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Found 4 results

  1. So my Amex reported upon refresh of USAA today. I have read that letting a balance report may, or may not, aid in the first reporting cycle. Here are my results: Two cards, approved same day, 30 days ago. PRG no balance/did not report first cycle. ED had a balance/reported first cycle, 30 days after acct opening, 3 days after statement close. If we can get more data on this we can establish how much the balance reporting method has on reporting the new accounts. Whether or not it is more common with revolvers opposed to charge cards. There must be a method to the madness that is Amex. Please share your recent results or add to this thread when your new accounts report, with the basic information.
  2. Other than D* and "prestige" what advantages are there to an AMEX Charge card, when compared to top-tier Visas or MasterCards, that justify AMEX's Annual Fees?
  3. My DW has a new JCB Marukai 3% card, but she was given only a $2,500 limit and they would not reconsider and indicated you must wait six months before applying for a CLI. We overpaid the current balance, and when you login, it now says available credit is ~$4,000. Does anyone have experience with this card and know whether a $3,000 charge would be approved at this point? I know that for Capital One account in the same situation, it would not be approved.
  4. Hey guys. Total newbie here excited about the vast world of rewards, but needing a strategy. I am looking to get the following Amex cards in the shortest amount of time as possible: Amex SPG Amex EDP Amex Delta Reserve Amex MB Platinum I truly need each one for different reasons. As the head of a touring performing group who travels strictly Delta and stay strictly Starwood, those cards would help a lot for business. We will traveling 11 people about 8 times in the next 2 months. EveryDay and Platinum help me get category spend on groceries and gas and other great travel perks. In any event, its for the perks and bonuses, not to increase the amount of credit I need. Ive been doing a lot of reading and research on here and all over about how to apply for multiple cards in one day, hard pulls soft pulls, etc. At the end of the day Im not concerned what my credit will look like after these pulls. I just want a way to get them approved. My score has gone up 50 pts this month so I feel like now is the time to do something big and fun. Exp 736, Eq 776, Tran 773. Some recent hard inquiries (declined a Platinum card in Aug) and an auto loan last year. 2 old paid off collections. Everything else is perfect. What are the strategies? DO I do them all at once from incognito browser pages? Wait and do one each day like the lady on the phone told me to do? And thoughts, stories, experience, on this would be so helpful! I want to start applying before the week is over. Thank you so much!
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