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  1. Hello, I am new to CreditBoards, but have been pouring over the material and am very excited to begin my credit repair. I have triaged my reports and am looking now to tackle a number of old accounts that went to a collection agency for medical services. All of these accounts went to the same collection agency (for services at two local hospitals) and range between 6 and 2 years old. I paid the CA in full, directly, for all of these accounts. The CA is Skagit Bonded Collections, a local collection agency in northwest Washington State. I have 7 similar accounts on my credit reports from CA Skagit Bonded Collections. I read PsychDoc's very helpful sessions, and have begun reading up on Why Chat’s HIPAA program, but have been unable to locate a clear path for what to do to have these removed from my credit reports, if possible at all. I am sure I can find it in Why Chat’s excellent material, but so far I have been unable to locate information for when the CA was paid instead of the OC. If memory serves, I simply went to the CA and paid out of pocket for all of these services once I knew I owed them. I may have set up a payment play or two. I am not sure if I signed or turned in anything to the hospitals at the time of services, but I doubt it. The pay status on all accounts is, "Account Paid in Full; was a Collection." The responsibility on all accounts is, "Joint Account." I was married at the time I paid all the accounts and incurred services, but I am now divorced. Some of the account remarks state, "ACCT INFO DISPUTED BY CONSUMR; >PAID COLLECTION." While others just say, "PAID COLLECTION." I do not remember disputing any accounts, though I may have said I never received any notice that I was to pay. I moved around quite a bit during this time, so that may be why I did not receive bills. I just moved again, and am awaiting my new driver's license and once I receive that, will begin work on deleting old addresses. But, I wanted to get going on this so I am ready once my old addresses are (hopefully) removed. Do I begin by writing to the hospital directly? Or should I write to the CA, who I paid in full for all services after they went to collections? Does anyone have a sample letter, or can you point me to one, that deals with paid CA accounts (paid to the CA) for medical services? Should I begin with a Goodwill Letter? Or should I jump right to a different kind of letter? And one non-medical related question - Can I get old addresses removed if I do not yet have my new driver's license with my new address? If yes, how so? Or should I wait until my new license arrives? Any and all information is very welcome. Again, I am relatively new, so if I am completely missing something, or there is a post somewhere that answers all this that I have yet to find, please let me know. Essentially, I just need to know where to begin/what to do. Sorry for the long post and let me know if any additional information is needed. Thank you!
  2. Hi. We previoulsy posted about LVNV Funding in another thread a week or two ago and the Dunning Letter my spouse received (recently was married, since the last thread). We've sent a DV letter as instructed CMRR and waiting a response fron that with the guidance we learned from here.He just recieved another letter from Asset Acceptance LLC that is offering a 90% discount to pay now. It does state in the bottom in very small print: "The law limits how long you can be sued for a debt. Because of the age of your debt, we will not sue you for it, and we will not report it to any credit reporting agency." From what I can tell, this would only require a response to make them essentially.. go away. I belive I've seen this referred to as a FOAD letter, correct? We have a complicated journey ahead with his credit as we just married (thanks to recent law changes) and he is changing his last name to mine which may help or hinder the process of his repair (but I'll save that for another thread). Input, suggestions or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Looking for some advice on dealing with this collection agency Portfolio Recovery Associates. Same old story, I went thru some very hard times about 4 years ago and now im dealing with the consequences. Recently Ive been contacted by Portfolio Recovery Associates regarding TWO accounts that they have purchased and are now trying to contact me about settling debt. One of the accounts is an old GE Bank Credit Card (Walmart) that is out of the Statue of Limitations in my state. (im in Texas and I believe the SOL is 4 years on debt.) The letter that I received regarding that account is has this text written on the bottom: "Because of the age of your debt, we will not sue you for it and we will not report it to any credit reporting agency." The letter also states that they bought the debt from "ARROW FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC", so I assume it should be out of the SOL. The most recent letter has stated that I owe around $650 but they will settle for 3 options: 1.) I pay $251.00 straight out 2.) I oay $47.00 for 6 months 3.) I pay $26.00 for 12 months Since this debt is so old, and isnt being reported to credit agencies then whats the point of settling with them? And If I remember correctly, the credit line on that card was only $200 or something. My question on this one is, how can I figure out if it is actually out of SOL and if it is then how can I stop them from contacting me about it or have them shut down that account. Debt Validation? Cease & Desist Communications on this account? I have read that a cease & desist increases the probability of getting sued but since the letter states they CANT sue me then would it hurt to send the C&D to shut them up on that account? Now, the second account that they have is an old Capital One Bank credit card account which according to the mail document was purchased directly from Capital One. This account was purchased in 2013 and from one brief conversation I had with one of the reps on the phone, they said the last activity was from 2011. I have since ignored all calls as they have increased after accidentally speaking to them once. I am unsure if this is outside the statute of limitations since I dont recall when I ceased to make payments and it got charged off. Unless it just now was charged off and Portfolio Recovery Associates just now got their hands on it. I am currently in the process of obtaining my credit report to see whats actually there and if both of these debts are reporting. On this account, they claim I owe something between $800-$1000 but I know for sure that this card was another low credit line of something like $250. A letter states I owe $850 but on the phone the rep said something like $1100. It seems they are increasing the amount due with every communication. My question on this one is how can I clarify what exactly I should owe, whether or not it is within the SOL, and whether I should make a deal with them. Also, should I start this off with a Debt Validation Letter and just go from there? Is the probability of being sued for this one higher since it may not be out of SOL yet? Its a relatively low amount so I dont see the need for getting lawyers involved. Even though they purchased the debt in 2013, I am almost certain that its been charged off since at least 2011. I have not yet received the "deal" letter on this account as they were just able to get ahold of me via phone. Ive been receiving random letters from CA's but I usually read them over quick and throw them away. They somehow dug up my cell number so now the calls are coming in more and more frequently. So thats the collection agency drama, please send any helpful advice. This is just the beginning of fixing the debt hole that I got into back when i fell on hard times but hopefully with some helpful tips and tricks it will get all figured out. I will continue to update this post as I move through the processes of dealing with all of this so hopefully it will help someone else who may be in the same issue. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  4. My apologies if this gets long. In 2003 we had a boat reposed. We had been paying a small amount each month towards the balance that was left after they sold it (which was a lot over $10,000). We were doing this through an autopay. There was a mishap in the autopay and it hadn't been coming out. Now this balance has been turned over to a collection agency (Mountain State Adjustment if anyone is familiar). I talked to them for the first time today and they want $12,900. I cannot even imagine there was that much left on the balance so I am not sure where that number is coming from. I was planning to send a validation of debt letter. Is that the right course to take here. They are expecting me to call them back on Friday. I told them we don't have access to that kind of cash. He said they pulled our credit report and it is good enough we should be able to get a loan. I am also wondering if this is outside the statute of limitations for my state. I looked it up and it appears to be 6 years for written contracts. What are your suggestions. The guy on the phone was very rude. Thank you in advance.
  5. A friend disputed two medical CAs on their Equifax report using the WhyChat HIPPA method and both came back deleted by Equifax: Stanislaus Credit Control — This item has been deleted from the credit file. California Service Bureau — This item has been deleted from the credit file. Should the OC now be paid by money order to preserve the deletion or are we done? They are for ~$25 and ~$350.
  6. Hello all, Has anyone here ever dealt with AR Resources collection agency?
  7. Hi all, Quick question. Received a voice mail today 7/31/14, about a letter I should have received and they want to give me the opportunity to speak for myself or they will proceed with consequences. I had sent this company a DV letter within the 30 days. Came home today and the green card return receipt was in the mail box, signed for on 7/28. Is this a clear violation? And appropriate to send an ITS letter?
  8. Hi all, Quick question. Received a voice mail today 7/31/14, about a letter I should have received and they want to give me the opportunity to speak for myself or they will proceed with consequences. I had sent this company a DV letter within the 30 days. Came home today and the green card return receipt was in the mail box, signed for on 7/28. Is this a clear violation? And appropriate to send an ITS letter?
  9. Received an interesting phone call today at work from a company called Harris Investigations claiming to be a fraud company about a in regards to a MyCashNow- Navy Federal claim from 2011 from phone number 855-495-4105, unlike most collection agencies they didn't give the normal script about being trying to collect a debt. Told them that I haven't banked with NFCU since 2009 when I closed my account out in a physical branch before relocating. Instead they when their information did not match up with my personal information they got upset and I transferred to the processing manager Monica Armstrong. When I flipped the scripted and started asking where they were located, who was in charge and a call back number all I got was this number 213-893-8237 and Monica telling me that she was located in a satellite office in California. She then informed me that the case would be processed out and sent over to my local county processing office. I looked up the name/phone numbers they gave me and what comes up in my searches doesn't seem to match. Called NFCU and they have my account closed as of 12/09. The company sounds like a scam, but I don't want to brush it off if its real. Nothing is/was on my CR. Can they still serve me if they were unable to verify any information?
  10. Hello All, I have recently explained that I have 3 charge offs. Only the OC's are reporting on my credit report. I have contacted them several times in attempt to pay them in full in exchange that they recall the debt; but they keep transferring me to the CA. The boards suggested that I DV the CA. If they cannot validate, what would happen to the original OC tradeline? Am I wasting my time DV'ing? Also, because the CA's are not reporting should I include a statement saying something like do not report to any of the bureaus? What can I change/add or any advice is greatly appreciated!!! Here is the letter: To Whom It May Concern, This letter is being sent to you in response to your recent communications. I dispute your claims in their entirety and request validation pursuant to the FDCPA. I am not requesting ”verification" that you have my mailing address, I am requesting a validation, that is, competent evidence that I have some contractual obligation to pay you. Also, please provide the following: · The original creditor's name, address, and date of last activity · What the money you say I owe is for; · Explain and show me how you calculated what you say I owe; · Provide me with copies of any papers that show I agreed to pay what you say I owe; · Prove the Statute of Limitations has not expired on this account; · Show me that you are licensed to collect in my state; · Provide me with your license numbers and Registered Agent · Agreement with your client that grants you the authority to collect on this alleged debt, or proof of acquisition by purchase or assignment · Agreement that bears the signature of the alleged debtor wherein he or she agreed to pay the creditor Please also be advised that this letter is not only a formal dispute, but a request that you cease and desist any and all collection activities. I require compliance with the terms and conditions of this letter within 30 days or a complete withdrawal, in writing, of any claim. It is inconvenient for me to communicate by phone. Send all communication to the address above.
  11. Hello All, I am new to the boards. I have 3 charge offs (First Premier, Macys and Victorias Secret) that are less than $1000 and my credit score is about a 570. On my credit report they are not listed under collections; but as the original creditor. I'm confused, I've been really researching, should I send a debt validation letter or a pay for delete? Because they are charged off, who should I call or write?... The CC company or collection agency? Also do you think I should get a secured Capital One credit card in the mean time to help build my credit back up? I'm trying to apply for a mortgage and I know my score is no-where near getting approved. Please help!!! Thank you so much!
  12. I have done the following steps. 1. Disputed with the CRAs. - Received the debt was verified from the CRA, but not the info requested from the Collection Agency. Never heard from them. 2. Sent a written Dispute directly to the Collection Agency. 3. Sent a second Dispute to the CRAs with Certified proof of CA received my Dispute request. 4. Received notice the CRA is investgating. 5. Now I just received a letter from the Collection Agency. - They are offering a 50% discount for the dept. That offer is good for 30 Days. - They also say, unless I notify them within 30 days after receiving this notice, that I dispute the validity of this debt, they will assume the debt is valid. - They go on to state, If I notify them in writing that I dispute the validity of the debt, they will obtain verification and mail a copy of judgement, the name and address of the original creditor. Now, I know the Medical business this debt is allegedly from, has gone out of business. And CA is from out of state. Should I send another Dispute as requested by the CA? Thanks.
  13. Hello guys, great site you have going on here. Brief intro - I'm turning 20 in 3 weeks, I have one $700 credit card which is maxed because I've had two consecutive injuries that kept me from work, and I have some other things I'm paying. My credit score is in the high 600s and I've been learning a bit about improving it but haven't made much progress. All was well until a couple days ago when I got a call from a CA saying I owe 1100 dollars for a visit I made back in September of 2013. I never got a bill, notice, or anything for those 1100 as I thought the hospital had cleared my charges through some sort of charity discount due to my income and I also had no insurance at the time. Basically I never got the bill, I thought it was taken care of, and now I got a call from the CA saying I owe them 1100. I asked them to send me a paper bill and I just got it today. I have read the newbie posts and all that but it is honestly a crap ton of info, and although I'm sure I can know what to do once I read it, I don't want to waste precious time because I do know that CA have 30 days to act after first contact. My SOL are here removed outbound link. I am located in NV and have talked once to a CA, I told them I don't remember seeing that bill since I never got it and I got the paper form. I hope that's enough info to allow you guys to help me and thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, guys, I've been reading this board for a couple of weeks now and in preparation for challenging a medical debt, opted out and called the CRAs to update my addresses. Experian let me do it on the phone, but I couldn't get through to the others so I'll just write to them. Here's the boneheaded thing I did: I called a CA by accident and thought it was a CRA. I got hold music, started doing a couple of other things and basically didn't hear when the woman got on so I jumped into the call and told her I wanted to updated my addresses. Which she was happy to do. Oh my God. And then about 5 minutes into the conversation she said "this is an attempt to collect a debt" and I nearly swallowed my tongue. I quickly ended the conversation without discussing anything further with her. So since I've just updated my address with the CA, is it even worth attempting to validate the debt with the CA and verify with the CRA as part of Why Chat's HIPAA method? Or should I just try to pay the OC (hospital) quickly with HIPAA insert a method? It's only going to be on my CR for another year but I'm afraid I may have renewed their interest in me. The amount is $1,500 so I'm fearing they'll get pretty aggressive or even sue. Any advice (other than to double check my phone numbers and pay attention)? Thanks!
  15. Hello, Thanks in advance for any helpful answers to my question. I forgot I had a bill, then changed my phone number and address. The bill was forwarded to a collection agency, which didn't contact me because my phone number changed. I am trying to take out a mortgage and the unpaid bill from the collection agency now shows on my credit report. It is my understanding that if I pay the bill, the mark from the collection agency (stating that I had a bill that was outstanding but was paid) will stay on my credit report for 7 years. Is this correct, or is there any way to have the collection agency remove the mark from my credit? Also, if I pay the bill, and this is reflected on the collection agency mark on my credit report, is my credit score lowered less than if there is an unpaid bill from the collection agency on the credit report? Thank you.
  16. 4 years ago had an emergency and went to hospital. Had $500 ER fee but forgot my insurance card so they put me in the system of owing them $500. I procrastinated filing paperwork and got stuck with the bill going to collections when I moved states (this was in FL) ..In anycase, the debt is mine. have been trying to repair last few years and negotiated all debts (thanks to this form). The original creditor has since been bought out and while they would surely take my $500 or negotiated rate, they do not have record of me owing them any money or that I even went to the ER. So basically I'm dealing with this scumbag collection agency now. Originally, few years back I sent CA DV letter. However, the address on negative CR item was incorrect. Letter was returned to me. Looking back, I'm positive they put this address on reports so all letters get rejected and you have to go find their address online. Because I was working on all my other items that had responded to DV letters, I didnt follow up with this one as much as I should have. CA has two names with same address and legal affiliation with each other. CA used one of their names to add on one of CRA and other one on another CRA. At same time I received undelivered letters to CA few years back, I disputed online with CRA and both they were removed. Months later, CA played hokie-pokey by ensuring that they made sure each of their company names filed one time with CRA on the collection. Kept disputing online since was frustrated with undelivered DV. Eventually all went away and seemed to stay off. 2 Years later, the CA added back the collection to CR. One mark on two CRA using one of each of their company names. Finally this time I looked around on the internet and found several addresses for their company. I sent DV letters to 4 locations and duplicated the DV letters in both of their company names. One of the addresses worked and a successful copy for each company name they filed with was delivered and signed for return receipt certified. In between this period, I disputed online for no knowledge of collection, since first delinquency date was current over 3 years off. Got items removed from two CRA. They they played the hookie-pokey again resubmitting the collection with different company name on different CRA. Received no response with DV letter. It's been 36 days. Now, I get a new update on 2/3 CRA that show the collection as an "Account" right beside my credit cards and read "Potentially Negative Closed" with all of the information about the collection wrong or missing. I'm pissed. The two CRA that they attached this "Potentially Negative Closed" on, the CRA didnt even have a collection on the report when this was attached. For some reason, it seems that this is the wrong place for this collection to be on my credit report for medical from CA. I'm positive that these scumbags have broken the law somewhere here or at least have legal rights for removal based on the following: Incorrect address on CR. Years back and recent addresses were all the same. Couldn't be one time thing or mistake Adding by multiple of their internal company names at one time. How can "two different" CA own one account. Adding and marking CR as "potentially negative closed" after 10 days having received DV letter on CRA where the collection didnt show up. My report went from 723 to 589 just like that with this one item. I'm sure I messed up here somewhere in handling this one account the best way.... but I'm unsure of how to move forward. I want to go for their jugular if they've violated any laws. Pride might get me, but getting this removed ONLY is simply not an option now. I want their head! lol Sorry this is a long rant ....i got worked up any help on where to go from here or something they might have done illegally I would GREATLY appreciate it.
  17. Yesterday I received a Privacy Policy in the mail from some company that represents several collection agencies. One of the CAs listed was LNLV who was on my credit report before they (miraculously) gave me a GW delete on an old settled account a year or two back. There was nothing else attached, just the privacy policy. Should I be concerned?
  18. I received a call today the individual never left a message but they called a relatives number saying they were a debt collector Fidelity Creditor Services and left a name and number. When I googled the number it comes up as a massage practitioner. I called from a different number about 8:30p to confirm the business name and info and a guy answers and says I called after hours, that the computers are down and if I called from a number they called today they would call back tomorrow. I havent done this in awhile but that seemed quite odd. Anyone deal with them before, I have nothing on my credit report and have no idea what this is about. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi there! I've been reading these forums for a bit now and finally decided to make a post - hopefully I can get some solid advice here. =] So my dad received a collection notice from ACSI (Automated Collection Services) regarding a debt from a private club he is a member of. (Short story: He retired and his balance went past due 31 days. Promised to pay as soon as his federal retirement kicked in within 2 weeks, but crazy club administrator who has a personal vendetta against him sent it to collections anyway). The amount they say he owed was relatively close to what was expected, but we wanted to be extra sure that everything was precise -- there's another member at said club with the same name and they accidentally charge HIS purchases to my dad's account from time to time. All of that being said, I sent a short, sweet DV letter to ACSI asking for an itemized list of the charges. They have a solid rep from what I've read so I figured they'd comply, and sure enough they did. Not only did they send an itemized list of charges from the club, but also the original signed application to join. Here's where the fun (read: questions) starts: 1. The itemized statement says $385 in monthly membership dues, but the application they sent with his signature specifically says $235. Disputable based on documentation THEY provided? 2. About a week and a half after the dunning notice was received, the OC (club) sent another invoice requesting payment. I could be wrong, but if the account it placed with a collection agency, isn't the OC supposed to stop dealing with the customer and refer them to the CA for questions and payment? It confused him because he now has 2 companies requesting payment for the same debt and doesn't know who to pay. 3. The debt needs to be (and is going to be) paid, mainly just waiting to see WHO actually gets the check. If the original creditor is paid, and we send a letter to the CA letting them know the OC kept sending statements after they had the account placed with them so we paid the club instead, the CA has to go away anyway, yes? And in that particular case, since we paid the OC by their request, can the CA still report it to the credit bureaus? Thanks in advance for any advice! =]
  20. I was travelling with a group of friends to Florida. A friend of my roommate left his shirt at an inn in Florida. So, he logged in to his UPS account and schedule a pick up and delivery. He seemed to paid for it. What happened was he only paid for the pick up and there is a separate charge of delivery. He used my name and address since he has to come back to my city to take a flight back. UPS sent me a letter asking for payment since he used my name as the recipient. Now, UPS sent me a letter asking for payment. I called UPS and explained that the payment should not be directed at me. The guy that I don't know very well just used my name as recipient. The payment should be charged to his account. He used his credit card to make payment (for pick up). I wonder why they don't charge it to the same account and direct it to me instead. My roommate got the package and gave it to the guy already. Two months passed and I've forgotten about it completely. All of sudden, i got letter from collection agency, saying something about I have to pay them within 30 days. I called UPS and they blame me for not calling them even though it's not my debt. I did offer to call them back to get them the guy's info, but I forgot. I never got a call back from them How will this affect my credit? How should I handle this? It's only $20, and it will be outrageous if it hurts my credit. Not my charge to begin with I called the collection agency and I was told that they do not report to credit agency and I get them to confirm it through email. They did sent me an email. But, some people kept saying that they could still report it as paid collection, which hurt my credit. If I pay, that would mean that I accept the debt. The lady at the collection agency said I could dispute it. I just want to get over it. The $20 is the least of my concern now. I got excellent credit, and i don't want a dent on it. "We don’t report any consumer accounts to any credit reporting agency. You will be able to mail payment to the address location on the collection notice with the voucher to #### Group with a check or money order that is made payable to UPS." Thanks
  21. This particular problem happened before I knew of the HiPAA program. I have since learned of the HIPAA program and used it for other medical collections and it worked perfectly. Thank you. However, this particular issue started completely out of order and prior to learning HiPAA. I called my current medical insurance issuer to pay for something about two months ago. They advised me that two previous accounts were sent to collections. We went over everything, I recalled the services and paid them over the phone. She said that they would have the collection agency pull the records and delete the trade lines. I said ok. They have since sent me copies of the records and paid receipts for both accounts. The collection agency deleted both accounts from Transunion without me doing anything, one account from Experian and one account from Equifax. I disputed Exquifax online which resulted in one being deleted and the other came back verified. Experian deleted the one because I disputed online but the system wouldn't let me dispute the other one again so I decided to wait to do so by mail because I had another active dispute going with them. Since Transunion deleted without me initiating a dispute, I believe that was done because my insurance carrier told them to do it. I know they contacted them because after I paid them over the phone and verified that no payment information would be shared with the CA, she put me on hold to call the CA to tell them to delete. She even quoted HIPAA saying that they have the CA delete all account information after the hospital is paid because it would be a violation. My credit card statement reads the hospital as payee, it was an electronic payment and the receipts from the hospital billing records list payment made to and received and processed by hospital. So now with the CA going rogue it seems with leaving one account and verifying one with another bureau, what should I do?
  22. I was reported to ChexSystems during an unemployment spell for an overdrawn bank account in late 2011. I'm ready and willing to pay the amount to get past this, but I wanted to get a validation from the collection agency proving they have the right to collect (I'm about 99% sure they do). I sent a fairly lengthly letter to the CA that pretty much boils down to: 1) I pay and then they delete (I know it probably won't work, but worth a shot) 2) They validate that they have a right to collect the debt, which I want them to do regardless of whether I get the pay-for-delete I sent the letter by certified mail with return receipt on March 1, 2013. I never heard back from them, though they did send a settlement offer, I think before they ever even got my letter, which I ignored. Worst case scenario, at this point I'd rather be marked paid than settled, and I expected to hear a counteroffer from them at the very least. Most importantly, to get to my question, as I understand credit reporting law, they do have to validate the debt within 30 days, which they did not do. Does this give me grounds to dispute the record with Chex? It has been over six weeks now. I'm fine with paying them, but I'm also fine with washing my hands of the whole matter. Thank you
  23. I hope I am posting correctly on here! I recently opened a new secured credit card to help improve my credit score from past bad financial decisions. A credit report was pulled from Experian and I found what I think is an error, but I'm not completely sure what the rules and regulations are as far as how and why things appear on your credit report. Hence why I am posting here! I had a balance with Verizon that was turned over to a collection agency. The last several years have been a struggle financial (school, being laid off, working only part time, etc), so the account with Verizon has been through a couple agencies unfortunately. On the credit report it is showing that a company called Pinnacle owns my Verizon Account. However, for the past couple of months I have been paying a company called Northland Group in regards to that Verizon Account. When I started to make arrangements on delinquent accounts they were the most recent letter I had in regards to that Verizon Account. The balance on the credit report is correct (including payments recently made). Northland Group is however now where to be found on my Credit Report. My question is, Is this something I should dispute? Or am I possibly paying the wrong company even though the balance reflects recent payments I have made? I am very confused, but I am trying to improve my credit to the best of my ability. Thank you! Jennifer
  24. Right when I could see the light at the end of the tunnel... I'm almost completely done with my cleaning up my credit, but Experian is a killing me. 2 weeks ago I sent "delete as obsolete" letters to TU and EX for the last of my baddies as it was within 2-3 mos. of DoFD . EQ was done successfully online. A week later the account had been deleted from my TU, and today 3/18/13 I received the official response letter from TU indicating the account had been deleted. I just did my daily monitoring pull to see if by some miracle it dropped from EX, but it hadn't which I expected, and I planned on calling anyway. Business Name PLATINUM PARTNERS & AS Inquiry Date 3/18/2013 Business Type Other Collection Agencies I have never received any letters or phone calls from this agency, nor have I even heard of this agency, let alone had any correspondance with them. How should I approach this? Should I dispute with EX asap online, over phone, or in letter? Should I send a letter requesting removal directly to the CA citing Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 1681b©? I've read the horror stories about disputing a unauthorized inquiry only to have it re-verify or lead to bigger headaches. Up until now my clean up and reestablish has been relatively headache free, so I definitely do not want to approach this wrong and set myself back a couple more months, or worse years, but I'm definitely itchin to bring the pain to whomever I must Thanks in advance for any input or advice.
  25. My Verizon account was sold to a Collection Agency but Verizon is the only company to report to the credit bureaus about the account. I called Verizon (I was careful not to give any information) only my name. They stated that they don’t actually handle the account there and transferred me over to the Collection Agency. Now, the CA sent me a letter about a month ago offering a settlement. I actually want to settle with the amount they offered, but I want to ensure that Verizon updates my account with the credit bureaus. If it were the actual CA reporting the bureaus, I would have done a Pay for Delete letter weeks ago, but I’m not sure how to handle this since the CA technically has nothing to delete. How do I move forward? Send Verizon a pay for delete letter? The Verizon rep did let me know that once I settled with the CA that they’d update my credit report as Paid as Agreed. Should I send the CA any letter? If so what should it say? THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!
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