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Found 7 results

  1. I joined Nasa federal Credit Union. Do I have 30 days or less to apply for a credit card in order to avoid a hard pull or does it matter?
  2. I have three accounts with one company. Two are closed and paid in full and the other one is open. Unfortunately, the company is reporting the two closed accounts to two credit agencies and only one one to the one other credit agency. No agency is getting the full correct picture. I have contacted all three agencies to get the problem corrected but they can't pull in what is not being reported. I have contacted the company, with the three accounts and they claim to be reporting all three accounts to all three agencies. Could the accounts be there and just be hidden? Please advise how I can get all three accounts to show up on all three credit bureaus.
  3. Question? I have several accounts in collections on my credit report ranging from two years old to about six years old. Is it best just to negotiate a settlement with the collections companies in an effort to pay them off? I have done one in the past and asked the company to delete the account or list paid in full. They agreed but never did it then went out of business. Trying to rebuild my credit and have several accounts showing excellent payment history, but these accounts are holding me back. thank you.
  4. After filing bk in 2012 and having it granted in full, I thought I was supposed to contact the CRAs to have them remove the accounts. I have since learned here that I should have just left it alone and let it fall off as it would have been much sooner. Anyways... TransUnion did what they were supposed to do after I contacted them twice. Experian also did what they were suppose to do after contacting them twice also. BUT... Dear Old Equifax refused to remove 4 items ( and contacting them at least 6 times) that had been sold even though they were included in the bk. So I took a chance and wrote a letter including that instead of them just telling me that the accounts were confirmed TO THEM as being correctly reported, that they needed to tell me who they contacted, what was confirmed and to who, and were the accounts even confirmed to be mine . I also noted when I was re reading my report I noticed that they continued to report those accounts late even though they had been contacted post bk. I told them to respond within 30 days or remove them 4 items completely as their continued reporting on a bk account was in violation of bk laws. ( did some research on bk laws ) Today I receive a copy of my updated credit report from Equifax and lo and behold... they removed them. Doing The Big Happy Dance Next I'll figure out how to get the other ones that are noted as bk fixed too
  5. What is the least expensive way of getting all three of your credit scores. I have the reports through freeannualcredit.com but no scores.
  6. Hello, My personal credit is terrible and that is something I need to work on obviously. However my more immediate problem is my corporate credit. I opened my own business almost 2 years ago and incorporated a C corp to do it. Recently I applied through the bank that the corporation does business with to open a line of credit and they turned me down siting negative information on the corporate credit report. I am unsure how to even obtain a corporate credit report. Can someone help?
  7. USAA offers it's members a product called "Credit Monitoring Premium" that allows you to view all 3 credit bureau reports monthly. Unfortunately, they locked the door on non-military members before I could sign up. I am hoping that someone can recommend an alternative product that will let me do this. Thanks in advance!
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