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Found 4 results

  1. This is for non-members. Members, just login and add CCMP to your services. For non-members: Go to www.usaa.com URL will be https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_logon/Logon?redirectjsp=true Click on Our Products dropdown, Choose Credit Monitoring & ID Protection Scroll down to “Sign Up Today” and click on Sign Up for CreditCheck Monitoring Premium (CCMP) In the Not a member? Box, choose Get Started Answer No to “Are you already a USAA member?” If you get eligibility checkboxes, start over again If you get the “Tell us about your military affiliation” checkboxes, And you answer no, You’ll get the “Sorry, we can’t open this account for you” message. If you get that message, you were trying to sign up for something other than CCMP. You should now get the eligibility form: https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_membereligibility/CpModularPersonalInfo?action=executeTask&target=ModularPersonalInfoTask&operationName=INIT Complete it and you should be able to access CCMP
  2. So, when I signed up for MyFICO recently I didn't actually read , so didn't realize I'd only be getting one 3-in-1 report per year. Not acceptable, but totally on me So, I poke around CB per usual when I have a credit related question and eventually stumble across BW's Master How to Sign up for USAA CreditCheck Monitoring Premium (CCMP) Thread. Cool. I follow along his steps and, after entering my SSN the site returns a message asking me to confirm that I am [NAME REDACTED]. Now here's the "funny" part - the name they showed was my birth name, which I haven't used (and hasn't been on my Social Security card, credit reports or ANYthing else) in over two decades! Clearly, I think, they're connecting to some bizarre, totally outdated database. But I soldier on (so to speak), confirming that I am, indeed this person and managed to get signed up. After checking out my reports and learning my way around the CCMP site I return to the USAA site and notice that I actually entered my address wrong. So, I go to change it and, after entering the correct info and clicking next, the site informs me that it can't change info for MY MOTHER because we live at a different addresses. Now, I haven't spoken to my mother almost a decade and I certainly didn't enter her name anywhere at USAA or CCMP, (other than her maiden name as requested, but the name they posted back to me was her (third) married name) so I'm compleely flumoxed. I poke around a little more and it seems I not only signed up for CCMP, but also managed to join USAA, which I thought was impossible for me. My father was in the Air Force and the Navy, but I haven't spoken him since the day I graduated from high school in 1987, so I would have no idea any of his relevant required info. My maternal grandfather was also in the Navy, but he died over 20 years ago, so again, I have no access to his info. Yet, alas, I've somehow not only (literally) stumbled into USAA membership, but my account has somehow been created under a name that is no longer legally mine and been connected to my estranged mother's account. DO things get any more bizarre?
  3. So I thawed Experian today and apped for the NASA card. Snagged the card. My next move, of course, is to check whether I managed to slip by without an HP. So I log into CCMP, and when I click on the update page, it hangs for a good long while and then I get: We're sorry... We are currently unable to process your request. If you need further assistance, please email us at creditcheckhelp@experiandirect.com. WTH? Has this ever happened to anyone else? I'm annoyed that I can't see whether I got hit with the HP. If NASA just gave me the usual soft pulls that they did to many others, I was going to pay the $10 to immediately refreeze Experian [chappelle] in case those honkies change they mind [/chapelle] and try to stick an HP on me. If I already got hit with an HP, I'm not going to bother and I'm going to let the 7 days run before it goes back on ice. I don't want to BD Experian because I already had to do it recently. What gives?
  4. HUGE shock yesterday. Did another mortgage pull to see if I can move things along a bit quicker, and there were TWO collection tradelines from the same garbage collector reporting. They were on EX only, and according to CREDCO, have been reporting since August. I've been pulling daily since July to *B EQ, and these TL's had never appeared before. One collection for $151, and another paid collection reporting as zero, and disputed. You can guess how the bank felt about that. Referred to manual U/W, and put everything on hold. I pulled CCMP again this morning, and one of the two that were missing yesterday appeared ($151). I received an email alert last night about the new pull, but still no alert regarding the new account. This is extremely upsetting to say the least. Neither of the debts are mine BTW, which really chaps me to no end but that's for another post. Has anyone else experienced entire TL's missing from CCMP vs. mortgage or other types of pulls?
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