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Found 7 results

  1. I will be disputing with a few Original Creditors some derogatories they are reporting to the CRA's using the 623 dispute method as these came back from the CRA's as verified. My credit report only lists partial account numbers. Will these partial account numbers along with a copy of my credit report listing the item they are reporting be enough information for them to respond to my dispute as I do not want them to deny the request based on incomplete information.
  2. I have an account that reports as the DofFD April,2009. It was charged off Oct, 2009 and subsequently sold to Midland, who is no longer reporting the account. The OC appears to have NO records apart from citing prior report materials and Midland has no records either. FCRA Sec. 623 went into effect, as of 7/1/2010... Is this account and indeed all accounts from prior periods subject to 623 reporting requirements since it went into delinquency prior to the date of implimentation of the CARD act????? Here's hoping. They appear to have no records apart from my prior name, SS #, and date of sale to Midland. They did not even have the amount of the chargeoff. I believe that they must have actual records from which to verify and support their reporting. Would greatly appreciate someone on the legal team to better inform me what I can question... I am questioning original contract date, composition of debt reported (charges, credits,payments, interest, and other fees) based upon checking records which are not in accord with their reporting. Thanks to anyone who can guide me in this latest mission.
  3. Ok, I have made great progress on this thorny OC listing that has gone onto the 4th or 5th collector. The current collector has not approached me. The account is out of SOL for the CC's home state which prevails in NY. I have found several discrepancies between prior CRA reports and the information that I have accessed. Most importantly, I found my records showing 1.) a missing payment never reported 2.) three instances of deceptive collecting 3.) an incorrect date of first delinquency and.... Drumroll.... They don't have the credit contract on my account. It was back in 2004 when just a few months after I got a Fleet credit card, Bank of America took over their credit card operations. They report the correct date of my Fleet contract but ... after hanging on with quite a few customer service/internal collection managers, they state that it was passed on to the last collector/JDB... Since I already know that their records are not in perfect order, I doubt that the JDB will even bother,since it is two years out of SOL... Now, since their reporting states that date, and since they don't have the contract, do I just write them a 623 letter and throw in the other issues or do I just demand a copy of the contract? Do I have to ask Experian to 'validate" the information or should/can I just pound on Bank of America directly/ THIS WILL BE MY LAST OC (assuming that Dell takes a 100% pay for delete on a dead SOL>>>).. What do I need to do or have to have this be a fully documented 623 letter? thank you all. This has taken a day to round this all up so... I am anxious to send it off if ok... I have disputed this account with Experian for other reasons but I am not sure if I have to re-dispute on credit contract...
  4. Hi all, I've searched and I can't find a general consensus on the boards. I disputed 4 TLs with each of the 3 CRAs. I was very specific in my disputes, "Monthly amount not provided", "Open date of jan 23, 2009 incorrect, please change or delete". Of the disputes, only 1 came back as deleted and that was because the CA didn't respond in time. Major failure. I'm wondering what should be my next step? All are outside of the SOL for Cali. Most are parking tickets, cc's, and a couple cable/cell accounts. I've offered to PFD for most of these, only to hear that they 'don't do that". Would the 623 method be recommended? if not, what? THANKS SO MUCH. I'M STRANDED but I am motivated to continue, just stuck a little right now...
  5. I am planning on disputing negatives on my CR with the 623 Method of Dispute. For anyone that is familiar with this method, I have a question. I read somewhere that if you are using this method, that after you receive a letter of validation from the CRAs that you should call up the CC company and ask if they have any records of you. You have to get the reps name and employee ID number. When you write the 623 letter to the OC, you should put that information in your letter. Anyone that has tried this method.... Do you think that this is a needed step, or do you think that just a letter to the CC company saying that the CRA verified the debt is enough. Thanks~
  6. Am I interpreting the way 623 works incorrectly? I disputed US Bank with all three CRB, requesting just about every property of the tradeline to be investigated. Investigations complete and all three have some properties that differ from each other. I wrote a 623 to US Bank requesting they investigate how they verified each report with conflicting information. I get a letter back stating the account (date from a while ago) to (JDB). They acknowledge the account is being reported to EQ, TU, and EX as transferred/sold and as they no longer own the rights to the account, to contact company they sold the debt to. Aren't they required to investigate how they came across this? A side note, there is no collection account for this tradeline and there never will be due to a settlement from (a different) JDB that tried to collect on it. What are my options now? CFPB?
  7. I have been searching for hours through CreditBoards and google with no real answer regarding removing charge offs on my CR. I have two HSBC charge offs on my account that were charged off in 2009. Before discovering this board and (trying) educating myself I started trying to repair my credit and paid them off through the collection agencies. I am now trying to find out if there is a way to get these two TL's deleted from my report. I have been searching leading to more questions regarding this issue. Should I try GW, DV, 623 Dispute? Since I paid these through a CA would any of this be relevant? I was thinking of DV'ing both accounts and hopeing they don't respond, or 623 disputing stating last reported payment is wrong. My question is basically what route should I pursue, and since they are already paid can I DV the OC? Also it seems I have found varied outcomes with the HSBC accounts since they were purchased by Cap One, has one course of action been more sucseful than others? Sorry it it seams like I am rambling on, just feel overwhelmed and it seams like the more I learn the more questions I have. Made some mistakes in the past, now trying to correct things. Thank You, -Brandon
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