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  1. I had a credit card through 1st Financial Bank USA that I opened in 2004. My last payment was in 2010 and it was charged off in June of 2010. The SOL in my state, Maryland is 3 years. Legally they cannot sue me for the debt. In addition, they have stopped calling me (THANK GOD). But they are updating faithfully every month that it is charged off, which is very annoying. I would like to offer them a PFD but am afraid that it will somehow start the SOL over. Any suggestions on how I could word this? I don't want it totally deleted, because it is my oldest account, I really just want the charge off and any subsequent information deleted. Please HELLLPPPP!!
  2. I've been on this board a while and having some successes thanks to all of you. I was having another look at my Merrick charge-off, and noticed something I hadn't before. I recently disputed this as obsolete (I'm way early, but thought I'd give it a shot anyway) and it came back verified of course. What I noticed though is that the date updated (or date reported) didn't change. I guess I always assumed this would update when the OC verifies the entry to the CRA. I'm not familiar with whether this is something that should update or not when a dispute occurs. Any clarification? Reports as follows (this info is from MyFico.com): Date Opened: 7/2007 (EQ/TU/EX) Status Date: 11/2012 (EQ/TU) 10/2012 (EX) Last Activity: 12/2007 (EQ), 3/2008 (TU), 6/2008 (EX) Status: Collection/Charge-off/Loss Balance: 1418(EQ) 1419 (TU) - (EX) FWIW my records show a returned check item in 11/2007 and a separate last payment in 11/2007, so I'm going by those dates as DOFD. SOL in my state is 6 years. On 'official' report from TU shows the date to fall off shows as 11/2014. Report directly from EQ shows Date of First Major Delinquency as 4/2011 but also Date of First Delinquency as 12/2007. Basically I'm hoping not to hear anything further from them through November, then once out of SOL I'm gearing up to try any and all tactics to get this one deleted once I'm into the safety zone. I've done extensive reading here and elsewhere online and understand that Merrick is one of the toughest nuts to crack, not in small part to the fact that although they employ collection agents on their behalf, they retain ownership of their accounts.
  3. hello all! i just noticed a collection acct on my cr from mar 13, showing $38 as paid. i have never received any correspondence from the collection agency, nor have i ever made any payments to them. i had an appointment in feb of this year and i recall the clerk informing me that there was a small past due balance, in which i paid while at the docs office. so im thinking they sent the funds over to the collection agency. is there any way to get the agency to remove the co acct? thanks
  4. Any advice that you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated. I have a Daimler Chrysler Charge Off on all three bureaus that is due to fall off in August 2014. The Charge off resulted in a Judgment that appears on my Equifax and my Trans Union credit reports. The Judgment is scheduled to keep reporting until 4/2016. These are the only negative items that remain on my reports, and I’d like to have them removed if possible. I sent the following PFD letter to Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis: Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis, P.C. 136 Gaither Drive Suite 100 Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 RE: TD Auto Finance (Daimler Chrysler) Account # XXXXXXXXXXXXX Essex County Special Part Case # XXXXXXXXXXXXX Dear Sir/Madam: This letter is an attempt to reach a negotiation to settle an outstanding debt. I’m sending this letter Certified Mail # XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX to make sure that you receive it. In the spirit of compromise I am prepared to pay you 30% of the total amount due, if Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis is willing to file a Motion to Vacate the Default Judgment (Essex County Special Part, Case #XXXXXXXXXX). I would also request that TD Auto Finance (Daimler Chrysler) delete all negative items associated with account #XXXXXXXX from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, and report this account as Pays as Agreed/ Closed with a zero balance. It has been a very rough few years, but my financial position has mildly improved since this account had gone delinquent, and I am now prepared to settle this debt. In the spirit of good will, I am hoping an agreement can be reached where all parties involved can benefit as a result. If Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis will agree to these terms and accept this agreement, funds totaling 30% of the total amount due will be sent in exchange for Vacating the Judgment (Essex County Special Part, Case #XXXXXXXX) and full deletion of ALL negative references regarding my TD Auto Finance (Daimler Chrysler) account #XXXXXX from my credit files. As an added “rider” to this compromise request, I request that the trade line be updated on all credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) within 15 days after funds have been applied to the debt. If Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis agrees to the proposal stated above, please respond, on company letterhead, and descriptively outline the action that will be taken by Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis, and signed in ink by an authorized representative of Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis. Thank you, XXXXXXX XXXXXXX FOLLOWING IS THE RESPONSE THAT I RECEIVED FROM LYONS, DOUGHTY & VELDHUIS: XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX Re: Daimler Chrysler Financial Services Americas LLC v. XXXXXX XXXXXXX Docket No. XXXXXXXX Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXXX Current Balance: $1,910.62 Dear XXXXX XXXXX: Please be advised that we are unwilling to accept your offer of 30% of the balance. We are willing to accept the sum of $1,500.00 as settlement in full of the above captioned matter on or before September 25, 2013. Your credit report will be updated as Settled and the negative items will not be deleted. Upon receipt of cleared funds a Satisfaction of Judgment will be forwarded to Court for filing. A filed copy of same will be provided upon receipt from the Court. Our client is accepting this settlement with the condition that there is no sale of real property or refinancing of a mortgage pending. Either of these circumstances will render the acceptance of this offer null and void. Please forward funds to our payment processing center located at 136 Gaither Drive, Suit 100, P.O. Box 1269, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 payable to Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis. Upon receipt of cleared funds your account will be reported to our client as SETTLED/PAID. Should you have any questions in this matter, please contact Paul van Twuyver, at 888 322-3922. Our Client will issue a Federal 1099 Tax form on discount Savings equal to or exceeding $600.00. If you have questions regarding how this may affect your tax responsibilities you should speak with your tax consultant. Very Truly Yours, XXXXXXXXXXXXX I'm not exactly sure what to do at this point. Could settling this account have a negative effect on my FICO Scores? My current FICO Scores are: Experian 677 Equifax 665 Trans Union 656
  5. I have a loan that went into charge off status in August 2011. Last year I disputed in on my CR and it came back as validated/verified in Nov 2012. Ok so they have not reported anything since then, but I really need this removed. I have worked out an arrangement with NCO, who now owns the loans according to the OC. I called the OC today and they said they cannot delete thier reporting even though they don't own it any longer because what they provided was accurate. NCO is not reporting it at all. I really need to item removed because it is $114k and looks really bad. The charge off is now 2 years old, but still. I have made arrangements with NCO to pay on this account. So is there anything I can do to have the OC remove the item?
  6. I'm not really sure what I should be looking for on this account, so I'm hoping for some input. Cliff Notes Version: My old vehicle was financed with Citi and I ran into trouble making payments while I was out of work so I took some deferments, partial payment offers, etc. to prevent lates on the account. Citi did not record the arrangements and the loan was sold to Santander and by the time I found out what was going on it was in repo status. I paid it off and prevented the repo but now I'm thinking of looking for another car, I'm thinking the status on this will make it more difficult (and expensive) to get financed. Not to mention it's probably hurting me when seeking other credit as well since the account is in the negative category. What, if anything, should I address on the payment status as reporting to the CRAs below? Is there a preferable payment status I should try for (since all 3 are different)? Should I try for a deletion altogether? Or just leave it alone? Santander Consumer USA Date opened: EX: 6/1/2006 EQ: 6/1/2006 TU: 6/20/2006 Account type: EX: Auto Loan EQ: Installment TU: Installment Account status: EX: closed EQ: closed TU: closed Payment status: EX: Legally paid in full for less than the full balance EQ: Bad debt & placed for collection & skip TU: Payment after charge-off/collection Comments: EX: Election of remedy – reported by subscriber EQ: Settlement accepted on this account – paid charge off TU: Settled: less than full balance
  7. Transfer account listed as charge off I have a bon ton department store card (capital one) account that was sold off. There was a zero balance when transferred. The account was transferred in august of 2012. I just found an article on the internet stating" Alliance Data Systems will spend about $475 million to acquire the credit card portfolio of Bon-Ton Stores. The acquisition is targeted to close in the third quarter" The account was sold to alliance Experian and Trans-union have the account listed as a current or transferred. Equifax had reported the account as Transferred and current I had hired Lexington Law in late 2012 to help repair my credit and one of the things they were disputing were old lates, I did have two lates on the account in June and July in 2011, on the credit report. In January of 2013 Equifax had reported the account as Transferred and current. In March of 2013 Equifax had the account listed as collection/ charge off. I am not sure what Lexington Law had done, but I asked them to fix the problem and they said they would fix the problem and they did not change anything. I sent a letter on my own and received a letter back from the original creditor saying the account was sold to allianceand nothing else. Equifax sent me a letter and they said the account was charged off. also Equifax has a high balance of $605 on the credit report which was the credit limit and not the high balance the highest the balance ever was $169 (as reported by other bureaus) both Equifax and Capital one are acting annoyed that I amtrying to fix this problem it only dropped my score from 726 to 597 Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Thank you
  8. I use MPM to monitor my credit reports and have a charge off showing up under the section for [Installment Accounts: Accounts comprised of fixed terms with regular payments]. This C/O is also only showing up on my credit report. Only my Experian. I have not disputed this C.O with any CRAs I have pretty much left this alone but wondering if I should do anything with it or let it fall off on it's own? I am still trying to figure out what this for, it's not a credit card I don't think - but I think it was for a tax refund anticipation check [please don't judge ] when I had H&R block prepare my taxes maybe 7 years ago? I am not 100% sure- but then why would it show up as an installment account? This account is scheduled to continue on record until Feb 2014 This is what MPM shows: And this is what it looks on my actual experian report: It shows original loan amount for $106 Then [ok] payments from 2004-2007 - ? If anyone can shed some light on this, I am waiting until August 2013 to dispute anything with CRAs because I am following WhyChat's method of a few medical collections that I have. Should I send a GW to the OC to remove this? There is no collection showing up on my credit reports for this amount. any input, suggestions would be awesome! :good:I am just at a loss on what to do for this one if anything. Thank you guys.
  9. I need advice and I need it fast!! I've had excellent credit for years but around late 2009, I found that my credit took a hit. It took a hit because of Citibank and Discover. On both of these cards I was only an authorized user, but they were both reporting it as joint with an ex GF. At the time, I contacted Citibank, and asked them to remove me off the card as I was only an authorized user. They researched quickly, and I was told that they would get me completely removed from the account and the account off my credit report. They stated they were doing it as a courtesy, but I know it was becasue there was nothing on application stating it was joint, becasue I was only an authorized user. I contacted Discover and they played hardball... They wanted my SSN, stating they need it to verify I was who I said I was. They wouldn't even talk to me without me giving it. I told them the same that I was only an authorized user. They stated they would research and get back to me. A few weeks went by and I get a letter stating that the account was Joint and the proof they had was that I had called in on the account a few years prior... Yes, I did call ... probably to discuss getting the rate reduced, but at the time, my ex had authorized Discover to discuss the acct info with me... I also think I called at a time the card had a zero balance.... I don't have a copy of the old bills, but I remember, the bills use to come in my ex's name only. After getting the letter from them, saying it was joint, I should have kept pursuing it, but I was expecting my 1st child, was stressed, and didn't want to take anything more on.. After that letter from Discover, I never heard a thing from them, that was until Nov 2012. I get a letter from an attorney with a copy of a request to a judge in the the circuit court of AR. My ex had moved to Arkansas a few months after we split. The letter includes a copy of a "Order of dismissal without prejudice", on a lawsuit filed against my ex and me. So then I figure, I'm good... and nothing to worry about.... Boy was I wrong. So last week, I find that my job situation will be changing in a few months, and knowing that if I refi my mortgage, I can cover my child care costs, I go for a refi. My credit comes up with a Charge Off from Discover, still reporting... I contacted the attorney, Discover is using about the Dismissal, to see if the Judge had signed off. I was told the Judge did sign off and it was filed with the courts clerk in AR. I've requested a copy... Now my issue is how do I get Discover to stop reporting and get this off my credit report ASAP.... I did dispute the charge off, with the 3 credit bureaus, stating it was not mine and that I was only an authorized user.. I have a feeling that it will come back with Discover stating it's joint account, just like they did before... without any real proof. I also need to get this removed ASAP, so I can proceed with a refi... Is there anything I can do? Can I contact anyone, within the State of MD where I am a resident, that can intervene in this matter ... basically force Discover to removed me and remove it from my credit report? I called Cedit Plus, because the lender I am looking to use uses them... They stated the odds are, with just the "Order of Dismissal" they can NOT get it removed because all that does is removes me from their lawsuit. How do I go about getting everything removed? Could a company like Credit Plus actually get it removed by requesting a DV? I'm wondering what they would do, if Discover came back to them and said it was a joint account because I had called in... Not only is this preventing me from getting a new mortgage, but it's hitting my credit score, forcing me into a higher rate... even if it were paid, so I need it removed. Thanks!!
  10. I had used Lexington laws services to attempt to remove some late payments on my credit report. I used them for about 6 months I dropped them because they messed up my credit, but they were nice enough to charge me for one last month. Here is the situation: I had not been using an original creditor's,OC, department store card for 7 months. They were in the process of closing the card when I came into the store to use the card so instead ofreactivating the card they stared a new account. ( the new account is in good standing) The old account had all payments current and a zero balance. On my credit report the accounts show as paid or transferred (with one CRA) and current. 45 days ago that changed with Equifax it now shows as derogatory collection / charge off. There are late payments on that old account that are 21 months old, which Lexington law was attempting to remove but never removed them. Instead, they messed up the account turning it from positive account to derogatory collection / charge off. My score dropped 120 points. I contacted the OC via phone and they said the account was never charged off but they would not issue me a letter stating that fact, instead they said contact the CRA and have them contact us and we will verify with the CRA. Jst to verify I pulled a credit report directly from equifax and it is showing the account as closed and as a charge off. The account ha a zero balance and no late payments since 2011 Can anyone tell me What is the best fastest way to correct my credit to not show the derogatory collection/ charge off. Thanks
  11. I have been searching for hours through CreditBoards and google with no real answer regarding removing charge offs on my CR. I have two HSBC charge offs on my account that were charged off in 2009. Before discovering this board and (trying) educating myself I started trying to repair my credit and paid them off through the collection agencies. I am now trying to find out if there is a way to get these two TL's deleted from my report. I have been searching leading to more questions regarding this issue. Should I try GW, DV, 623 Dispute? Since I paid these through a CA would any of this be relevant? I was thinking of DV'ing both accounts and hopeing they don't respond, or 623 disputing stating last reported payment is wrong. My question is basically what route should I pursue, and since they are already paid can I DV the OC? Also it seems I have found varied outcomes with the HSBC accounts since they were purchased by Cap One, has one course of action been more sucseful than others? Sorry it it seams like I am rambling on, just feel overwhelmed and it seams like the more I learn the more questions I have. Made some mistakes in the past, now trying to correct things. Thank You, -Brandon
  12. I have two paid charge-offs on my CR that I want to remove..after some research I have come across a few methods. I am deciding between the Jack Attack and Doc's Nutcase letters...which is most effective initially? The two paid COs are from Victoria's Secret (WFFNB) and Macy's (DSNB). Thanks!
  13. I am a newbie here, but have been reading and reading until my eyes hurt. I am amazed at the amount of information on this board! I was hoping someone would weigh in on a couple questions I have. After an extended lay-off, I lost my home to foreclosure 2 years ago. I was able to get into another home by having my mother take out the mortgage (she's a saint) but then had to move out of state 6 months after moving in. Long story short, I need to clean my credit a bit so I can get a VA loan for a new home in my new state. Amongst a few other things, I would ultimately like to have the foreclosure and another "Deed in lieu of foreclosure" removed, but that is not what is preventing me from getting a mortgage. The big sticking point is that I have a charge-off CC account from Citibank/Sears for a $10,640 with a DOLA of 11-2009. As far as I can see, I still have 2 years left for the SOL to kick in. I am not entirely sure which CA has the account currently. Given the amount of the debt, what are the chances that trying to remove it from my CR will "awaken the sleeping giant"? I know that some consider it a sin, but alternatively, I have a small amount of funds available to make a lowball offer. Maybe 10-25% of the balance IF they clear my CR. If I went this route and were able to come to a settlement, what are the chances that they'd send me a 1099-C for the "forgiven" amount? I'd love to hear and comments or suggestions. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I think I need to start here. Well, back to reading and researching! Thanks!
  14. Good Morning, Newbie here.. Found this site last night, and have been reading for hours trying to gather all the information I need. Lot's of good info, very overwhelming I may add. lol Here's my situation, hoping someone can help. I've got two CC that are CO. One being with Capital one, who still holds the account. And the other with FFBUSA who have since sold it to a Debt Collector. I'm in the process of rebuiling my credit. Both account show that they will be removed from my credit in Dec 2015.. (almost there) I originally convinced myself I would just wait and wait and wait until they disappear, but now that i'm older it's a lot harder to deal with. (buying cars, homes, being approved to rent, being approved for CC, etc) So I get fed up.. For months I've been disputing some of my accounts, and have successfully been able to delete or update certain items. BUT decided to pay some of my bad debt, starting off with dilenquent accounts and starting with the lowest account of $25. I spoke with a Debt collector about a pay for delete on this account but they wouldn't do it. They told me if i paid it would show paid satified, and I thought that would be a positive outcome.. Little did I know it surely wasn't. I paid this $25 account and my score dropped 11 pts. With that being said I'm nervous to start paying other delinquent accounts because I don't want my score to drop.. My main question is - The account I have with Capital one is what i'm working on currently. I spoke to them on the phone, again asking for a pay for delete and they denied, but I was able ot get a settlement from $3265 down to $1399 for 3 payments, and then even $1200 if paid in full. Now (1) will paying this account have a negative effect on my credit report because it will show PAID/CLOSED? (2) Because I already spoke about a settlement, and demanded them to mail me the settlement offer, does that restart the SOL (It's a Florida account that became delinquent in June 2008, however I now live in CA)? (3) Will I be able to go back on my word to settle the debt, now knowing about SOL and it being after the 4 years, or does SOL restart, and then they have the ability to sue If I don't pay?? (4) And finally, Do i have the upper hand here if I explain to them that I no longer am entitled to pay them since it's after the SOL. And try and settle at the $1200 ONLY if they all for a Pay to Delete?? Sorry so many questions... I'm supposed to call them today.. Someone PLEASE shed light on this for me.. I have no idea what to do, and I don't want to screw this up anymore.. Thanks in advance....
  15. Hi there! I've got myself a fairly uncommon situation, at least my Googling seems to indicate so... I'll try to keep it brief, please prompt me if I'm leaving out anything important! I have a derogatory account that was originally incurred via the dentist through Unicorn Financial, which is now owned by Chase Health Advance. This originated in January 2007. My charges as per the dentists' ledger total $5731. CHA has my total charges for procedures at $6167. What the heck? That's a discrepancy right there! Also, with all the fees and interest charged, my original account balance (by my calculations, receipts and statements) should be $7414. I've paid over $3600 toward this debt (no interest is accruing anymore), but my most recent receipt shows a balance of $7138. That...just... doesn't add up. Is there a way to formally request an itemized reconciliation of my account? Is that a standard course of action? Is there any disadvantage to doing so? I asked for one verbally back in September, and the CSR said he'd send a detailed statement, but it never came. They do have my current address. I'm terrified of restarting the 7 years of reporting the account. It's noteworthy that I am still dealing with the original creditor, even though the account has long been charged off. In fact, it's due to fall off my credit reports next year. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that! I have been making small goodwill payments toward this debt for several years, and it has never been reported to a collection agency. I do eventually want to settle this debt, but right now I just want to understand what I'm being charged for so I can have all my ducks in a row in preparation of settling in the future. It's important to me that the amount of debt I'm working against is correct in the first place! Any advice would be welcome! Thank you! PS- where is the spell checker on this forum?
  16. I have 2 charge offs previous repos that are due to fall off in June 2013 and November 2013. My question to you all ...is should I dispute as obsolete early and should I dispute by mail or online. Are there any sample letters out there that I can use as a base? I've read a couple post about tradelines being deleted early just not sure which direction to take. These have been hanging over my head for the past few years and I'm ready to start fresh.
  17. Hey everyone. I have a question about how MCM is reporting this charge off. I had an account with Capital One that was charged off in December 2008. I live in Texas and our SOL is 4 years so it is well out of the SOL time frame. First off, it is categorized under installment accounts. Secondly, can they actually report this charge off as being 120 days late? Actions taken already: Opted-out Removed old info Sent a Texas DV letter to Midland 4 days ago. Revolving Accounts Transunion Experian Equifax Capital One Account No.: 5178******* 5178******* 5178******* Condition: Derogatory Derogatory Derogatory Balance: $0 $0 $0 Type: Credit Card Credit Card Pay Status: Chargeoff Chargeoff Chargeoff Installment Accounts Transunion Experian Equifax Midland/MCM Account No.: 1234**** Condition: Derogatory Balance: $1,975 Type: Collection Pay Status: Late 120 Days
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