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Found 21 results

  1. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/03/07/usa-banks-creditcards-probe-idUSL1N0BWM3I20130307 When the banks sell delinquent credit card debt to the JDB's they provide very little information - just a list of accounts, names addresses and SS#'s if they have it. and most times, the accounts are sold " without recourse " - meaning that the banks don't guarantee that this information is correct , and there is no recourse available to the JDB's if the accounts sold were disputed, ID theft or due to additional charges after the consumer paid off the account. The JDB's then us
  2. Normally, I know the answer is no. I have had BOA for about 7 years. They started off as a deposit credit card and graduated. The amount never has increased, I wont ask for one since they pull all three. They charge a fee of $79 annually and wont budge. They have offered to open a new card, but I will still loose all the time since they wont transfer it to a new card. My score is over 750 now (thanks CB!) Should I just walk away from it?
  3. Noticed this on the Barclays site. Any thoughts on this? Is there a BOA US Air product I don't know about? I think there use to be a BOA US Air debit card...
  4. I received a pre-selected offer in the mail for Bank of America. I currently have a FAKOs of 677/677/667 (EX/TU/EQ). I also have $22,800 in credit, spread out over 5 cards. 9K highest limit, 2K lowest limit, including a signature Visa and an AmEx. Oldest credit card account is at least five years old, newest is couple of months. Everything else falls in between. I have older installment accounts (only one open, rest are paid/closed in good standing). Pretty much middle of the road on credit rebuilding, current standing, etc. So I applied for the BOA MC. Received instant approval o
  5. Just approved for my first BOA card today - Alaska Air for $7500 Anyone apply for two in one day and got approved for both? I'm looking at the travel rewards card with no AF and no FTF. I know they don't do 2-for-1 hard pulls
  6. Hi guys, I went through a rough patch a few years ago. I now have a good job and I'm trying to do something with my life, but we all know credit can help with that. My credit score is in the high 600's, which is surprising to me considering I have two charged off Bank of America credit cards. I had a failed business and got a bit in over my head in my late 20's. Anyway, a couple of years later (now) I'm trying to simply figure out who to contact to see if I can negotiation whatever type of settlement might get them to delete the charge off from my credit report (or whatever other b
  7. This is going to be a long one, so I apologize now for all the questions...I've been doing some reading but still need some clarification about 1099c, so any insight or info would be appreciated. I have an old BOA charge off that I never did anything about because it was still within SOL until this year (which is, I’m guessing, why they decided to issue me a 1099c). From my reading, it’s my understanding that they should have filed this within 3 years from the DOFD, right? If that’s true, what can I do about this? I may be able to prove that I was insolvent – I believe I wasn’
  8. I lost track of when I used my BOA card and lol and behold they closed my account. The TL was exactly 10 years old so I want it back. I called the day of the find (Sat) and I didn't get anywhere. I was told that the underwriters cannot accept calls. Before I head to corporate, where else can go?
  9. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/03/us-financial-regulations-creditcards-idUSBREA3225H20140403
  10. Hi, Been reading on these forums for a few months now. BTW, Great stuff. Hopeing for a little advice here. I have 4 negatives on my account that is killing me. I think my CR is keeping me from getting a job. Went through hard times in crash and lost house and then more money troubles lead to divorce. Ran CR and later found that not all CC's had been closed and had beeen run up and not paid. Wife did BK and left me with foreclosure, 10k line of credit and a 10k CC and anoher small card. I had pulled my CR 2 years ago and all of these were being paid but all late 180+ Now I see thes
  11. I just clicked CLI button for BOA cash rewards card. Earlier limit was 2k. I entered 6k and it was approved instantly. I opened a secured platinum card in 2010(with an AF of $39) with a 500 limit---> got converted it to unsecured platinum plus with 2k limit in 2011(still annual fee of $39) --> converted it to a cash rewards(123 card) in Dec 2013(I got this idea of asking for conversion after joining CB) --> apped for CLI today for 6k approved yippee Should I have asked for more? When can I click the CLI button again? I never had any late payments. Always paid in full. I ha
  12. For those of you with BOA Secured cards: I have had this card for 11 months, and am pretty familiar with it, including adding additional security deposits to increase the credit line (which I've recently done actually). I expect that it will unsecure after the first of the year considering payment history, reduced util that will report by 1/1/14 and improved scores. Today, I noticed that there is a 'request a credit line increase' button on my login page. I've always called in to do the increases before, so I'm not sure if this is new, or I've just overlooked it before. Do those o
  13. Since they would not listen to the BK Judge...they will listen to this fine! http://blogs.wsj.com/bankruptcy/2013/10/04/bankruptcy-judge-sends-a-message-to-bank-of-america/ Chris Keane/Reuters Bank of America Corp.BAC -1.07% has been ordered to pay $10,000 per month for every month it continues to badger a couple to pay off a loan that was discharged in bankruptcy, in a ruling from a prominent judge who says he means to “send a message.” “This is not just a stupid mistake. This is a policy,” wrote Judge Robert Drain of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York. “And frankly, $10,000.
  14. One of my cards, the BOA visa signature currently runs an offer on balance transfer and I wanted to move about $7000 to that card. The credit limit is not reported by BOA (Currently 15K) but card reports maximum past balance and minimum payment amount. The question is - how my FICO is going to be affected if I transfer balance to this Visa Signature card. Will new balance become "hidden" from FICO algorithms or total utilization is going to be calculated based on maximum past balance that is reported (that would be strange). Anybody can help and clarify? Thank you!
  15. I had never done any biz with BOA in my life, but after they kept sending me pre-approvals in the mail I finally took them up on it. Was slightly surprised that it was instantly approved and they even gave a decent CL of $10,000 too. Not my highest but might be my "average" CL when you throw in my little cards like the BBRZ and Cap One card even after it was bumped up a lot higher via the Executive email route. The card that I got was a "better balance rewards Mastercard rewards card". Only had it going on 2 months. Now they are sending me a Pre-approvals for their "CASH REWARDS" card
  16. Got a preselected off fer for a BOA 0% 15 month with BT, took a 4500 bt and they gave a 5k limit. Is it worth reconning for higher? They keep calling me about all the features on the card, etc.... they even increased the balance transfer from 4k to 4.5. My question is if I apply for a small business card with them, would that be one app too many too soon? I know CITI has some spacing limits. I am looking for the advantage of a hidden tradeline that most biz cards give.
  17. Oh how I LOVE CB! I want to 1st start off by saying thank you to all those who provide feedback! Everyday I learn something new! So THANKS!! I'm trying to put together a good will letter to send to the exec of Bank of America. Last year I paid off mg card that had a $4000 limit off in full. I was never late but only made minimum payments. Shortly after I made the payment my card was closed! My CRA reads "closed paid as agreed" . Does anyone have any experience with this? Why would they close the card when I paid in fill. The card was not delinquent or in collections. Even my CRA
  18. I had a BOA checking and savings acct from Aug 2007 through April 2009. I had over $10,000 between the 2 acct's. I used alot of the funds to pay some accts off from my previous marraige, buy some stuff, but never came close to a $0 balance. Due to the way they input these transactions from largest to smallest, the way they held my direct deposits until they charged me ODF's ($500-$600 at a time ) I ended up paying over $4600 in ODF's in a year period. I even took out $4,000 in loans to cover the difference. They "force closed" the acct in July 2009. They're adamant that I still owe them $848.0
  19. I recent was sued by BOA for a 50k business loan that was outstanding. Went to Court, BOA didnt show, Judge dismissed the case. Should I send court papers showing dismissal to CRA's? (( O )) / \ Drvnmshazzy
  20. I have a some 90 - 150 day lates on two separate credit cards with Bank of America. Frankly, do I have any chance whatsoever of getting these removed? I was out of town a lot, and was dealing with a death in the family last year, so this is the reason I wasn't paying hawk-eyed attention to my accounts. The first card had a balance of $1200. I paid it down to $0. But then they charged me another month's interest, and so that $30 of interest was sitting unpaid for 5 months before I noticed and was able to pay it off. The second card had a balance of $20,000. It was set to autopay, but
  21. Is BOA BK friendly? I have a BK from 2006 that I didnt include them in. Do you think I can get a card from them? I have no baddies...
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