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  1. So I have a USBank Signature Visa with a bit of a strange history. A number of years ago I was in Office Max looking to buy a large printer and they were offering 0% financing on their store card that was issued by USBank. I decided to apply for the card, but I was told that I was declined so I purchased the printer with another card and went on my way. A week or two later a new Office Max Visa arrives in the mail. Of course by this point I didn’t need it since I already bought the printer, but I figured I already took the hit on my credit report, so I just sock drawered it. After a while Office Max and Office Depot merged and apparently USBank was no longer issuing cards for them, so the card was reissued as a standard USBank Signature Visa. I had other rewards cards that I was using for most of my purchases, so the card stayed in the sock drawer. USBank would occasionally raise my credit limit apparently in an attempt to get me to use the card and right now I have this card that I don’t think I’ve ever charged more than a grand total of $20 to that has a $16,000 credit limit. I recently became aware of the USBank Cash+ Signature Visa, which actually looks like it might be a useful card for me, so I was thinking that if I could convert it then I might finally have a use for this card that’s been sitting in my drawer for the past 5 or 6 years. I called USBank but the rep I spoke with said that he doesn’t see any product conversion options available for me. So, after all that, are you guys aware of a way to get this card converted? Do you think that if I call the backdoor number that they might be able to do the conversion even though the front line rep couldn’t?
  2. Is that really the case? I’m pretty sure I have done this before with a BT offer without losing it. Perhaps it depends on the bank, but I guess I should call and clarify before I do it, if I do it. Either way, does anyone have any advice on whether the double cash card is a better product than the Diamond Preferred? Thanks again:)
  3. I have a Citi Diamond Preferred Visa with a $15k credit limit. I just got an email from Citi offering to convert it to a Double Cash MasterCard. They are also offering a $100 bonus after $1000 in purchases within 3 months if I convert. Right now this card has a balance of about $9500 at 0% that was a balance transfer from another card, so I’m not using it for purchases. Would there be any benefit to converting this card? The 0% offer expires in January, so I will pay it off before then, but even so I’m not sure I’d really use this card for day to day purchases anyway. I have an Amex blue cash that I use for most of my purchases.
  4. Long story short, my wife cheated on me and asked for a divorce late last year. In the middle of dealing with this and trying to find a new place to live I missed a payment on one card in November. This is literally the only late payment on any of my credit reports. Right now my scores are in the low 600's and I believe the primary reason they are so low because I have reasonably high utilization on a few cards, but I wonder if that one 30 day late is making a noticeable impact as well. Is it worth trying to send a goodwill letter or anything to try to get it removed or will a single late payment not make that much of an impact on my score. This is for my lowes store card, which is synchrony bank.
  5. Honestly, if it shows as closed and is no longer considered for utilization, then that might be the best case scenario as these cards are older ones and helping the age of my file. As long as they aren't considered for utilization then I'm perfectly happy if they remain on my report
  6. The backstory is long, but the short version is that I've been an authorized user on a few of my wife's cards for a number of years now and I'm going to be removing myself. Right now those cards are nearly maxed out, so I'm hoping that being removed will help my utilization. Once I do so, will the lines automatically drop off of my report in a month or two or will they stay and show as closed or what? Thanks, Brett
  7. So here's a bit of my backstory... my wife and I adopted three kids last year... and quickly discovered that kids are expensive;) We've managed to build up a bit of credit card debt over the past year and are now working to pay it down. We had much of it at 0%, however, our initial 0% offers were expiring and so I needed some new cards to move balances to. I've got about 12K that I want to put at 0%. I went on a bit of an application spree last week to try to get some cards with good balance transfer offers. I started with Discover and I was approved instantly for a Discover IT card with a 6K limit. They are offering 0% interest on BT's for 18 months, so that's good. I tried calling several times, but I was unable to get Discover to raise the limit at all... they just said to ask for a CLI after 3 months. Since that wasn't going to be enough I also applied for the Citi Diamond Preferred card. I was instantly approved, but only with a 2K credit limit. They are also offering 0% interest on BT's for 18 months, but the 2K limit doesn't really give me much room to do anything with. I figured I'd try one more time and I applied for the Amex BCE which was offering 0% interest on BT's for 15 months. I was instantly approved again, but again with only a 2K limit. The Citi card came today and I called the 800 number on the back of the card to activate it and ask for a CLI. I told them that I wanted to take advantage of their BT offer, but the $2000 limit didn't really give me much to work with. The rep said that she could request a CLI but it would be another hard pull. I agreed and she asked how much I wanted (I said 10K, but I was a bit worried about that being too much since it was 5 times my initial limit). She asked for my income and a couple of other questions and passed me on to a credit analyst. The credit person put me on hold for a few minutes to review my information and came back and told me I was approved for the full 10K, so that made me pretty happy. Now, the Amex card hasn't come yet and frankly I'm not too sure if I'll really need it for the balance transfers because I can probably split what I have up between the 16K I have on the discover and Citi cards without worrying about my utilization on those cards going too crazy high, but I'm wondering if it's worth asking for a CLI at activation when the Amex card does arrive or just wait it out. From the other posts I've seen, it sounds like Amex is pretty good at doing CLI's after a few months. Right now the Amex is my lowest limit... the next lowest is 4K and the highest is a Chase Slate at 10K and now the City Diamond Preferred at 10K. Thanks for any thoughts, Brett
  8. Right now I owe about $3000 on an installment loan at an interest rate of 10%. I recently got a bonus at work and was planning to use that to pay off the loan. However, I also just got some checks in the mail from one of my credit cards and they're offering 0% interest for 14 months with only a 1% fee. Normally I just throw those checks away when they come, but the low fee kind of caught my eye and I've always kind of been a sucker for 0% interest offers... I figure why use my money when I can use someone else's and pay it back over time. Of course, I'm careful to pay off the balance before the 0% offer expires and this would be no exception. I do realize that there are traps in 0% interest offers and I'm not really asking about that. My question is more along the lines of how does the credit card company see my use of the check? Would they see it as a bad thing and put me at risk of AA? Thanks, Brett
  9. No, it doesn't, but I've never really put much faith into those anyway. We're no longer panicing since it's clear that her score hasn't taken a nosedive and there's nothing new and bad on her report. We had an issue before where a collection account appeared out of nowhere and even though it shouldn't have been there, before we noticed it and could remove it triggered AA with some of our credit card companies and they lowered her credit lines... I just had nightmares of that happening again. Like I said, I'm satisfied at this point that all is well with her report and GEMB just doesn't want to lend her money... and like I said... we wound up with a better deal in the end anyway, so at this point it's probably better that she doesn't have a new TL anyway.
  10. Ah, you are quite right... I looked at it a little more closely (now that I'm over the shock of the 417 number) and it says: Your credit score: 417 Scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 620. So whatever it is, it's not a FICO score, at least. The denial and the reasons for the denial still surprise me a bit, but at least we don't have to worry about her FICO tanking. Thanks, Brett
  11. On black friday my wife and I were in Lowes looking at a washer and dryer. She applied for a Lowes card to take advantage of the 0% interest for 18 months offer and was denied. This actually turned out to be a good thing, because we found a better deal for the same pair at Sears later on that day. However, we just got the letter in the mail about the denial and we're freaking out a little... the letter listed the following reasons for denial: TOO FEW REVOLVING ACCOUNTS ACCOUNTS IN COLLECTION OR 60 DAYS PAST DUE OR ADVERSE PUBLIC RECORDS LACK OF BANK REVOLVING INFORMATION TOO MANY INQUIRIES IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS However, the thing that really got us is that it lists her credit score as *417*. I haven't checked her score recently, but last time we checked it was hovering around 700. She also applied for and was approved for a Bloomingdales card at the end of October, so obviously her score was much higher than 417 at that time. We went to Experian's website to pull a copy of her report because I was afriad that a collection or something showed up that was tanking her score, but the *only* adverse account listed is an old Bank of America account that was 30 days late twice and 60 days late three times in 2006. It was later brought current and totally paid off in 2008. Every other account is listed as current and never late. There are no collections accounts or judgements. So looking at her report and the reasons listed for denial we have this... TOO FEW REVOLVING ACCOUNTS - LACK OF BANK REVOLVING INFORMATION- She has 5 open credit cards showing as never late and 6 open store cards also never late. She also has another 6 or 7 store and credit cards that are closed and showing as never late. This is too few and not enough information? ACCOUNTS IN COLLECTION OR 60 DAYS PAST DUE OR ADVERSE PUBLIC RECORDS She has no accounts in collections and no public records. She does have one account that was 60 days late three times in 2006, but that was paid and closed in 2008... it hasn't even been late since 2006. TOO MANY INQUIRIES IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS In the past 6 months there has only been one inquiry... the one for the Bloomingdales card on 10/25. There was one other one in early May 2011, which was a bit more than 6 months ago for a mortgage refinance, but even counting that there were only two inquiries... that's too many? But I just can't imagine how on earth they're getting a score of 417... there is that one old account with a few lates and her utilization wasn't great this month... maybe 50% or a little less, but nothing to absolutely tank her score. Is it possible she has a split file or something? Any suggestions on what we should do to try to correct this? Thanks, Brett
  12. We can't tell the DOFD by the information that you posted. Essentially, the DOFD is the month after the last payment you ever made to the account. For example, if you paid in June of 2007, then stopped paying in July of 2007, then started paying again in September of 2007 until January of 2008, then stopped paying in February of 2008 and never paid again... the DOFD would be February of 2008... the month after January of 2008 (which was the last payment that you made). To determine DOFD you need to see a payment history, or at least know exactly when you made the last payment to the account.
  13. I have a couple of quick questions for Settle, and since she's so active in this thread and it's somewhat related I figured this would be a good place to post this. My wife and I just applied for a Bloomingdales card in the store a couple of weeks ago when we needed some new luggage and wound up with a 'perfect storm' of savings. The luggage was already on sale for 40% off (which put it in line with Amazon and other internet retailer's prices), then we happened to go during the 'friends and family' sale and our sales rep used that to get an additional 20% off, and then we got another 10% off on top of that for opening the new card... in the end we wound up with the luggage we wanted significantly cheaper than we could find it anywhere else. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't wind up with the Amex card because we already have a good mix of store cards, but we don't have an Amex at all. Although it sounds like we may be able to upgrade at some point. My wife was listed first on the application since she has a slightly higher credit score and hers has been hovering right around 700, although from what I've read in this thread, it sounds like it was probably a bit under when they pulled it for the application. If it matters, mine is almost certainly under 700, but I believe it's around 650-680. When we got the cards and I discovered that we didn't get the Amex I called the number on the card and asked to be reconsidered for it and the rep said that she would make a request and I would hear back from them within one billing cycle. However, if it's entirely score based and we didn't qualify when we applied then I can't imagine that we would qualify now... especially if they don't pull another report. So, after all that, my questions are this... Is the reconsideration entirely score based or will they make an exception to the 700 rule on a manual review? Is it possible to talk to someone in underwriting who is doing the manual review? My wife and I made a lot of mistakes in our past and we have a number of late (and very late) payments on our reports from around 5 years ago that are keeping our scores down a bit, but we haven't had a single late payment or other negative for more than 4 years now. I've had reasonable luck in the past with reconsideration when I can talk to someone and point out the reason that our scores are a bit low is because of mistakes we've made in the past, but also point out that we've learned from our mistakes and haven't had any problems in the last 4 years. If we still don't wind up with an Amex from this reconsideration, how long should we wait to ask to upgrade again? As our late payments keep getting older our scores are going up fairly quickly. Additionally, our utilization isn't ideal right now (maybe 30 or 40%), but usually it's more like 10% or less, so just getting the utilization down should be enough to push my wife over 700... can I ask again in a month or two if I'm reasonably certain her score is over 700 or would it be best to wait 6 months or a year? Finally, since you guys handle credit for bloomingdales and macys, can I use the bloomingales store card at macys, or are they keeping those seperate? Thanks much:) Brett
  14. Included In Backruptcy Annual Fee I saw a news article from a few weeks ago that said that Citi really stepped up their mail campaign... as I recall it said they sent out enough mail for every citizen in the US to get 3 or 4 offers from them.
  15. But what I'm saying above is that you don't have to ask for a pay for delete from the library if they're not reporting. As long as the library will let you pay them directly then the CA will go away on it's own once you pay the library. After you pay the library directly the library will recall the account from the CA since they've been paid. When the CA no longer has an account they can't report anymore and they'll be deleted from your report. Since you say the library is not reporting then this could work... the only potential trouble you could run in to is if they library won't let you pay them directly anymore. Don't mention a PFD or anything, just ask the library if you can pay them.

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