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  1. I was say go for it only if they will unsecure it in time. If it never unsecures I would say no. I would rather go for a secured credit card like US Bank. They will only hold your money for around 13 months. If you have made good payments they will unsecure your card and give you a regular card and your open date will stay the same as the day you first opened the secure card. You will also be mailed back your deposit plus any interest.
  2. Inquiries count in their own way, but new accounts are new tradelines. It is one of the factors of the FICO score. http://www.myfico.com/CreditEducation/WhatsInYourScore.aspx 'thanks for the reply. i know it is should effect your score and average age of accounts but nothing changed for me.
  3. Ok, so I was wondering if people that don't have access to C$ could possible get access through AMEX new prepaid card. The card is going with rental protection, and benefits that regular AMEX come with. So I called AMEX prepaid customer service and was told by the representative that after setting up your account online you can purchase E$ throught them using your login for the prepaid card. So I went ahead and decided to give it a go? I don't have anything to lose. If it works that could be great news to people on the board.
  4. I see a lot that people are denied due to too many new accounts. I was wondering are people getting the same message after they open new accounts then remove the inquiry. I am asking this because my job pulled my credit report. I asked for a copy. On their copy it is listed that I have no new accounts in the past 6 months. This is not true if you look at my report I have a couple of new student loans reporting. My student loan company has not pulled my credit report. So my question is: Are new accounts opened in 6 months linked to your number of inquiries in the past 6 months?
  5. The reason 1% gets approved is because only 2% of the population makes multi-millions a year. The real black card is from AMEX with no preset spending limits. You could purchase a luxury car with it. It benefits the rich because they dont have to submit paper work that they have the funds to purchase big ticket items just charge it.
  6. It was just two mortages that was with Wamu when they bk. Then chase bought Wamu.
  7. I had the same issue that you did. It was for a different debt. I never received the 1099-c and the irs came after me last year for a debt in 2007. Your local IRS office is not going to be any help. If your income is low. I would first call and see if you qualify for an IRS Tax Advocate. Since it will be tax time again next year and the IRS is showing that you owe them money. I would have your spouse do an injuried spouse form with your 2011 tax return until you can get everything worked out. The IRS can't correct the 1099 for you and forgive it like the writer before posted it doesnt happen. You can try insolvency but it is hard to prove. I did it and they still didn't want to approve it. I got my situation resolved by going through the BBB and filing a complaint, Attorney General, and the FTC. I later received a letter from the OC and they sent me a correct 1099. That was the only thing that corrected the issue. I had to submit the correct 1099 with an amended return to the IRS. If you are able to get a tax advocate it will speed the process up. Google irs tax advocate in order to find one in your area. I would also use FTC and BBB. I have filed complains about BOA several times using both and always received responses back from BOA very quickly. Your response would be from a corporate manager and not a call center rep.
  8. I need some advise for my friend. They use to have a two mortgages with Wamu. When Chase bought Wamu their credit report changed from Wamu to Chase. So now it is showing one mortgage was in bk with Chase and the other one just shows forclosed. They said they tried to get them both listed as BK but Chase at everything messed up when calling. I really don't know. Here is the issue: If the mortgages are showing bk from Chase but will fall off next year. After they fall off would they be blacklisted from getting a credit card with Chase?
  9. If it is showing positively I would leave it alone. I had some collections. It was showing on my report from the OC and the collection company. I settled with the CA and the OC removed the transfered/charged-off wording and moved all late payments. It now shows closed by me and positive payment history. I left mine alone.
  10. Congrats! Which card did you apply for and what was your limits?
  11. TheNewMe


    I have a question. When you all are requesting increases or even appling for the cards with NFCU are you doing an online app or do you call in? If you are doing the online app do you receive an online counter offer?
  12. sadly other banks in the area have better websites. i looked curiosity was killing me.
  13. BobWang as a point. I just wouldn't try this with AMEX. From what I seen card companies do let you pay over your balance. They will not refund you the difference so it is applied to your account. Also look into walmart prepay cards. I think they charge $3.00 for one. I use them when I have to pay a company that I don't want to have my credit card information.

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