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Found 21 results

  1. i have a friend with a 702 fico score 25k citi 13 yrs AU acct 2.5k cap one 5 yrs AU acct 500 credit one 2 yr old acct Im interested in applying for more unsecured lines of credit but i have been stomped on where to start i don't want a ton of inquiries, nor a ton of denials someone please help a newbie out
  2. I've been scouring the web for three hours trying to find an answer to this question, but my Google-Freedom Unlimited must be particularly weak tonight because I haven't even been able to find anywhere the question was asked, much less answered. Since I managed to wander through life without any credit until my late 20s, and then proceeded to screw it up royally, only finally getting to a decent report now that I'm in my mid-40s I've vowed to do everything I can to set my daughter on the right path. Obviously, education has been the primary component of that assistance, but I also added her as an AU to my CapOne card (best I had at the time) two years ago. Now that my credit is solid I've opened a Joint BofA card with her as well, which sets her up pretty well (how many 18 year olds do you know with a non-AU $9000 MC?). This gives her an AAOA today of two years (my CapOne is four years old). But the CapOne no longer serves any purpose for me, and they can't/refuse to waive or remove the AF so I'm looking to close it. But I don't want to hurt DD's AAOA, and it's worth $36 a year to keep that there until she's comfortable opening her own individual lines of credit. So, if I close the CapOne account while she's still listed as an AU will the card and its history continue on her recordfor seven years just as it will on mine? Or will it poof "overnight" dropping her to a zero month AAOA?
  3. Hi guys, do you know of any credit card issued in the US that will allow me to add an AU living overseas (Philippines) without requiring SSN (AU does not have SSN). My mom is retired and I would like her to have a credit card that she can access and use in case of an emergency. I would like to add a limit to the extension too. Your help and knowledge will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  4. Anyone know of any downside to adding someone as an authorized user if you don't actually have a card issued for them?
  5. My wife and I do not have the best credit that we should. We're getting ready to get a couple of secured credit cards and need to know how many Authorized Users are allowed by which cards. We have 5 teenagers at home and not only want to boost our scores, but build their credit as we kill two birds with one stone.
  6. Hey CBers! Back 2x in same day for more advice. Since I have just completed the App Spree for DW. I am going to continue with mine after I complete B*. My question is, I just helped her get a couple of 5 digit approvals, but I am worried if I ad myself as an AU they will affect the potential of me getting approved for certain cards during my App Spree since they will be recently opened and also bring down my AAOA. Any advice? I kinda want to ad them since "Higher Limits beget Higher Limits!" Thanks, BD
  7. I have some questions hope someone has answers to. So, been repairing my credit for some time now. In the past two years I was able to have 20 or so items removed from my reports. But, in me going so my score dropped points mainly because I been applying for credit cards but have not secured one. I tried several secured cards and was denied for all except capital one witch oddly was the same card I had a charge off with in the past. I have not signed a contract with them just because they want me to send them $300.00 and in return the would send me a card in like 8 weeks dont sound practical to me. So I've been reading on other options and my main option I am drawn to is a secured card from my local credit union. But once again I was flat out denied. So I asked If I can be a authorized user on my daughters card and I was told that that would not help me improve my credit at all the dont report on authorized users reports and that was a myth that it will help my score is this true because if it is I dont know what to believe any more almost every thing I read on the net says thats the way to go. Please if some one could clarify thanks
  8. First I want to say I am new here, and have been lurking for a while and have received invaluable information towards my efforts to repair my credit which has helped me get my score from a 580 to about 620 in a short time. Thanks every one for all the great information. My last actual FICO score was 585 from 03/02/2014 from TU. But my FAKOs the other day from EIDT aka MPM credit monitoring were TU 620 EX 587 EQ 609 which uses the TransRisk New Account Credit Score. I had my girlfriend add me to her Amex awhile back as an authorized user and while I didn't get any B* because they don't do that anymore, I did get a nice bump on my FAKO scores. However, she added me to her Wells Fargo Mastercard with $8500 credit limit with $0.00 balance and a perfect payment history since 2007 and I did get B* BUT... and this is a big BUT... my score on EIDT aka MPM DROPPED to TU 620 EX 561 EQ 547 (hasn't shown up on TU yet). Any ideas why? I thought being added on a card with decent credit limit, long and perfect payment history and low or no balance would increase my score, not lower it.
  9. I'm in the midst of rebuilding my credit after getting my defaulted student loans discharged and cleaning up my credit report, and I've got a quick question about authorized users, bankruptcy, and card utilization for some of the more expert folks here on CB. In 2012/2013 I was an authorized user on a relative's (not spouse) Capital One card which had a $500 CL. She declared bankruptcy in early 2013 and of course the Capital One card was closed and discharged in that bankruptcy. Even so, the card is still showing up on my credit report, although as a Satisfactory account which is showing as current, but with a date of last payment & date reported of 05/2013. However, it appears from CreditKarma and what I can make out of my credit report it's showing up with the a balance of $474 and the $500 CL, which of course is effecting (increasing) my utilization. My question is, should I go ahead and dispute this hoping to get the balance changed to 0 and therefore reduce my utilization? Or would that just be asking for trouble and I'm much better off leaving it be? I'm not sure how the CRA's handle bankruptcy on CC's when the authorized user didn't file, and obviously I don't want the tradeline to go from showing up as a current, satisfactory account w/ a balance to one that shows up as a negative bankruptcy. Thanks in advance for anyone that can weigh in on how I should handle this, or not!
  10. Quick question about being added as an Authorized User on my DW's Kay card: The account has been open for 2 years 4 months My AAOA is 3 years 6 months (six accounts) It has a 7k limit with a $200 balance (paid off next month) My current utilization is ~43%, adding as an AU would bring me to ~25% My questions is this: Would the slight drop in AAOA have more of an impact than the lower utilization? I am almost certain that lower age will be outweighed by the lower utilization, but I want to be certain before I do it. Thank you in advance!
  11. My husband and I are starting our journey back after BK in 2011. It will be 3 years this summer. The only credit we have now is a car loan that is 2 years old and several small loans through our credit union (not sure they are reporting, though they are supposed to). We reaffirmed our home loan with Wells Fargo because it was always paid as agreed and we thought it would continue to report but it is not. Our current scores are husband 602 and mine 640. These are through TU. I have been an authorized user on my daughter's BOA Visa for over 4 years. It has a good payment record but it is now at the $10,000 limit so it makes my utilization really bad (she will not be paying it down anytime soon.). Should I ask her to remove me or would it hurt worse to lose an aged account? What would be the best way to proceed at this point to raise those scores within the next 6 months? Do you think we would be able to get either a Walmart or Amazon card? We've gotten offers for cards but I've avoided them mainly because of the annual fees. Thanks, Kate
  12. Spouse was in car accident three years ago requiring hospitalization & full recovery. Slow pays led to multiple lates on student loan, multiple small collections on utilities, one judgment on 29% car shark loan & repo of vehicle (we turned it in). Journey to credit rebuild after paying off Original Creditors began by online dispute of inaccuracies. We successfully deleted four small collections and one judgment from EX, resulting in a 54 point leap in FAKO; two more baddies remain, on EX. The same inaccuracies are on the other two CRA's but we have read CB and are starting with removing old addresses first. We have since read up on deleting old addresses and sent in address deletion requests today. Spouse is now an AU on a $4,000 Credit Union 1 Mastercard Classic (did not require SI or HI). also an AU on $16,000 USAA World MC & $1,100 Discover card. After baddies, cleaned up; we hope to jointly secure mortgage. Stay tuned.
  13. My wife and I are preparing to apply for a mortgage loan in 7-10 months and I have a question regarding being a authorized user for a few of her credit cards. My current scores range from 570-593. I don't have any open revolving or installments credit. Most all of my baddies are medical except for a couple of utility ones. I have a few installment accounts that are closed and all completed as paid never late. My first step is getting a secure BOA or Cap One card today but was also curious if I should try to be added as a authorized to my wife's revolving accounts(Kohls-$500 limit, Cap 1 Platinum-$750 limit, Care Credit/GE $2000.00 limit) all of which are at least 80% utilized but we are planning to aggressive pay those off in the next 3-4 months. In addition should we open the secured cards jointly? Any advice to see if this is even possible and how doing will effect my scores would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Thanks to this forum, and after numerous disputes, I have been successful in cleaning my credit reports, but now Equifax and only Equifax has removed all of my AU, not only have they removed all Authorized User accounts, but they are blocking new ones. I spoke to Equifax disputes department and they told me I would have to tell the Creditors to report new account numbers because the old ones are blocked permanently. All of the AU accounts belong to my wife, so I had called the creditors and had new account numbers issued; the new AU accounts show up on Experian and Transunion but not Equifax, thats how I know they are blocking the new info. Are the bureaus required by law to report AU accounts if they are your spouse? How do I get them to stop blocking my Authorized user accounts? Thanks in Advance.
  15. Wife had mortgage with a credit union and has since refinanced. Is it possible to be added to the closed mortgage account? or maybe auto loan?
  16. Some questions I have seen mixed opinions on - and now that time has passed i wanted to see what the current state is; there were two things I hated about my orchard card that now "appear" possible with cap one: 1. the button for a cli actually works here. by 'work' i mean that i clicked it and i got a 10 day message. i dont know if they will actually hp my reports for it or simply decline saying that orchard cards are not available for cli.. but that is a different message than I was expecting. (currently limit is 1200, which is my lowest card by 4k). 2. It appears that I was able to add my wife as an authorized user. i have like 6 cards and she has none, so i have started doing that in hopes of helping her scores. not sure if it really is helping yet but i'll pull her credit later. has anyone successfully done either of these with their orchard converted cards?
  17. Wondering if anyone has experience with CC authorized user blacklists. I burned Chase, Amex and Citi in BK. I tried to get added as an AU with Amex and got denied confirming the blacklisting. I know chase and citi blacklist on new apps, but have no idea what they do for AUs. If anyone has experience, do share. Thanks
  18. Can you use a UCC Filing and a promissory note to create a verifiable tradeline under public records since they are filed with the county? I know the Bureaus pick up on these fast! Anyone have sucess with this? Any info is much appreciated. thank you in advance.
  19. Hello, I was wondering if I was added as an authorized user on my brothers Amex card would help me to be approved for a Amex card of my own? I heard that having established history with Amex helps you get approved for other cards. Is this true as an AU? I'm hoping to get an Amex next year, I have scores 678-701. I was denied last week for my age of accounts, which is only about a year averaged. Thanks, Kate
  20. I need advice and I need it fast!! I've had excellent credit for years but around late 2009, I found that my credit took a hit. It took a hit because of Citibank and Discover. On both of these cards I was only an authorized user, but they were both reporting it as joint with an ex GF. At the time, I contacted Citibank, and asked them to remove me off the card as I was only an authorized user. They researched quickly, and I was told that they would get me completely removed from the account and the account off my credit report. They stated they were doing it as a courtesy, but I know it was becasue there was nothing on application stating it was joint, becasue I was only an authorized user. I contacted Discover and they played hardball... They wanted my SSN, stating they need it to verify I was who I said I was. They wouldn't even talk to me without me giving it. I told them the same that I was only an authorized user. They stated they would research and get back to me. A few weeks went by and I get a letter stating that the account was Joint and the proof they had was that I had called in on the account a few years prior... Yes, I did call ... probably to discuss getting the rate reduced, but at the time, my ex had authorized Discover to discuss the acct info with me... I also think I called at a time the card had a zero balance.... I don't have a copy of the old bills, but I remember, the bills use to come in my ex's name only. After getting the letter from them, saying it was joint, I should have kept pursuing it, but I was expecting my 1st child, was stressed, and didn't want to take anything more on.. After that letter from Discover, I never heard a thing from them, that was until Nov 2012. I get a letter from an attorney with a copy of a request to a judge in the the circuit court of AR. My ex had moved to Arkansas a few months after we split. The letter includes a copy of a "Order of dismissal without prejudice", on a lawsuit filed against my ex and me. So then I figure, I'm good... and nothing to worry about.... Boy was I wrong. So last week, I find that my job situation will be changing in a few months, and knowing that if I refi my mortgage, I can cover my child care costs, I go for a refi. My credit comes up with a Charge Off from Discover, still reporting... I contacted the attorney, Discover is using about the Dismissal, to see if the Judge had signed off. I was told the Judge did sign off and it was filed with the courts clerk in AR. I've requested a copy... Now my issue is how do I get Discover to stop reporting and get this off my credit report ASAP.... I did dispute the charge off, with the 3 credit bureaus, stating it was not mine and that I was only an authorized user.. I have a feeling that it will come back with Discover stating it's joint account, just like they did before... without any real proof. I also need to get this removed ASAP, so I can proceed with a refi... Is there anything I can do? Can I contact anyone, within the State of MD where I am a resident, that can intervene in this matter ... basically force Discover to removed me and remove it from my credit report? I called Cedit Plus, because the lender I am looking to use uses them... They stated the odds are, with just the "Order of Dismissal" they can NOT get it removed because all that does is removes me from their lawsuit. How do I go about getting everything removed? Could a company like Credit Plus actually get it removed by requesting a DV? I'm wondering what they would do, if Discover came back to them and said it was a joint account because I had called in... Not only is this preventing me from getting a new mortgage, but it's hitting my credit score, forcing me into a higher rate... even if it were paid, so I need it removed. Thanks!!
  21. Hello Credit Board experts, I have been working on my credit now since December and have had some moderate success. However, I need advice on the next step. I was listed as an authorized user on my ex-husband's business Citi Card. We divorced in 2009. I pulled my credit report in November and am still listed as an authorized user. There is a 60-day late on the account and it is maxed out. I sent a CMRR letter to CITI Jan. 7. It is still reporting on all reports. Can I get some advice on what your next course of action would be? I live in Texas, but am not sure that gives me any more teeth in this situation. Thank you for any assistance, advice you can provide. These boards have been incredibly helpful to me as I work to repair items.
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