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Found 2 results

  1. 798 September 2014 1. You have no real estate accounts that can be used in determining a credit score.2. The sum of your bank credit card account balances is too high. 3. You have too many inquiries on your credit report.4. The balances on your open accounts are too high in comparison to their credit limits. 634September 2014 Hide Factors 1. Total of all balances on bankcard or revolving accounts is too high2. The total of all balances on your open accounts is too high 3. The balance amount paid down on your open installment accounts is too low 4. Lack of sufficient relevant real estate account information 5. The number of inquiries was also a factor, but effect was not significant Compare Vantage 2.0 score with Vantage 3.0
  2. Hey CBers! I am in need of advice. Just completed an App Spree for DW. (I am still waiting on a few things, then I will post the whole shabang!) Nonetheless, at the end of the App Spree I decided to do a few last apps for some CU's (lesson learned, All Newbies, PLEASE READ CB BEFORE ATTEMPTING ON YOUR OWN!!). Alliant pulled a soft and DCU pulled a hard. The dilemmas are that 1) DCU approved her as a "Limited Member" due to balances on open accounts and current accounts less than 2 yrs old and are saying that they must pull another hard for any other apps (i.e. CC and LOC). So should I allow them to pull a hard, the new CR will show the app spree (inquiries and new accounts) and I am worried this could adversely affect her membership. OR is there anyone I can talk to that may be able to change the decision to do another hard pull? 2) Alliant says they would need to pull a hard since they only pulled a soft to join. Hence I am worried about the app spree showing up with all the new accounts and inquiries, is it worth a try? Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks, BD
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