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Found 4 results

  1. My credit profile is rather thin. We've mainly been cash payers for years and let our credit go to crap. I haven't gotten my real FICO scores (only FAKOs) CK: 645 and CS: 700ish My positives: Capital One Secured $300 CL $1.22 balance Opened 12/12 no lates US Bank Platinum (AU on Hubs acct) $9000 CL $725 balance opened 3/13 no lates. Chase SW (AU on Hubs acct) $8500 CL $3000 balance opened 7/13 no lates. Car loan paid in full set to fall off 4/13 no lates My negatives: BofA DOFD 09/08, settled for less than full balance. Set to fall off 09/15. I'm sure I have at least one reason to dispute, which I will likely post to its own thread. HSBC CO (sold to Cap One) set to fall off 01/2014. I'm thinking I'm in pretty good shape to apply for a card in my name alone that's not secured. There are 2 inquiries on my reports. My thoughts are that I should start applying after the CO falls off in January and BEFORE the positive car loan TL falls off in April 2014. SOOoooooooo. What say you?
  2. looking for input from your personal experiences or knowledge =) i am wondering if there are any apps or sites that people have used successfully to manage their credit accts and payments. i have memory issues so i must have something to help me keep track of what has been and needs to be paid. as my credit accts increase, i live in fear of missing a payment. currently i use mobill on my android phone to keep track of bills. i have all my income and bills listed in it, it allows me to set reminders and mark bills as paid. it has some problems tho so i would like something better. ideally, i'd like something that ties together all my credit accts, pulls info from the websites for them, keeps track of my balances and payments, lets me mark them paid, lets me set reminders. i am not sure this even exists. i saw credit karma the other day asking me to enter acct details for some of my ccs, but i didnt follow thru on it, so not sure what exactly that would do for me. something for android would be great, since my phone is already my constant companion. i have a fixed income, i can pay some for a program, but would like to keep it very reasonable. any ideas or experiences?
  3. Ive been wanting to app for two Chase cards soon. The CSP and Marriott Rewards Premier. I want them both for the great sign ups but was wondering if anyone has tried applying for 2 Chase cards in the same day, would they use the same hard pull? Sure would love to get a 2 for 1. I went on their site and put my info in their soft pull card qualifier and was eligible for 3 cards. CSP, Freedom and Chase Slate. I really want the $500. worth of sign ups for the CSP but not crazy about the AF. And I like the free nights(50k points) the Marriott Rewards offers, looks good with a chip and I hear its metal too.
  4. Got a preselected off fer for a BOA 0% 15 month with BT, took a 4500 bt and they gave a 5k limit. Is it worth reconning for higher? They keep calling me about all the features on the card, etc.... they even increased the balance transfer from 4k to 4.5. My question is if I apply for a small business card with them, would that be one app too many too soon? I know CITI has some spacing limits. I am looking for the advantage of a hidden tradeline that most biz cards give.
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