions, and I know that any or all of my assumptions may be wrong or misspoken.
  11. Anyone call up the three CRA's to have all dispute language removed before starting a new round of disputes? Are the reps at the CRA's accommodating in doing this? Would doing this prevent the "we've already investigated this/frivolous" love letter we sometimes get back?
  12. Hi, So, I pulled my credit report from Experian and there is an account listed in collections. It says the original creditor is Comcast. The "date opened" is 07/2013 and "reported since" is 02/2014. It also says under "Your Statement:" "Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act). Well, I didn't open an account with Comcast in 2013 and I've never disputed it. I may have had an account with Comcast about 4 or 5 years ago (I don't remember if it was in my name) but this must be somebody else's account? I went to the collection company's website and entered my Social Security #, and sure enough there it was. So I have two questions: 1) Is it possible this is from that old account? 2) What would be the best way to go about correcting this? I'm thinking I should contact Experian and ask them when/who/how it was disputed and then contact the collections agency and ask them what this is about? I'm also pretty sure I've never received any mail or phone calls from the collection agency. Any ideas or advice would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I sent a DV to CACH LLC over a month ago. I sent it certified mail but they don't mention that I'm disputing the charges on my recent Credit Report. Since this is an error on their end, could I send a letter to the CRA's demanding deletion?
  14. Sorry there is a lot of information below. I had some great success here cleaning up my credit, but every case is different, and I was still sort of at a loss when a friend asked me for advice. These are the 7 baddies on her credit report from TU. She ran into some financial trouble in 2007, closed all her cards, and used one of those credit counseling agencies to negotiate paybacks. Other than one of the GECRBs, it looks like everything got paid in full. She has one GECRB store card now, so not blacklisted or anything. Her file is pretty thin, mostly less than two years old, and only a few credit cards and a car loan at that. So basically, looking for advice: How much do 5-7 year old late payments still hurt score, if at all? If they still matter, does it matter more that they show as 60 or 90 or 120 days, or when they are that old, they basically all matter the same? Do you attack all baddies no matter what, or as I have seen mentioned, does the law of unintended consequences weight heavily on that decision? Would losing an account like BOA that was opened 12 years ago, especially with a thin file, do more damage by dropping AAOA than any benefit from removing a few nearly 7-yr old lates? How would you advise these 7 oldies be addressed? Dispute, goodwill, leave them alone? Thanks! BOA Date Opened: 03/13/2002 Loan Type: Credit Card Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 07/13/2011 Date Closed: 06/27/2007 Maximum Delinquency of 60 days in 08/2007 an in 09/2007 for $456 Remarks: Account closed by consumer CNB Date Opened: 12/10/2005 Loan Type: Note Loan (Auto) Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 02/12/2010 Date Closed: 02/12/2010 Maximum Delinquency of 30 days in 09/2007 and 01/2010 Remarks: Closed CNB Date Opened: 07/24/2004 Loan Type: Note Loan (Auto) Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 02/13/2009 Date Closed: 02/13/2009 Maximum Delinquency of 30 days in 09/2007 and 12/2008 Remarks: Closed DISCOVER Date Opened: 10/19/2005 Loan Type: Credit Card Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 07/13/2011 Date Closed: 06/27/2007 Maximum Delinquency of 60 days in 09/2007 Remarks: Closed by credit grantor GECRB Date Opened: 02/08/2006 Loan Type: Charge Account Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 02/24/2011 Date Closed: 06/27/2007 Maximum Delinquency of 120 days in 08/2007 and 09/2007 for $124 GECRB Date Opened: 11/06/2005 Loan Type: Charge Account Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 05/18/2009 Pay Status: Charged Off Date Closed: 06/13/2007 Maximum Delinquency of 120 days in 09/2009 and in 11/2009 for $94 Remarks: Purchased by another lender; unpaid balance charged off Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 05/2016 US BANK Date Opened: 02/23/2007 Loan Type: Conventional Real Estate Mtg Last Payment Made: 08/16/2013 Date Closed: 09/03/2013 Maximum Delinquency of 120 days in 12/2010 for $2,691 and in 03/2011 for $2,732
  15. How long do previous addresses not tied to any reporting TL remain on reports naturally?
  16. Hi Friends. My FICOs were 810, 805, 795 in Oct 2013. Now they are 684, 690, 790. Five years back I terminated my cellphone service with TMobile after paying Early Termination Fee(ETF) and final payment of $200 + $42 which was paid as a final settlement. I got ATnT service with a new phone number. After termination of the service TMobile system erroneously generated a bill for the next month for $42. I tried to access my TMobile online account but it was already disabled after my final payment of $242. So I called the Customer Service Representative (CSR) and explained the situation. I remember that at the end of the call the CSR agreed to make corrections in their system. Within a month I had to move to a new place for my job. ( i.e. I changed my phone number and my address, but TMobile still had my email address). No communication received from TMobile after I moved even though I had forwarded my mail through USPS to the new address. In December 2013, Enhanced Recovery (CA) reported a collection account on Experian and Equifax. They updated it as 'past due' since Jan 2014. This account will fall off in Mar 2016. No communication in any form ever received from Enhanced Recovery Corporation. I found my dream home and wanted to apply for mortgage and that's why i ordered my Credit Reports and found out about this account. I discovered CreditBoards through google and read as many posts as possible in the last 8 hours. I learned a lot from the forum posts but I am still unclear about the correct strategy to get this account deleted. Hence I am requesting you guys for guidance. One more thing, although I did settle the account with TMobile, as of now I have no documents or emails to support my claim. I tried to login into my TMobile account again today but it is still disabled. Any help, comments and opinions is highly appreciated. Thank you for reading. TL;DR : New Collection account showed up on EX and EQ because of a wrongly generated bill by TMobile after service termination. Need to get rid of the collection as applying for mortgage.
  17. Here's the rundown: I reside in TX RJM reporting on 2 of 3 of my reports. CRA verified a couple years ago; I've since left it alone Reporting as a factoring account company Showing a date opened later than the OC (I presume that's perfectly legal based on the information I've garnered on this site) Account is out of SOL The question: Should I pursue the DV route with them? Or dispute directly with CRA? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  18. 2 days ago, after reading about the Ombudsman Group on this forum, I decided to try for myself. I did the online e-mail form to the group and crossed my fingers. The VERY NEXT DAY, I received a phone call/voicemail from someone at the Ombudsman Group who gave me a number to call him back and suggested that he "thinks we will be able to fix some of [my] your problems." He told me I might need to fax in a current copy of my credit report and some other documents, but that we should talk first to figure out the best way to proceed to get everything resolved. Wow! I was delightfully surprised. Issues I pointed out in my email were duplicated Student Loan accounts on my credit report, incorrect payment history, etc...all the stuff we complain about on here everyday. I will keep you guys updated on the progress and plan to call today to see what the Ombudsman Group has to say. On a separate note, Sallie Mae responded to my CMRRR dispute sent to the Wilkes-Barre, PA address through my online Sallie Mae account. They sent me two documents: one said that they could not make any changes to my credit report because everything was reporting accurately; the other was a payment history that only showed each account being paid off (likely when they were sold off to the next organization/office). So, I'm wondering if I can use this latter letter in a dispute to the CRAs to get that crappy payment history fixed on my CR. Again, I'll keep the board posted.
  19. Please help me dispute an old charge. Verizon has charged my credit card in 2003 (yes that long ago) for an early termination bogus charge. Come to find out, in 2005 they have been in legal trouble for this very same thing (charging over $400 for early termination fees). Since then multiple butt heads have been trying to collect unsuccessful. I have no problem paying the normal fee and made it clear to Verizon and everyone else but not the $400 what they claim to be. How can this charge be removed from my credit report since it is over 10 years old? Since this charge has changed multiple hands, it shows that it is a 2011 charge which is obviously not true. thanks. no need to flame.
  20. Okay...so it has been 30 days since Midland has received my four (4) Debt Validation letters that I sent CMRRR. (I sent one letter for each account/TL) They signed for it all on 17 March. Today I check my mailbox and there is nothing in there. I expected not to get anything back from them, but woulda been hella surprised if they did send me something. My situation is that I never received any notification from them in writing on the four TL's that they are reporting. I found out Midland was reporting them because I pulled my credit reports. There has been conflicting information so I am trying to get some things clarified. The more I read the more confused I am. So here are my questions. 1. Even if I did not get a notification from them, will my Validation Letter still be good and they had 30 days to respond? 2. Hypothetically, what if I get validation in the mail from them after the 30 days? 3. Do I send them another validation letter and wait another 30 days or an estopple? 4. Can I just show the CRA's each CMRRR receipt, card, and letter and ask them to delete since Midland didnt validate? 5. What should/would be my next move? My goal is to have the TL's deleted from my CR. Thanks !
  21. I could use a bit of advice from some of the more experienced members here. I'm in the process of trying to remove a CA on my EXP report. TU & EQ have removed it without any difficulty, as it seems the CA isn't responding to the disputes at all. However, as usual, Experian is claiming it was Previously Investigated and refusing to do anything with it. According to EXP I disputed it in early 2012, which I probably did, but don't remember. So, fast forward to now. I disputed a couple of items on my EXP report in late Feb, and received the PI letter on March 28th. I've received the results of my other disputes (all removed) and verified that as of today this TL hasn't been removed or changed/updated at all. I've read through the PI threads, and I'm getting ready to send out a new dispute per one of them, with the plan of both hoping the new dispute gets them to actually reinvestigate (so the TL can get removed when the CA ignores the request) as well as building evidence for a CFPB complaint or court if I end up having to go that route. However, I'd like some advice on what reasons to use for redisputing this TL, because the way it's reporting seems very odd to me. I've pasted the listing below (w/ personal info removed), but in short it's showing just the CA name & date, with no data at all. No account type, status, balances, nothing. Normally I'd do a jack attack and dispute the incorrect dates, balances, account type, status, credit limit, etc but since this just has NA for everything I wasn't sure if that's still the way to go, or if there might be some better approach for this. Thanks in advance for anyone who offers thoughts! TROJAN PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Address: 4410 CERRITOS AVE LOS ALAMITOS, CA 90720 (714) 220-6716 Account Number: ************* Original Creditor: DR. MICHAEL ********** Address Identification Number: *************** Status: NO STATUS. Status Details: This item w as updated from our processing of your dispute in Feb 2012. Date Opened: 03/2010 Reported Since: 04/2010 Date of Status: 04/2010 Last Reported: NA Type: NA Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: NA Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit/Original Amount: NA High Balance: NA Recent Balance: NA Recent Payment: NA
  22. I have read the Jack Attack thread and have sent Jack Attack Letters to all 3 CRA's and have 2 questions. 1. What information needs to be on your CR for each negative account listed in order for it to be "accurate"? Does it have to list high balance, terms, account name, open/closed, dofd, amounts, etc?) 2. What have you disputed on your CR's?
  23. I am planning on disputing negatives on my CR with the 623 Method of Dispute. For anyone that is familiar with this method, I have a question. I read somewhere that if you are using this method, that after you receive a letter of validation from the CRAs that you should call up the CC company and ask if they have any records of you. You have to get the reps name and employee ID number. When you write the 623 letter to the OC, you should put that information in your letter. Anyone that has tried this method.... Do you think that this is a needed step, or do you think that just a letter to the CC company saying that the CRA verified the debt is enough. Thanks~
  24. So it's been 30 days since I sent my disputes. TU responded immediately with a deletion. EQ and EX have not responded yet. What I'm wondering is - how long do I give after the end of the 30 days for them to actually get a response to me? Are they required to respond? What do you do if they don't?
  25. HI all! I am looking at my Experian report which is my worst report and for Midland there are two from Midland that say almost nothing...and I also have The CBE Group who are also reporting for one of the Midland accounts... For negatives on Experian I have 5, these 3 and two more one from LVNV that I just disputed obsolete and hopefully that one will drop off. After I get the answer back for that dispute, I wanted to maybe dispute the 2 Midlands? I know that my report shows "customer disputes..." but this had to have been last year when I disputed this. Thank you for your help!! MIDLAND FUNDING Address: 8875 AERO DR STE 200 SAN DIEGO, CA 92123 (800) 825-8131. Original Creditor: T-MOBILE Status: NO STATUS. Date Opened: 08/2012 Date of Status: 11/2012 Reported Since: 10/2012 Last Reported Date: N/A Type: NA Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: N/A Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: N/A High Balance: N/A Recent Balance: N/A Recent Payment: N/A Your Statement: Account in dispute under Fair Credit Billing Act. MIDLAND FUNDING Address: 8875 AERO DR STE 200 SAN DIEGO, CA 92123 (800) 825-8131 Original Creditor: T-MOBILE Status: NO STATUS. Date Opened: 08/2012 Date of Status: 11/2012 Reported Since: 10/2012 Last Reported Date: N/A Type: NA Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: N/A Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: N/A High Balance: N/A Recent Balance: N/A Recent Payment: N/A Your Statement: Account in dispute under Fair Credit Billing Act. THE CBE GROUP Address: PO BOX 126 WATERLOO, IA 50704 (866) 912-1312 Original Creditor: T-MOBILE USA Status: Collection account. $435 past due as of Jan 2011. Date Opened: 12/2010 Date of Status: 01/2011 Reported Since: 01/2011 Last Reported Date: 01/2011 Type: Collection Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: $435 High Balance: N/A Recent Balance: $435 Recent Payment: $0
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