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  1. Hi all!! Small question, I was upgraded to the regular card with Fingerhut from the "fresh start" program on Dec 17th. My Credit Karma went from 565 to 627, I know those scores don't count. Anyway, when would I be able to apply for another starter card or easy approvals? Before the fingerhut reported, I applied to Target and was told I needed revolving accounts. Now I wish I had waited to apply. That was a couple months ago. I also have 4 inquiries on TU and a couple on EQ. I have a couple baddies (T-Mobile) $247 and $455 on TU and EQ and one or two collections that are set to fall off within the year. Experian is a different story and has tons which I am disputing because I have no idea what they are. Thank you!!!
  2. I 'm almost at 6 months with the Platinum Rewards Visa (my first card with them). When can you get your first CLI and is it automatic or do you have to ask for it? What happens when you click on the request CLI button on their credit card product page? I think that has always been there since I received the card but im not sure. Any insight from you Penfed veterans is greatly appreciated.
  3. Noticed this on the Barclays site. Any thoughts on this? Is there a BOA US Air product I don't know about? I think there use to be a BOA US Air debit card...
  4. Anyone know much about Suntrust credit cards? I have an old student loan backed by them but that's my only experience with Suntrust. Doesn't look like anything too exciting but not too bad either. Not much of anything in credit pulls. https://www.suntrust.com/PersonalBanking/EverydayBanking/CreditCards/CashRewards Anyone want to be a GP for one? The cash back card is 2% up to $6k on gas and grocery then goes to 1%.
  5. Hi, I'm about to apply for a mortgage so I will have 2 mortage companies do a hard pull for my credit, from what I read hard pulls within one week are not that bad, so I was thinking I can also apply for higher credit limits with the credit cards that require a hard pull, apply for better home insurance rates (which I think do a hard pull also), etc during this period, is this a good idea? How many points should I expect to lose on my score? Thanks!
  6. Whoo Hoo! DW was just approved for NASA Visa Platinum Rewards, $13K, 9.9% I'm trying to make sure she has a complete credit profile, she has no credit unions yet. Although, she was just accepted to Navy FCU (based on my membership). CC application there is "pending". Her FICO scores: Exp : 789 TU : 798 Eq : 806 The NASA HP has not shown up yet, but I'm guessing it will be Experian like mine was. GIFSoup
  7. I'm in the process of getting a HELOC and I want to know if that limit will weigh on what the CCC decides to give for a new CL?
  8. We bought our house about 3 weeks ago and I immediately app'd for a Lowe's card and got a CLI on recon for $5000. Since then things have gotten out of hand!! I spent approximately $3800 on the Lowe's card on things for the house, and splurged on a washer and dryer. I sooo got caught up in the excitement of shopping for my new house. My utilization is ridiculous across the board on my 5 cards. I make decent money and I know I can get this under control in the next 30 days. I'm just falling into the pattern of paying bills with my credit cards and then paying the balance with my next check and then starting all over again, and I see it getting out of hand. I just needed to get this off my chest so that I am being accountable to someone out there..I keep having bouts of anxiety when I look at my balances. Although, I guess that's better than not caring at all. I have made great strides and come along way since January of this year. I will not go backwards!! O.K. thanks everyone, I don't want to sound like a whiny child. I will keep moving forward. Step 1- Get the credit cards out of my wallet and out of reach (done) Step 2- Start paying on cards- THE DAMAGE: Wal-mart- $256/ $600 CL (paid $300 today) SDFCU- 274.89/$500 CL Lowe's-3900/5000 CL (6 months no interest) Cap One- $854/1000 CL Open Sky-$250/$300 CL Step 3- When utilization is at 1% on one card, KEEP IT THERE!! I'm such an salamander!! SMH!!
  9. Just wondering if anyone can give me their opinion on an EASY Amex to qualify for. I am gearing up for my own App Spree and am considering Macy's or Dillard's, though I know these aren't Prime Cards, I am wondering if they are even worth app'ing for or if I am missing others. FYI, I am not going to app with BofA or PenFed as I don't believe they aren't a viable option for me at this time (In recent App Spree DW was Declined at PenFed and BofA gave her a $3k Rewards card). Again, any input is greatly appreciated. On a side note, am I understanding correctly, that ANY Amex gets you into the Centurion Lounges for $50? So Macy's or Dillard's would qualify? And I have seen the thread on Non Centurion Amex, I'm just asking for personal opinion on perhaps the easiest card to get or your favorite. Again, Thanks!
  10. Hi all, This is my first post, as I am new here. My husband and I recently filed Chapter 7 BK and it has been discharged since September 2014, we are now wanting to rebuild our credit, our scores are both just shy of 600, (my husbands score shot up 87 points AFTER BK was filed...mine went up by 1 point...weird huh) We are thinking we will need to get a secured credit card, which is fine, but do not know who to go with? We currently bank at a local credit union and thought of going through them, but wanted to make sure it was reported to all 3 credit bureaus, So should we go for a MAJOR company such as Capital One? What do you guys recommend? Any help/advice would be great! Also we were advised by someone else rebuilding their own credit, to only use 10% of credit card limit and pay off on time each month to get BEST credit rating. So only use $30 on $300 limit and NO more. Does that sound right to anyone else? We want to make sure to do this right. We are not in NEED of a credit card, but just want to use one to improve our credit so one day we can buy a house. We currently have NO credit cards, No car loans, No personal loans, No retail credit cards, Nothing that is reporting to credit bureaus. We are in need of getting a small car loan ($5k or less) some time soon (within 6 months) should we apply for that now? or wait till we have had credit card for a few months to show on time payment history? What would be the best scenario? I don't wanna add too many "inquiries" to our credit reports right after filing BK, so trying to do this wisely. Thanks again for your help!
  11. Hello, I was pre approved for house and bank just accepted my offer last week, I received notification today that credit score dropped 28 points ONLY thing changed was alert saying "credit usage significantly increased 45%" it takes me to 608 score which is below 620 needed with lender for FHA. Spoke to loan officer and said yes it could affect me closing on home. My inspection is tomorrow so I have time, I paid off card today to $0 balance. Do you think I will be OK come closing?
  12. Hi all! As someone who has recently found creditboards and has started my repair journey, i am in need of some guidance because i'm feeling really lost. I posted a topic in the Canadian finance section as I am from Ontario, and it has gotten no replies I have 2 credit card charge off's. Charge off 1 DOLA is 06/26/09. Charge off 2 is 09/23/10. In Canada I believe accounts fall off in 6 years from these dates. My idea is to report as obsolete early 2015 for charge off 1, but i need advice for charge off 2. I, like most people have started this journey to get approved for certain things coming up in life and having these removed from both reports would be such a weight lifted off of me. For charge off 2 i have requested DV and was given 2 statements and my signature on original visa agreement. Is there another strategy i can use next? Is it too late for 1-2 punch or something else im not aware of? Sucesses so far. 1 PFD on a collection 1 old address removed on EQ & TU Some personal things that might aid in my strategies..i have legally changed the spelling of my first name. Both accounts were opened with old first name spelling, and charge off 1 address associated with it has been removed from reports. Should i remove the address associated with charge off 2? Also, these charge offs are both around $1000, and have been assigned i believe as the OC is still the only TL for both accounts. Please help me! I have absorbed so much info on this site, and just don't know what i should be doing first anymore.
  13. My wife and I do not have the best credit that we should. We're getting ready to get a couple of secured credit cards and need to know how many Authorized Users are allowed by which cards. We have 5 teenagers at home and not only want to boost our scores, but build their credit as we kill two birds with one stone.
  14. Are there any non-secure credit card available for a EX score of 500? I would like to open a secure card as well as another to help boost my score? I currently only have 1 open retail card. Any advice would help!
  15. Hello Fellow CB'ers, I've taken all of your advice from my previous info-seeking post, much appreciated. I recently opened up a $300 Secure Card with ESL FCU (local place), with the intention of building credit while removing the "negative" marks currently on my report (using WhyChat's HIPAA process for that.) I only plan to buy groceries and fuel with the card, and pay them back shortly after. However, I am wondering about what the best timing for this is? For example, I buy gas once a week, and groceries by the day (as needed.) When is the best time of the week/month to pay these items off so that they reflect best on my credit report? Do I pay off immediately? Do I wait 1 week? 2 weeks? Do it at the end of the month? I have attached a link with info about the card, for your reference. Any input and advice would be great. Thank you. ESL FCU Secured Card - https://www.esl.org/loans/eslVisa.html#secured
  16. Hey you guys! I thought i'd pass this information along that i got for Canadians who haven't heard. It's calledhttp://greatcanadianrebates.ca and if you buy a wide variety of things on popular sites anyway, for example: Ebay,amazon,trips,sears, etc then they give you cash back rebates for using their link that they get a commision on. Why i decided to share with my fellow Canadians who haven't heard of it here, is because they have really awesome cash back deals if you sign up for certain credit cards! MY boyfriend is looking at applying for the Cap1 aspire travel world MC and right now they have a $75 cash back on it. It's free to sign up too, and they actually give you 2$ in your account. You can either get paid monthly by amazon gift card,pay pal or wait for a big cheque. If you like it and sign up it asks for an email if you got referred. PM me if you want and i can give you mine.
  17. I have some questions hope someone has answers to. So, been repairing my credit for some time now. In the past two years I was able to have 20 or so items removed from my reports. But, in me going so my score dropped points mainly because I been applying for credit cards but have not secured one. I tried several secured cards and was denied for all except capital one witch oddly was the same card I had a charge off with in the past. I have not signed a contract with them just because they want me to send them $300.00 and in return the would send me a card in like 8 weeks dont sound practical to me. So I've been reading on other options and my main option I am drawn to is a secured card from my local credit union. But once again I was flat out denied. So I asked If I can be a authorized user on my daughters card and I was told that that would not help me improve my credit at all the dont report on authorized users reports and that was a myth that it will help my score is this true because if it is I dont know what to believe any more almost every thing I read on the net says thats the way to go. Please if some one could clarify thanks
  18. Got a card nRewards with them 2.5 months ago. Did a PC after a few weeks to a cashRewards card. Have run about 10k through it so far with multiple large payments and always a $0 balance on statement. Is there a good waiting period (like 3x 61 day on Amex) to request a CLI? Better to do one on the phone, secure message or online? I have multiple personal and business products with them (Auto, CLOC, CC, Personal Loan, etc). Thanks for the feedback.
  19. Hello All, I took a break from writing, just reading daily. The last update was that I had 3 CO... Since then First Premier gave me the option to re-apply for a new card and transfer the balance, which I did. Was that a wrong move? I also received my Capital One Secured Card in the mail. Two things maybe three things I need help with... 1. I opened an account with my local credit union and they informed me that my score is a 640 TU score... However, CK is stating 577.. Which one is accurate? I will be pulling my scores and reports to see how First Premier is reporting. 2. As I mentioned my Cap 1 just came in the mail with a $200 limit. How should I use it to show activity? Charge $2 then pay it off??? 3. How can I get my other 2 CO to work with me (Macy's and Victoria's Secret)? As always your help and advice is thoroughly appreciated!
  20. So i just paid off all my credit cards and now I am fighting this insane urge to spend, does anyone else have this problem? Today I almost bought a 2k dollar imac that I didnt need and a 3k dollar camera. I am thinking of cutting the card up to keep me from using it.
  21. jdmc1973


    I was rummaging through Amazon credit card marketplace and saw an offer for a $50 Amazon gift card for applying/getting approved for the SDFCU EMV Visa card. So, after thinking about it for a minute or a day I can't remember which, I applied. I was already a member of the American Consumer Council so that was my way in. This is how it played out...so far. Applied yesterday morning Yesterday afternoon received 3 emails from SDFCU/Docusign that I needed to sign. Opened those up, they included the CC app, membership app, rate disclosure (11.99%), risk disclosure (stating I received this because although I was approved I didn't get the best rate), EXP score, letter stating they looked forward to serving me, yada yada yada, request for POI and whether I'd like card security on the card. So I called member services and they said in order to complete the process I needed to fill out a member app, and I said ok, well there was one included in all the stuff I signed and he said well that could take a few days, he could do it over the phone and then notify the loan officer that was completed. So I said sure, filled out one over the phone, he sent me another membership app to sign and now that shows pending. Has anyone had a similar experience with SDFCU? I'm assuming I was approved since they gave me my rate, gave me the letter stating although I was approved it wasn't for the best rate and said I just had to join in order to finish up the process, but I'm leery. All this for a $50 Amazon gift card LOL!
  22. So I am completely new to this forum, I have read over WhyChats page and before I started on his program, I just wanted to make sure his guidelines are for my situation. I am just stressed that some of these creditors are going to try and take me to court for this when I go and try to dig up dirt and disputing some of this. I am 24 and I have another baby on the way so my husband and I are trying to get into a home, but of course we have to fix our credit first. Here is what my credit is looking like: TransUnion: Capital One Opened 9/12/2010 Last payment made 08/27/2013 Original ChargeOff $683 Status Charged Off. (Credit Card) Verizon Date Opened 2/18/2009 Payment Received $0 Original ChargeOff $765 Status Charged Off Wells Fargo Opened 6/20/2010 Last payment made 8/26/2013 ChargeOff $589 Status Charged Off (Credit Card) Central Finance Control Placed for collection 12/5/2013 Balance $151(Medical) Central Finance Control Placed for collection 2/20/13 Balance $1,222(Medical) CMI Placed for collection 12/22/2013 Balance $504(Medical) Security Collection Placed for collection 7/3/2013 Balance $100(Medical) Stern and Associates Placed for collection 4/15/2013 Balance $75(Medical) Experian: Amerifinancial Solutions 5/2014 $893 (Medical) Capital One (same as above) Central Financial Control (Same as above) $1,222 (Medical) Central Financial Control (Same as above) $151 (Medical) Credit Management Opened 12/2013 $504 Collections (Time Warner) Enhanced Recovery Corporation 9/20213 $628 (Comcast) - I have disputed this one several times because I never had them, it disappears then 5 or 6 months later shows back up Kross/Lieberman & Stone 1/2013 $243 (Medical) Stern and Associates (Same as above) $ 75 (Medical) Verizon (Same as above) $765 Wells Fargo (Same as above) $589 (Credit Card) I do have two car loans that are in good standings on all 3 credit reports, one has been open 2 years with no missed or late payments and the other 1 year with no missed or late payments so they are somewhat working in my favor to help rebuild my credit Do I start with having my old address removed and then continuing the rest of WhyChat's process, or should I just not stir anything and pray no one takes me to court?! Sorry for the long post, just a bit confused on what path I should take to get started on.
  23. There are quite a few things on my credit report. I don't know where to start. I have a credit score of 510. I'm 25 years old and didn't have the income or knowledge for maintaining great credit. I now have the income ( I think) to fix my credit. I just don't know the 1st step. Someone please help. I'm sure I need to provide additional information. Thanks
  24. I was approved last week for the Rate Advantage card and was going to try for the AMEX but didn't want another inquiry on EQ since it took so long for me to B* the 28 I had on there off. So, I called them this morning to ask and the guy said any new app would result in another hard inquiry and they couldn't use the pull from last week. Has anyone been able to get them to use a recent pull for a new app instead of pulling EQ again?
  25. Hello everyone, I have slowly improved my scores since joining this board and reading all the great information. Lots of amazing advice and support. I have over the past year or so added to my card collection and have been fortunate to get some cards I thought I would not have been able to get. Here is my current list of cards and was wondering what I could add that would meet my rewards/cash back needs based on my spending habits. So my needs/spending habits are as follows in order of spending. So preference is Cash back/points on Groceries Gas Restaurants - fast food would be nice as well Travel Online purchases - department stores Lowes - Home Depot - hardware stores Entertainment - movies So here is my current card list oldest to newest Chase slate 12K limit Citi diamond preferred 7500 NFCU cash rewards 1.5% All 20k Amex costco 3% gas 2% travel restaurants 1 % all else 17k Penfed platinum signature rewards points card 5pt gas 3 pt groceries 1 pt all else 10k Penfed Amex 5 points airfare 1 pt all else 9500 I have considered BCP, chase freedom, Discover IT. any other recommendations for my situation as a best next card or cards? My scores range from 705-760 depending on bureau and using 08 or other model. All fico scores. Utilization around 13% Please let me know if I'm missing anything that would help Thank you for your advice and time!!
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