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  1. slayerbizkit

    Does Pay For Delete work for increasing one's FICO score?

    Thanks for the clarification guys!
  2. I'm in the process of getting the last negative removed off of my credit reports. We agreed to a PFD(Pay for Delete) and it looks like they're holding up their end of the bargain (so far). It's already dropped from Equifax, and I'm waiting on the other big 2. What slipped my mind is FICO. My question is, if my collection drops from the big 3, will it also drop from FICO? If not, does the collection agency I'm dealing with have any tools at their disposal that would help get a collections removed from a FICO report?
  3. slayerbizkit

    I DID IT!!!!!!

  4. slayerbizkit

    Where are the PFD templates on this site?

    Thank You!
  5. I haven't logged in, in a while, and the new format has me kinda confused (I tried search but no dice). Where are the PFD templates located? Thanks in advance!
  6. slayerbizkit

    In desperate need of advice

    Hi, Pm'd you. Let me know your method if you ever come back. I'm also fighting the same collections agency and they won't negotiate anything in writing. Any pointers would be a relief!
  7. slayerbizkit

    NEW!!! Discover Score Card - This is interesting...

    It's been quite a few years since I was a regular here, what is the advantage of freezing EX?
  8. slayerbizkit

    Question about my LexisNexis Report

    Dispute it by ringing up the inaccuracies in a red pen, explain that you were just a boarder at the residence - you rented a room, that's all and wasn't involved in any way with any financial / legal way with the property - it was a rental address only, provide the dates you lived there. I'll do this, thanks.
  9. slayerbizkit

    Question about my LexisNexis Report

    Mine just came in the mail today and something doesn't look right. I lived in a house with an old lady for a brief period of time while I was in the military. For some reason, this address keeps popping up in different parts of my report, under property records, and assessment records. In some parts of the report, it lists her as the owner and that the house was a non-money purchase. In other areas, it lists her as the assessor, with the owner box blank. The thing is, I've lived and shared houses with people all over the United States but for some reason, this woman and her house keeps popping up in my report. As far as I can tell, there's no type of fraud being perpetrated against me. My regular credit reports look fine. I fail to see why her property, in full financial detail, is intertwined with my report.
  10. slayerbizkit

    Deleting old addresses

    Any creditor that you are STILL doing business with and has your current correct address will not be affected by deleting old addresses. Thank you.
  11. slayerbizkit

    Deleting old addresses

    Sorry to hijack your thread, but I'd like to expand on OP's question. I'm currently going through my Lexis Nexis file and picking out old/unused addresses that I hardly ever lived in (I traveled alot in the military in lived in motels/hostels/ a buddies house/ my car, etc.) So alot of the addresses are bogus, BUT, I had credit cards and billing statements mailed there, so all these random addresses are clogging my report. Right now, I live somewhere relatively stable and all my debtors are up-to-date on my most current address. If I went in and started deleting all my old addresses but kept my current address in tact, would it affect my cards that are currently open? Last thing I need is to lose 10 years with of credit history, especially since I'm still doing business with the majority of them right now.
  12. slayerbizkit

    Are USAA loans impossible to get?

    USAA jumped head over heels to get an auto loan through them when I was an E-3 (They wanted me to put up $5000 upfront for a $7000 car, but I digress) but won't even speak to me about any other types of loans. Maybe it is a rank thing and the stereotype of being young and "irresponsible. With NFCU, I took out a secured loan, put up $9000 as collateral and paid it off in 3 months. SInce then, that bank ALWAYS has my back now and goes out of their way to help me out.
  13. I'm not trying to ding my credit report with hard inquiries, I just like to know what's available out there for me with 0 risk. This is the site I came across: http://www.bankrate.com/credit-cards/balance-transfer-cards.aspx?selCreditCard=sortCreditCardType Legit or no?
  14. Put my info in, the system didn't pull up my name. Strange. Tried my middle name too, no dice

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