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  1. I've been scouring the web for three hours trying to find an answer to this question, but my Google-Freedom Unlimited must be particularly weak tonight because I haven't even been able to find anywhere the question was asked, much less answered. Since I managed to wander through life without any credit until my late 20s, and then proceeded to screw it up royally, only finally getting to a decent report now that I'm in my mid-40s I've vowed to do everything I can to set my daughter on the right path. Obviously, education has been the primary component of that assistance, but I also added her as an AU to my CapOne card (best I had at the time) two years ago. Now that my credit is solid I've opened a Joint BofA card with her as well, which sets her up pretty well (how many 18 year olds do you know with a non-AU $9000 MC?). This gives her an AAOA today of two years (my CapOne is four years old). But the CapOne no longer serves any purpose for me, and they can't/refuse to waive or remove the AF so I'm looking to close it. But I don't want to hurt DD's AAOA, and it's worth $36 a year to keep that there until she's comfortable opening her own individual lines of credit. So, if I close the CapOne account while she's still listed as an AU will the card and its history continue on her recordfor seven years just as it will on mine? Or will it poof "overnight" dropping her to a zero month AAOA?
  2. Hi guys, do you know of any credit card issued in the US that will allow me to add an AU living overseas (Philippines) without requiring SSN (AU does not have SSN). My mom is retired and I would like her to have a credit card that she can access and use in case of an emergency. I would like to add a limit to the extension too. Your help and knowledge will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  3. Three quick questions: 1) After closing on a foreclosed home last year, went on a mini app-spree to finance repairs/improvements. Opened 5 new cards. With the next reporting, each of those accounts will now be open over 1 year. Is there any appreciable change in AAOA, or in credit score, when such milestones are reached or does it accrue slowly all along? In other words, when it hits the 1 year mark, is it going from 0 years to 1 year, or from 11 months to 12 months? 2) How does being an AU impact AAOA, or does it at all? If someone adds me as an AU on a card they just received, does that hurt MY AAOA? And if someone adds me as an AU on a 10 year old card, any reporting for me just covers the period after I am added? 3) With the reporting changes, does being an AU really count for much anymore? I know it used to, but thought they scaled that impact back considerably. I know being an AU on AMEX is great, as you can D*. But other than that, how much does it really help? Thanks!
  4. Today, NFCU just started reporting my NavCheck LOC (opened 2011) on my DW's Equifax and TransUnion reports (no sign yet on Experian) in addition to her own NavCheck LOC (also opened 2011). Each NavCheck is a personal LOC, although she is added on my checking account (back in 2010), and thus she does have AU like access to my LOC, and it has always shown in her online access, but I've never seen it report before, until today. On TransUnion it is annotated as an AU account, don't know about Equifax annotations since I've only got it on a CCT like report that omits those details, but I expect it is showing as AU there too.
  5. My wife and I do not have the best credit that we should. We're getting ready to get a couple of secured credit cards and need to know how many Authorized Users are allowed by which cards. We have 5 teenagers at home and not only want to boost our scores, but build their credit as we kill two birds with one stone.
  6. I was recently added as an AU to a relative's 25k Chase Sapphire Preferred. How (if at all) will that affect my scores? I understand that since I'm an AU, I'm not responsible for the debt, so it only has a limited impact but will it contribute to things like AAOA and Util? Any definitive info would be helpful.
  7. First I want to say I am new here, and have been lurking for a while and have received invaluable information towards my efforts to repair my credit which has helped me get my score from a 580 to about 620 in a short time. Thanks every one for all the great information. My last actual FICO score was 585 from 03/02/2014 from TU. But my FAKOs the other day from EIDT aka MPM credit monitoring were TU 620 EX 587 EQ 609 which uses the TransRisk New Account Credit Score. I had my girlfriend add me to her Amex awhile back as an authorized user and while I didn't get any B* because they don't do that anymore, I did get a nice bump on my FAKO scores. However, she added me to her Wells Fargo Mastercard with $8500 credit limit with $0.00 balance and a perfect payment history since 2007 and I did get B* BUT... and this is a big BUT... my score on EIDT aka MPM DROPPED to TU 620 EX 561 EQ 547 (hasn't shown up on TU yet). Any ideas why? I thought being added on a card with decent credit limit, long and perfect payment history and low or no balance would increase my score, not lower it.
  8. I'm in the midst of rebuilding my credit after getting my defaulted student loans discharged and cleaning up my credit report, and I've got a quick question about authorized users, bankruptcy, and card utilization for some of the more expert folks here on CB. In 2012/2013 I was an authorized user on a relative's (not spouse) Capital One card which had a $500 CL. She declared bankruptcy in early 2013 and of course the Capital One card was closed and discharged in that bankruptcy. Even so, the card is still showing up on my credit report, although as a Satisfactory account which is showing as current, but with a date of last payment & date reported of 05/2013. However, it appears from CreditKarma and what I can make out of my credit report it's showing up with the a balance of $474 and the $500 CL, which of course is effecting (increasing) my utilization. My question is, should I go ahead and dispute this hoping to get the balance changed to 0 and therefore reduce my utilization? Or would that just be asking for trouble and I'm much better off leaving it be? I'm not sure how the CRA's handle bankruptcy on CC's when the authorized user didn't file, and obviously I don't want the tradeline to go from showing up as a current, satisfactory account w/ a balance to one that shows up as a negative bankruptcy. Thanks in advance for anyone that can weigh in on how I should handle this, or not!
  9. I have a big box home improvement card with my soon to be ex-hubby as an authorized user. He used the card for his business and never repaid/made payments. For the last 4 months of 2013 I paid the whole card off in full. In January I discovered he had charged to the max ($1500) again on the card in December and in January he charged the last $25 available on the card and took the card over the limit. Immediately after this, I removed him as an authorized user from the card. He was served with divorce papers about a week later.(of course divorce had more to do than just this) In February the payment was two days past the due date and ended up reporting as a 30 day late on my credit. In March I discovered he was back to his old habits and using the card. This big chain store allowed a person who was not an authorized user to charge my card at several different locations around town. I had the card reported lost/stolen. I've since seen this flag on my credit report so I hope I did not mess things up. I want to have this creditor remove the 30 day late from my CBR and think I have a good case b/c they let him keep charging on my card at different locations after he was removed from the card. I am having trouble with this letter to them and making my case. Any suggestions?? I've used Whychats advice on numerous previous occasions but what should I do in this case? I haven't disputed the charges yet on the card b/c he turned around and paid the March charges off. Thanks in advance.
  10. Quick question about being added as an Authorized User on my DW's Kay card: The account has been open for 2 years 4 months My AAOA is 3 years 6 months (six accounts) It has a 7k limit with a $200 balance (paid off next month) My current utilization is ~43%, adding as an AU would bring me to ~25% My questions is this: Would the slight drop in AAOA have more of an impact than the lower utilization? I am almost certain that lower age will be outweighed by the lower utilization, but I want to be certain before I do it. Thank you in advance!
  11. I'm going to visit my mom, sister & step father for two weeks and they've asked me to look at their credit reports. A HUGE step. My folks are super super paranoid about the internet, credit, "the man", banks etc. They still think if you check your credit it HURTS your score dramatically. My stepdad tried to order a credit report over the phone once and couldn't figure it out and was too paranoid to put his Social Security number in. So, for them to let me order their reports for them is a BIG DEAL. They have excellent credit (from what I gather). Never late and have pretty high credit lines. BUT they carry a large balance from some house & business start up expense. I'm looking to BT for them as well as teach them some of the things I've learned (>9% etc). My younger sister is on the same road I was in my 20's, but I am excited to also help her- she expressed interest in my help with a few baddies. I've been stressing to her the IMPORTANCE of ontime payments. I'm also going to help her write some GW letters and look into a few collections accounts she has. She has NO postive trade lines and told me she swore off all credit. I'm going to help her out there. Question- I'm really hoping to become an AU on some of my parents cards, but they have already expressed distrust in this idea. They think if I mess up my credit it will hurt them. How can I explain this to them? Any advice?
  12. I have an 17 year son and a 15 year daughter. I was thinking of adding them as AUs on one of my credit cards to start their credit files going. Neither of them would actually get the card. As soon as they each get a part time job, a checking account, savings account, debit card, and IRA are next. I am going to teach them how to make responsible financial decisions (something my parents didn't teach me when I was younger). Which one would you recommend adding them to: Capital One ($1250) Chase Freedom ($1500) Barclay Rewards ($3000) Lowes ($800) I PIF monthly, don't carry balance, and keep utilization to 1% (all lessons learned on this forum). Thoughts?
  13. I burned Citi, BofA and Amex almost 7 years ago. My spouse tried to add me as an AU to AMEX and it was a no go. (No shock but worth a try.) Can I be added as an AU to our BofA AMEX or will I be declined because of BofA and/or AMEX? Same question with citi. Do they blacklist AUs like AMEX or only primary account holders. I tried multiple searches for the answer to these questions but it is impossible to search for AU. TIA
  14. Back in 2006, I had excellent credit, and a $9500 USAA credit card. I added my SO to the card as an authorized user. Then 2009 hit and I found myself in financial ruin. I had let my payments slip, as I had no income for 4 months. I got everything settled and was making payments to USAA on a closed account. I was completely paying on a $0 credit line. Anways, come 2012. My tenants quit paying, live a long distance away, and I was underwater on my house by quite a bit. I could not get there to go to court, and had no options (that I knew of). Wasnt worth evicting them. I filed for Chap 7 in Aug 2012 and it was CO in Nov 2012. The negative account is still being reported on an AUs credit report. Is this legal? I would place this in the BK thread, but it seems like the BK really has nothing to do with this. The account was owned by me, and an AU should not have a negative line.... I know USAA really likes to get revenge when they are snubbed, but isnt that going a little far? Any ideas on how to take care of this? My AU has alled them, and was told the accounts are closed and she cannot be removed... she would have to call the COLLECTIONS department. Like that is going to happen. Any ideas?
  15. My wife just recently received her SSN in June and applied a few cards, no CRA will give us a CR yet so I have no idea where her INQs lie (though I can certainly guess) and if the AUs are reporting properly. 1. Declined for Freedom - Chase could not find a CR for her 6/13 (recon no go as well, guessing a triple pull) 2. Approved for Capital One Newcomer Card - $1000 Limit 6/13 (guessing a triple pull) 3. AU on Capital One - $1200 Limit 6/12 4. AU on Capital One - $1500 Limit 10/12 5. AU on Freedom - $1500 Limit 6/13 6. Made her a Joint owner on Chase Checking/Savings She doesn't use her card much, just a small purchase we put on and PIF right away. Our short term goal is to prime her credit for her own Freedom, Discover IT, CSP, and United Chase cards. So, how are we doing? Something else we should be trying? Should I add her to one or both American Express cards (mine is backdated to 2012)
  16. Wife had mortgage with a credit union and has since refinanced. Is it possible to be added to the closed mortgage account? or maybe auto loan?
  17. I recently had myself removed as an AU on my wife's Citi card since we were moving a balance there and I didn't want the utilization tanking my scores. On MPM the account reports to all 3 with the new balance and payment but shows "Responsibility: Terminated". I'm waiting for the next billing cycle to see if it updates again and will also get paper copies before I proceed, but I am wondering if others have seen this before. Is it just a matter of disputing the trade line off directly with the CRAs? Also, had I know this, I probably would have timed it better... remove AU before the BT. You keep all the history and don't get the ding from the utilization.
  18. Can anyone remind me which cards will usually give you instant credit approval at checkout? I think Buckle was one? Also, do these report on the credit bureaus as revolving like any other credit card? tahnks in advance. Will they also help to lower utilization?
  19. Some questions I have seen mixed opinions on - and now that time has passed i wanted to see what the current state is; there were two things I hated about my orchard card that now "appear" possible with cap one: 1. the button for a cli actually works here. by 'work' i mean that i clicked it and i got a 10 day message. i dont know if they will actually hp my reports for it or simply decline saying that orchard cards are not available for cli.. but that is a different message than I was expecting. (currently limit is 1200, which is my lowest card by 4k). 2. It appears that I was able to add my wife as an authorized user. i have like 6 cards and she has none, so i have started doing that in hopes of helping her scores. not sure if it really is helping yet but i'll pull her credit later. has anyone successfully done either of these with their orchard converted cards?
  20. Anyone have advice on the best way to dispute the following: Person #1 had a Chase Flex Spending card as part of their health insurance at work. Person #2 was a dependent, and was added as AU on this account. Due to the way funds are added throughout the year, it is possible to spend more in a given month than is on the card. Person #1 gets fired, and Chase charges off the small negative balance. Person #2 now has this charge-off on their credit report. How does Person # 2, the AU, get this account OFF their credit report? Is it best to dispute via snail mail, so it is easier to explain, or will a simple online dispute where you say it is 'not your account but belongs to a family member' get it done? Or, is the best solution to dispute over the phone (I hear heads exploding now...) to get the speed and ease of an online dispute without missing out on the chance to explain that Person #2 was only an AU and has no obligation to pay and wants this entire trade-line removed from file? In other words, is a detailed explanation necessary, and worth the longer wait, or will it likely just fall off if disputed?
  21. Can Anyone Confirm that being an AU on a Zales card reports for them.. or not. I was added to one today and they did not ask her for my social nor address an we are in seperate residences... not sure if they have some other random means of getting this done though as I have seen others confirm Zales reporting for them. Please advise.
  22. Can you use a UCC Filing and a promissory note to create a verifiable tradeline under public records since they are filed with the county? I know the Bureaus pick up on these fast! Anyone have sucess with this? Any info is much appreciated. thank you in advance.
  23. Hello, I was wondering if I was added as an authorized user on my brothers Amex card would help me to be approved for a Amex card of my own? I heard that having established history with Amex helps you get approved for other cards. Is this true as an AU? I'm hoping to get an Amex next year, I have scores 678-701. I was denied last week for my age of accounts, which is only about a year averaged. Thanks, Kate
  24. Hello everyone, thanks for reading my post. My wife came to the states last year(Jan 2012), and i made her an AU on 2 of my CCs. Macy's & Cap1. Both cards are around 3 years old and have <15% Uti. After she was an AU with me for 1 year i went to BofA and got her a secured CC(February 2013). Now she is receiving pre approved offers for discover it card, chase freedom and citi diamond. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to app for one of those and then let it age with the BofA card, or wait for the BofA to become unsecured and possibly a higher limit before i apply for any more cards??
  25. I've had my husband as an AU on my Navy Signature card for a while now. His BK13 is finally discharged so I'm having him go into a branch and apply for a credit card (hoping to get an unsecured via in-person schmooze). Because of various balance transfers, my Navy card has a shamefully high utilization. The Navy site specifically says that being an AU on someone's card won't affect your credit because you aren't responsible for the charges (of course we know this isn't accurate). But if the only thing he's trying for right now is a Navy card, should I remove him as an AU on mine first, or since it's all in-house does it really matter? His myfico EQ score is 660, and he has a good income. I just feel weird booting him from my card, especially since I think I will have to explain to a CSR and do some of the elaborate paperwork typical of Navy.
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