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  1. Next time I go to said doctor's office, I prepare 2,555 pennies from my coin jar. Seems like counting thousands of pennies is a better use of my time than dispute this crap is what I am getting from reading op's journey so far.
  2. I just received mine today. The front is a nice simple matte design, nothing fancy. I will have fun with this card as my go to general card.
  3. At least your scam guy speaks English. All I get are Spanish speaker. Lol
  4. LOL. Someone already used my 123456789 number before I get a chance to.
  5. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. What's your current and long term goals?
  6. I got approved 7k for this card, and it will be my main 2% card. I just hope Cap One will finally up their game to 2% soon. I can use the Visa for Costco. For now, my Alliant 2% will do.
  7. I have closed many cards since I started rebuilding in 2011. I am doing fine. Lol
  8. Had them prior to my bk and didn't use them. After bk, I just wanted them to have them as a prize. I will probably not use them. I might app for it next year since op's bk7 is a year older than mine. Congrats!
  9. L B

    25 CC's??

    Try to combine them if they're within the same bank. Cancel any that have af if they serve no purpose. I have 7 cards that server multiple purposes. They're down from 20+ cards in the past 5 years post bk7
  10. Give more info on the types of purchase you want to use them for, so we can make better suggestions.
  11. I do fine without an American Express card. I had them prior to my bk7, and I rarely used them back then.
  12. No use for Barclay anymore after this. I hope they have something else nice lined up later that I can move the limits over to.

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