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  1. I thought the 5/24 referred to inquiries, not actual accounts opened. Hence, it would have been pointless to dispute inquiries, consequences or no consequences. /thread.
  2. The first sane response in this thread. You're correct. Thanks.
  3. I hear you. My plan B is to write a letter to the creditor and ask if they can change the HP to an SP. It's a long shot. I guess I should have explained myself more clearly. The chase pulls all happened in the span of the same day, mere minutes between applications actually. Imho, it should only count as 1 hard pull, but it's 3.
  4. I'm currently at 4/24, and can finally apply for the chase cards I want. Ironically, 3 out of 4 of my inquiries are from chase. I didn't know about the 5/24 then, rule so I basically spammed applications, thinking it would work . I'm going to challenge all 3. I'd like to know what's the most effective way of doing this. I'm reading that certified mail is the way to go but I'm open to any and all suggestions. Edit: Dispute with the creditor or just go after the big 3?
  5. I know it's an old topic but it did help me in my PFD vs. National Credit Systems, so I figured I'd share my story of success. I followed your instructions to the letter. Like in your case, I never got a response back, but when I called in, they were well aware of my PFD emails and put me on the line with a representative that had read them. I recorded the entire conversation with a $10 voice recorder, and let them know I was recording, and they were ok with that. They don't do PFD's in writing, so I took a leap of faith and agreed to do a PFD over the phone while recording everything. I paid with a credit card. It took about 2 weeks to drop from equifax/transunion. After a month, my collection was deleted from all 3 agencies. I'm quite shocked they honored their word after going back and forth with them for years, but sharkey's strategy worked for me. Started this credit repair stuff in 2006, and I'm glad all this is finally behind me. For the first time in my life, my score has broken past 750. It was the last baddie on my report, couldn't have done any of this without help from everyone here on this forum. Thanks ya'll, Peace.
  6. I'm in the process of getting the last negative removed off of my credit reports. We agreed to a PFD(Pay for Delete) and it looks like they're holding up their end of the bargain (so far). It's already dropped from Equifax, and I'm waiting on the other big 2. What slipped my mind is FICO. My question is, if my collection drops from the big 3, will it also drop from FICO? If not, does the collection agency I'm dealing with have any tools at their disposal that would help get a collections removed from a FICO report?
  7. I haven't logged in, in a while, and the new format has me kinda confused (I tried search but no dice). Where are the PFD templates located? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, Pm'd you. Let me know your method if you ever come back. I'm also fighting the same collections agency and they won't negotiate anything in writing. Any pointers would be a relief!
  9. It's been quite a few years since I was a regular here, what is the advantage of freezing EX?
  10. Dispute it by ringing up the inaccuracies in a red pen, explain that you were just a boarder at the residence - you rented a room, that's all and wasn't involved in any way with any financial / legal way with the property - it was a rental address only, provide the dates you lived there. I'll do this, thanks.

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