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Found 22 results

  1. Several years ago, I was once listed as an authorized user on one of my parent's American Express Blue Sky account; it was a revolving account. Anyway, my parent allowed the account to charge-off and it was closed. The account used to report to my file at the CRAs, but several years ago I disputed it as a "not mine" and it was removed; it no longer reports. I was wondering if this situation would have caused me to have been put on the Amex black list? I believe the charge-off happened about 8 years ago. As for another question, what type of baddies, if any, will result in automatic denials for any Amex card? Bankruptcy? Public Records?
  2. How long did it take to complete your upgrade from the store card to the Amex? I talked to Macy's about a week ago about upgrading my store card to a Macy's American Express after a botched CLI request (I took a hard inquiry for an increase from $800 -> $1500). I was told that there was nothing in my credit profile that should prevent approval, and that it would take 7-10 days for a decision. I logged into my account as recently as two minutes ago and my account is still showing the store (red) card. What was your experience with the upgrade?
  3. There are usually a lot of questions about why to apply for new Amex cards in January, particularly this time of year. Below is a brief explanation. When you have an Amex log in, you have a "Member Since" date. For example, here is what mine looks like when I log in to my account. Once you have established a "Member Since" date, every new Amex you open will show as being opened in the MS year. For example, every Amex I open reports as being opened in 1992. A new Amex will report the month that it was opened with the MS date as the year. For example, let's assume a MS date of 2013 and two different scenarios for opening a second card. MS date 2013 Amex 2 opened December 2014 Amex 2 reports as opened December 2013 reports as 1 year old MS date 2013 Amex 2 opened January 2015 Amex 2 reports as opened January 2013 reports as 2 years old If you have a really young MS date, you can see why applying in January can help you boost your AAOA over time. Waiting 1 month in this example nets another year of account age. If you don't have an Amex, it is wise to get one before the year ends to lock in a MS date. If you have a young MS date, it is wise to wait until January to take advantage of the account age as much as possible.
  4. Trying to keep it short ... I have been away for a while. Came back this week to say hi in GD. Started reading around in CF and saw this thread: The Master Blacklist Black List Thread – Work In Progress, Help Needed Now, I haven't applied for an Amex since 2007. Back then, the CO was no longer on my reports. Only denied because of internal blacklist. Not sure when it actually CO'd. So, I thought WTH. I'll try. Applied for the Everyday card because it looked kind of cool. FACO on TU is 721. The rest are unknown. I do have quite a few other cards at this point with about $50k total in CLs ranging from $500 (Target) up to $25k (USAA). I was approved for $2k. Eh. Not great. But, I am back in. Don't know if that is good or bad yet. Then I start reading about D*. Hmmm. Better check that out. Click the chat button and ask if I can get my Member Since date set back to my original. Sure Mr. D. Let me look that up for you. Is **** correct? Yes sir, that sounds about right. New date shows online before we finish the chat. Boom, a brand new CL from 1998. Once again, thanks CB. You guys are awesome as usual
  5. OMG! Can't believe it worked! DW applied for 3x CLI, from $9,400 to $28,200, instant approval! It was on her Amex Blue everyday card. Her FICO scores: Exp : 789 TU : 798 Eq : 806 Card used lightly over last 61 days, PIF always. She wants to achieve credit pimp status in the next year!! Thank you fellow CB'ers for all the great advice! (special shout out to BobWang, Ubercat, mendlesshon, HoustonLynne, CV91915, SecretAgentWoman)
  6. Hi. Anyone ever had any luck offsetting an AMEX annual fee or getting some kind of a retention bonus? I recently called the main line with regard to an annual fee on my BCP, and both the CSR and a supervisor told me that there was nothing they could do or offer me, despite my suggestion that I was seriously considering cancelling or at least downgrading the card to the no-annual-fee version. Just wondering if I should try my luck again with a different CSR or if there is a different number that I should call that would be more successful. As always, any feedback and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I have a Amex Business Gold card and wanted to know if it is possible to ask for the personal guarantee to be removed?
  8. Just wondering if anyone can give me their opinion on an EASY Amex to qualify for. I am gearing up for my own App Spree and am considering Macy's or Dillard's, though I know these aren't Prime Cards, I am wondering if they are even worth app'ing for or if I am missing others. FYI, I am not going to app with BofA or PenFed as I don't believe they aren't a viable option for me at this time (In recent App Spree DW was Declined at PenFed and BofA gave her a $3k Rewards card). Again, any input is greatly appreciated. On a side note, am I understanding correctly, that ANY Amex gets you into the Centurion Lounges for $50? So Macy's or Dillard's would qualify? And I have seen the thread on Non Centurion Amex, I'm just asking for personal opinion on perhaps the easiest card to get or your favorite. Again, Thanks!
  9. Greetings, I haven't been around in a while...have been trying to keep my head above water and so here's my story. Had some trouble for about 5 months in 2009 which resulted in a few late payments and the closing of an AMEX Blue. High Balance was $11K and they cut it in half when I gave them $5K. Then they subsequently called in the line 30 days later...and I fought it which turned into a dispute that resulted in the account going to collections so I could no longer even deal directly with AMEX. I played hardball even though it was affecting my score and let the collection agency chase me with offers for the balance which was $5K at the time. They made offers every couple of months until they were down to about $1500. When the time had elapsed where they could no longer collect....the calls and letters stopped. My wife accepted an American Express Plat and added me as an AU to see if it would pass but it was declined. When I called AMEX to see how I could re-instate my membership..the agent told me I could either pay the $5K in full 'or' settle for $3250. I then asked if I would automatically be re-instated and move forward and she said that because she was in the recovery department, she could not confirm that I would be automatically re-instated....whether I settle or pay in full which was what started this whole thing in 2009. What would you as experts suggest...should I settle or pay in full in order to re-instate? My credit is now in the mid 700's and I have a car with BMW Financial as well as about $15K worth of credit cards which are all at $0 balance. Any suggestions, advice or experience would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance. best.
  10. Hello, Does anyone know if amex pfd? if so how do you go about it? From what date does the acct drop off- Date reported? Date opened? Last Reported? thanks
  11. Called AMEX today to attempt to negotiate a settlement. Account is 74 days past due so it hasn't go to the cancellation department. The Service Rep said Amex has not been offering settlements for 2-3 years. Said it will go to cancellation then to litigation. Is this a bunch of BS?
  12. I listed individual income on my Amex app. I have read threads where people listed HHI. Should I call them in 6 months or so and change it to HHI in hopes for a larger limit on a CLI? I looked for a "Master HHI CC" or similar thread to see which cards actually allow HHI on apps (after the fact). I didn't find one with various search terms. Does one exist and I am just missing it? I'm done with apps but thought a "Master CC HHI" thread might be useful for others in the future. If you all think it would be useful/helpful, is there a CC guru willing to start one? I have an Amazon Prime membership due to expire in March. I plan on canceling it just before it's scheduled to auto renew in hopes to use the link from Amex to sign back up and receive the $79 statement credit. Will that work? I ask because it specifically states "new" memberships and not sure it will fall under new; technically my membership wouldn't be new as I would have had a previous membership. Has anyone cancelled Prime, signed back up with the Amex and received the statement credit? I tried to log in with the reference code they emailed me. It stated I could create an account with the reference number, log in and update statement preferences, etc.. For some reason, that link takes me to a page that asks me why I need my CC number. Not expecting that page, I still went through the motions and selected "I didn't write it down" (I don't remember what it actually said, but I didn't select lost or stolen or any of those). I click next and it told me I couldn't receive the CC number and instead the card would arrive in 5-7 days. What am I missing here? No big deal, I can wait for the CC to arrive; I just thought it was odd I couldn't do what the email said I could. Anyone else experience this? Thanks!
  13. I just came back from a month's long vacation in Europe and had a few questions in regards to FEF. I will be returning before the end of the year and wanted to prepare myself for the next trip. I used my Amex Platinum everywhere that I could to take advantage of their no FEF offer and it worked out great. I checked the transactions after confirming the exchange rate at the time of purchase and they literally don't charge anything at all. So if the exchange rate was $1.34 per Euro that day, that's what I paid. Unfortunately, American Express was not accepted in too many places. So I was forced to use a VISA in these location. When it came to my Capital One Platinum Venture card, their no FEF policy was obviously an advertising gimmick. The exchange was heavily adjusted in their favor. So while there was "No Foreign Exchange Fee", I was still paying about ~4% in the currency exchange. Does anyone know of a VISA or Mastercard that adopts the same exchange rate and no FEF policy as Amex Platinum? Thanks in advance.
  14. I will try to make this as to the point as possible: A number of years ago, a lot of stuff happened and I ended up getting screwed over by family which caused me to run up a lot of debt. Then a couple of years ago, I had a high amount of debt on one of my American Express accounts. The catch with this account is that it has to be paid in full every month. So I was paying $1,000 a month to pay this card off, but because that wasn't the full amount, I was getting hit with a late payment to my credit score every month for 6+ months. I called and talked to them when this first happened and at first they told me, "Don't worry we'll have those removed in 3 months." Then after 3 months they told me, "I'm sorry someone told you that, we'll actually remove them when the card is paid off." Then I was told once it was paid off, "Those should be removed within the next 6 months." And then I was finally told, " I'm sorry you were told that, but we cannot do that." Or something a long those lines. Long story short, my credit, which had previously been very good, has been crushed by a card requiring payment in full every month, even though I was paying $1,000 every month. Is there anything that I can do about this? Thanks
  15. Some of you might know the issues I already had with American Express, well in the past few days it only got worse. I'll start from the beginning. Warning! LONG READ! 7/24 - I app for the Amex Detla Gold, they triple pull me and nothing happens for a while. I call in to check the status every few days but no progress 8/7 - A second pull on TU, this makes a total of 4 8/8 - Get an email that I was approved, 2k limit - Also today after reading it was good to get multiple amex cards at the same time I app for a BCE. 8/13 - I get my Delta gold in the mail AND a denial letter dated 8/10 for the BCE. I was going to dismiss it as the only reason listed was low Fico score from TU until I looked closer. The letter for the Delta gold states on 8/7 my TU Fico was 697, the BCE (ran on 8/8) used the report from 7/24 and listed my TU Fico at 647, 50 point swing! I Called the recon line and asked about it, the supervisor told me they would look into it and to not worry about another hard pull. 8/20 - After checking my EX i notice something strange and I freeze it. 8/21 Morning - I call to AMEX again and ask about the BCE status, still listed as pending, supervisor says no reports for my on file at all. After telling him I had 4 hard pulls within 30 days, he asked me to fax in a copy of my report with the inquires, he would look into it for me. (90 Minute call) Afternoon - I call in to see if they received my FAX, a different supervisor tells me they did but is confused why I faxed that information in. I explained the situation but they claimed since the supervisor wouldn't give me their name there was nothing they could do with it. I was asked to unfreeze EX so they can look at it to recon my 8/8 application. After trying to see if they can pull a different CRA or any other solution I generate a pin online and give it to them. After a long hold, the pin they claimed wouldn't work. I kept verifying the correct numbers and they still couldn't pull it. I was asked to hang up, call EX and get another code. (60 Minute call) Experian - Luckily for me this call went smooth after a long hold. They had me make another pin since the online system wouldn't generate one for me anymore. (15 minute call) Third Call Afternoon - Provide new Pin to another specialist, she was nice but kept coming back after 10-15 minute hold times to verify the Pin. I knew we had another problem, she attempted to get a manager/ supervisor on the line but came back saying they were all in a meeting and they would call me back. (60 minute call) Fourth Call 3 hours later - Starting to get late into the day so I call back, while the specialist was looking for a manager, I get a call from another manager at AMEX. He says "we have had issues with the system today, it's defiantly something with us and not EX, I will personally get this fixed for you and will call you back tomorrow morning" I clarify tomorrow morning as before noon my time (Pacific) Morning 8/23 - Hard Inquiry shows up on EX. 11am rolling around and nothing, so I call in. This time no notes from the manager from last night, nothing. Current manager says no one was supposed to call me back, if that was the case it'll be put in the notes. I ask for the manager by name and was told there is no one by that name. She can't do anything about my application either, it was moved to the executive office and I would need to contact them. (20 minute call) Executive office - Since I don't know who my case was assigned to, the secretary has to look for it. (20 minute hold time) She comes back and has no name or extension for me. She says the only information she is allowed to give me is "we are aware of the problem, it is an issue with out systems and not Ex, our executive team does have your case and will contact you as soon as we have a resolution. There is no estimated time right now" when pressed she wouldn't tell me anything else or who to follow up with next time. 8/23 - after the EX pull earlier, now comes a TU pull. That makes 2 EX 1 EQ and 3 TU. 8/24 - Call around 12:00pm to same new accounts phone number, the first rep put me on hold to go through the exhaustive notes, came back and said that a supervisor would need to give me the decision. (Spoke about "the decision" like they already had one) She was not allowed to give it to me. Guaranteed I would get a call back within 15 minutes and took down my phone number, she even stressed the importance of me waiting by the phone to ensure I pick up. (20 Minute call) 15 minutes later, nothing. 30 minutes later, nothing. I call myself to make sure my phone works and it does. Afternoon - I call again around 1pm. Rep instantly puts me on hold while she looks for a supervisor. On hold for over 20 minutes and she checks in once. Now supervisor is here, she apologized there is nothing she can do, she says she understands why i am frustrated but since it is saturday and the other department closes early I would have to wait. She tells me a supervisor will call me back monday, I tell her that was unacceptable, I have been promised that many times over the last few days and nothing, I mention I have 6 hard pulls from American Express now within the last 30 days, she asks me to fax in my credit report showing it and they will take care of it ( I already did that 2 days ago and mentioned that to her) she checked and said that they already received it. ( 1 hour 15 minute call) Now I have to wait for monday where i "might" get another call back. I am friend, not rude to anybody on the line except for the last supervisor, I couldn't stand being pushed around anymore, I wanted to just tell them to forget it and cancel my application but then I would of taken all those HPs for nothing. Thanks for taking the time to read the whole thing.
  16. Hello Everyone! This is my first post on creditboards, but I have been using the site for a little while in terms of the credit pulls database, as well as researching threads. I'm having a little issue finding the information I need, and there are few, if any, datapoints in this regard: I received a targeted offer in the mail based off my Transunion report only for the American Express Blue Sky. It's one of the relatively top offers, with 30,000 bonus points ($400 worth of travel), 17.24% APR, and 0% 15 month intro period on purchases. I was not planning on apping for a long time after getting 6 cards, since I wanted my credit score to continue to grow, but I don't have an AMEX in my arsenal, it was one of my future plans anyway, and why not start the goodies of future backdating early, eh? I've checked all my reports, and AMEX seems to like softing TU and TU only...I've also received a few Green card offers based on my TU as well, but there was no sign up bonuses involved and I have no need for a charge card in this particular point in time anyways. So my question is: Even though AMEX is an EX-puller majority of the time, and as long as my app requires only one hard pull, are they more likely to pull TU since they have been softing me there for offers, or will they pull EX anyways? If it helps, I'm from NJ. The database, though helpful, still leaves me up in the air because there are no reports about previous softing on TU before receiving a single pull on TU. This will help me decide when to app...if they will pull TU, I can app earlier and have a better profile (no inquiries) than if they pulled EX. Perfectionist me would like to wait for the balances on my report to be optimized anyways (1 card reporting low utilization while my other 5 cards are PIF to 0), and EX has some inquiries that will drop off completely or age to the 1 year mark the first week of August. Thank you
  17. So, I don't know my credit score, but I'm assuming it's not very good because there are a few Adverse Accounts on my credit report (working on those now). I've never had a credit card before but I'm looking to finally get one to build up my score. Should I apply for the American Express Blue Cash card? What are the chances that they'll approve me? What are the consequences if they don't? Can I re-apply later? Thanks.
  18. First post. Really enjoy reading the forum. I made a lot of mistakes with my credit and it has finally been 7 years since my last mistake. I have 36k in student loans that have established enough credit to pick up some cards. I started with a cap1 secured (200) in April and went for the pre approved platinum offer in May (1000). I also got an amazon store card (400 in May then CLI to 1900 this month). My first big score came with getting in with NFCU because of my brother's service and getting there signature cash rewards visa with 17k limit in June. It definitely felt great. My Exp FICO was 735 in my acceptance letter from Navy. Nothing has changed besides their inquiry and new account. My util is 1%, all on Navy, rest have no balance reporting. My income is 60k. My student loans age back from 2005 as the oldest account, with new consolidated loans turning 2 years old next month. My AAOA is 13 months because of all the new cards, plus a $500 secured loan I took out in April that I am paying off to establish credit and get in with my local CU. My Eq has an old BOA account started in 1999 reporting as closed by creditor. I payed it off after much duress in 2006. No negatives reporting, 100% on time payment history. My goals are to get an auto loan in about 1 year then getting a mortgage in 4 to 5. I would love to get in with Amex at some point to take advantage of their backdating and bonus offers in between. I am getting some targeted offers (none from amex yet) and the $200 plus 14 mo no interest on a chase freedom is the most tempting yet. I am leaning toward going for it, but I was wondering if I had any chance of getting an amex bce/bcp or costco card first. I only have a few months of revolving history, which seems a little weak for an amex. I see people with similar scores on credit pulls getting bce, but they may be more established. Plus I have quite a few new accounts and 3 inquiries on exp, 4 on TU. I don't travel, so the easier delta card is not very useful. I don't want a $100 AF or more on a charge card when I can get several hundred worth of rewards on a Chase Freedom or Amex BCE/BCP in a few months. So here are my options: take Chase and garden for however long it takes to get Amex pre approvals, go for BCE/BCP or costco (or maybe both) then garden until I'm ready for a new car, or go on a spree and get amex and hope Chase still wants me. I'm concerned that the inquiry from a failed amex app may kill the deal with Chase. Also should I apply now or wait for the accounts to turn 2, or even garden for a while instead of getting anything else now? I spend plenty of money at costco and grocery stores to make the amex a good deal. I also plan to use amazon for Christmas shopping, the Freedom 4Q 5% plus no interest would be nice as well. Aside, of the 3 amex, are they similar requirements? I see higher scores for preferred approvals. We do enough grocery shopping to make it worth the AF, but I'd prefer a safer bet. Thanks so much for any advice or similar stories and sorry for the lengthiness.
  19. A little background: I got an Amex Delta gold card in 2006, and then got unemployed and it charged off in 2008. I paid off the chargeoff in January of 2012, and was finally approved two weeks ago for the Delta Gold again (after applying FOUR times). When I got my card, it said "13". On the website, it said "Member since 05". Ebuddog: Hi, my member since date is incorrect on my card. Rep: It sure is! Let me get with the printing department to see what the issue is. (puts me on hold for 5 mins. I'm kind of getting nervous) Rep: Okay, looks like they printed up a whole bunch of cards at once, that's why there was an error. We'll get your new card with the '05 date in the mail to you today Me: Thanks! So, does this mean when it reports it will report back to '05?
  20. Here is my credit at a glance. Credit Karma FAKO 736 Experian score: 702 Transunion: 704 Equifax: (Im putting a freeze on it since they cant seem to get my report accurate) Credit inquires: 8 Number of accounts: 11 (Macys doesnt report my card to Experian for some reason but I wish they did) Macy's: 3.4 yrs. $2,000 Walmart: 2.4 yrs $3,300 Capital One platinum: 2.1 yrs. $750 Target: 2 yrs $200 Sears: 1.6 yrs $2,600 Ashley's Furniture: 1.6 yrs $5,000 Best Buy: 1.6 yrs $3,300 Banana Republic: 1.6 yrs $1,100 Chase Freedom: 1.5 yrs $800 Capital One Visa" 1.4 yrs. $750 Utilization as of now: 0% Everything paid off. I had a US Bank account, but I closed it and my reserve line balance turned into a loan. The high balance during October was $2,600, but Its paid down to just $104. However, this month, my statement had my balance at $1,800, so my score might go up after the first of may when it shows that I paid $1700. I have a serious delenquency with Capital One from 2009 (about 120 days), but I paid it off as agreed and closed the account in early 2010. Then I got A First Premiere Bank Card and used it for a year, then I closed it when I got another Capital One Card. Im concerned about the delenquency because it still follows me. The last time that I had a late payment was 2.7 years ago. It was a random thing with capital one while I was paying the delequent account. Ive always paid all my bills on time and I made thousands of dollars in purchases with these cards and made some pretty big payments, especially recently. Credit Karma says that Ive made over 220 on-time payments since 2010 when they started to keep track. So, what are my chances?
  21. I have a letter from American Express that is 10 months old confirming that I was a victim of identity theft and that AmEx has taken "all necessary steps to close the account and remove any and all derogatory information regarding this American Express account from your credit bureau report." Nothing shows up from them on my credit report anyway. I have excellent credit. Apparently someone charged thousands of dollars to an account under my name 10 years ago, but even Amex acknowledges this was theft and not my fault. A year or so ago I applied for an American Express card, and I was denied, and they said on the phone this was because of a "previously delinquent account." I asked for an exception to be made due to this not being my account. They asked me to submit the letter that they sent me. I said, you mean you want ME to submit a letter to YOU, that YOU wrote? You're not organized enough to know that you sent me a letter? They said we can see on the computer that your identity was stolen and that this fraudulent account was not you and we can see we sent you a letter confirming that, but we would still like to see the letter we sent. I can't believe I want to do business with this company. What a disaster?! I can just see having to deal with their customer service being a complete nightmare for even a simple thing. What nerve to make me do work for Amex, like excuse me am I getting a salary for Amex? Do you want me to clean the Amex bathrooms too? Anyway, I would like still to try out having an American Express card. So I sent them the letter they wrote as they requested. I got another rejection. This time their letter referred to the closed account they referred to as a fraudulent use of my identity in the letter about which they said all traces of it would be eliminated from my life. So the new letter starts out "Reference: (account number they said they would completely eliminate 10 months ago)". This letter is in confirmation of our telephone conversation regarding the application for XYZ card from AmEx our office rec'd in your name. Your application has been reviewed by a Supervisor for possible exception. Unfortunately, your application will not be processed as an exception and we will abide by our original decision. In accordance with your request, the following are the reasons why your application was declined: American Express cancelled your previous card account(s) I am sorry but if this isn't the must F'd up company that exists that completely deserves to go bankrupt because of their own idiocy, then I am a flying pig with 19 horns and a jet engine for a tail. This is completely inane and stupid. Let's review: 1) I never had an Amex account 2) I apply for an Amex account 3) I get rejected 4) Amex gives me written confirmation that they agree I never had an Amex account. 5) Amex gives me written confirmation that all traces of the fraud account effecting me would be eliminated. 6) Nearly a year goes by 7) I apply again 8) They confirm #4 and #5 on the phone 9) They ask for the letter referred to in #4 and #5 which they themselves sent, but they make me do the job of an Amex employee and send them back the same letter because they are too stupid to find it, and too stupid not to need to see it even though they confirm the same points of the letter on their customer system 10) They reject me again, reason: Had an old account (which they agree I never actually had) I will tell you what else is inane and stupid...the fact that I STILL want an AmEx card after all that. It just really ticks me off that I can't get one. So two questions for the forum, and I hope someone can shed light: Does this make any sense to you? Is there a better way to go about applying for an Amex card or is it hopeless that I will ever get rid of all traces of this very old identity theft?
  22. Question for anyone with AMEX experience. I have been a cardholder with AMEX since 1980. Just use the Platinum card. Last year I had an issue with my bank (account was hacked - COMPLETE MESS) - anyway it resulted in 2 missed payment on my card - so I have a 30 and 60 late. I have never missed a payment in the 32+ years I have been with them. I wrote a nice long letter and sent it to AMEX corporate in NY - asking for them to remove the late payments since it was a situation that was out of my hands - and since I have never missed a payment in over 30 years. I just received a generic letter form them saying "if you wish to dispute your account send a written request to the 3 credit bureaus" I didn't say I was disputing - It was a very detailed letter. Should I just call and try to get some answers over the phone? I just don't want to do something to ruin the chances of getting it cleaned up. I don't want to dispute it because they were in fact late and I don't wantto risk getting the account closed. If ANYONE has had a positive experience getting a goodwill adjustment from AMEX I owuld love to hear how you did it. THANKS!
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