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Found 6 results

  1. Two-part blog article from Barclaycard... http://www.barclaycardring.com/t5/Barclaycard-Ring-Public-Blog/A-Case-Study-of-a-Credit-Line-Increase-and-Decrease/ba-p/5742 http://www.barclaycardring.com/t5/Barclaycard-Ring-Public-Blog/A-Case-Study-of-a-Credit-Line-Increase-and-Decrease-Part-II/ba-p/5840
  2. I think I'll be applying for the Barclaycard Arrival MasterCard imminently. Trying to downgrade to the no-fee version or get an annual fee waiver after a year sounds like a good plan... Anyone have any experience, tips, or suggestions? I have not personally dealt with Barclay before... Thank you!
  3. So against my better judgment...and considering I'm going to be gardening for the foreseeable future, I figured I'd burn one more inquiry on TU. Used the prescreened offer I received in the mail for the Travelocity AMEX. Since I already have a Barclay Rewards card, approval wasn't instant...ended up getting the 7-10 message and called into the backdoor right away. The analyst was pretty pleasant...asked about my employment, why I had an unpaid Midland collection on my report (It took me about 5 minutes to explain that doozy.) and why I obtained a few accounts recently. In the end he approved me for $800. Not bad. At some point I might check to see if I could move some CL over from the rewards card.
  4. Hello I was recently approved for a Barclaycard rewards Mastercard through the pre-screen link last Wednesday. Over this weekend though, I got an even better pre-approved offer in the mail for their Travelocity AMEX...$0 annual fee, 5K bonus points after first use, 0% APR for 12 months, etc. Was wondering if I could pull the trigger and get a second account now with them...or if I should wait until 6 months are up and my new credit probation with them is over...lol. The offer is good until the middle of April so I was thinking of maybe trying then after having the new account open for a month or so... Thanks all!
  5. Hi, guys, TU just deleted the last derog on my credit report – a paid federal tax lien that the IRS withdrew. I now have a clean but thin file with: one car loan just paid off; one new car loan reporting one month (DCU); one DCU visa (reporting one month); one Cap1secured card reporting since November. My oldest credit account is four years old – that’s the car loan I just paid off. I had another positive older car loan that was reporting well but just aged off. With these stats, could I expect to be approved for Barclay’s Arrival World MC? I really like the card because I travel a lot, the rewards look great and it has 0% APR for the first year. No other rewards travel card looks that good. Do you think I should give it a try? I haven’t pulled my TU Fico, but it was 649 back in November so I imagine it would be a lot higher now. My EQ Fico is 684. And I have three inquiries on TU. Before I came to CB, I apped Barclay in November for their average credit card and was declined. It was dumb of me because I had the lien AND a paid judgement on my report and no positive revolving credit. Since they’re so conservative, it is worth it to me to try it this early on in my rebuilding? If you think it’s too much of a long shot, can you suggest a better option to earn travel rewards. Thanks so much!
  6. I'm officially done applying for credit through this year. I love Barnes & Noble and shop there a LOT... so despite their card being run by Barclays - I applied anyhow (not the first time) and got approved this time .. $5000 limit .. 5% discount at B&N. Looks like they pulled TU and my score was 765 at the time. I know I have taken a hit for all of the new credit in the past few months, so I am done.......... gonna cool my jets. At least til next year, possibly for the next 12 months except for asking for CL increases. I know this is not a white whale for most, but it was for me.. it was not easy to get approved for this card I wanted pretty badly just for the rewards.
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