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Found 3 results

  1. my complaint with the NY AG was registered after screening on June 16th... This is the process... they send a letter of concern, if valid, to Experian. they wait about three weeks A second request is sent with a copy of the complaint after another two weeks( 5 weeks total). If the situation is NOT resolved, they contact the company verbally and try to suggest "voluntary mediation" obviously presenting it as valid. Ms. Andrienne Walters of the AG's office, Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection, has only received TWO complaints (Bravegirl, they hear you)... they need more for more formalized legal action. They believe that the complaint is valid and cogent. Ms. Walters can be reached at 519-474- 5481. She is aware of the issue and it is already 'screened". She WELCOMES more complaints as they need more to take legislative action. Until then all that they can do is to strongly suggest that the issue be mediated in the consumer's favor, assuming it has been screened. address is: Ms. Andrienne Walters/ AG's office of Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection/The Capitol/ Albany NY 12224-0341. Although it is better, letters do not have to be CMRRR... Please, if this issue of Experian not purging a paid account after 5 years from DoFD or not removing both the OC and the CA applies to you, you will save two and a half years of waiting for the fall off. I strongly urge you to write off a quick letter or you can PM me and I will send you a template. Good luck... and don't complain- write a letter because they are on it and need your support to make this not a letter by letter case... thanks to all/ MizLiz
  2. Especially for Reader 65/ Bravegirl and the rest of the New Yorkers out there.. FINALLY got a letter form Andrienne Walters ofthe Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Prevention (VanVoris's boss,perhaps?) They have "received and reviewed my complaint".. Policy is to intervene IF WE BELIEVE THAT OUR MEDIATION MAY BRING ABOUT RESOLUTION. She is 'forwarding a copy of your complaint to the company to request a statement of their position and a possible adjustment..." " they will contact me again when there are developments to report" First of all, they must think that the complaint has some justification and that they can intervene. That is good. Also, the same complaint to the FCPB resulted in a letter asking me for permission to pull my credit reports- my request to them was that paid settlements on accounts with CA's were not recognized as their definition of "paid" and that EXP would keep the OC on even if the CA was paid, regardless of % paid or if it was under court supervision and approved by the judge. I am also doing a complaint to EXP asking that my three OC's reporting.provide a full spectrum of information, not as a dispute but as an investigation. Two of the three of them have no statements left (all given to collector) and all three have no original credit card contract... so if they confirm the information requested, they are violating section 623 and will have to remove the tradeline...Again, took names and numbers and asked for the name and number of the contact person at OC conducting the investigation... So, three angles of pursuit, hoping hoping hoping. PM me if you want the letter to the Exp requesting a laundry list of exact information. what is that Happy song again??? I am happy happy happy hoping hoping hoping..
  3. http://www.insidearm.com/daily/debt-buying-topics/debt-buying/two-huge-debt-buyers-to-vacate-16-million-in-judgments-in-ny-ag-action/
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