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Found 19 results

  1. For anyone still wondering if this card/program still exists, it does. Long story short, I hit the skids about two years ago, sort of the perfect storm in life, job change, more babies, and less income. Burned AMEX for about $14K. I have since paid back ~$12K. Got the letter from AMEX today to regain card membership as long as I pay the remaining balance. I called to verify and all is well, the gentlemen asked what went bad after so many years of good. I explained, apologized, and he verified the offer and that the account is still in house. I will pay the remainder next month and get back in the boat with AMEX and pray for the magic "bad-to-positive" tradeline. I just wish most credit companies operated this way, to me its win-win for all parties. Just wanted to share for those mystified by the Optima/Oasis program.
  2. Hi there, I am looking for help on what to do for a Bank of America credit card account that was charged off in December 2012. If I remember correctly, I actually paid this account off in full, but I don't remember for sure as I had a number of credit cards in bad states at that time, so one may have actually been charged off. The status is "Closed. $1,992 written off." The comment says, "Purchased by another lender." I do not recall ever being contacted by a JDB for this account, but it may have been them that I eventually paid off in full. Though I would have thought that would have been much earlier than late 2012 or early 2013. The first month reported for this TL on my credit report is Septemeber 2009, and it is clean until January 2011. The following negative items appear from that date: 1/11 - 30 7/11 - 30 12/11 - 30 3/12 - CLS 4/12 - CLS 5/12 - CLS 6/12 - 30 7/12 - 60 8/12 - 90 9/12 - 120 10/12 - 150 11/12 - CO 12/12 - CO I do not recall getting any notices in 2012 or thereafter. Anyway, I am guessing I need to send a validation letter. Let me know if that is incorrect. But, if it is correct, can someone point me in the right direction? I would be grateful for a sample letter. I will of course not use said letter, but it would be nice as a starting point to get my bearings and craft a letter to my specific situation. Also, how do I need to send that? Certified mail return service requested? Any help in getting started with this negative TL is most appreciated. Really, I could use step by step instructions or a link to where to find them. Thanks!
  3. Hi CB'ers. For a brief back story, my credit journey started 4 months ago when I joined this site and I've enjoyed about 40 point increases on average for all three FICO scores since then. I'm shopping for a house in the spring (fha loan) and I need some advice to maximize my credit scores and clean up CRs in preperation. My 3 ficos were inthe 590-605s when I joined here now they're in the 640-650 range. I removed approx 9 lates/derogs, paid off 3 cc's to reduce my util to about 45% of 12.5k (still plugging away and plan to be below 20% by home loan app time), paid off 13k car loan, and got a big 15k private student loan CO settled in full to avoid being served. I have a goal to be between 660-680 (due to my ongoing credit repair laboring) by mid october and I'm fairly confident I can get there. What I have remaining is 2 small collections ($75 and $300) I'm in the processes of PFD'ing, have about 2-3 more lates I have evidence to dispute, and here's the kicker......3 more private loan COs all around +/- 2.25k/ea totalling 7k. Based on a settlement I already did with the same OC on the other CO, and letter correspondence with them over the last 6 months, I'm fairly confident I can settle on these last 3 loans for 55-70%. Any FHA borrowing homeowner knows getting an FHA loan with COs over $2k is going to be next to impossible. That said, I'm hoping to take out a personal loan to settle these COs and clean up my reports. I intend to pay off the installment loan over the next 3-4 years (it was a student loan I intended to pay anyway, so I don't mind and it's well within my budget) I have poked around the boards and read some threads on personal loan lenders. Places like Lending Club and Prosper seem appealing, but I would also be open to debt consolidation or settlement lenders If need be. Would anyone recommend Prosper or LC for my situation?
  4. ok Verizon... sent out letters as per BRBiZ advice... and now i have a BOfA charge off with small 98 dollar balance... (secured card)... dont ask me how lol.. any approach with BOfA i should route too ?? HELP ME CB!!!! 2 away !!!
  5. I apologize in advance but I need clarity. I feel like I read the same statements over and over, searched threads over and over and I want to make sure I have this right because this always confuses me. I've accomplished a lot since joining this site, but this is one thing I can't understand. Maybe I'm simply making this harder than what it really is. I'm trying to figure out when my Capital One CO will fall off my credit report. Date Opened: 03/2007 Charge off as of Jan 2008 150 days past due as of Dec 2007 120 days past due as of Nov 2007 90 days past due as of Oct 2007 60 days past due as of Sep 2007 30 days past due as of Aug 2007 So, if the clock starts ticking 180 days after DofFD then it started Jan 2008, is this correct? Another thing that confuses me is do I add 7.5 years as stated in the FCRA or do I go by the Statute of Limitations for the state of GA (which is different)? Thank for your help guys...try not to chew me out too bad
  6. Thank you CB'rs for all of the great info! I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and have already read PsychDoc's transcripts, ordered reports, triaged them, opted out, disputed old names and addresses, sent out a couple of Goodwill letters. I would have never known how to attack this without this great resource! Now I need to take my clean up efforts to the next level. I have two CO's that I would like to have deleted that were incurred when I lost my job in 2009 and had to relo to a new city and support homes in both locations. Need some advice on how to approach these. Chase - AU of DH's Account; DOFD 06/2010, paid in settlement after charge off. Paid 95% of full balance of $29,596. EQ - Showing as Charge Off, Account Paid for less than full balance. Says 120 days late during entire time we were paying under the settlement and the CO shows up when last payment was made; EX - Does not show up on report TU - Says Current; Paid or Paying as Agreed, Closed 2/2011, Paid 7/2012, Settled less than full BLNC; Closed; Monthly Payment History shows 120 days later during entire time we were paying under the settlement. No Charge Off. Citibank - My account; DOFD 5/2010; paid in settlement after CO; Paid 90% of full balance of $30K EQ - Showing as CO; Account paid for less than full balance, Paid CO, Last payment 03/2013. Payment history - Says CO entire time we were paying under the settlement, then shows current again after last payment made even though account has been closed since November 2010. EX - Paid in settlement, $30,659 written off (we paid-off $27K!!!); Says CO entire time we were paying under settlement, says account didn't close until last payment made in 5/13; Balance history shows no actual payments (even though they were being paid), but shows balance decreasing TU - Pay status says account paid in full; Was a CO; Shows no payments for a year, then shows full balance as scheduled payment and $0 as amount being paid even though we were paying and the balance was decreasing I live in PA and know that there is a 4 year SOL here. Would like to address these now, but I need some advice from some of you gurus on what you think the best approach would be? My head is spinning at the options I've read about - Nutcase? Whychat? PFD? Jack Attack? Any help or guidance is much appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Wow. I can really hardly believe it. I've had my Cap 1 card for three years now. Never late. It started at 300, and after 5 months (credit steps) went to 500, and there it sat. I've been reading and reading about changes at Cap 1, so I decided to call them, not for an increase, which I was sure would never happen, but to see if I could get the annual fee removed. The CSR I spoke with was incredibly friendly and helpful. She was looking into my account and asked me if I wanted her to check for any offers at the same time. I said yes. She came back and stated that while I didn't qualify for removal of the fee, she could upgrade me to Quicksilver cash rewards. I took it. I asked her about a CLI then, and she recommended I apply on the website. She assured me there would be no inquiry. Because she was so helpful, I did. Instant result-Congratulations! Your new credit limit is 1000.00! I was literally stunned. My first 4 figure limit in years! Capital One really does seem different. If anyone is wavering, I say give it a try! Another month or two and I'll be ready to apply for a card with Navy. These boards are great. I get so much useful information. Hope this helps someone else here.
  8. Hey all, I am working on cleaning things up on my credit and it appears Fingerhut it's reporting 4 times as OC and one CA (midland) What's the best way to attack this? Thanks!
  9. My auto loan from NMAC was up in early 2013. I was laid off in 2011, and did not work for 2 years but, including late pays and everything, I managed to continue to get the loan down to the last $1100. A month before the contract was scheduled to be up, I informed NMAC that I was trying to pay the balance off, but may not be able to before the contract end date. They told me that this would not be an issue, just continue to pay that balance off. If I had anyone to borrow the $$ from to just take care of it, I would have. I made one payment the month the note was ending. Soon after that payment, I received a notice of acceleration demanding the balance. I almost immediately received a call from a CA regarding the balance (voicemail). Its been almost a year later, I have not responded to either, but I want to get this taken care of as well as receive the title (yes, they still have the title). Is there ANY way that I could pay this balance off and get the CO removed? The CA is not reporting.
  10. Good evening CB'ers! It's been years since I've been on the forum - going thru life's changes and experiences that have placed me back to where I began when I first found this site. Started re-reading through the forum, getting re-acclimated, and have my reports. My credit is trashed yet again...most of it my own fault; I let things go after the divorce proceedings started. I ended up walking away, losing everything except for my car (another story). I figured that instead of being disgusted, I would roll up my sleeves and start the repair. I've opted out, and am in the process of deleting my old addresses, bad numbers, etc from all three reports. After reviewing them I decided to create a spreadsheet that contained all of my "baddies", amounts owed, DOFD, calculated SOL (based on DOFD), and what the status is showing on each of the three bureaus. All of my delinquient CC's have been CO - majority of them sold. One secured a judgement and they garnished my wages before I got laid off so it's a paid CO. Summary of CC Status (as reported): 4 CO-Sold - SOLs range from 12/12 to 1/14 5 CO - SOLs range from 5/13 to 5/14 2 FC - SOLs 11/14 and 6/15 I also have 11 CA accounts reporting as well, all except 3 are within SOL. My question is that if a debt per OC reporting is currently outside the SOL (I'm in IL, SOL=5yrs), but was sold before the SOL - JDB/CA in most instances report same DOFD as OC - does the SOL clock 'restart' with the JDB/CA since they purchased the debt? I'm kinda confused on that since I didn't have that issue before. I've been combing the boards and couldn't find that particular answer so I figured I would ask I want to be able to go in with guns blazing after the address disputes come back. I'm sure I will have more questions, but I figured I'd start somewhere. Any response would be greatly appreciated. You guys have always been AWESOME
  11. I sent this company a 1-2 punch and why chat's sol letter combination. They sent me a letter that they are "unsure as to the nature of my request." The first 2 sentences of my letter states "This is not a refusal to pay, but a notice that your claim is disputed. This letter responds to your verification of this account on my Equifax, Experian, and Transunion credit reports." At the end it basically says to prove that I owe you. In their letter they also say that if I would like copies of historical statements and other documentation for me to fill out their request form for my convenience. In their form they want me to put my full name, SSN, DOB, and wants to charge me $2 per statement, payment checks or original credit application and for me to sign and date. Another problem I had was that they sent this letter to my old address. I moved 2 months ago. I have changed my address to all my credit cards and the letter that I sent them had my current address. Luckily I'm still getting my mail forwarded to my new address. However USPS have emailed me letting me know that they will stop forwarding my mail 12/31. And to make sure that I update my address because I would not receive any mail sent to my old address. The thing that I don't understand is if they had my current address, why didn't they send me any kind of communication. I've never received anything from them during the CO, but it could be my fault during that time I lost my job and was moving from my brother's place to my parent's house looking for a job. Should I respond with a broad 623 letter similar to Sassy's or Jack Attack? And, how should I address them sending me this letter to my old address? I just want them to mess up so I can go through BBB and CFBP and get this crap deleted. Any help would be appreciated?
  12. My credit profile is rather thin. We've mainly been cash payers for years and let our credit go to crap. I haven't gotten my real FICO scores (only FAKOs) CK: 645 and CS: 700ish My positives: Capital One Secured $300 CL $1.22 balance Opened 12/12 no lates US Bank Platinum (AU on Hubs acct) $9000 CL $725 balance opened 3/13 no lates. Chase SW (AU on Hubs acct) $8500 CL $3000 balance opened 7/13 no lates. Car loan paid in full set to fall off 4/13 no lates My negatives: BofA DOFD 09/08, settled for less than full balance. Set to fall off 09/15. I'm sure I have at least one reason to dispute, which I will likely post to its own thread. HSBC CO (sold to Cap One) set to fall off 01/2014. I'm thinking I'm in pretty good shape to apply for a card in my name alone that's not secured. There are 2 inquiries on my reports. My thoughts are that I should start applying after the CO falls off in January and BEFORE the positive car loan TL falls off in April 2014. SOOoooooooo. What say you?
  13. Picture of this account can be seen here: https://picasaweb.google.com/117986851363063351101/Creditboards?authkey=Gv1sRgCMma_YTh2vyEzgE&feat=directlink Dec 2007 acct reported CO. Left with a $22 balance, has been reporting ever since as CO on Equifax, the combined report I attached kinda confuses me a bit more because it shows Equifax reporting "OK" and Experian reporting "KD"? Thanks and all advise welcomed.
  14. Background: Three of my CCs were CO after I was laid off. I am working to rehabilitate my credit with a slim savings account. After successfully applying for a secured CC, I awakened the Cap1/Northland mutuant by giving the CRAs some positive activity and my current mailing address. Naturally, Northland sent me settlement offer a few days ago. Why this is an issue: Thanks to the contributors here, I know Cap1 keeps great records and dilligently wrecks my CR on a monthly basis. Therefore, getting this "baddie" off my CR is on the to-do list. However, I can't afford Northland's settlement offer. Where I could use your advice: Should I '1-2' Northland/CRAs before requesting a lower settlement offer or would doing so push this settlement offer, and any potential lower offer, off the cliff of reality? The economics: -CO Balance: $2,500 -Settlement Offer: $1,250 -What I can afford to settle: $600-$800 Thank you in advance. This board is the definition of community in the 21st century. Tunnel vision is blinding and I am prone to it. If there are better plans of action I sincerely hope you'll share them. -The Indignant Kitten "Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens" - K.G.
  15. What should I do next? Progress detail below....... OC has been reporting CO and a remaining balace of $22 every month since 2007. This acct was settled for less than payoff on 2/2009. I called them explaning that this is wrong and that they should not be continuously reporting this every month because this was a settled CO. This acct is so old, they could not find proof of settlement nor do I have a copy either. So, the rep saw where the acct had been sold to a CA and directed me to pay the $22 remaining or call the CA and take it up with them. I politley requested to escalate the call for further help and she did. (Background Info: In Sept 2012, I online disputed both TL's listed for this acct with EQ. OC(as not mine) the CA(as duplicate acct). They were both reporting each month on EQ. Only the OC TL was showing on TU, no disputes filed with them. Resulted in EQ deleting the CA TL only. Comenity (OC) stayed and continued to report.) Back to the present....... Call sent to a supervisor, explained this to her. She said that the CA did not file the Settlement Letter like they were supposed to. She typed one up and email it to me. She said that it would remove all the mthly postings back to 2/2009, and change the DOLA to to 2/2009 as well. The letter does not imply all of this thou...... How should I move forward with this? It is due to fall off 5/2014 according to TU.......
  16. I have four CO's I want to dispute. They are: Comenity Bank/Maurices, GE Money Bank/Belk, KCA Financial Services (Windstream), and Verizon Wireless. I identify KCA Financial as being the only CA. (All of these are paid CO's and due to fall of late 2014, early 2015.) The jackattack is only used for CA right? (Have disputed with CRA's and came back verified.) Is jack attack and 1-2 punch the same thing? What method should I begin using for dealing with OC? (OC TL's have been disputed and came back verified by all three CRA's) Should I begin asking CRA's how they verified or should I ask for verification from the OC? Thanks! User7890
  17. I have two paid charge-offs on my CR that I want to remove..after some research I have come across a few methods. I am deciding between the Jack Attack and Doc's Nutcase letters...which is most effective initially? The two paid COs are from Victoria's Secret (WFFNB) and Macy's (DSNB). Thanks!
  18. I wanted to post this here instead of in the main forum. Short version: We had a Capital One repo in Feb 2011 that left a $143.00 deficiency chargeoff balance after the vehicle sold at auction. Believe it or not, we were in no shape to even pay $143.00 at the time. Our goal was to keep the other Cap One auto loan we also had (and still have) through them that is nearly paid off and has been current for two years now. Midland took the deficiency and racked up over $1000 in fees. I've emailed Capital One executive offices and asked them to work with me to recall the account so I can pay the $143.00 (on the $30,000 loan) in exchange for a different/better status because I have an existing, good standing, loan with them at present. I'm currently waiting for a written reply, which they emailed to me and said was on the way. My question is should I DV Midland while waiting for the response from Cap One or just sit and wait? Update: I received an email from CapOne that they'd be mailing something to me shortly but noticed today that my *existing* car loan had a credit issued for ALL the late fees (over $600.00 from around the time of the repo on the other loan) the day I after I received that email. This isn't something I asked for necessarily but is a nice bonus, still no change to my reports though. Thoughts?
  19. Good Morning, Newbie here.. Found this site last night, and have been reading for hours trying to gather all the information I need. Lot's of good info, very overwhelming I may add. lol Here's my situation, hoping someone can help. I've got two CC that are CO. One being with Capital one, who still holds the account. And the other with FFBUSA who have since sold it to a Debt Collector. I'm in the process of rebuiling my credit. Both account show that they will be removed from my credit in Dec 2015.. (almost there) I originally convinced myself I would just wait and wait and wait until they disappear, but now that i'm older it's a lot harder to deal with. (buying cars, homes, being approved to rent, being approved for CC, etc) So I get fed up.. For months I've been disputing some of my accounts, and have successfully been able to delete or update certain items. BUT decided to pay some of my bad debt, starting off with dilenquent accounts and starting with the lowest account of $25. I spoke with a Debt collector about a pay for delete on this account but they wouldn't do it. They told me if i paid it would show paid satified, and I thought that would be a positive outcome.. Little did I know it surely wasn't. I paid this $25 account and my score dropped 11 pts. With that being said I'm nervous to start paying other delinquent accounts because I don't want my score to drop.. My main question is - The account I have with Capital one is what i'm working on currently. I spoke to them on the phone, again asking for a pay for delete and they denied, but I was able ot get a settlement from $3265 down to $1399 for 3 payments, and then even $1200 if paid in full. Now (1) will paying this account have a negative effect on my credit report because it will show PAID/CLOSED? (2) Because I already spoke about a settlement, and demanded them to mail me the settlement offer, does that restart the SOL (It's a Florida account that became delinquent in June 2008, however I now live in CA)? (3) Will I be able to go back on my word to settle the debt, now knowing about SOL and it being after the 4 years, or does SOL restart, and then they have the ability to sue If I don't pay?? (4) And finally, Do i have the upper hand here if I explain to them that I no longer am entitled to pay them since it's after the SOL. And try and settle at the $1200 ONLY if they all for a Pay to Delete?? Sorry so many questions... I'm supposed to call them today.. Someone PLEASE shed light on this for me.. I have no idea what to do, and I don't want to screw this up anymore.. Thanks in advance....
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