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  1. How would you recommend I proceed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Illinois, June 2013 150 late then reported charged off until the entry was removed completely in May. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hello I received a letter from a CA explaining they had purchased an old debt of mine from OC. I checked my credit report and found citi removed the entry and cavalry SPV now owns the debt. I received a letter stating that they owned the debt dated July 5, 2017. I am wondering what the best plan of attack to get a PFD for a partial payment. The total balance was 1750. This debt is many years old and was likely purchased for pennies on the dollar. Any advice would be appreciated especially from those who have had success with cavalry. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I am truly new to this, i dont even know if these are CA that own the debt or they are just collectors on behalf of the original creditor.
  5. Been here for a very long time and just starting on my journey. Thanks
  6. I have a lot of debt that I accumulated when I was struggling financially and I am trying to make things right while paying the least ount poaaivle and gettibg deletions. Here's my situation in numbers $8777 - discover (written off with blitt and Gaines) $4750 - chase (with collection agency in Minnesota) $1750 - citi (with collection agency in Florida) $10200 - Iowa Student Loan (now with aspire debt collectors) I am looking for 1)what should I be willing to settle on as a percentage of the cresdit card debts. I know this isn't 2008 and they won't take 20% of the balance. So where do I start and expect to have success? 2)With the student loan, are they willing to negotiate? If so what can I expect to have lopped of ofoffering a lump sum payment for the balance? I am looking for a guidelines on what to offer for deletion and for me to pay the least amount of the total debt outstanding .These debtssare fairly old (all greater than 1 year since they've been wrtteen off) so I'm thinking I have some room here .Looking for strategies and tips on settling this debt and moving on with my life . Thanks!!!

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