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  1. im currently in Iraq trying to repair my credit i just found out about my score and i got my reports how to i attack the smalls bills i go they already in collections 8 just on one of my reports should i take care one by one or send my letter to the CA at once with me disputing all 8 accounts the total of the amound own its 1,542 or should i go a head and pay this bills and get it over with ..........
  2. im trying to find out a company that its going to take my low score credit (low 500) and help me finance a use car any sugestions!!!!!!
  3. what info should i send when disputing and item on my credit.............
  4. :oops: my credit score its 516 i need to improve but what can i dispute and how many account at thesame time also i have a lots of address on my reports that i have never heard of how can i get rid of them please send me your opinion..............

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