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Found 16 results

  1. Hi new the forum, i been reading alot of posts and really help me, so i wanted to share back.thanks to you all for the help i app for amex 11-4 after 20 years of not having the card, i said let try for the amex blue.pulled ex. i called recon they said since you had a card and it was in your bk you can not get one. i said after 20 years i cant come back the rep said no, i called again two hours later same answer, i was blown away. the same day i went for the barclays arrival got the message will let you know 7-10 days, i called recon they asked a few questions,approved 5,000 pulled
  2. http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/11/12/debts-canceled-by-bankruptcy-still-mar-consumer-credit-scores/?_r=1 Now lawyers with the United States Trustee Program, an arm of the Justice Department, are investigating JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and Synchrony Financial, formerly known as GE Capital Retail Finance, suspecting the banks of violating federal bankruptcy law by ignoring the discharge injunction, say people briefed on the investigations. ------------ But the banks have offered defenses in court documents filed in conjunction with those lawsuits brought by C
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to help sort out some last few issues related to some property that was recently foreclosed on. The history: My mother purchased some land in Florida. She took out a mortgage to pay for the property. At the time, she did not live in the area but my wife and I did...so for purposes of inheritance and to legally allow us to maintain the land, we were put on the title (but NOT the note). Fast forward 10 years...My mother declared BK CH7. She was discharged back in May 2014. The property had already started the foreclosure process...it was put on hold for a sho
  4. 4 years post Ch7, unfroze the 3 CRs for a bit since my scores were pretty good (low 700's) and ~1% util, 1 inq on each. Currently have Priceline The Shat 8K, CapOne 5K, BBRZzzz 500 (pffft!), Macys 2K, Kays 5k. BK'd some big boys, BOA, Chased, Wally, USAA, so don't have much of a choice where I can apply. Immediately got shot down by Amex, HP on EX. They are not BK friendly, that was reason given, but no longer on BL there. Not IIB, but burned them many moons ago pre BK. Got instant 5K recon to 8K by SSFCU/Security Service FCU for the Travel Rewards card, 3% on gas, airfare, dining
  5. On a whim, I decided to apply for an Amex even though in 2013 I was denied due to BK. I figured it was worth a shot and the new Delta card offer of 50k points / $50 statement credit was too good to pass up. I signed into my Amex account (I am an AU on my dad's Amex that has never been used - was opened in 2008 for a BT @ 4.9% fixed rate for life of balance - paid off ~2 years ago). Filled out the app for Delta Gold and walked away for a few minutes. Came back and boom, " you are approved". Surprised. Decided then to go for the two cards/one pull deal. Put in an app for the Amex P
  6. I have a lot of baddies (25 with 17 being collections) I need to work on including a unexpected Tax Lien from 2009. Yesterday, when I got off work and got the mail, there was a letter from irs. I thought it was my monthly tax bill statement but the letter said Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien. It says to keep the letter in a safe place and it has already been mailed to the place of filing. Do I need to do anything? How soon will this be off my credit report or will it just say the lien is satisfied and keep reporting? I would love for this to finally be off my report. Thx
  7. I'm in the midst of rebuilding my credit after getting my defaulted student loans discharged and cleaning up my credit report, and I've got a quick question about authorized users, bankruptcy, and card utilization for some of the more expert folks here on CB. In 2012/2013 I was an authorized user on a relative's (not spouse) Capital One card which had a $500 CL. She declared bankruptcy in early 2013 and of course the Capital One card was closed and discharged in that bankruptcy. Even so, the card is still showing up on my credit report, although as a Satisfactory account which is sho
  8. My husband and I are starting our journey back after BK in 2011. It will be 3 years this summer. The only credit we have now is a car loan that is 2 years old and several small loans through our credit union (not sure they are reporting, though they are supposed to). We reaffirmed our home loan with Wells Fargo because it was always paid as agreed and we thought it would continue to report but it is not. Our current scores are husband 602 and mine 640. These are through TU. I have been an authorized user on my daughter's BOA Visa for over 4 years. It has a good payment record but it is
  9. Well I decided to apply with logix. Mainly because I have been recently hearing good things about them though that information may not be 100% correct. I applied for the regular savings. Then I decided to apply for the credit card. After the application it said I was pre approved for the following: Platinum Rewards: 15K 13% Platinum :15K 12% I selected the rewards card since the interest rate does not matter to me. If approved for that rate it would be my lowest. If approved for that limit it would be my highest. Blowing Navy's out of the water at 12K I have a disch
  10. So after reading about all the people on here about Logix, I decided to give it a shot. A bit about me first. I filed for BK7 (thank you ex-wife) in January of 2012. At the time, my FICO scores were in the 530 range. In June of 2012, Cap One approved me for a Platinum Card for $2000 (currently upgraded to Quicksilver and $3500 limit). After waiting a year, I apped for a few more cards in June of 2013. I was approved for a second Cap One Quicksilver One card ($750 limit). I was also approved for a Merrick Card ($700 limit), a Barclays reward ($1500 limit), and a DCU Visa ($500 limit). I als
  11. Hey Everyone, Been away for a bit - but I am back, hope you all are well . Just wanted to share my recent CU app-o-rama results, especially for those with BK histories. I am a little over a year out, and I am having good results - Got Discharged in 7/2012. Also to share some insight into a few of the popular CU's and trends that we hear about. Before 1 year Mark: Nfcu Nrewards Secured: 1K - 7/2012: This was AUTOMATICALLY unsecured unbeknownst to me at the 12 month mark. I know we have all heard stories that they do, and then we have heard that they DONT. Well, they did f
  12. So I deleted all old Addys off EQ and Transunion and obviously didnt fly with Experian... I opted out... and i no longer live at the address I was at when these things were filed.. I sent off my own version of a SAME NAME DISPUTE and disputed all the public records in one swoop... So far with Transunion the judgement is gone (they only recorded one) but both BKs still show But as far as EQUIFAX... THE PUBLIC RECORD SECTION IS CLEAN! Experian dispute as far as I know (i cant get in the backdoor anymore) is still in dispute as of about 2 days ago... BKs were supposed to fa
  13. I have a BK from 2005. I am also paying off FED student loans. Hoping the CC will help me with some bonus funds through the UPromise program. I also have a fraud alert on all three bureaus d/t ID Theft. I have a Barclays CC, zero balance. I hate to waste a HP if I'm going to get declined. FICOs are mid 700s.
  14. If you have a BK will Penfed still ( possibly ) offer a pre-approval? thanks in advance.
  15. Hello all. I've been patiently plugging along but once again need some advice. I think it's about time to try for more credit, but I don't know where to go from here. Perhaps an app spree is in order, but I'm worried about a bunch of inquiries affecting my chances of obtaining a mortgage within the next two years. Maybe it's just a couple apps and otherwise concentrate on cleaning up reports. Help? Ch7 BK filed 3.14.11, discharged 6.20.11. Included PenFed , Citi, Barclay, CapOne, Chase, and HSBC. So far I have the following accounts, at 0% utilization at the moment: NFCU Secured V
  16. Hi Forum, Here is my issue, I currently have a car that i've been paying $886 a month on since 2008. During this time, i have been paying on time with no lates until i was laid off in 09. I had a couple of lates until i was able to get a new job and back on track also in 09. In 2011, i was laid off again and this time i was out of work until the summer of 2012. So currently i have a bunch of lates on my report, the car has 130K miles on it and the payoff is around 25K. The new job i have has a lower salary and i can't afford to make the $886 payments anymore, i can't refinance becaus
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