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Found 9 results

  1. I shop on Amazon and at Walmart all the time. I was wondering whether these store cards are worth getting at all for any perks, coupons, etc., or should I just continue to use my regular MC/VISA cards at these fine establishments? Don't really need the FICO, since I have Discover and Barclays...but I would like to get back in with Synchrony/GE since I did burn Walmart for about 1500 in my BK 4+ years ago.
  2. Happy Holidays, Was curious as to who has the most Chase cards and your limits.... If you have more than 4 --- how long did you wait between your apps. ? I currently have 4 Chase cards that are open... All were obtained within the last 6 months fairly close to each other. Chase Sapphire Preferred Chase Southwest Plus (closed after approved for Premier) Chase Southwest Premier Chase Marriott Premier Chase Freedom
  3. Amazon just raised the minimum denomination for gift cards from $0.15 to $0.50. That's a 233% increase in the price of forfeited rewards to keep your non-rewards cards active. And a 233% increase in the cost of certain signup bonuses.
  4. Is Discover it worth the go for the $75 Amazon GC if it's basically a soft pull anyway?
  5. if you spend a shitload at amazon each year (thousands) using a ATM visa from Bank of America and have assets, cash, but not too much income...scores in the mid 600 on TU, can you get a card (h0wever small) at amazon?
  6. Hi, everyone, On my CRAs, I have a paid federal tax lien from 2011, a paid judgment from 2010, and one installment loan (auto) that is paid on time every time. I recently applied for an Amazon store card (GE money) but was denied. Do you think I should try to recon? I just got a Capital One secured card but it won’t have any reporting yet because it’s so new. This is what the denial letter gave as reasons: Too few revolving accounts Too many inquiries in the last six months Lack of bank revolving information Account in collection or 60 days past due or adverse public records The letter also says my credit score was 417. Ridiculous. They pulled TU, and according to FICO, my score at the time was 649. Do you think it’s worth disputing the score reported with TU, or reconning GE? Thanks for your advice.
  7. So I come home from work last night and find an enormous box (almost 100#) on my front steps along with a smaller box. Both delivered by UPS from amazon. So I call amazon to report this. The former resident here must have ordered this and forgot to change his address. I have been here since August! It is a small leather wallet and a large stainless steel beverage center worth about $200. Like for a "man cave". For my honesty amazon is giving me a $5.00 credit on my account. Mighty generous of them. They just said to put it back on the porch and ups will pick it up. So I ask...what happens if someone just takes it? They said it's not my responsibility. The problem is my landing is the width of the box and in an emergency I can't exit the front door. Plus the fact it's going to rain and or snow tonight. This box is huge and is in my living room now. Amazon rep will get back to me tonight. If I put it out on the landing I wonder how long before someone comes and steals it? Update: Boxes are still on my front porch, pretty wet. How many days must I wait before I claim these as mine? Theives steal stuff like this. I told amazon if someone takes these products it is not my fault. Can amazon try to charge me for them if the are stolen?
  8. I just opened and was approved for Walmart @ 600.00 and Amazon.com @900.00, but am thinking of closing them. They are less than a month old and have not been used. I took a hit on my scores by having them show up as new accounts. Especially my EQ. I have a new card with DCU and want do a CLI within 6 months. Can I close these two lines and will it raise my scores and my AAA? Thanks in advance.
  9. So I went on Amazon and decided I would do an application to determine where I stood as far as creditworthiness was in their terms. In the meantime, I figured I would at least get the Equifax denial and have the right to request my Equifax report (which i will still do). Anyhow, I decided to fill out the Net 30 and Revolving application and then call in and play "the confused role" So I get a rep on the phone asking him if there was any primary difference in the two accounts outside of pay terms, and that to be safe I filled out both apps to let him fully process whichever I determined to go with. He states "Credit Review requirements are the same for both" So I told him to go ahead and see what we come up with. He puts me on hold for some time and then comes back giving me a reference code and telling me that he is transferring me to Verification department. When i got to her, she put me on hold for some time and also came and called the landline. After this about 10 minute process with her alone, she tells me Congratulations approved for $5000 (amount requested) At that point, I asked her which type of account she completed.. she stated that she did not know because once it hits her department, it is merely verification. *sigh* So I call back and talk to Net 30 customer service to see if thats the account I have (assuming this would be most logical) about whether it would be simple to convert over to Revolving account type.. another long hold session of course... then she gets me on the line with Credit Department Credit Department asks me if i want him to close the Net 30 Account .. WHOA BUDDY ... i told him that if he was able to simply approve the Revolving account in lieu of the net then we can close it.. (didnt want them to think i was going to overextend myself) however.. if we cannot simply open the Revolving account, then we will continue with the net account. 10 minutes holding COngratulations we were able to approve you for the Amazon.com revolving line of credit... $2500 limit.. SOOOO.... both lines opened simultaneously... net $5000 and Revolving $2500... Guess ill go ahead and try and get me a copy of my Equifax report since they should see the inquiry and ill just say i was DENIED...
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