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Found 44 results

  1. Back Door. 19 months out of BK and extablished credit Cap 1, Barclays Reward and Navy Fed, but NO to increase from $2100 to $6000 on New Sallie Mae. Sould I try again
  2. After 1 1/2 years I was finally approved by barclays it's the frontier card with a 1500 CL. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on if I should call an recon for a higher limit.
  3. So I just got the Barclays Sallie Mae Upromise for 2.5k. I have a Rewards MC that I just got CLI'd from 5k -> 10k. (It is a little over a year old). The Upromise card is going to see much more use than the rewards, clearly. Likely being my 1st or 2nd primary card. Should I? A) leave it alone, it's fine. Move most of the credit lines to the Upromise card and leave about $500 on the rewards? C) Split the lines evenly? D) something I haven't thought of? This isn't my highest tradeline, and wouldn't be even if i moved it all over to one card. I have 2 20k cards (NFCU, RBFCU) and now 2 10K cards (Rewards MC, and DCU) I love advice!
  4. I almost missed this because gmail marked it as a promotion (which it is) and I rarely read those since most are worthless.
  5. Been gardening a while. Have two high utilization cards, but a large income where we will pay said cards off in 2-4 months, based on budget. Also had an app spree the past couple of months due to bonuses (Amazon card, Lowe's for a new washer/dryer, etc.) I app'd on my own, denied for Arrival MC. I am chicken over the phone. I don't know why. But I wanted the card. So I called the recon line...and hung up. Then two days later I called again and spoke to an analyst. She asked about an old Merrick CO. Unpaid. I explained it charged off while I was in military training, and have offered multiple times to PFD to which I receive zero reply. She asked about the high utilization. I explained we use the cards to pay for EVERYTHING, we just moved and now they will be paid down. She asked about the app spree. After all of that, APPROVED for $2500, and after using responsibly, said to call back and they will (read: might) increase the credit limit. We use cards to pay for EVERYTHING, so I want to use this card for travel since we want to start to travel a little with credit fixed and higher incomes. 0% interest for the first year + annual fee waived for year 1 = WIN. I have my own $14.4K NFCU, we have a joint $18K NFCU (these two we churn to get VISA giftcards,) I have a $3.5K Crap 1, and the store cards. I had HORRIBLE credit to the point I couldn't even be on the loan for the house we just bought in July, even with things paid off (just had a low score, since then my score has jumped 40+ points all around just by paying cards on time and B*) TU FICO has 0 inquiries, as mentioned had the Merrick unpaid CO for $900 (almost at SOL so haven't messed with it,) lots of old lates but all about to fall off. everything else is positive. MyFICO is at 684 for TU Will update creditpulls!
  6. Just got a letter in the mail. Changing their rewards structure. Used to be only redeemable for a Travelocity purchase, at the time of purchase. Changing redemptions to statement credits, gift cards, etc.
  7. Anyone else get this? Looks I might use this for more than just Gas now.. Earn bonus points for department store purchases, movie theater purchases and restaurant purchases (including fast food). Just use your Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard. Dear Newb, What a rewarding way to start off the year! From January 1 through March 31, 2014, you'll earn 2 bonus points for every $1 you spend—up to 2,500 bonus points—just by using your Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard for purchases and payments you already make in the following categories¹: • Department store purchases • Movie theater purchases • Restaurant purchases (including fast food) Best of all, this is in addition to the points you already earn for using your card for everyday purchases. You must activate this offer by January 20, 2014 to earn bonus points! To manage your account online, just visit www.BarclaycardUS.com.
  8. "Cardmembers Can Now Access the Same Information Used By Banks and Lenders to Help Them Better Understand Their Credit Scores" Really good move by Barclays here. Here's the link to the full press release
  9. Does anyone have any experience (either first or second hand) with what is the highest credit line that Barclays will issue? Said another way, does anyone have experience with credit lines >$20k? I currently have a Priceline card with a 20k limit but would like to have this increased when I hit the one year mark shortly, especially now having access to the TU08 score Barclays uses. I reviewed credit pulls prior to posting this question, generally only saw relatively low (<10k) limits, only saw a few other $20k limits, and did not see any limits higher than this. Any experiences or other information would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello All! Just got approved last night for a Barclay's Apple Visa! TU 670. Sweet, but wanted to recon underwriter to up that more. Anyone have a good backdoor phone number for them? Thanks to all.
  11. I have a BK from 2005. I am also paying off FED student loans. Hoping the CC will help me with some bonus funds through the UPromise program. I also have a fraud alert on all three bureaus d/t ID Theft. I have a Barclays CC, zero balance. I hate to waste a HP if I'm going to get declined. FICOs are mid 700s.
  12. I just opened up a Barclays card last month (1600 CL that I called and did a recon to raise to 3K) and I've used it up to 2/3 the limit and paid it down over the course of the last month. Today I received a 0% BT offer from them and I'd like to BT over about 5K from a couple other cards. Is it too soon to ask them for another CLI? I've seen some of the posts where they spook easily. The new accounts are on my CR, but I've already gotten rid of their original inquiries (b*). Thoughts?
  13. I'm officially done applying for credit through this year. I love Barnes & Noble and shop there a LOT... so despite their card being run by Barclays - I applied anyhow (not the first time) and got approved this time .. $5000 limit .. 5% discount at B&N. Looks like they pulled TU and my score was 765 at the time. I know I have taken a hit for all of the new credit in the past few months, so I am done.......... gonna cool my jets. At least til next year, possibly for the next 12 months except for asking for CL increases. I know this is not a white whale for most, but it was for me.. it was not easy to get approved for this card I wanted pretty badly just for the rewards.
  14. I have a Barclays Priceline Rewards card and want to know if I add my DW as an authorized user, will the card show up on her credit report? I don't want it to show up since it is a new account and would hurt her AAOA and be another account less than one year old.
  15. I have an array of questions involving my Barclay's Airtran card. First, some background: Got the card in '08 at a $1500 limit. Got a couple CLI's to $3900, then, earlier this month, the luv button was very kind to me and gave me a CLI to $6000. My initial intent was to see if I could do a PC within Barclays, but after discovering that was all but impossible, I applied, the same day, for a Priceline Visa. I got approved on Recon, and they took part of my CL from the Airtran card, leaving me with $2000...and approving me for the Priceline for $5k. This was on March 6. Then a few days later, I got a letter confirming what I had read on CB...which said that, due to the Airtran-Southwest merger, Chase would be taking over the Airtran accounts from Barclays. I have a Chase Freedom card, that was originally WaMu, but Chase ain't none too happy about it since I have a BK on my reports. Still, this month I was able, upon recon, to get a CLI on the Chase card from $2600 to $5000. So now I'll have 2 Chase cards. Once the Airtran card switches to Chase, I want to see if Chase will reallocate the CL from the Airtran card to my Freedom, which would now give me a $7k limit, which I could live with until my BK falls off in 2015 and they'll be more willing to give the luv. However...my questions are: 1. How sensitive would Barclays be if I asked for another CLI on the Airtran card just three weeks after the first one? My first was a soft pull I think, or possibly, a HP that they also used for the Priceline app since I only have one IQ from Barclays from that timeframe. Would I have to worry about possible AA on either card if I click the luv button again? My thought was to ask for another $3k to eventually end up with a $10k Freedom card. 2. As another alternative, since I don't fly Airtran much anymore anyway, instead of reallocating the credit line to the Freedom once Chase takes over, would Chase PC to another product? How willing is Chase to PC on a "partner" card like this?
  16. Does anyone have experience with the Priceline Barclays card abroad in a country whose currency is U.S. Dollars? I'm planning on being in Turks and Caicos and would like to use my 2% card if there won't be any FETF.
  17. I have an Airtran Airways A+ rewards Visa. The no AF version. Since Airtran was bought by Southwest, and its almost certain Chase (who holds SWA's Visa card) will not bebuying these accounts from Barclays, what will happen to them as Airtran is phased out? Wpuld they be willing to convert to another partner card like Priceline?
  18. I applied for a credit limit increase with Barclays Bank for my Priceline Visa and asked for $50k and was awarded a total of $10k from my prior $4.5k in December 2012 opening. However, the letter I got with the denial of full amount requested gave a credit score of 647 on 2/12/13 whereas my TransUnion score through Walmart card said 689 on 2/4/13. Did my score really fall that much or are they using a different formula?

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