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Found 13 results

  1. I have an entry on Chexsystems that is almost five years old. It actually doesn't even belong to me, but rather to my father with whom I share my name. The last four digits of the SSN on the report don't even closely match mine. However, Chexsystems is steadfast in their refusal to remove it. To that end, I have had to circumvent Chexsystems and open my accounts at banks that do not subscribe to that silly service. In my experience, there are many credit unions that do not pull Chexsystems, including NASA FCU, PSECU, PenFed, Navy Federal, Apple FCU are just a few. I know Dept. of Commerce FCU unquestionably pulls Chexsystems, as does Alliant FCU, SECU, Georgia's Own, Congressional Federal and Dept. of Agriculture FCU. Additionally, I've found from experience that Chase and Citi uses Chexsystems, but SunTrust, TD, USAA and WF do not. I have come to realize, much to my satisfaction and surely to their chagrin, that Chexsystems' relevance and influence in the banking industry is slowly eroding. I hope this helps those of you who are stuck under the thumb of Chexsystems.
  2. Here's my big list of low interest credit cards, sorted by cash advance interest rate (excluding those with a big transaction fee). My starting point was the top 100 credit union list here: outbound link removed. Obviously, this is not the place to look for rewards cards, and a lot of people will prefer 0% balance transfer offers, but some folks may get a benefit. Feel free to reply with updates and additions, especially smaller credit unions that weren't on my starting list. Name Location Type Purchase Rate Cash Advance Rate CA Fee % CA Fee $ Apple Federal Credit Union Fairfax, VA Visa Platinum 5.74 5.74 0% Wright-Patt Credit Union Fairborn, OH Platinum Low Rate 6.25 6.25 0% Security Service Federal Credit Union San Antonio, TX Power MC 6.49 6.49 0 American Airlines Federal Credit Union Fort Worth, TX Visa Platinum 7 7 0% $2 Northwest Federal Credit Union Herndon, VA Visa Platinum 7 7 0% Coastal Federal Credit Union Raleigh, NC Community Visa 7.25 7.25 0% State Employees Credit Union Raleigh, NC Visa 7.75 7.75 0 Eastman Credit Union Kingsport, TN Gold Variable 7.75 7.75 0% First Community Credit Union Chesterfield, MO Visa Platinum 7.9 7.9 0 Chevron Federal Credit Union Oakland, CA 7.99 7.99 0% TDECU Lake Jackson, TX Platinum MC 7.99 7.99 0% Veridian Credit Union Waterloo, IA Visa Platinum 8.15 8.15 0% Logix Federal Credit Union Burbank, CA Platinum MC 8.24 8.24 0 Citizens Equity First Credit Union Peoria, IL MC Platinum 5.25 8.25 0% $1 Members 1st Federal Credit Union Mechanicsburg, PA Visa Platinum Select 8.25 8.25 0% Merck Employees Federal Credit Union Rahway, NJ Visa Platinum 8.28 8.28 0% SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Santa Ana, CA 8.5 8.5 0 Digital Federal Credit Union Marlborough, MA Visa Platinum 8.5 8.5 0% UW Credit Union Madison, WI Visa Platinum 8.5 8.5 0% Visions Federal Credit Union Endwell, NY Visa Platinum 8.56 8.56 0% Affinity Federal Credit Union Basking Ridge, NJ Premium Visa 8.6 8.6 0% Star One Credit Union Sunnyvale, CA Visa Platinum 8.75 8.75 0 Tinker Federal Credit Union Oklahoma City, OK Visa Platinum 8.75 8.75 0% Wings Financial Credit Union Apple Valley, MN Visa Platinum 8.9 8.9 0 Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union Washington, DC Visa Platinum 8.9 8.9 0 SACU San Antonio, TX Visa Platinum 8.9 8.9 0% Keesler Federal Credit Union Biloxi, MS MC Platinum 8.9 8.9 0% $5 Virginia Credit Union Richmond, VA MasterCard 8.99 8.99 0% Community First Credit Union Appleton, WI Platinum - Either 8.99 8.99 0% $5 General Electric Credit Union Cincinnati, OH Visa Platinum 8.99 8.99 0% Chartway Federal Credit Union Virginia Beach, VA Visa Platinum Rewards 8.99 8.99 0 Redstone Federal Credit Union Huntsville, AL MasterCard Gold 7 9 0 VyStar Credit Union Jacksonville, FL Platinum Visa 9.1 9.1 0% Police and Fire Federal Credit Union Philadelphia, PA 9.15 9.15 0 Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union Albuquerque, NM Visa Gold Value 9.25 9.25 0% $5 Ent Federal Credit Union Colorado Springs, CO Visa Platinum Rewards 9.75 9.75 0% $3 PSECU Harrisburg, PA Visa 9.9 9.9 0 OnPoint Community Credit Union Portland, OR Platinum Visa 7.9 9.9 0 GECU El Paso, TX Gold MC 7.9 9.9 0 Atlanta Postal Credit Union Atlanta, GA Visa Platinum 9.99 9.9 0% $5.00 ESL Federal Credit Union Rochester, NY Visa Gold 9.98 9.98 0% Navy Federal Credit Union Vienna, VA MC Platinum 7.99 9.99 0 PenFed Federal Credit Union Alexandria, VA Promise Visa 9.99 9.99 0 First Technology Federal Credit Union Mountain View, CA Visa Platinum 8.99 9.99 0 NEFCU Westbury, NY Visa Platinum 9.99 9.99 0% Summit Credit Union Madison, WI Visa Platinum Preferred Rate 9.99 9.99 0% $3.00 Suncoast Credit Union Tampa, FL 8.9 10.9 0 Tower Federal Credit Union Laurel, MD 10.9 10.9 0% $0.75 Space Coast Credit Union Melbourne, FL Platinum visa 10.99 10.99 0% SECU Credit Union Linthicum, MD Visa Platinum Scorecard 10.99 10.99 0% Travis Credit Union Vacaville, CA Platinum Rewards Visa 8.99 10.99 0% $5 Teachers Credit Union South Bend, IN Visa Platinum 8.49 11.15 0% Redwood Credit Union Santa Rosa, CA Visa Platinum 8.99 11.99 0 Grow Financial Federal Credit Union Tampa, FL Visa Platinum Preferred 6.99 18 0 Service Credit Union Portsmouth, NH Visa Platinum 8.99 8.99 1% APCO Employees Credit Union Birmingham, AL APCO Visa 10.9 10.9 1% America First Credit Union Riverdale, UT Visa Platinum 6.99 6.99 1.50% BECU Tukwila, WA 6.9 6.9 2%
  3. Looking to help a friend refinance a high balance mortgage at $550K 80% LTV in a county that goes up to $625K. Time horizon is about ten years before property is sold. May need non-occupying owner to sign the note also to get DTI ratios acceptable. Current note is presently in the non-occupying owner's name (brother of home occupant). I'm looking at PenFed and NFCU so far. PenFed offers a 5/5 at 2.875% and no origination fees with a 2% cap on adjustment and 43% DTI only needing a 680+ FICO score, however, all borrowers must reside in the house. I don't know as much about the NFCU rates, so far it appears they offer a 5/5 at 2.5% and 0.25% origination fee but the rate varies with your FICO score, still getting more info on this one. Other Credit Unions to consider? What about USAA, how good are their mortgage rates?
  4. I joined Nasa federal Credit Union. Do I have 30 days or less to apply for a credit card in order to avoid a hard pull or does it matter?
  5. Hey CBers! I am in need of advice. Just completed an App Spree for DW. (I am still waiting on a few things, then I will post the whole shabang!) Nonetheless, at the end of the App Spree I decided to do a few last apps for some CU's (lesson learned, All Newbies, PLEASE READ CB BEFORE ATTEMPTING ON YOUR OWN!!). Alliant pulled a soft and DCU pulled a hard. The dilemmas are that 1) DCU approved her as a "Limited Member" due to balances on open accounts and current accounts less than 2 yrs old and are saying that they must pull another hard for any other apps (i.e. CC and LOC). So should I allow them to pull a hard, the new CR will show the app spree (inquiries and new accounts) and I am worried this could adversely affect her membership. OR is there anyone I can talk to that may be able to change the decision to do another hard pull? 2) Alliant says they would need to pull a hard since they only pulled a soft to join. Hence I am worried about the app spree showing up with all the new accounts and inquiries, is it worth a try? Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks, BD
  6. Credit union membership hits 100 million-client milestone- NYPost
  7. Hello CB, I'm looking to add another Credit Union to the mix, one who is offering a 0% Balance Transfer option for more than 12 months? So far, it seems most credit unions are only willing to go up to 6mo. Except for PenFed which I have no chance of getting approved, due too many new accounts. Would like a Credit Union who prefers to pull TU, but I know that's a long shot! Any suggestions ?? Thanks so much!! Have a wonderful day. Credit Unions I already have accounts with.... 1. PSECU - Combo 2. Navy - cc, and Navchek 3. DCU - no credit prods. 4. PenFed - no credit prods. 5. Alliant CU - no prods. Scores are 700+ All clean
  8. I'm starting to rack them up over here and wondering if I'm going a bit overboard. How many banks & CUs do you belong to and why? USAA Penfed NFCU Alliant local town CU BOA Chase PNC -Just applied to logix & United Nations and DCU....
  9. http://www.cutimes.com/2013/04/01/rewards-still-help-drive-card-behavior-cu-finds
  10. http://www.cutimes.com/2013/04/02/vantria-fcu-to-merge-into-apple-fcu-in-early-may?eNL=51520a1b140ba0ed7800006c&utm_source=Daily&utm_medium=eNL&utm_campaign=CUT_eNLs&_LID=137763512
  11. http://www.cutimes.com/2013/03/27/consumer-website-draws-attention-to-cus-leveraging?eNL=51520a1b140ba0ed7800006c&utm_source=Daily&utm_medium=eNL&utm_campaign=CUT_eNLs&_LID=137763512
  12. I promise I searched! I've read SDFCU, any others?
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