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  1. I remembered reading here not too long ago that there was some confusion between HSBC and Cap1 as to which bank owned the old, closed charged off CCs that were closed prior to the Cap1 purchase of HSBC CCs. If I could find the thread, I would post it. I had an HSBC charged of CC that was closed prior to the purchase that was set to fall off in 10/2015, and I decided to take a chance and dispute it as obsolete with TU, along with a couple other accounts I am disputing. This account was reporting only on EX and TU, and all prior attempts to dispute it off had failed. To my surprise, it was deleted from EX a few days later! I didn't even dispute it with EX. Yesterday, it was also deleted from TU. This leads me to believe that TU did actually submit a dispute to verify with HSBC, and that HSBC submitted a request to all CRAs to have it removed. My guess is that it has to do with the ownership issue. If you have one of these old HSBC charged off CCs reporting, it might be a good time to try and dispute it, even if you have already tried in the past. Good luck!
  2. I have been trying to clear up DH report. I received a letter from LVNV attempting to collect. These are our facts: Date opened: 3/6/2008 DOFD: 5/2008 C/O: 11/2008 Account was opened, used, closed and past SOL in FL (SOL is 4 years) We moved to IN after it went past the SOL in FL but it is also past the SOL in IN (6 years) The OC account is scheduled to fall off 03/2015 LVNV funding started reporting on 11/17/2008 (TU) and 11/01/2008 (EX, EQ) Should I just ignore their letter and let them fall off in a year, or could I send them a letter back for trying to collect on an account that is past the SOL. Should I dispute with CRA first with this http://whychat.5u.com/initdispltrsol.html and the with CA with this? Thank you in advance
  3. Thank you Credit board members for a wealth of information. It's time to say good bye. Relieved after closing accounts. Merrick Bank ( July 2008) Limit: 1650 Annual Fee 96.00 Merrick Bank ( Hooters Card) ( Sep 2008) Limit: 1100 Annual Fee: 96.00 Capital One ( Feb 2009) Limit: 1000 Annual fee: 39:00
  4. *Disclaimer: typing with my iPad, so I apologize for errors! Today while doing my daily pulls I noticed something Imtersting. A little back story first. I received a letter stating that Navient who I never heard of was buying my loans, but nothing else would change. I received that letter probably six months before the switch. Well, soon after the switch, I log on to my new navient account only to find that half of my loans are gone. I then get another letter a week later stating the Nelnet has purchased half of my loans. I was pretty mad considering Sallie Mae said nothing else would change, so did Navient. I didn't know anything of this until after it happened. So after being aggravated, I just decided to deal with it, set them all up for auto pay again, and forget about them. Well, today I login to find that during the switch my Navient loans were closed and new Nelnet loans were reporting, but the new Nelnet loans were reporting with my original loan date, so it added 10 months to my AAOA and also 10 months to my credit length history. Raised my score to the tune of 8 points on my EQ. so essentially it added four new accounts with old 2006-2008 dates The second odd thing was my capital one card that I got during college (my first cc) which only had a limit of $500 was bumped to $2000. I asked for a CLI last year and they said no, so I called and asked and they said they wouldn't give me one since I didn't use the car, I complanined saying that I have credit lines of well over 10k and i would never use it with that low of a limit, they still said no. I never login and even check that account, but just so happened to check and boom the AUTO CLI, which seemed odd to me. I may have to use it now a couple times to show them I still care 👍😀 Anyone else have a similar experience with their Student Loans. I'm on the downside and hoping to pay them off this year, but thought that it was interesting how it took place on my CRs. Didn't think they would process like that. My old loans show (Transferred/Sold/Closed.) INPUT PLEASE?
  5. Just past 6 months and interest rate is 22.9%. Will they pull credit report if I ask for lower interest rate?
  6. I filed a CFPB complaint about 3 weeks ago regarding Cap One's right to report and update a CO and 3rd party sold, HSBC account. Here are the details: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=521029 Here's the email reply I just received yesterday: The company has provided a partial response to your complaint number ********* describing the steps taken so far to address your issue. They stated they are still working on your issue, and you should hear from them again within 60 days. We will let you know as soon as we receive an update about your complaint. Thank you, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consumerfinance.gov (855) 411-CFPB (2372) Thing is there is no response posted in the complaint, except for the email above. Questions: Is it worth complaining about allowing the an extra 60 days? Or When you file a complaint/dispute through CFPB, does that require them to update the TL as "in dispute" or does that only apply when it goes through the CRA or directly with the furnisher? If so, and they don't, is that a violation? Should I just not say anything about the 60 days and them not reporting it as "in dispute" to rack up violations? They are not reporting it as disputed. As you can see I'm going after this every way I can think of.
  7. Hi Folks, Thank you for all the great information. After my BK (2009) we started to rebuild our credit based on the advice here. We later received "decent" auto loan rates with Alliant CU, Toyota, and Nissan. Anyways, I recently Paid off/Closed our Capital One and Merrick Cards!!! Limits were small, highest being $1600. Our AOAA took a huge hit but it was AWESOME to get rid of those cards!!!! Capital One EO would not waive the annual fees PERMANENTLY! We waited a month and applied/approved for the following: Wife: Capital One Venture 15K (Couldn't believe it! Her highest is a Barclay Apple at 3K) Barclay Sallie Mae $1200 TU Score: 690 (per Barclay) Me: Barclay Arrival+ Elite MasterCard 5K (Shocked because my highest was Barclay Apple 2K. I had high UTL and never saw a auto CLI, so really didn't do it right) TU Score: 686 (per Barclay) I will probably move Apples over to new Barclay cards and close Apples. Both have been open for more than 2 years. At this point I don't really see the need for 200,000K in revolving credit and honestly how would I ever pay that back While the BK wasn't my fault and more job loss/life event, I have realized carrying credit card balances and paying interest is a modern form of indentured servitude. I haven't followed all the advice and did things backwards, like B* but it worked out because I needed those 10 points to get 1.9% @ 72 mo with Nissan. My credit reports still show BK and IIB accounts and because I get a little compulsive, I decided to leave that alone, ha! Anyways, I have some older cards since 2009: Firestone $1800 CB/Express $300 BB Rewards $300 Besides hurting my AOAA, will it really hurt my chances of getting to 750?? Oh and we already qualified for a mortgage but haven't found the right house. Honestly, we're not in a rush! We owned a "fixer" and that totally sucked so we're being more selective this time around. I may also try to refi my auto loans with DCU but a bit skeptical with them. I hate their website! Thoughts????
  8. My DW has a new JCB Marukai 3% card, but she was given only a $2,500 limit and they would not reconsider and indicated you must wait six months before applying for a CLI. We overpaid the current balance, and when you login, it now says available credit is ~$4,000. Does anyone have experience with this card and know whether a $3,000 charge would be approved at this point? I know that for Capital One account in the same situation, it would not be approved.
  9. I know this is a baby step, but I wanted to let EVERYONE know that all their sharing of wisdom and knowledge does not go in vain, and as frustrating as it may get EXPLAINING and REPEATING things over and over again, as a NEWBIE (barely here over a year) I would like to thank ALL OF YOU! Getting ready for upcoming App Spree, so contacted Cap1 EO Tuesday Morning for CLI's (after last PIF payment went thru). Had QS1 at $4k, Cap1 Sparks Classic $1700, QS1 $1200 and Barclay's MC Rewarsd $500. Have been rebuilding credit since Spring 2013, and thanks to CB have all 3 FAKOS in low 700's. Have been putting alot of spend thru cards and PIF every month. SO I requested CLI's of $20k, $20k, and $15k, explaining that based on current spend and paying off ea card multiple times every month, I'd like to be able to use card and not worry about getting near 100% Utilization. Well they came back in 48 hrs with QS1 $4k>$5k, Sparks $1700>$4k, and QS1 $1200>$3k. Not what I wanted but not bad, gives me a decent base and am gearing up to hopefully get a few 5 figure cards during spree. So, now I debate whether or not to call Barclay's BD back after being declined 3 weeks ago for a CLI. Negative has been removed on TU since then and 3 weeks have passed, I have had card 1 yr w/ NO CLI EVER, declined 2x, but i decide to call and got a CLI $500>$3k. Not bad for a Thursday morning. Again, Thanks to EVERYONE! One day I will be able to share what I know with others too and pay it forward!!
  10. In the mail, "0" interest checks for 12 months and only 2% fee. Best deal I have gotten 20 months out of BK. I started with a 300 Crap secured card and thanks to the gang at creditboards, I am getting serious good offers and $10,000 and $Cap One. Venture and Cap 1 Platinum
  11. Cap One Bonus is 40,000 points if I spend $3000 in next 90 days. It looks like all the doors are closing on ways to launder credit card charges. Any one find a way to use the card to get point bonus without buying stuff I don't need
  12. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice with my husband's credit report... He had a repossession for a little over $7K the loan was through Cap 1 Auto 8/2007. Seven years should have been last month 8/2014. This is showing on all 3 of his reports EX, EQ and TU. However, we just pulled all three of his reports and it looks like it was sold two years ago to Portfolio Recovery. By the way we are in PA. Questions: 1) Because it was re-sold, does it restart the 7 years SOL? 2) How should we go about disputing this? 3) Who should we address the letter to? The bureau's, Cap 1, or Portfolio Recovery? Thanks for all the help!
  13. Hello, I could not find a simple Validation Letter, i have used and modified one before, just cant find one. I have a Midland Funding collection that i need to mail them a letter to validate the debt. The debt was paid along time ago. I have not received any phone calls or letters, its just reports to the bureaus. Its for a old capital one that was paid years ago. Any suggestions on letter?
  14. Hey Guys, I applied for a Capital One Business card and recevied a letter stating that they were one step closer to making a decision if I can verify my physical business address. It stated the following: "business physical address (may not be a P.O. Box or Commercial Mail Receiving Agency)" The problem is my business is registered to a UPS Store location. My partner and I work out of our home. The business is a 12 year old LLC. Any suggestions? If this is a newbie question that has been answered already I apologize in advance. Thanks, Buckles
  15. So I need assistance dealing with Capital One, opened an account in 2011 to help rebuild my credit score after post-college debt. I was approved for $300 and always paid it on time. After returning to the country in 2012 from deployment abroad, I started using the card and paying it with a joint account I held with my grandmother. Capital One flagged for account verification and potential fraud. After several attempts to verify my account and identity through email, fax, and telephone. I gave up with a $0 balance on the account and I didn't recieve anything for 2 years from them, hoping they had closed the account because they would not allow me to do anything with it, including close it. Then in April 2014 they began sending me emails that I had an annual fee that was 30 days in the rears and so I called attempting to pay and close the account again only to be told once again that it was flagged for fraud and there is nothing I can do until they get proper paperwork. Of course I attempted multiple times over the past 4 months to correct this error and close the account. I have sent in PDFs and JPEGs of my statements, copies of my DL, SS card, and Checks only to be told they needed something else or the they did not recieve the items. I have even went as far as to do a three way call with my grandmother and a supervisor. My bank has also faxed the information to them. Also note that I have sent each docs multiple times through the email link that they give to upload docs or have faxed them in. Now after spending 3 hrs on the phone today they have told me I have to physically walk into my bank with my grandmother (who lives 600miles away from me) and verify my account that way. After directing expletives with a case manager I hung up.... I am at the end of my rope with this company. Any help in dealing with this? i have disputed with experian, but should I take legal action since they are causing stress and dinging my credit score by charging money to an account they will not let me access and now saying it is 150 days late. Knocked my credit score down 100 pts.
  16. So after getting approved a few days ago for Amex PRG/Old blue combo, I decided to finally do a app spree for myself (been almost 5 years since I've apped). After various approvals ranging in the $4k-$12k I thought I was done. Capital One offers kept popping up, but I was so reluctant due to triple pull and so many reports of CapOne's stingyness on initial credit lines. Today decided to pull the trigger on a CapOne Venture Rewards for the 40k bonus. Instant approval online for $20k! Super surprised. Data points: Triple pull Fico's in the high 600s-low 700s Inqs in last 12 months: 5-EX, 3-EQ, 1-TU (all inqs from app spree this week) 1 unpaid med CA 2 years ago $750+ large student loans almost 10 years perfect pay history revolvers reporting: $0/500 express, $0/500 amazon, and $1000/3000 dell 8-9 year AAOA
  17. Due to job loss, a friend of mine had a charge off back in 2008 with capital one for which he ultimately was sued. Subsequently took a default judgement. The judgement was paid off over two years ago. There isn't a public record of the judgement but the payments are all listed as 90 days past due even though paid after a charge off date. Is this reflected correctly? All other charge offs on the report reflect no payments made after charge off dates. It seems to be really hurting his scores and I'd like to help. Will Capital One even consider some good will and remove it since it's all paid?
  18. PLEASE HELP! Brief summation: I had an account that I have not paid, was charged off and sold by HSBC to Cavalry. It was purchased by Capital One before it was sold I assume. I have been disputing this account since May for various reasons mainly because the reporting was sloppy and I thought I could get it removed. For every credit bureau dispute Capital One has updated the account but has never deleted. Recently, I filed a second dispute with the CFPB against Capital One because after the last update, the comments posted by Capital One stated "payment after charge off" but the status of the account does not say "paid charge-off". I received a response letter from Capital One executive Erika Rodriguez stating that my last payment was of $40 and made on August 29th, 2011. Well, I looked at the statements I had them send me from the first CFPB dispute and found that the payment was returned and was not applied to the account, yet they verified this multiple times to the credit bureaus, which means my date of first delinquency would be a month earlier then it list on my report. I also have my bank statement confirming the payment was returned. Because Calvary deleted their trade-in I also asked for bill of sale proving they own the account. Ms. Rodriguez's response was that they purchased it and she took the liberty of confirming with Calvary that they own the account. My question, is this a legitimate violation that I could leverage for deletion and is Calvary allowed to discuss my account status? Being that they purchased the account they are not the original creditor maybe this would give more leverage, how should I proceed?
  19. Hi everyone, It's been a while - since mid-2009 to be exact and I've missed being here. Long story short, I lost 90% of my self-employment income in a 3-day period, which led to losing my car, credit, and eventually my house, which I loved. It was my first house. I had just peaked 700 on my mid-score too, but had no savings. It's been incredibly humbling. So, I'm taking baby steps back into re-establishing credit after five years of being pretty much cash-only and off the grid. I got a preapproved CapOne invitation in the mail and thought, why not? All they can say is no. Yay, I got the usual $300 CL, same as when I was re-establishing myself after my divorce. After 5 months of on-time payments, they'll do a CLI. It won't be a problem, but I was wondering what the current CLI is for these types of starter cards. I'm sure the landscape has changed since the last time I was here. Thanks, everyone, and it's really nice to be back.
  20. Hi! I have been without a job for close to 3 years and I stopped making payments on some of my accounts in 2013. I have: 1. HSBC $430 2. Capital One $1800 3. Citi $6800 I finally got a job and I am ready to pay off my debts but i want to be smart about it. HSBC and Capital One were sold to Portfolio Recoveries Associate. I talked with them and they were just nasty and agressive and tried to force me to give them my checking/saving account numbers which I refused. They offered a miserable settlement on HSBC account for $340. I asked to do pay for delete and they refused. What should I do? Citi account is in collections but it's not on my credit report. Should I call citi directly? Other than that, my credit is OK. I have Amex in good standing, paid car loan and a bunch of good cards. I just want some advice from anyone who dealt with Portfolio Recoveries Associate.
  21. Applied at my local credit union last week and was approved for a refi on my car of 2.49% no payments for 90 days along with a credit card of 2.5k. I came across the Sony Card from a Capital One tonight and thought I'd give it a shot before my EX freezes back automatically tomorrow. Plus there was a $100 statement credit after first purchase and 0%intro til June 2015 ,no annual fee. Instant approval for 2K. EX score 691. TU and EQ frozen. BK Ch7 2012. No more cards!!!! Trying to get to 700 club by years end....
  22. Hallelujah, Auto CLI for cap one platinum of $1500. First in 6 years
  23. So I get this offer int mail for Capital One, for the Quicksilver. On the outside of the envelope, on the enclosed letter, on the website, it says PRE-APPROVED. But then it states that in Capital One speak, 'pre-approved' means you meet the initial criteria and are LIKELY to be approved. So is this not simply PRE-QUALIFIED and not pre-approved? Yes, it has the opt-out language. I have a CapOne with a $1,000 limit, basically the lowest of my cards. It only has that as the EO got it raised from $300 after two years of no increases. The enclosure states the minimum credit, if approved, would be $500. I see in CreditPulls they may try to pull all three, but even with EX frozen, they will absolutely pull TU and EQ. Look, if they are going to give me, say $3,000-$5,000 (which is where most of my limits are), then I am game even if just to keep utilization low. But I sure do not need several pulls, a lowering of my AAOA, and then I get a $500 limit. Hell, I get offers from Victoria's Secret every day higher than that. So anyone have any experience with these? Should I bite or should I throw it in the trash?
  24. I have been trying to remove capital one and municipal credit union new York city closed account. They were secured cards and closed because was late two times on each card. Payed what I owed and closed the account. I have been disputing for three months and wont budge. Please can anyone help. Don't know what to do.
  25. I have 2 cap one credit cards for $ 1000 limit each ( Unsecured) Is it a good idea to combine the limit and just keep one card. So i dont have to pay AF on both. Is it possible? Any suggestions.
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