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  1. I turned a friend onto CB to start the rebuild process, scores around 500, and as is advised, he wants to opt out and remove old addresses. The issue is: His credit went bad in 2008/2009. Since then, he has moved several times, but sort of stayed off the grid living with family, friends, girlfriend. Drivers license which expires later this year still has 2009 address, but otherwise he has not had so much as a utility bill in his name in 4-5 years. The address listed as current with the CRAs was his home 4-5 years ago, which has long-since been foreclosed. The other addresses are far more than a decade old. He likely cannot remove all the old addresses without providing a new current address, right? Will the CRAs just take his word for it, as he has nothing with his current address on it? Or, does he need some sort of ID, utility bill, tradeline, etc. which he can provide to the CRAs as current in order to get old ones removed? Also, as the SOL in PA is 4 years, any of these old credit cards would be outside SOL for suit. But will putting a new address on file, and working to repair credit, suddenly bring every collector and JDB out of the woodwork?
  2. Sorry, I'm new and I cant navigate this forum very well. So I'm sure this has been answered. I feel overwhelmed with all of this information. My husband and I are about to have zero debt, but because of stupidities in the past, etc., we have crappy credit it's in the 630's. Is there a legitimate credit repair agency I can trust that's worth their money? Should I try to do it myself? If I do it myself, can someone point me to some instructions.. I only found some from 2006... and I assume those are outdated? Help!
  3. Some of you may have read my prior posts about US Bank. Was informed today they will NOT change the reporting to CRAs as they feel it is correct. It is not. As there has been some success with CLIs when contacting execs directly, or exec customer service, is it worth making one final attempt that way (CEO, Chief Risk Officer, Director of Accounts, etc) or has enough effort been made to resolve this and the best option remaining is to contact an attorney and sue them? Thanks!
  4. I have two items which I disputed online via Experian and Equifax. Yes, I know now doing it that way was far from the best choice. It has been 30 days and no resolution from Experian. Both show as 'pending' with a resolution date of today, June 20th. Am I correct in assuming that if no verification happens today, these should be gone when I run my Experian report tomorrow? If not, what do I do? Do I call Experian? On a related note, does anyone know why there would be differences in the verification process? As noted, I disputed both items with Equifax and Experian the same day. On Equifax, the Old Navy card I closed in 2009 with two 60-day lates showing was verified within 5 days, with no changes made other than the most recent reporting date updated. The Collection to Calvary was responded to and sort of verified (as I noted in another thread) within 10 days, albeit only with a note to contact creditor, not a real verification or update. Yet after 30 days, neither has responded to Experian? Is this normal?
  5. Sooo, I started my credit repair journey about a month ago and have gotten a few collections removed. I have 2 medical collections by ucb. I sent ucb collections a dv letter using whychat's process for medical collections. They sent me a letter about 2 weeks ago saying they will no longer pursue me for payment and have ordered the all 3 cra's to remove the collections. HOWEVER, its been 2 weeks since and the collections are still reporting. I should also mention that these accounts are also in dispute with the cra's and the investigation isn't finished yet. I don't know what to do. How long should it take for it to be deleted? Any advice would be great!! :-)
  6. So, as some of you may know from previous posts, had a collection account pop up a month or so ago. It was nothing I recognized, and nothing that showed on credit report. I disputed it with Equifax. Well guess what? Got those results today: >>> We have researched the collection account. Account # - 16391109 The results are: If you have additional questions about this item please contact: If you have additional questions about this item please contact: If you have additional questions about this item please contact: If you have additional questions about this item please contact: If you have additional questions about this item please contact: Cavalry Portfolio Services, 7 Skyline Dr Ste 3, Hawthorne NY 10532-2162 So apparently the Equifax solution to my dispute (whether on their own of with the assistance of Cavalry) is to respond to my dispute with the contact information for the collection agency? As I am fairly new at this, perhaps someone can shed some light on this. Does Equifax not have to verify the account with the OC, CA, or JDB when I dispute it? Is what they did enough? Is providing the same message 5 times over, along with an address I already had, considered an acceptable response from the JDB to the dispute? Am I correct that I am within my rights to require Equifax to clarify that the account was verified, who verified it, the manner of verification, etc? Thanks!
  7. Has anyone used the TAKE ACTION button on Smart Credit? Is it any better than doing an online dispute on the TU website, which is WAY below the effectiveness of a written letter? Thanks!
  8. Was approved for a new credit card yesterday, $2000 limit. I signed up for Credit.com today, as it is free, but they only provide vague information. They do not provide specific account information, only overviews such as number of account, total balances, total available credit, etc. They are showing one more open account, and $2000 more available credit, than the last time I had checked Experian on another site, and I have not opened or even applied for any other credit. I pulled. Did my SmartCredit and TrueCredit after seeing that, and there are no changes other than the inquiry yesterday? Would it be possible that this new account reported to Experian THAT FAST? Dave
  9. Some of you may have read my post about helping my friend with an issue concerning how US Bank is reporting the account history. When I compared the online credit reports, TU and EX have it differently, but a month apart. So let's use an example going back to 2011, TU has it:July (90), August (30), September (OK), October (30) while EX has it: July (60), August (90), September (30), October (OK) In other words, the Experian is always a month behind TU. As my friend has no other baddies in the last 24 months, nor do I or my GF, I have no way of knowing if this is a common thing for there to be differences on dates between the CRAs, or if this is a one of a kind issue? Anyone else see this? Also, I did not have friend's paper reports with me, so not sure if this is simply an online thing or if it holds true on paper as well.
  10. My GF received a letter today from Cavalry Portfolio Services regarding an old Old Navy account they purchased from GECRB. Or maybe they purchased it from someone else, but GECRB was OC. The collection also hit her most recent EQ and EX reports, but not TU. The letter was sent to an old address (we still own the home, just no longer live there) and was addressed to her married name (divorced several years). The letter states that due to the age of the debt, they will not sue. I think Ohio (where she lived at the time) has a long SOL on debts, but this is 5 years old or more, hard to tell as account itself is no longer on credit reports. Both her scores fell 40 points when this hit the files. I want to make sure we do exactly the right thing, as neither of us has much experience with this type of issue. Appreciate the help!
  11. I am not a PA resident, and do not have a Walmart card. If the score I am getting from Experian is a FAKO, am I correct in my understanding that the only way I will ever find out my true Experian FICO score is by applying somewhere and getting denied? That seems beyond belief to me. Dave
  12. Here is one perhaps someone can offer advice on? A friend has a mortgage with US Bank. In September 2010, fell 30 days late. Sent payment for September and October in late October, just before 60 days late. Payment was returned by US Bank (apparently at that level of lateness, must be certified funds) and US Bank immediately sent notice of foreclosure. A Forbearance Agreement was entered into December 2010. Basically, US Bank leveled nearly $5K in legal fees and demanded payment in full of all delinquent months. So the delinquency (which by now was nearly 90 days) was paid in full immediately and the $5K in legal fees were paid by adding an additional $400+ to each mortgage payment for the next year. Sounds like rape to me, but better than losing the home. All payments were made in certified funds by the first of each month during 2011. Fast forward to March 2013. Friend applies for a mortgage, and is OK for FHA, but turned down for conventional because US Bank reports the most recent episode of being 90 days late as January 2012. Friend disputes this with CRAs, and it comes back verified. Letters written to US Bank at address provided by CRAs, and is informed reporting is accurate. Friend starts calling US Bank, talking to anyone and everyone, trying to get an answer. And finally hits gold. Apparently, when an account goes into a Forbearance Agreement, all payments are deposited in a 'suspense' account. This account only gets 'swept' by US Bank every 90 days. So this follows what the credit reports show. Paid up as of 12/2010. Then 30 and 60 behind before next sweep brings it current, then pattern repeats. Apparently, it took longer at the end of the 12-month agreement, as that hit 90-late in January 2012 before returning to current. The issue is, there is nothing in the original loan paperwork, nor in the Forbearance Agreement, which states payments will be applied and reported this way. Basically, the last late payment was 12/2010. With that nearly 30 months old, friend would have qualified conventional. As reported by US Bank, last 90-day was only 16 months ago, so it is FHA or nothing. Can US Bank continue to report it this way? If payments are made in certified funds by the first of each month, does the borrower need to suffer such credit damage due to the lender's accounting practices? If not, any advice on how to get this resolved?
  13. Hi everyone, I am new to posting on the credit boards, so I hope this isn't a redundant post. I've looked around in the forums, and a lot of what I see on this particular topic is from several years back. So forgive me if I have overlooked something relevant. After opting out and now waiting for old addresses to be removed from my reports, I am approaching the next phase of writing my first dispute letters to the big 3 CRA's for removal of some collections accounts. I see that the "Jack Attack" still seems to work very well. But other than that, I was wondering what the best current method is to dispute outside of that. Is it the more general you are (i.e. Collection Account xyz is inaccurate and should be removed) or do I need to go into more detail? Like I said, I may be missing something huge on the forums about this and I have also looked in the section where sample letters are. While I see a lot of DV letters to collection agencies, I can't seem to find a current letter or method on starting directly with the CRA's. I'm looking for something current, as I don't want to try something that the CRA's are on to, and no longer works. I don't even necessarily need a sample letter, as I know it needs to be original from each person. Just some tips and/or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!! Kristen
  14. Hello everyone, I have been reading the forums for quite awhile, but this is my first post. Thanks so much to all of you veterans who have educated me in the initial steps to cleaning up my credit! After doing my homework, I have opted out with all three CRA's and am now working on removing my old addresses from my credit reports. With TransUnion and Equifax, I have already sent out letters. However, I hear that Experian is a real beast in this department. While I will try not to request deletion of all of my old addresses with these guys, I have somewhat of a "unique" question about 2 former addresses on my credit report... Ok, here's the deal. I lived at a sober living apartment for 8 mos. I have no clue how the credit bureaus got a hold of this address, as all of my mail went to my sister's address in another state, and she in turn mailed it to me. I was however, required to get an ID with the DMV in the state I was residing during this time, and the address of the sober living apartment was on that ID. So I am assuming this is how they got it. My question is this-Can I have Experian (and the other 2 CRA's for that matter if they will not cooperate) remove this address due to HIPAA? Seems to be a Privacy issue somehow. I look at it as a long term treatment facility, and I don't see how they can be able to keep it on my CRA if I request it to be taken off. And frankly, I don't feel comfortable about it being on there if a potential employer pulled my credit. Then again, maybe I have no clue what I am talking about either. Second, my sister's address that all of my mail at the time went to is also listed. Can I just address that as ":Never lived there"? I never did live with her so it's not lying. Hope someone can help with this, and thanks again so much for all of the helpful posts.Hope I didn't go on for too long.
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