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Found 8 results

  1. I was wondering if Capital One would ever let me be added as an authorized user on a boyfriends card, when i have had a charge off with them in the past? They do not do credit checks for authorized users, correct?
  2. I started with a CapOne platinum card in their credit steps program and today my limit was increased from $300 (lol) to $1800. I know it is not much, but it is the highest limit card I have at the moment so I will take it! I just used the hell out of it and PIF twice a month. I also emailed the EO office earlier this week, so hopefully it goes up a tad more. I just wanted to share my success and let others know the $500 they say you'll get after 5 statements isn't necessarily the CLI you will get.
  3. Hello, nice to meet you...long story/rant/advice, please! I just pulled all three of my credit reports, starting with Experian last weekend and the other two today. I found a negative Capital One allegedly opened in 2008 (that I did not open), showing payments that I did not make. TransUnion and Equifax shows the last payment in November 2012; Experian shows the last payment in June 2012. I did, however, default on a Capital One account in the early 2000s -- that (surprise, surprise) I'm estimating should've fallen off my credit report in 2012. I had already disputed this 2008 account once a few years back and thought the things were corrected. This time around, I started by (stupidly, I'm guessing) disputing the Experian one online, with just enough room to type "I did not open a Capital One account in 2008." I did this over the Fourth of July Weekend. I magically got my results by 7AM Monday. Experian works holidays and weekends! Who knew?! They found the item to be in compliance with FCRA, the debt to be mine but noted that it was "transferred to another lender." I can't find hide nor hair of who that lender might be. I went digging through all my records. Thanks to the passage of time, a move and water damage, I no longer have anything pertaining to the original Capital One account. I switched banks in 2012 and found statements up to April 2012 from the old one and then nothing 'til I opened the new account in October 2012. TransUnion was showing payments to Capital One between January and November 2012 and, on the few statements I did have, nothing matched. No payments to anyone I didn't recognize. Nothing in those odd amounts ($19, $17, $39, $20). I'm so perpetually poor, I would remember making a deal or those payments!!! I look at the process for disputing this and just get exhausted and wonder, since I lack documentation, if it's even worth pursuing. Besides, couldn't they claim they got a money order or something? The only other accounts I've had (since the early 2000s Capital One) were an HSBC/Household Bank and a Credit One Bank and I don't think either of those two were tied into the reaging thing that Cap One did get into trouble for. (Speaking of, I also have a more pressing matter in the Credit One Bank account that's been sold to MSW Capital/"Whipple Law" PA -- so I will be scouring your DV letter resources for that). Anyway, sorry if that's too much to weed though. I look forward to hearing input from the folks here. Thanks!
  4. I got some Capital One balance transfer offers that offered 0% for 12 months and 2% and 3% fees. The offers had an expiration date after which the checks are treated as purchases. I called up and confirmed there is no fee if after the expiration date and they are just like a purchase, so I intentionally waited until after the offer expired and maxed out both accounts to build history for free and planned to PIF. Unfortunately, Capital One failed to inform me that they add a ten day grace period onto their offers, in fact the first level CSR declared I used them before the grace period expired and quoted an offer date ten days later. It was only when I spoke with a supervisor that they informed me of the grace period and how they were doing me a 'favor'. I was able to get them to take corrective action and make me whole again, but it used up about half an hour of my time, so I'm posting this here to alert others to this 'feature' of their balance transfer offer checks.
  5. Hi, I have defaulted on a credit card from CapitalOne. Due to divorce, death in family etc, etc. I just ignored it and hoped it would go away (bad I know). I am unemployed and do have some savings which I have been using to live off of. I have been receiving notices from law offices claiming I was being sued and that they could "help" me. I looked up their names and saw scam alerts so I just chalked it up to that. I finally looked up the case number and yes there is a case filed in my local county, that says CapitalOne is suing me. The notices I had received previously were letterhead from different law firms. One had said I would be getting served but so far I have not been "officially" served even though the case was filed in mid Dec. The trial date is set for mid Feb. I am at a loss at what to do. Previous to this bump in my financial life I had never not paid my bills. This is scaring me. I would appreciate any guidance. I am in the state of Maryland. Thank you.
  6. I have a charge off from HSBC that was listed on my report on 12/1/2004. IT has apparently been in collection for about 8 years, without ever being paid. In light of trying to get a mortgage, I have been trying to get this paid for the past 18 months!!!! I keep getting the run around from HSBC and Capital one and they can never find the account listed anywhere. Back in February, I did finally get someone to find it, made the full payment for the account in the amount of 580.00 and sent it to the address specified. Here I am 7 months later, they have never cashed the check, and they can not find the account. I am diligent in calling every month trying to figure out how to get this resolved and removed (or marked as paid) so that I can get this mortgage! Can someone please give me some advice as to what I can possibly do here. I am at my wits end!!! Oh, and they also marked my account as FP on all three bureaus in February, for the first time since 2005 as well. It dropped my score 60 points! Help!!
  7. Hello, I ran my Equifax report yesterday (in preparation for a per-approval for my first home loan). To my dismay I have one negative mark due to a late payment 30 days past due from my CapOne/ Best Buy CC. 1) I called Best Buy but they said they can't correct it on their end. I should just dispute with the Credit agencies. 2) I use credit Karma regularly and I was shocked at how much lower my score was on Experian (credit Karma 726, Experian with Negative Mark 628)! What can I do to ensure CapOne corrects its mistake? Should I wait on getting my pre-approval until the dispute is resolved? Why is there such a huge difference in my scores? Thanks! I appreciate all the insight.
  8. Anyone notice an account credit lately on their accounts from that settlement that made them refund the payment protection charged to a customer's accounts? I noticed a $200 credit on one of my accounts but nothing on the other one so far.
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