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Found 5 results

  1. I will use this as my running thread for my home buying attempt. My BK7 will be 2 years old on 1/22/15. I am attempting to get a pre-approval now. let us see what happens!
  2. 10/17/2005 was the implementation date for the fabulous "new law" for BK, which lead well over a million americans to file for bankruptcy in the 2 months just prior to implementation. Many of us here are looking forward to 10/2015 to finally have this drop off. However, I know it's possible that some might fall off sooner. The purpose of this thread is to report when people actually start to see their 2005 BK7's drop. For me... BK7 still reporting on all 3 reports (despite my best efforts). Filed 10/2005. No IIBs or any other indications of the old BK left. Thanks!
  3. I filed ch7 in 10/05 and was discharged in 1/06. Everything was going great and then I had several issues (job loss, family issues, etc.). I have been in debt for a few years now and I have been waiting for the day I could actually file ch7 again because I felt that was the only way out of this mess (which I was able to in 10/13). So you might ask, what is the problem? The problem is me and I ask for your assistance in helping me answer, should I file bk7 again? I have actually retained a lawyer and paid my partial retainer fee (which I will lose if I don't file but I still have the balance that is due on at my meeting on 5/23 to sign the paperwork and get started). I know I keep going back and forth with this decision but it it a hard decision. I really want to be bk FREE. Right now, I have the following accounts to deal with and I live in NV. PR's (2) Chapter bk - due to fall off 9/2015...finally! 2009 Tax Lien - received certificate of release and I sent a letter to IRS on 5/7/14 to remove it - pending Collections (16 - all unpaid and the 1st 4 collections were actually were payday loan...ugh!) MCI/Verizon - Cell $59 - due to fall off 11/2015...finally (not mine - disputed several times...always verified)Enhanced Recovery - Cable bill $212 - due to fall off 4/2016 Midland Funding - NFCU $7677 - due to fall off 8/2016 Enhanced Recovery - ATT bill $105 - due to fall off 11/2016 The CBE Group - Utility bill $226 - due to fall off 1/2017 Hunter Warfield - Rental/Leasing bill $2374 - due to fall off 6/2017 Progressive Mgmt - Medical $15,792 - due to fall off 8/2017 Allied Collection Svcs - Medical $676 - due to fall off 9/2017 Credit Bureau Central - Utility bill $99 - due to fall off 9/2017 Kenneth Eisen & Assoc - Cable bill $85 - due to fall off 9/2017 CMI - Medical $539 - due to fall off 10/2017 AD Astra Recovery - pay day loan $180 - due to fall off 8/2019 AD Astra Recovery - pay day loan $304 - due to fall of 8/2019 AD Astra Recovery - pay day loan $240 - due to fall off 8/2019 AD Astra Recovery - pay day loan $567 - due to fall off 8/2019 Sentry Recovery - Rental/Leasing bill $2968 - due to fall off 2/2020...ugh!!!!!!! Charge-offs (13 - all unpaid) Global Payments $535 - due to fall off 8/2015...finally ugh! CCCU $2416 - due to fall off 6/2016 NFCU Visa $5226 - due to fall off 7/2016 NFCU MC $5173 - due to fall off 7/2016 NFCU MC (Joint) $7786 - due to fall off 7/2016 (possible duplicate from the Midland Collection above)NFCU LOC $0 - due to fall off 8/2016 Merrick Bank $2007 - due to fall off 11/2016 Barclays $2205 - due to fall off 12/2016 CreditOne Bank $0 - due to fall of 12/2016 Capital One $2497 - due to fall off 1/2017 NFCU car loan $0 - due to fall off 10/2017 NFCU truck loan $0 - due to fall off 12/2017 First Premier $918 - due to fall off 11/2018 (this account has been rehabbed with a $900 CL) Satisfactory Accounts (14) Applied Bank - closed by consumer Aspire - closed by consumer Barclays - closed by consumer (merged my Carnival with USAir yet the end result was a charge off above) CreditOne - card lost or stolen (yet the end result was a chargeoff above) Crown Jewelers - closed GM Financial - closed (4 accounts like this) HSBC Bank - account closed by consumer (too bad Cap1 charged off above since they bought them) Kay Jewelers - inactive account closed NFCU LOC - closed by credit grantor Sallie Mae - closed Target - account closed by consumer Good news: I put in a dispute for 1 medical bill and it fell off as well as 3 other baddies I did not dispute and I was removed from a AU Chase account that was a baddie as well. That's 5 accounts gone so far. Bad news: In addition, I have a current title loan for about $1400 I need to finish paying off (it's on a old 2001 car that barely runs) as well as the last of my student loans which are about $1200. I could use the rest of the year to pay these 2 accounts off as soon as possible. I keep hearing how easy Enhanced Recovery is to work with on the DV but what about the other collections. I have been a member of this board since 2006 (I believe) and I rebuilt my credit after the last bk but this is somewhat harder but I am up for the challenge. I just need a little help to get me going in the right direction. Is there help for me? Please forgive the long post. Goal: Rebuild credit (750+) and buy a home in 3 years (need to start saving immediately).
  4. I'm looking to make a purchase down the road a bit (maybe mid summer/early fall?) but likely something inexpensive that I can pay off rather quickly to build some more credit. The plan is to then buy something newer, maybe even an off lease certified vehicle after that, hopefully at a better rate. I have the BK, 4 satisfied tax liens, 3 of which fall off by fall I think. The biggest headache is the child support lien, which has been getting paid for years. Balance is about 6K. The payments end 8/2015. I also have 2 small student loans in forebearance til 2/2015, total of 5500.00 Gross yearly was 61K last year, no rent, no mtg, mostly cell phone bill and living expenses. Whats the best way to approach this? I keep getting offers on a regular basis, to which I just recently opted out. Im not ready for or looking to spend 30-40K on a car.. j.
  5. I have a BK13 that was dismissed due to divorce and a BK7 that's been discharged after the fact. After my BK7 was discharged in 2010, I decided to dispute the BK7 on my reports because there was inaccurate information about the BK's even though I did in fact file for BK. TU was the only CRA to immediately delete my BK's from my reports, which I was happy with to start. I'm working on this report and wondering how I should dispute the accounts that were actually included in the BK. Should I dispute them as "Not Mine" or "Inaccurately being reported" or something of that sort? I don't want TU to try to locate and validate the BK and put it back on my report as all my accounts that were included state they're scheduled to report until 2015 - 2017 at the latest and then they'll drop off, which is okay I guess, but at the same time, I want this over ASAP, of course. I know I'm probably pushing my luck though. Some of these accounts are being reported incorrectly with incorrect balances and showing "charged off", or late payments even though I've never had a late payment in my life. I thought once I filed the BK, the OC couldn't try to collect funds and I was protected by the BK laws. I would think they can't report me as late at that point as long as I was up to date with all my payments as of the day I filed, which was the case. Any advice on how to dispute these accounts would be greatly appreciated.. or if I'm just plain outta luck and shouldn't even attempt to do anything Thanks!
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