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  1. Up late again reading Creditboards and have a question. I am going to do an app spree in November and want to get a few Chase cards. I am pre-approved currently for their Freedom and Slate, but I also want to app for their Ink w/ the 70k bonus. Yet I don't wanna screw up my potential pre-approvals either, any advice?
  2. Hi Everyone: After reading a lot about Synchrony, as well as other CC's and multiple apps, in various post on CB, I am hoping to get opinions and feedback to a question(s). Do you think Synchrony just chooses to be liberal with Lowe's? I know that there is one # for Recon on ALL Synchrony CC's. And I also know from reading (and personal experience), it seems as though if you app for more than one Synchrony card and call to recon on all of them, Lowe's end up getting the largest CLI. I wonder if this is because most of us see the success others have had and call on that card 1st? Or is it that the Credit Analyst have an extremely liberal underwriting program for Lowe's versus the other cards? Just wondering because as we all know, it is best to plan for a successful app spree than just to app blindly, so to speak Thanks in advance for all your help! Hope everyone has a GREAT WEEK!!!
  3. On the rebuilding path like almost everyone else on the site.. I currently have a Cap 1 Platinum and Cap ! Quicksilver 1 as of July 2014. Looking to add a third easy card, I already tried Barclays, got denied, tried Discover It, denied. I don't want to keep burning inqs, any suggestions on easy cards like Cap 1? My FICO on TU is 602, EQ is 596, EX 564, should I just go with a Wells Fargo Secured and wait out a year to apply for some of the premium cards?
  4. Just trying to get opinions regarding New Accounts. After recently completing an App Spree for DW, she now has 14 new accounts (Yes I know, I am watching for AA!). We always PIF with exceptions of 0% Special Financing Options on large Purchases. However, since these are all new accounts, that have yet to close on a statement period, my question is should we PIF even though there are no min payments due or should I allow those balances to report, then PIF before close of next billing cycle? Any and all experiences and opinions are appreciated. Thanks
  5. Even though closing a credit account goes against every fiber of my being, I finally pulled the trigger and closed one. Fingerhut has had me with a CL of $235 dollars since 2005. No matter what I did I couldn't get a CLI. They did send something one time saying if I used credit up to $400 dollars that my CL would stay at that level. (Nice way to make someone spend money on high priced junk). But I didn't bite. My avg CL is over $16,000 with over 25 accounts opened so I figured what the heck. Called in and they asked why I was closing it. Said the CL wasn't high enough. The CSR said they review CR's 10 times a year and CLI automatically. I said that's funny because my scores are from 795 to 815 and I've never had one. So it's closed and I feel pretty good about it. I only bought 2 items in 10 years so I'm sure that has something to do with never getting a CLI also. On to bigger and better things I guess
  6. Hey CBers hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I have a question regarding BTs and PIF. I normally PIF, sometimes we carry a small balance or balance on a 0 percent special interest. However, I know that most of the advice on this site says to PIF, especially on cards that like to see that, Discover and Barclays in particular, which apply to our personal cc portfolio. My question is, since I also see post on CB saying that users do BTs for the 0 interest specials for 15 or 18 months, are you folks allowing these BTs to sit? If so how do the CC companies view this, since they like to see PIF monthly? My reason for asking is that we have a few BTs to do, one of $11k that we want to PIF, one of $2400 that we want to PIF and one of $3000 that has it's 0 interest special ending in January, since I recently completed an app Spree for DW, I could BT all of it and spread it out over a few cards and PIF within 1st billing cycle. Also, is doing a BT and then PIF within 1st billing cycle also viewed favorably by CC companies (like paying your monthly usage before billing cycle closes)? Just trying to get a strategy down, have been reading and learning from CB for about a year, so I am always trying to improve! Thanks for all your help!
  7. Just wondering if anyone has ever app'd with BofA and had it take the full 30 days that they say it may take. Just app'd with them on the 1st day of the app spree for DW (8/30) and they still say it is under review. Wondering if she should call and try talking to the UW dept, any suggestions? Thanks, BD
  8. Hey CBers! Back 2x in same day for more advice. Since I have just completed the App Spree for DW. I am going to continue with mine after I complete B*. My question is, I just helped her get a couple of 5 digit approvals, but I am worried if I ad myself as an AU they will affect the potential of me getting approved for certain cards during my App Spree since they will be recently opened and also bring down my AAOA. Any advice? I kinda want to ad them since "Higher Limits beget Higher Limits!" Thanks, BD
  9. Hey fellow Canucks, We need some more activity in this forum! I have to admit i am pretty green with envy at the credit card offers Americans get. They have such great bonus offers and so much selection,benefits, you name it! One thing that interests me is the free FICO scores more and more cards seem to be giving. Canada doesn't have anyone that does that do we?! Also, Americans have so many options for 3rd party sites that pull, most times for free! I wish those sites could be Canadian equipped, or someone made one for us. If anyone on here knows anything, could you maybe list some great cards for us?
  10. Hi there.... my Experian FICO is stronger than Equifax and Trans Union. I'd like to apply for a couple of bank cards and a store card like sams club or Costco. Any advice on credit grantors that tend to pull Experian would be most appreciated. Right now, Experian is my best weapon. Thanks.
  11. Hello! Credit Card Question! I currently have 3 open credit cards. 2 of the cards have a balance of $0 and a limit ranging from $100-$300.The last card I have happens to be the oldest card on my credit history with a limit or around $3000, however has an 89% utilization. I was added to this card to help build my credit while in college, however, was never the primary user of this card. Needless to say the 89% usage has not been a result of any charges I have made to the account. I was advised previously not to remove myself from this account because it was the oldest on my account, however, I'm not sure how beneficial that is being that the balance is so high and after a year has a remained high. Thanks! Please Advise!
  12. as the two rules for assessing are state and date, here is an EASY guide to each state's SOL for credit cards, along with commentary... http://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/credit-card-state-statute-limitations-1282.php
  13. Say I have a card that is maxed out (which I do, actually a few and they're all getting paid off or almost off this cycle).... If the due date is 6/20 and I pay the balance off on 6/19, the statement date is 6/22 and I don't charge anything else on it....Exactly when will it hit my credit report that it's at 0% utilization? I don't see a report date on my credit report (it just says 'last reported on-5/22 with my statement amount') Does that mean they report on the 22nd? Thanks!!
  14. Hello, Newbie here and excited to find such a helpful and vast forum site on all things credit! Anyway, I've recently decided its time to start fixing my poor credit that has largely been caused by credit cards used in my early 20's and a private student loan balance that ended up going to collections. My private loan debt is $19k and credit cards are $7k (recently paid down from 12k) I'm a recent college graduate (2010) and was lucky enough to get a good job right out of college. I just got a new job 3 months ago that pays even better than my old one which coupled with having a newborn son, has inspired me to get my credit back on track as soon as I'm able. I recently sold some assets and have managed to scrape together $7k I'd like to use to jump start my credit road to recovery. So my question is, which is a better decision in repairing my credit. Settling my student loan debt (which after speaking with a local debt settlement attorney should be possible, at least on the 15k loandisbursement debt. The remaining disbursements a are small adding up to the 19k). Or payoff all my credit cards in full and shut them down. Obviously I'm kind of leaning towards the loan settlement option as that is what's most detrimental to my credit, considering the credit cards are not in default. But I also wonder if paying off the credit cards will not only immediately improve the look of my credit report, but also will allow me to use those would be monthly payments to get the 19k debt paid off in 2-3 years. That way I could also avoid the painful debt settlement smear on my credit report. But is the damage already done in that regard, due to the default? I should also note that my primary goal is to purchase a house soon, but I know that will be challenging with my private loan problem. My choice in this matter will be heavily swayed by the ability to obtain a home loan hopefully sometime in the next 5 years. Just looking for some experience and insight on my predicament and I thank all in advance.
  15. Ok, my scores are starting to rise and my TU is up to 635, rising from the depths of HELL.. what can you get with a score like this that only pulls TU. They are furthest along with correcting errors on my report and several will be falling off shortly from TU as I settle some old OC's... I have gotten a DCU account (no credit, just a savings acct and a checking) and I will shortly get a credit builder from a CU and a secured credit card from my university by Sept. unlimited amount, will do $5,000... Much of my credit will be off my TU where there is still some old stuff that is major bad... it will fall off due to settlement and errors corrected... plus there is a duplicate mortgage that was paid out by the second listing. I know that Barclays pulls TU but at what score will they consider a small line? is there a bank that they look to for any reason? I don't want a toy card under $500... Home Depot perhaps? I could use that one. Dont' want to get a card where I have to go buy socks...I don't want a bunch of HP's for useless stuff. I was astounded that DCU did a hard pull just for a $500 savings account... no credit or overdraft line requested... thank you all...No walmart nearby that I use. Lowes? Kohls? Home Depot? Agway? do they even have a card? thanks again.
  16. Please Note, this is a bill passed by the NY Assembly, it has not been passed by the Senate yet, it has been presented twice before but has not passed.... New York Assembly Passes Debt Collection Bill; Also Lowers Statute of Limitations 34inShare Patrick Lunsford April 25, 2013 2 Responses The New York State General Assembly Tuesday passed a bill titled the Consumer Credit Fairness Act which significantly restricts the use of the legal collection channel in the state. In addition to a number of new requirements for bringing debt collection lawsuits, the bill would cut in half the statute of limitations in the state. “There is an epidemic of unfair debt collection lawsuits in New York State,” said Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. “In many instances, these actions are brought against low and moderate income New Yorkers who are not aware a lawsuit has been filed against them, leaving them with little recourse and ruining their credit for many years. Unfortunately, the justice system is being abused by unscrupulous third party debt buyers and harming vulnerable New Yorkers. This bill would institute several measures to address these abusive debt collection practices and combat this menace.” The Consumer Credit Fairness Act (A.2678) was introduced by Judiciary Committee Chair Helene Weinstein and passed the General Assembly on a vote of 90-45. If signed into law, it would curb abusive debt collection lawsuits by: requiring notice of a pending consumer credit action to be mailed to the defendants by the clerk of the court; requiring court filings to include more information about the debt targeted in a lawsuit, such as identifying the debt or account and providing proof that the debt is owed to the plaintiff; lowering the statute of limitations for consumer credit transactions from six years to three years, and eliminating the right to collect the debt once the statute of limitations is expired; and terminating the ability of debt buyers to sue on expired debt. “Abusive debt collection lawsuits exploit gaps in our state’s laws,” said Weinstein. “This bill takes important steps to close these loopholes to protect consumers and helps to address the long-term impact of economic abuse, including identity theft, which is often suffered by domestic violence victims at the hands of their abusers.” The bill was sent to the New York State Senate where it was referred to the Judiciary Committee for further action. The Consumer Credit Fairness Act has been introduced in previous sessions in the General Assembly. A nearly-identical bill passed the Assembly in both 2009 and 2010 but did not make it out of Senate committees.
  17. 746 eq, 666 Trans and 622 exp. I have no idea why they differ so much? I do have one dispute open and Experian seems to be keeping it on my record until it gets cleared up. I have GECRB Amazon Card with 0 balance. Bill Me Later (doesn't report, it turns out) with $50.00 balance. I have two Cap One cards, one with a 2000 CL and $80 balance. The other only has a $500.00 CL but great rewards so I use it for groceries and pay it off immediately (inadvertantly messed up last month as I paid it off the day after it was reported. Won't happen again). I have the Chase Amazon card with a $3000 limit and about $150.00 balance. I'd say that looks pretty good. Unfortunately, the top three keep saying I'm using about 39% of my available credit. New math? I don't know. I think they are just behind. I paid these suckers down fast (2 months of a lot of overtime). One of Experian's complaints is that I don't have enough accounts, though they aren't happy that I've also opened too many accounts. Yep, that's what it says. So, I want the Disneycard (they sent me an invitation to apply that is to expire on May 6th) since we are going there later this year, but otherwise, I've no need for more credit, I'm just trying to play their game. My end game is to get a Nissan Leaf at the end of the year, with a great interest rate, hence the interest in my credit and making sure I play the game correctly. So, should I try now for the Disneycard, wait until May 6th in the hope the the CRAs all have accurate information? Or should I go ahead and take the hit for another card or two and then go for the Disneycard? Or none of the above. Thanks to anyone willing to help Tavalon
  18. Hello, so I am trying to purchase my 1st home, and unfortunately I have less than 3 months to do so or I have to move. I am 50 points from qualifying for the mortgage and this is what I have on my CR: $2885.00 Chr. off with Amex that's about to turn 7 years $1492.00 Chr. off with capital one which I have negotiated a settlement on for $750 $500 medical collection. I need advice on what I can do to get my credit score as high as possible with in the next 3 months. please help! much appreciated!
  19. Do you think it will happen? http://blogs.wsj.com/corporate-intelligence/2014/02/06/october-2015-the-end-of-the-swipe-and-sign-credit-card/?KEYWORDS=chip+and+pin http://www.businessinsider.com/chip-and-pin-credit-card-changeover-in-2015-2014-2 http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/02/payments-experts-assure-senate-that-swipe-and-sign-cards-will-disappear-in-2015/
  20. I'm not even sure of where to start with this. It's very shameful, and I never thought I'd get to this point. The fact of the matter is, is that I'm beyond lost on what to do here. I moved to Arkansas a couple years ago, and when I did, my credit score was around 650- not great, but not really bad, either. I was proud that I didn't have bad credit. Now, it's below 500. I'm 18k in debt- from verizon wireless, at&t u-verse, student loans, a local property management group (still owe money on a lease), paypal credit line, capital one credit card, and a Dell credit line, and my auto loan (I've actually done pretty good on that one), and completely in over my head. I have no idea on what I should do. Should I contact a debt consolidation company? Or claim bankruptcy? How do I know what is the best choice? Is there any kind of easy fix? I guess the worse part about all of this is, I don't have the money to pay them all what they want me to pay every month- we live in low-income housing, and i'm barely keeping up with my car payment. I'm so overwhelmed and lost. My fiance' and I dream of owning our own house one day, and getting our financial affairs in order, but I don't even know how to go about it. Someone, please help!
  21. Have a $3000 secured NFCU Visa and can't get an unsecured VISA. FICA at 535.
  22. So after reading about all the people on here about Logix, I decided to give it a shot. A bit about me first. I filed for BK7 (thank you ex-wife) in January of 2012. At the time, my FICO scores were in the 530 range. In June of 2012, Cap One approved me for a Platinum Card for $2000 (currently upgraded to Quicksilver and $3500 limit). After waiting a year, I apped for a few more cards in June of 2013. I was approved for a second Cap One Quicksilver One card ($750 limit). I was also approved for a Merrick Card ($700 limit), a Barclays reward ($1500 limit), and a DCU Visa ($500 limit). I also have a car loan with DCU for about $13000 at a rate of 5.49%. Currently, My FICO scores are EX- 655, TU- 680, and EQ- 674. My annual income is $81000, and I have 6 INQs on my reports. Right now my utilization is a bit on the high side (thanks Santa) at 64%. So last week I opened a savings account with Logix. The process was very easy, and I e-signed all the docs. Yesterday, I decided to give it a shot with a Logix credit card, as I have been reading about very generous approvals and limits. They asked me what I wanted for a limit, and I told the rep to ask for $15000, but that I was willing to take less. I was denied outright. Ouch. Kick in the gut! The rep told me that the BK7 was still too new, and that my utilization was too high. I thanked her and figured I would try again in a few months after paying down my cards. Last night, after considering that Logix uses the same hard pull for any credit apps for 60 days, I decided to see if I could get a better rate on my auto loan. This morning, I got an email from Logix that I was approved, but at the same rate (5.49%) as my current loan at DCU. About an hour later, I got a call from a rep at Logix, about the car loan email. I explained that what they offered wouldn't save me any money. She explained that to qualify for a rate of 2.99%, I would need an EX score of 680. I thanked her for calling, and before hanging up, she asked if there were any other financial needs that she could assist me with. I told her that I was hoping to get a credit card with them. She said that looking over my credit report, that she might be able to get Logix to match my limit that Cap One gives me, if I did a no-fee BT of my balance from Cap One. I asked her to see if $4000 was possible, and she said she would check. About 3 minutes later, she came back on the phone, to tell me that I was APPROVED for the $4000 limit, pending my sending over my most recent pay stub. Wahoo! So Merry Christmas to me! Now I will sit back and see if my other CC issuers will step it up a notch. One thing for sure is that I am grateful to Logix for giving me an opportunity to prove my credit-worthiness. Thanks to all the others on these board who have been posting about Logix. You have been so helpful to me!
  23. My best credit score is Experian...The others are about 40 points lower because of a baddie that doesn't report to Experian. I'd like to know if any bank, store or gas cards out there ONLY pull Experian for credit decisions. All input greatly appreciated.
  24. hello, i havent posted on here in awhile. last time i did i still had several thousand dollars in credit card debt. i have finally (within the last month) paid these all down to a zero balance. i have been told by a couple friends of mine, that it is better from my fico score to use it at least once per billing cycle. my friends, although well meaning, repeat a lot of hearsay. so my question to the community here is: is there any advantage to using a credit card once per month and paying it off each month, or using it monthly and letting a small balance carry over, versus not using the card at all (emergency only) i have had these cards for 6months to three years. high balances for the last 8 months or so, up until the last 2 months or so, when i was able to get them paid off. I thank whoever takes the time to read this and share their knowledge with me. Also, happy 2014!
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